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Mega Man NT Warrior

  • In the first episode "Jack In! MegaMan!", MegaMan.Exe's debut fight and Lan's potential shines as they defeat GutsMan.Exe. As the abridged version points out, they did it without a single battle ship.
    • MegaMan and TorchMan's battle. TorchMan leads things off by using the power of the sun to punch a smoking hole in Mega's stomach.
  • Episode 9, "The Yoga Warrior". Chad and ProtoMan make their debut by defeating Yahoot and MagicMan.
  • The entirety of the N1 Grand Prix was one.
  • Maylu and Roll show why they're action girls by beating Tory and IceMan, and Maddy and WackoMan. One of the reasons that Maylu and Roll compete as well as they do is Yai giving her a handful of powerful battle chips in anticipation of the fight against Maddy... which actually sets up the interesting situation of having the girls use more powerful weapons than Lan and Mega have (the most powerful things the boys use are an Elec Sword and a weak, sputtering Beta Sword).
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  • Chaud and Protoman's fight before the semi finals of the N1 Grand Prix. He took out the opponents and his partner in one slash. Before, he did the same to ElecMan.Exe and Count Zap.
  • The two-parter "Evil Empress Roll", where Roll.EXE knocks the stuffing out of MegaMan.EXE. There are a lot of people who enjoyed Maylu and Brainwashed and Crazy Roll beating up MegaMan, but you have to give some credit because the two were winning in the beginning. That and Roll finishes the fight by unleashing a cyclone on WWW. Too bad she was too tired to continue. Moments afterward, Count Zap tries to escape in his balloon. So Commander Beef shows up and throws his fish sword at Zap's blimp, and sends him flying.
  • A number of the seasonal Final Battles qualify, but special note goes to the Tournament Finals between MegaMan and ProtoMan in episode 22, who go at it so hard they end up ripping the very stadium apart and overloading the projector. How can they do this, you ask? By dueling with Beta Swords. (Higsby is screaming in glee in the commentator's box). And even though MegaMan and Lan lost, Chaud and ProtoMan still congratulated them for giving them a challenge.
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  • MegaMan is critically injured by FreezeMan.Exe and with Lan incapacitated from the heat, hope seems lost when HeatMan.Exe arrives to save the two, prompting Freeze Man's retreat and saving all of Den Tech City.

Mega Man NT Warrior: Axess

  • Axess took the time to break in a new sound track, which delivers fantastically. Any time you hear the electrified theme begin to play, asskicking hath ensued.
  • In the seventh episode of Axess, "The CyberGarden of Doom". Rock/MegaMan and Fireman/TorchMan are trapped in a giant cage of vines protected by pure evil. As the villain Plantman/VineMan gloats, Fireman/TorchMan turns to Rock/MegaMan and declares: "Rockman, trust what I say. There's nothing I can't burn... no, there's nothing we can't burn!" This leads to Rock/MegaMan gaining the Soul Unison: Fire Soul/Torch Soul and proceeding to launch a combination attack with Fireman/TorchMan that completely incinerates all of Plantman/VineMan's defenses and the bastard himself.
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  • After a long battle against the Darkloids in episode 20 of Axess, Flash Man arrives to finish off the Net Savers, but Chaud and Protoman CrossFuse to stop him in a close fight. Flash Man decides to use a Dark Chip to enhance their power. So what does Chaud do? Chaud uses A-FOUR-CHIP-PROGRAM-ADVANCE with FIRE SWORD, AQUA SWORD, ELECTRO SWORD, and BAMBOO SWORD to create AN ELEMENTAL SWORD. 4 seconds of red, blue, yellow,and green slashes in and Flash Man is covered in a flurry of four rainbow slashes and Flash Man is forced to log out. Big Damn Heroes/Moment of Awesome for Chaud indeed.
  • Episode 24 was a HUGE CROWNING MOMENT OF AWESOME. The Mysterious Man, a.k.a. Dr. Regal sends in BubbleMan and BurnerMan to use the magma in the city's hot springs to burn up the city. Lan, who was at the hot springs with his friends, and Chaud, sent by Mr. err. I mean Famous to investigate jack in MegaMan and ProtoMan, and the two defeat the two Darkloids with little difficulty. Then a Dimesional Area opens up and escapes into the real world down into the magma field. Lan and Chaud Cross Fuse and jump in to follow him, but BurnerMan uses a Dark Chip to become stronger, and it allows him to be able to turn his body into a external flame tornado. Thanks to his upgraded chip, he becomes able to ENTER MAGMA AND DIVES INTO IT so he can raise his power level. So what does Lan do? He deactives Cross Fusion, and places in the Salamander Fire Chip. When he Cross Fuses again, he uses the chip TO GIVE HIMSELF A AN AWESOME DRAGON AURA WRAPED IN FLAMES and is ABLE TO DIVE INTO THE MAGMA. NO ANIME PROTAGONIST HAS EVER JUMPED INTO MAGMA AND SURVIVED. NOT EVEN GOKU COULD DO THAT. Lan proceeds to DAMAGE BurnerMan TWICE, DODGE ALL OF HIS ATTACKS, and propels him out of the manga up into air long enough for Chaud to deliver the finishing blow and finally delete BurnerMan and end the episode with a "fairly" good ending.
  • Misaki and PrismMan's return: curbstomping Gravity Man.
  • Raoul's return, aiding Laika in fight 4 Darkloids, with ThunderMan.EXE absorbing SearchMan.Exe's Charge Shot to create a "Electrical Twister" that deletes BrightMan.
  • Episode 49, Dark Blues' and Enzan's Battle in the Center of the Mind. All of it. Especially the final portion, when Enzan corners Dark Blues on the roof. Enzan starts walking over, and Dark Blues, desperate to keep Enzan away, fires a shot at him. Enzan takes it, and, bar some damage, keeps walking. Dark Blues panics and fires a flurry of blasts, some missing entirely. And then he gets a second hit in... and we see Enzan emerge as R-Blues, with the opening electric chords picking up. Dark Blues freaks out and stabs Enzan with Dark Power... which does little more than shatter a corner his visor. Enzan continues to approach, and Dark Blues, now pinned to the floor, starts screaming... just as the sun peaks out over the hills. In the real world, we cut to Netto as R-RockMan, who, in spite of being strangled, gets his hand on the Dark R-Blues' mark and starts purifying the dark power. And then we see what Enzan did to Dark Blues... GIVE HIM A HUG. And it turns Dark Blues to dust! That's as good as it gets, folks.
  • The Final Battle of Axess sees the dawn of Full-Synchro, whose Synchronization levels actually cause some electrical malfunction. We first see it when Lan shoots off one of R-LaserMan's Vertical Mecha Fins. And then the music starts and Regal has a good half-dozen cans of whoopass opened on him at once.
  • The Great Net Police Battle involves Dr. Regal resurrecting all of the deleted Darkloids while Mega Man and Search Man delete them all a second time. For extra awesomeness, the only battle chips Lan and Mega Man use (excluding their battle against Dark Protoman), are the Soul Unison/Double Soul chips.
  • In Meiru's First Date, a flashback shows an older kid bullying toddler Lan and what does toddler Meiru do? She beats up the bully reducing him to tears.

Mega Man NT Warrior: Stream

  • Episode 13. Jasmine's first debut and she is chasing an agent who stole her bag that drove in a fast lorry while she pedals a bicycle. It's more awesome that said.
  • Yuriko arrives in Cross Fusion with NeedleMan.Exe who not only survived the events of the last season, but saves Cross Fused Lan & Mega from all the members of Neo World Three and defeats C.F. Tesla. Even better, Yuriko jokes at Tesla's age as a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner before defeating both Tesla and her S Magnet Clone in a Single-Stroke Battle.
  • Bass' battle with Slur, culminating in Bass stabbing her through the chest and killing her, is OH so satisfying.
  • The Final Battle (again), of The Movie, making up for the lack of one in Stream, sees the birth of Forte Cross Rockman. Who whales on Nebula Grey like it was going out of style. WARNING: Awesomeness Is Volatile.
  • Episode 39 Has Neo WWW take advantage of an eclipse to cause trouble as Cross Fusion requires light preventing Lan and Mega Man from cross fusing and fighting them directly. They have to rely on jacking into real world machinery to delete Video Man's giant viruses. The original WWW come in with temporary portable dimensional area generators allowing Lan and Mega Man to cross fuse and delete Video Man. Inukai and Narcy are about to retreat as the Neo WWW lackeys always do when they're defeated. Guts Man makes sure that doesn't happen this time, activating a sewer geyser to trap them in the air allowing the Net Police to catch them.

Mega Man NT Warrior: Beast

  • MegaMan vs Beyondard QuickMan is fast paced and even results in a brief Dragon Ball similar sword clash.
  • MegaMan unleashing Gregar Style on Beyondard's PharaohMan.Exe and SparkMan.EXE.
  • After Trill and Dingo accidentally rescue Iris, she enables Trill and MegaMan.Exe to use Falzar Beast Out against Zoano DarkMan.Exe, who easily beats DarkMan.Exe after a brief, yet powerful clash. Meanwhile, TomahawkMan.Exe is able to hold his own against CircusMan.Exe as Laika and Blackbeard cancel each other out.
  • In a bit of a Tear Jerker, Iris performs a Heroic Sacrifice to save Lan from gunfire from YamatoMan.Exe's forces. YamatoMan.Exe in particular debuts defeating SearchMan.Exe and ProtoMan.Exe at the same time. An angry and controllable Gregar style from Mega Man and Trill uppercuts YamatoMan in one hit!
  • Dark Kirisaki and KillerMan introduce themselves saving the group. KillerMan saves the gang cutting through several Viruses and Kirisaki throws a frag grenade at a helicopter. The latter's battle with MegaMan.Exe is well coordinated and the two end up work together to free Commander with a single shot thanks to just saying right hand.
    • After Commander is freed, MegaMan, SearchMan, Roll, KillerMan, and SharkMan counter the Cut Man brothers' Boomerang with their own combo of Spread Gun, Roll Arrow, Scope Gun, Fin Cutter and Hell's Sickle.
  • The Final Battle of Beast, which shows us what the game neglected to do by combining the Beast forms into Juuka Style Rockman. Net goes to town on Dr. Wily, in the form of the Super Cybeast, who gives us a This Cannot Be! moment for the world to hear. And then gets bisected lengthwise.

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