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A subpage for the Vocaloid awesome music page.

  • Len's cover of &LOID. A touching and beautiful piece written by Itō Kashitarō that is centered around an android, as the title suggests.
  • Len's powerful cover of 118. His vocals bring out the emotions portrayed in the lyrics.
  • Len sounds truly realistic in cillia's cover of 7/8.
  • "8HIT" makes for a really good Training Montage.
  • "Abstract Nonsense" by Rin. Apparently her being suicidal and with black hair contributes to the sheer awesomeness of this song.
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  • "Adolescence" uses the tune of "Cendrillon" and renders it better. A fan-made V4X update was uploaded to celebrate the Kagamines' 10th anniversary.
  • Len's V4X cover of Anti-Beat. A good example of a cover that uses Len's power voicebank. A few other of DECO*27's songs even make cameos here.
  • Rin and Len's version of ANTI THE∞HOLiC. Rin and Len sound mesmerizing while using their deeper vocals.
  • Vocaphilia's usage of Len's voicebank in ARROW. His voice sounds slightly deep and mature.
  • Ashes to Ashes is another cover featuring Len's deep and alluring vocals.
  • Sheychan's Astig Nga Kasi Ako featuring Kagamine Len and Masaoka Azuki. A cute love song sung in Filipino.
  • Rin and Len's "Astral Domination" has some awesome guitar and vocaloid-work.
  • Len's cover of Justin Bieber's "Baby".
  • Their cover of "Bad Bye". Once again, the Kagamines cover one of Miku's songs and make it even more awesome (be warned, this video is somewhat disturbing).
  • regulus's original song Breathtaking is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • BRING IT ON by Giga-P is part of the Rin & Len 10th anniversary event. It's a really fast paced song full of energy, and even has some raps.
  • "Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder", Len's version. The original Rin version was already great, but Len completely tops it. There is also the V4X version.
  • "Candy Psychologist" by Rin. Just like the name, it's addictive.
  • "Childish War" made by Giga-P and sung by both, both the song and the PV are awesome, very upbeat and catchy. Sibling rivalry at its finest.
  • City Lights. A cute and peppy song from Powapowa-P, but don't let the cuteness fool you - it has thought-provoking and melancholic lyrics, coupled with Rin's Sweet append, overall giving the song a soft yet intriguing mood.
  • "Iroha Song" by Rin is a vibrant rock ballad with a traditional Japanese sound about being consumed by love and then losing it (oh, and bondage).
  • "Jabberwocky Jabberwocka" sung by their appends is extremely catchy. The flashy PV doesn't hurt either.
  • "Jutenija" by DATEKEN. Think priestesses singing in a desert temple and you're almost there.
  • "Juvenile" from Dixie Flatline, a nice R&B song with smooth singing by Rin and great rapping from Len.
  • Rin and Len rock the party in KIRA's and Kuraiinu's KANKAN☆DANCIN and SAKE★BEAT.
  • "Karakuri Burst"note  is an absolutely amazing song. Len looking quite sexy (and non-shota) in that military uniform certainly doesn't hurt, either. The song also has a sequel.
  • "Karma". Bro. The composition is fantastic, as is Rin's voice, and that scream!
  • "KOISURU☆BEAM" by cillia is a Silly Love Song with a catchy synth hook buoyed by a good vocal part from Rin.
  • "Kokoro". Just... "Kokoro". Len's version or Rin's version, there's really nothing better...except, of course, the mixed version. The song is quite the Tear Jerker.
  • "Last Stage" and its Tear Jerker alternate ending, "Last Battle".
  • "Law-Evading Rock" by Neru, if you don't mind the video's deliberately unpleasant imagery, is a driving rock song with Neru's usual satirical edge.
  • Len's cover of Lemon and the Kagamines' arrange cover are both stunning, with nice tuning and beautiful lyrics.
  • "Lifeline" by Junky, an uplifting song about a boy who changes his life and goes against all odds. It has a badass instrumental, to boot!
  • The Synchronicity trilogy: "Looking for You in the Sky", "Paradise of Light and Shadow" and "Requiem of the Spinning World". An old but well-known fantasy series by Hitoshizuku-P and Yama△. Vocaloid 5 versions of the trilogy's songs can be found here, here and here, respectively.
  • LOST & FOUND by Powapowa-P is not very heavy on lyrics, but it has an entrancing, deep DnB-styled instrumental. When Rin finally sings, she fits perfectly into the song.
  • "Lost Destination". Act 1 Len with Power, Cold, and Serious Append with an almost Crusader-like, cynical atmosphere. It is truly epic. This version uses Len Append Power and Cold, along with beta versions of Kaito Append Normal, Soft, and Whisper. Yes, Kaito. Append.
  • Rin's "Lost Life" is just so rockin' awesome, and the high pitched voice fits the song perfectly.
  • "The Lost One's Weeping" by Neru is a powerful rock song that'll get your head bopping... if the lyrics telling the story of a kid who's gone empty from exceeding pressure to succeed doesn't hit you in the feels too hard. There is also sat1080's remix using Len V4X.
  • This remix of "Love is War" is better than the original. This remix is just as amazing.
  • "Magical Kitty Len Len" is more of a Funny Moment but still awesome nonetheless.
  • "Main Character", a Len song. Awesome tuning, awesome music, but slightly Tear Jerker lyrics. The same can be said for other songs composed by *Luna (minus the Tear Jerker part) or tuned by bibi.
  • "Make a Wish" is an excellent use of Rin's voice.
  • "Melancholic" by Junky is a catchy, upbeat-sounding track about unrequited love.
  • "Meltdown". By far one of Rin's best with its dark and soul-searching lyrics. The DIVELA remix featuring both Kagamines is just as good.
  • "Memory", a vocal version of the Leitmotif of the title character of the video game Ib sung in Surprisingly Good English by Rin.
  • Ignoring the Engrish, "MIDI MASTER!!" will leave you clicking replay continuously.
  • Len's cover of Mīro is not only very emotional, but it also uses all of his V4X voicebanks.
  • Len's "Monochrome Dream Eater" has an extremely catchy beat. The voice of Len in it is nice, low and just ridiculously fitting for the song's tone. One of Len's best solo songs.
  • Append Len's cover of the Girls' Generation song "Mr. Taxi" is amazing, using all three voicebanks (Power, Cold and Serious). So is the remake using Vocaloid 5.
  • N×? by L-tone is pretty awesome with the usage of electric instruments and the piano. Actually, all of L-tone's songs are awesome.
  • "Never" is a pretty upbeat song (that comes with Len rapping!) about... eating natto.
  • "Noiz bom", "Noiz Are NEL" and "DARK NEL" by AVtechNO are absolutely great with their instrumentals. You know, let's just say anything by AVtechNO!
  • Rin's cover of "Only My Railgun" completely overpowers the original.
  • Their cover of "Our 16bit Warz" by their V4X voicebanks is just plain amazing, and they sound incredibly realistic.
  • "Pantsu Nugeru Mon", or "I can take off my panties!", is definitely a lot more innocent than the title would suggest, and contains probably the best use of panties as a metaphor (for the care and control of her guardians) that we'll ever see in a a song. The story is about Rin going through puberty, standing on the border between childhood and adulthood, as she is torn between the freedom but responsibility of adulthood and the restrictions but irresponsibility of childhood. The song is very catchy, too!
  • When "Paradichlorobenzene" and "Anti-Chlorobenzene" combine. Dark, but extremely catchy. Here's a Project Diva version of the combination. Also check out the mashup using Vocaloid 5 and Len's deeper vocals.
  • Phantom Thief Kubozono Chiyoko Absolutely Never Makes a Mistake by Powapowa-P. Not unlike his other song featuring Kubozono Chiyoko, this has a really Long Title - however, it's an uplifting, bouncy Shibuya-kei-style song that breaks out of his usual musical style, featuring a story about a badass Phantom Thief.
  • Len's Append voice with "Pink Rose" is lovely. The V4X version is even better.
  • "Plus Boy." Len is a horny schoolboy who wants to get laid.
  • Circus-P's Poltergeist is both haunting and arresting. Also check out PLAMA's remix.
  • Rin's cover of "Popipo" is just as energetic as Miku's. There is also an arrange cover sung by Len.
  • AvTechNO!'s "Plus/Space" is a heartwarming, ambient ballad about moving forward, and the instrumental is soothing.
  • Both Prince Kuma's and bibi's covers of Pyrokinesis are extremely powerful.
  • Powapowa-P's "Q" is an emotional, gutwrenching alternative rock ballad about two people having to part ways - the instrumental is just as well-made as the lyrics are. This isn't one of Powapowa-P's more popular songs for nothing, earning its place well into NND's Hall of Legends.
  • "Recycle Bin" sung by Len will prevent you from deleting a file from your computer in good conscience ever again. The sequel in Rin's point of view, "Salvage", doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • "Remote Controller by Wonderful★Opportunity!/JesusP is all sorts of awesome, with some solid English lyrics in the chorus. The live version takes it up a notch, especially with the lyrical visuals. The sat1080 remix is also outstanding.
  • Jirai puts the Kagamines' English vocals into excellent use through his cover of Rewrite the Stars.
  • "The Riddler Who Can't Solve Riddles", a mystery song for Len. Also, "The Riddler Who Won't Solve Riddles", its sequel song for Rin.
  • "Rin Rin Signal" is very cute and soul-warming. The Kagamines' CV Shimoda Asami also made an equally adorable cover.
  • "Roki" by MikitoP is a great rock song that's equal parts dark and energetic.
  • Rerulli gives us another sexually charged Len song in "Sacred Spear Explosion Boy". Like "Brain Fluid Explosion Girl" before it, the words fly by fast, but it's still catchy.
  • Second Life is a tragic story set in the future, in which there is a system of temporary revival granted to those with strong regret upon accidental death. On borrowed time, Len searches for Rin to repair their fractured relationship, except Rin also died in the same accident as he did, knowing that she caused Len to die. It even has a Chinese version.
  • "SheSaw Day", a sexually charged song with the most realistic-sounding Len ever. Rin's cover, made by Lu Yurippe, is equally as amazing.
  • Rin's "The Shibuya Catastrophe", complete with a PV as full of explosions as a Michael Bay movie.
  • "SHOTA=RELEASE". Lyrical Dissonance and some absolutely stellar tuning make it a standout Vocaloid song, despite the scary implications.
  • "Shounen ga Knife" by 385sentimental is a mysterious song, with an 80s-like, new wave-esque beat, and virtually unintelligible lyrics. It features a relatable PV of Rin attempting to write something, but she balls up and trashes every paper she writes on.
  • Len's cover of Shut Uppp Love is powerful, raw, well-tuned, fast-paced and addictive.
  • "Sigh". Some might need a few tissues.
  • "Silver Girl -awaking mix-", sung by Rin — the most epic coming-of-age rock ballad ever.
  • "Sister's mercY" is a catchy track with Rin as a nun with a fixation on tea and questionable motives.
  • "Skeleton Life" needs to be here. One of the best examples of Vocaska out there.
  • "Skyblue!" is an upbeat song sung by Len, about friendship. Kind of... it's probably supposed to be, at least.
  • Len's cover of Sky High truly emphasizes his higher vocals.
  • Rin's song "Soleil", a song with beautiful instrumentals and an interesting storyline.
  • "SPICE!" is pretty damn seductive.
  • "Spinning Song" is a very soothing song which has a very traditional Chinese feel to it. The Chinese version can be found here.
  • KIRA's arrange cover of Soraru's Still Playing House is just as amazing as the original.
  • KIRA's DIVELA remix cover of Streaming Heart is addictive and well-tuned, and Xandu's heavy metal remix is absolutely mind-blowing.
  • Hitoshizuku-P × Yama△'s Sunflower of Parting Regrets can be seen as a Tear Jerker. There is also a version with swapped vocals, but it is just as touching.
  • Termina by Powapowa-P. This upbeat EDM song drifts away just a bit from his usual style, though it's still recognizable. While the lyrics are vague yet heartwrenching, it's balanced by a catchy and well-made instrumental.
  • "Tokyo Teddy Bear" by neru is about Rin wanting to change herself, and hating herself. It's a bit of a Tear Jerker, but the beat is so strong, you may be too busy headbanging to cry.
  • The Kagamines' cover of Tokyo Winter Session is spot-on.
  • Vocaloid Halloween? Try "Trick & Treat".
  • Rin's cover of "Tsukema Tsukeru" is very cute and energetic.
  • "Undead Enemy" is a sleeper hit of Rin's, and would you believe it's actually about not being able to live up to expectations and good grades in school?
  • Rin and Len cover Miku's "Unhappy Refrain" and completely steal the show.
  • Len's cover of Tokyo Ghoul's "Unravel". He sounds so genuinely pained that you'll get chills hearing it, especially his anguished scream.
  • "Unrelated Emergency", which is about how most people think the news going on in the world doesn't concern them.


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