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A subpage for the Vocaloid awesome music page.

  • "Aitai" has a great use of emotion with Gumi's voice. The tremolo in particular is what pulls it off.
  • Cover of Heart's "Alone" using her V3 Native, Sweet, Adult, and Power voicebanks. Not too bad in her Engrish, and her Power voicebank is almost as pronounced as Ann Wilson's.
  • "Amai Kotoba" by Circus-P uses Gumi's Power append wonderfully.
  • "Amayadori". Even though Gumi's not sounding her best here, it's still a great and endearing song.
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  • "American 60" is a very sweet song about Gumi seeing off her boyfriend on a train and sneaking some money in his pocket so he'll be forced to come back and repay her.
  • "Datte Datte Datte" is pretty sweet.
  • kemu's "Dear Doppelganger" tells a chilling story while rocking out hardcore.
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  • "Difficult Love" is very cute and catchy.
  • Her cover of "Disturbia" makes great use of her English Voicebank.
  • "Disurare" shows the more badass side of Gumi wonderfully.
  • "Dream Eater" makes wonderful use of her power voicebanks.
  • "Gears of Love", a great song with a nice beat, and a good example of excellent tuning of Gumi's voice.
  • "Goodbye to Alice" depending on the person you are, it's either got you empathetic or sniffling. The use of her voice is great in this song.
  • "Goodnight Sweetheart" is a sweet song about Gumi spending time with someone she loves.
  • "Green Lights" Definitely the kind of song you want to fall asleep to.
  • "Green Straight" is a relaxed and sweet song. Gumi's vibrato and her tremolo are highlighted here.
  • By Last Note, "A Momentary Trip" and "Route Sphere"... no words can describe the amount of awesomeness of both songs... plus the animation is gorgeous!
  • "Hajimari no Owari" is especially pretty, if melancholy.
  • "Idiocy" is awesome, no surprise that it was made by Hachi.
  • "Idola" by wac and dj TAKA under their "iconoclasm" alias, which serves as a boss song on multiple BEMANI games.
  • "Invisible". So calming... for a few seconds, until it assaults you with hardcoreness, becoming an appealing, fast-paced masterpiece.
  • Her cover of Ranka Lee's "Interstellar Flight". Compare with the original Ranka Lee version — they're so similar (then again, they do have the same seiyuu).
  • "Next Stage" is another bright, catchy electropop song by HachioujiP, with a touch of fanservice in the video.
  • "Noisy" is an awesome use of her original voicebanks.
  • Her cover of Lily Allen's "Not Fair". Another excellent demonstration of her English Voicebank. Bonus points for a funny picture suggesting something gone horribly wrong in bed.
  • Cover of The Cranberries' "Ode to my Family" by her English voicebank. Accent and a few hiccups aside, it's a beautiful piece of work.
  • "Our 16bit Warz" GUMI grows a pair.
  • Even if Gumi's voice sounds flat it sets the tone for "Raison D'etre, Please"
  • "Romance Hero" is a realistic usage of her power voicebanks, while still keeping an awesome rock tone.
  • "Rosetta" is an awesome song that is fast-paced, and dizzying.
  • "Rubix Cube". Fast-paced, bouncy, and as bewildering as its title implies.
  • Her cover of Rihanna's "Rude Boy". With Surprisingly Good English.
  • "Sayonara Memories" is a fabulous cover of Supercell by GUMI. Her voice sounds so real and emotional, it's hard to believe it isn't a human singing.
  • "Sayonara no Kawari ni" will have you reaching for the tissues before it's all said and done, especially if you've ever had a beloved pet pass on.
  • Her cover of "Sekiranun Graffiti" is very awesome, as much as the original.
  • "Sequence of Love" is a nicely done song about a young idealistic girl who tries to get into a relationship but finds out that reality is harsh teacher.
  • "Sheep Sleep Sheep", a funny song which implies having trouble sleeping. Part of the song's charm is the PV, showing Gumi having a HUGE collection of goggles.
  • "Sleep, Sleep, Cruel World", in which her voice sounds very emotional and almost humanlike.
  • "A Solution For Jealousy". Even if you're not the romantic sort, this song and PV will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That is, until you realize that the boy Souta Mochizuki has a total one-sided crush on Akari Hayasaka, as seen in "A Solution For Jealousy: Another Story". Boku Ja Dame Desu Ka (there's English subtitles for it by Den Zero) also shows that after the end of the first song, the girl just avoids the question and the two don't end up together. And it doesn't matter because the novel makes it clear that this is just a high school fling so even if Akari starts to like Souta it'll probably go nowhere or be messed up because of how secretly selfish and envious Souta is, despite his "love". Still a great song though.
  • "Sorry for Being a Closet Otaku", another funny song by Gumi about being an otaku, and getting found out by people she did not expect: her male classmate, whom she meets at a cosplay convention while being a cosplayer herself when he wants to take a picture of her, and later her father, whom she meets at a Maid Cafe where she works, and he's her customer. She gets both of them to keep it a secret.

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