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And The Fandom Rejoiced / PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

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It took Sony so long to create their own Super Smash Bros. Alternate Company Equivalent franchise: Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. Nintendo fans' reaction wasn't exactly pleasant; Sony fans' reaction, on the other hand...

  • A game where Sony characters from the first Playstation up until now come together to duke it out, (vaguely) Smash Bros. style? OH YEAH!
  • PaRappa the Rapper is in the game, filling old-school Playstation fans with glee.
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  • Sony are looking at licensing third-party characters - Cue people getting giddy over the potential of Cloud Strife, Solid Snake, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon making appearances in the game.
  • Terrence C. Carson and Sean Pertwee are reprising their roles as Kratos and Mael Radec respectively.
  • In this article, a poll on Sony's Facebook leaked both Nathan Drake and Big Daddy. Both characters were confirmed during Sony's E3 2012 conference.
  • The E3 2012 announcement that the game will be seeing a Vita release, and will feature Cross-Play with the PS3 version of the game. This will also feature cloud-saving between the two consoles, letting players pick up where they left off in single player from either the PS3 or Vita.
  • Big Daddy being the first Guest Fighter to be revealed, for one simple reason - No-one saw it coming. Suddenly speculation on Third Party characters went from those with ties to Sony, to any iconic character to have ever appeared on a PlayStation console.
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  • Hardcore fighting game aficionado Seth Killian joining the PSASBR dev team.
  • Oh, hey there, Heihachi!
  • And hello, Sony cat, Toro Inoue!
  • Cole McGrath and Jak (With Daxter, naturally) being revealed at San Diego Comic Con.
  • Ratchet & Clank have made it onto the field, ladies and Gents! And with him are Spike, and the Sackboy!
  • Hate the heroic Cole McGrath that's in the game? Relax, his "infamous" persona is in too as a separate character & with different moves.
  • Raiden is in the game. Because everything's better with cyborg ninjas.
  • Well, here comes Nariko from Heavenly Sword... a pretty good leak, but not an ATFR-ish announcem—(Spit Take) SIR FREAKING DANIEL FORTESQUE?!? Sure, he's no Crash or Spyro, but man, this is awesome! Playstation fans who have been around since The '90s thank SuperBot for not forgetting them.
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  • DLC characters have been released...Emmett! Sweet! And who els-Kat?!?. YES. And they're going to be free for the first two weeks!!
  • So we've got two more characters for DLC. Who could they be? Oh, let's see here.... we've got Zeus. Looks good, even if we'll get a lot of fanboys bitching about how God of War now has two representatives... HOLY SHIT, ISAAC CLARKE?!!!
    • What's even cooler is that Isaac, like Big Daddy, is a harbinger of things to come: more fan-requested and completely unexpected characters to come around.
    • Let's not forget the MediEvil stage, which is mixed with Unfinished Swan of all things. You better believe Sir Dan's fans were happy.
  • After concept art of Dart was leaked online, the fandom rallied to get him in the game. Sadly, this didn't happen, but the fandom persisted to try and get Sony Santa Monica's attention in a desperate attempt to save the game from being Screwed by the Network. They were rewarded when Sony Santa Monica announced that they would begin work on a patch to try and fix existing problems and improve character balance. In addition, six costumes are to be released for free- Big Daddy, Dante, Heihachi and Raiden, which were previously only available as a Pre-Order Bonus, as well as Zeus and Isaac's third costumes. While the campaign's original aim may not have succeeded, the fandom's spirit got through to SSM despite that.

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