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Awesome / Call of the Night

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!
"The night is for fooling around. Let's have some fun, boy!"

In General

  • The night sky is Scenery Porn in and of itself in every episode.


Episode 1
  • Nazuna takes Yamori for a flight across town, taking in the city lights and the night sky in the process. For the first time since he started skipping school, Yamori feels alive.
    Nazuna: What do you think, boy? How do you feel?
    (Beat as Yamori takes in the scenery)
    Yamori: Awesome.
    Nazuna: Isn't it?

Episode 6

Episode 7


Episode 9

Episode 10

  • A small one for Yamori, who is able to deduce with minimal clues that no one was stalking Arisa and that she was taking pictures of herself.
    • How did Yamori reach that conclusion? He noticed that the pictures were all taken when Arisa was alone, and that, considering the angles at which they were taken, the quality was too high; a stalker who happened to find a small window of opportunity would certainly have no time to worry about the quality. When he muses that the only people who look good in pictures are the kind who are used to taking selfies, he immediately realizes that the pictures were exactly that: selfies.
      Yamori: If I don't get to be a vampire, maybe I'll be a detective when I grow up.

Episode 12

Episode 13

  • When Yamori is left with the implication that Nazuna was injured while defending him, he immediately starts to leave the scene to look for her. Nico smugly tells him that Nazuna doesn't want to see him, but Yamori is having none of that: he angrily tells Nico to shut up and that he wants to see Nazuna.
  • He later runs into a couple of police officers who want to talk to him, presumably about Anko's call. Yamori decides he doesn't have time for them and jumps off the bridge he's standing on, somehow sticking a perfect landing before running off.


Chapter 103
  • Yamori, after suffering a beating at the hands of Mahiru, gets back up, calls out Mahiru for being blind to Kiku's past with men, flips him the bird, and awakens his newly acquired vampiric abilities before being stopped by Nazuna because he would have killed Mahiru if he'd actually used them.