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YMMV: Vocaloid
  • Americans Hate Tingle: Gachapoid is quite popular among Japanese fans, though he was slow to gain popularity among producers. In America, well...
    • It goes so bad that most people calls him Gachapoid more than Ryuto, his avatar name, unlike Gackpoid and Megpoid (Gakupo and Gumi respectively).
  • Anvilicious: "The New Millenium", and The Near-Future City.
  • Ascended Meme: Neru Akita, Haku Yowane, Miku Hachune, Sakine Meiko and TakoLuka are fanmade Vocaloids all officially recognized by Crypton. Unusual in that Neru and Haku's voices are modified versions of Miku's voice, and Hachune is just a Super-Deformed Miku.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Tower of Sunz has one from approximately 3:25 to 4:20.
    • Miku fights a Godzilla rip-off in Kyoudai Shoujo PV in Project Diva 2nd. And then after it's defeated, she fights it again on the Moon. And then they sing together and bow to the audience. Yeah.
    • The UFO that also appears there however, isn't BLAM because it also appears in Updating Your Love List.
  • Cargo Ship: Kaito/Ice Cream
  • Covered Up: The Gakupo cover of Turkish March Owata has become so popular that some people refuse to even acknowledge the original Miku version of the song - by the same artist. Which is to say nothing of the fact that a lot of English-speaking fans seem to forget that the reason the words "Turkish March" are in there is because it's a lyrical version of a classical piece by the same name.
  • Crack is Cheaper: Vocaloids don't go cheap, going about 15,000 to 20,000 yen each (about $200-$250), not including the separate editor that needs to be bought with a Vocaloid3 Vocaloid. This tends to unnerve quite a few fans when they want to try the software for themselves and find themselves taken aback by the hefty pricetag.
  • Crack Pairings: Are technicaly impossible, since the canon changes with each song.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: A lot of the songs. Listed here.
  • Die for Our Ship: Rather oddly, Miku gets this all the time from hardcore Rin/Len shippers who perceive her as a Clingy Jealous Girl, even though genuine Len/Miku shippers or even songs are almost nonexistent.
    • There are LOTS of Len/Miku fanarts. There are fan videos and even fan clubs of the pairing and there are even "moments" of crack pairing of them in the canon songs.
    • On YouTube, Miku is often bashed by Meiko/Kaito and Luka/Gakupo fans who dislike the Miku/Kaito or Miku/Gakupo pairings. Probably ties into It's Popular, Now It Sucks (see below). The bashing can go the other way, too, towards Meiko or Luka.
      • Meiko seems to get a LOT more hate towards her for being 'in the way' of Kaito x Miku, than Miku gets for being 'in the way' of... pretty much every ship. Kaito x Meiko, Rin x Len, Gakupo x Luka or *insert your ship here*.
    • Gakupo gets this from MikuxLuka fans, LenxKaito fans, RinxLen fans (everyone gets some of this from RinxLen fans) to the point it gets a little annoying.
  • Ear Worm: Dancing Samurai; Go Go Mario. There's at least one. Everywhere. For everyone. It's just a matter of finding your personal one.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Kaito; When he was released, he was Crypton's poorest-selling Vocaloid release. Shortly after Miku came along, however, his popularity suddenly skyrocketed. He is still the only largely popular Vocaloid from the Vocaloid1 line. Crypton were smart enough to realize this and thus create KaitoV3.
    • Original fan-made derivatives-turned-semi-official vocaloids Haku Yowane and Neru Akita are also surprisingly quite popular with the fanbase. It's gotten to the point that they are often more popular and recognized than some of the official vocaloids.
    • One has to remember that Miku did bring the collection into relative mainstream.
  • Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory: Opinions vary quite a bit on what, if anything, the song Rolling Girl could be about, with theories ranging from suicide to an abusive relationship. Also, the writer of Alice Human Sacrifice explicitly subverted the trope- according to him, (roughly translated) "it's a series of events with the Vocaloids, nothing else. Sorry."
    • No one can seem to figure out what "Matryoshka" is actually about, with theories including extreme stress, drugs, mental illness, and pregnancy.
    • Similarly, nobody can figure out "Panda Hero". The most common theory is that it's about a bunch of opium addicts playing baseball. Yes, really.
  • Face of the Band: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait! There's more vocaloids than just Miku?
  • Fanon: Vocaloids might just be the greatest example ever of this trope. Absolutely nothing save for the designs and the voices were determined by Word of God. Crypton even backpedaled on their statement that the Kagamines were mirror images.
    • If there is a series of popular songs, the song creator's word will often be ignored by the fans. The Dark Woods Circus series has it particularly bad. Everyone believes Wide Knowledge of the Late Madness is its prequel; despite what the fanmade PV implies, Machigerita-P has said it isn't. Even if the fans are aware that Wide Knowledge isn't part of the series, most will mess up the order of the songs.
    • Due to some English Vocaloids not having a full body avatar (exceptions being Sonika and Big Al), the fandom takes it upon themselves to sketch up various designs for the Engloids. Another is fans designing an image for VY1 and VY2, as they are the first Japanese Vocaloids to not have a full body avatar on their boxart, similar to Leon and Lola.
    • AH Software might be trying to move away from this with Kiyoteru Hiyama by releasing his official artbook. Still doesn't stop fans from screwing around with his personality (like in Delete).
    • The Chinese Vocaloid project is also apparently moving away from this as well by throwing in lots of official info, along with OVA style animations such as these here.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: An alarmingly large amount of the fandom likes to pretend that any Vocaloid released after Gumi doesn't exist.
    • Though this seems to be mellowing out, especially after SeeU was released.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: While the Vocaloids are software and there are no canon interactions between any of them, some pairings simply seem to have more videos and fans than others:
    • Kaito x Miku or Kaito x Meiko. Kaito x Miku WAS the only Fan Preferred Couple back in 2007, but now Kaito x Meiko is as, or maybe even more, popular as Kaito x Miku. Also, Gakupo x Luka, and Len x Rin. Again, Vocaloids can be paired in any way you want, but these seem to be the most popular.
    • Yaoi-wise, it tends to be Kaito/Len or Gakupo/Kaito (or just Gakupo/Kaito/Len altogether). Yuri-wise it's Miku/Luka (and sometimes Miku/Rin) and Haku/Neru.
    • Maika/Yohioloid deserves a separate mention because even their official designers ship them.
  • Fetish Retardant: Nehanshika features Absolute Cleavage bearing Miku and shirtless Gakupo. Not nearly as hot as it sounds.
  • Genius Bonus: Some songs can have intelligent references, like "Matematigirl", when Gumi sings "Love is the last theorem of humanity", the blackboard shows N=NP=Love.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: SeeU, despite being designed by a Korean manhwa artist, the Japanese vocaloid fanbase, even those in 2ch who are infamous for their xenophobia towards Koreans, actually praised the character design heavily.
    • If YouTube is of any indication, people in Spanish speaking countries (like Mexico and South America) really love Vocaloids. There are quite a lot of Spanish fandubs for Vocaloid songs on YouTube, possibly even more so than English ones.
  • Ho Yay/Les Yay: Meiko's flashbacks in Paradise of Light and Shadow, which may or may not be sisterly love.
    • Although most Vocaloid songs are straight Girls Love or Boys Love when this is concerned, World's End Dance Hall is rife with ambiguity. Depending on the PV, what Miku and Luka have going on is Foe Yay, Romantic Two-Girl Friendship, Rescue Romance, a Suicide Pact, Unresolved Sexual Tension... the only thing missing so far is a PV that actually has an explicit romantic relationship.
    • Haku and Neru's appearances tend to run on Les Yay. Dark Woods Circus for example.
    • Project Diva's opening songs are fond of playing this up between Rin and Miku, often bordering on a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship. In one, they look as though they're about to kiss when it's suddenly revealed that they were just acting and Luka was the one making them do it, while in another they're in a Sleep Cute position on a train before Len wakes them up.
  • Hype Backlash: Whenever a famous producer (cosMo, Akuno-P, ryo/supercell, wowaka, etc.) publishes a new song, there will always be a horde of people hating the song (to counter the huge horde of people who love the song regardless of the quality because of its composer).
  • Idiosyncratic Ship Naming: Banana Split for KAITOxLen, and LenxNeru can be referred to as Banana Phone.
    • And the less common but still popular in it's own right LenxTeto gets "Banana Bread".
      • So, would that mean that TeixLen would be "The Dangerous Banana?
      • MikuxLuka's common shipname is Negitoro.
  • Internet Backdraft: Examples
    • Fans weren't exactly thrilled with Gakupo and Megpoid's designs when they were first announced... and that's putting it nicely. Both have since gotten a lot more positive reception, thanks to their songs.
      • Megpoid is now going through this again, due to of certain assets in her Extend boxart.
      • Her new design for her English voicebank also got some of this as well, likely due to how vastly different it is from her previous designs.
    • Hell, take ANY new Vocaloid when it's first released. The Backdraft is inevitable. It'll eventually cool down though. People will complain that "X's design sucks/is so unoriginal!" or "X's voice sounds like Y!". This will go on until another Vocaloid comes out, and all previously hated Vocaloids will become beloved.
      • Surprisingly averted with Lily. Most people praised her unique design and voice.
      • Try telling that to Lily.
      • Aoki Lapis got backlashed early during her development stages due to her resemblance to Hentai video game characters (and as it turns out, the designer is herself an Eroge artist), and especially her rather strange headgear (a huge diamond on a headband, resembling a giant diamond ring, and for some, looks more like a Cranial Eruption). It slowly died down, though, like most Vocaloids before her, and she is now mostly liked for being Moe.
      • Surprisingly averted with SeeU, which got heaps of praise upon first release, and by the Japanese fanbase of all groups, despite being Korean designed (see Germans Love David Hasselhoff above)
      • Largely averted with Avanna, who was generally liked from her inception to her release.
      • While everybody was enthusiastically anticipating Miku Hatsune's English voicebank, many were not thrilled at her new visual design for it, some even thinking of it as a repeat of the design in the Toyota Corolla campaign that caused its subsequent backlash.
      • Tone Rion's unabashedly Moe voice and character design have been bashed by many fans. Rion's small fanbase has a tendency to be defensive as a result.
      • Averted with Maika, who not only has a very well liked design, but also got praises for a beautiful sounding voice which, while designed to sing in Spanish, is versatile enough to sing rather nicely in other languages.
    • Don't forget the amount of Backdraft there was when UTAU Ritsu's gender was announced...
    • On April 1, 2011, PowerFX site went down as they were planning to transfer to a new server space. On the 6th it returned and on their Vocaloid page was a display of what appeared to be new designs for Big Al and Sweet Ann's. The fandom on both sides (West and Japanese) exploded with mixed reactions. Due to PowerFX site having no explanation as to why the designs were there, it took about 48 hours(plus) until an employee informed the fanbase that the design were for the Taiwanese market.
    • And now there's the Toyota Corolla commercials starring Hatsune Miku fiasco, if the comments on the respective YouTube videos (and some of the response videos) are of any indication.
    • According to MasterVocaloid (a Spanish producer), Voctro Labs has received death threats over Bruno and Clara's artwork. Not to mention the fandumb reactions over the latest Vocaloids not being Japanese or English. The producers had to held a new illustration contect, because many fans bashed the original artwork.
    • After the initial success of demos from Korean Vocaloid SeeU, it seemed she was going to be accepted by the generally not-quite-receptive-to-Korea Japanese Vocaloid fans - until a series of comparatively lackluster demos led to a large amount of negativity directed towards her, including jeers to "get off of Nico". This has gotten to the point where previously-accepted Korean-speaking UTAU are starting to take insults.
  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks: Some Vocaloid fans dislike Miku simply because she's the most popular.
    • Many Vocaloid-related things seem to unfortunately be falling into the eligibility of this trope.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The first version of Rin and Len is no longer sold; their ACT2 version, which many producers consider inferior, is sold as the standard Rin/Len issue. In order to get the first Rin/Len release, you need to find a seller of the original version, which is near impossible, or (god forbid) pirate.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Miku became one when somebody had her cover a song that was already a memetic mutation.
      • Leekspin is now associated about equally with Orihime and Miku.
    • Takoluka. She's slowly winning the hearts of Vocaloid fans on the Internet.
    • Toeto Luka, aka loli Luka
    • "Sonika says...Hiiiiii!"
      • Led to the birth of this during the wait for Tonio's demos.
      • And now this during the wait for Piko's, which is a parody of the above.
    • LamazeP (see Ear Worm above) seems determined to accomplish this - keep in mind this is the creator of the meme for "GEDDAN," which reached extreme memetic heights with the help of Teto.
    • This song, which everyone knows as Nyan Cat due to the rainbow excreting cat-Popart, is sung by the UTAU Momone Momo. Most people don't know this.
    • After mothy released supplementary material for it, fans of Story of Evil have recently taken to commenting on Story of Evil related videos with "CURSE YOU PRIM MARLON!", Prim Marlon being a character played by Prima who had manipulated the events of the story for her own personal gain.
      • In fact, the comment that spawned Damn You Len has become a meme in it's own right, due to how stupid it is.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Nashimoto-We, Kill Me makes fun of Nashimoto-P's misguided fans. Ironically, it has its own misaimed fandom that takes the song at face value instead of the satire it is.
  • Moe: Any Vocaloid can be seen as this, even the English ones with a little bit of tweaking.
    • Japanese anime-avatar Vocaloids were practically meant to appeal in a moe way, but Len in particular stands out.
    • Aoki Lapis is generally seen as this (when the fans aren't bashing her design; see Internet Backdraft above).
    • SeeU, too.
    • Luo Tianyi as seen in this video. Also possibly Yuezheng Ling during the middle sections of this video.
    • Some of Avanna's concept artworks (by the actual commissioned artist herself) come quite close.
    • Haku Yowane. Fans lately have turned her pity and sadness into a moe point, but in a way where both she and the person cheering her up show a sympathetic, loving side. She's also been decipted as being shy and sensitive.
    • Neru Akita, being the little tsundere she is, often decipted having a crush on Len, being friends with Yowane Haku (see example above, also), and although she is shown to sometimes be hated and a "troll", she secretly wishes that people would get along with her.
    • Supposedly, Tone Rion was deliberately designed to be this. Especially considering her distributor, MoeJapan.
  • Most Annoying Sound - The whole premise of My boyfriend's wallet appeared to be velcro-fastened. Well, that and Crowning Moment of Funny.
    • Let's not for the loud screech Miku gives in the Toyota commercial. Admittedly, though, "World is Mine" was badly timed for that commercial.
  • Narm: Given the dramatic or sentimental nature of many songs, a few are bound to fall into this. An example is "Taking Shelter from the Rain," where Gumi's love interest gets killed by falling rocks right when she's about to confess to him.
  • Nausea Fuel: I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry. The lyrics are extremely graphic.
  • Nightmare Fuel: See here.
  • Nightmare Retardant: Scared by "Alice Human Sacrifice"? Don't worry.
    • Despite pretty much everything in "Dark Woods Circus" being nightmare-inducing, the Chairman isn't particularly horrifying. At first, he's seen only as two glowing eyes that are higher than the treetops, but then there is a flash of light, revealing him to be a giant cat wearing a bowtie.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The amount of songs with cheery tunes and creepy lyrics or sudden creepy turns can lead to expecting any cheery song to be more sinister than it appears.
    • Many yandere songs involve women stalking and/or killing men that they don't know that well, if at all. For example, Luka's "Tailor Shop on Enbizaka" is about a tailor who kills three women because she thinks her "lover" is cheating on her with them, but they're actually his family and he doesn't even know the tailor. This can make you feel paranoid about the girls you meet...
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: When Gumi's design was first released, fans everywhere bashed it all to hell. Things got somewhat better after being released, but Gumi was still easily overshadowed by the other Vocaloids. Cue Coward Mont Blanc which ended up boosting her popularity so much, she practically replaced Luka as Miku's rival. Nowadays, Gumi frequently appears every week on the Weekly Rankings and is often considered the last Vocaloid to be released before Fanon Discontinuity by most fans.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Any Vocaloid other than a Kagamine paired with either of the Kagamine twins. Usually from the particularly vehement Twincest supporters.
    • Meiko and Miku get this from either side of the Ship-to-Ship Combat, and Gakupo occasionally gets this from Mikux Luka fans.
    • Hell, even in non Miku/Luka fanfics, Gakupo is always typecast as the villain.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Where the hell do I start? There's the Len X Rin Twincest pairing, most of whose supporters abhor either of them being paired with anyone else (in which the feeling is mutual) and then there's the yaoi pairings which garner the most overall hate from the Vocaloid community, especially the Len X Rin shippers. Good god.
    • Worst part is that they should know that in the end, none of these are canon and never will be, making all the fighting pretty much pointless.
    • Funnily, there's a small skirmish between Meiko / Kaito versus Miku/Kaito. The skirmish aren't that fierce and rarely present, unlike Die for Our Ship-things like Rin / Len vs one of them/whatever, mostly appear as I Want My Beloved to Be Happy.
      • However, admitting to either side that you ship Kaito/Luka or Kaito/Len will probably not be well-received (though again, usually not to the level of the Kagamine diehards. Usually.)
      • You obviously haven't ever looked at the comments section of songs dealing with either pairing. Or ones that don't, and feature two of them as characters...and one of them as a leek.
      • Actually, people currently seem to be taking a third option...
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Let's be honest, who's actually more fond of "Benzene" and "Nitrobenzene" than "Paradichlorobenzene" and "Anti-Chlorobenzene"?
  • Tear Jerker: Has a page.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Sonika make-over 2009 and Miku Append in 2010. Fandom reaction was a mix of positive and negative.
    • This is surprisingly averted with Rin and Len's appends, as most of the fandom tends to love them.
    • Overlaps into Memetic Mutation with Kaito, whose covers of other songs typically have the lyrics changed to reflect... ice cream. In particular, songs once written to describe romantic love (SPICE!, Love is War, Melt...) are redone to reflect Kaito's equivalent love for "aisu"; taken to an extreme with a version of "For the Longest Time" with all the lyrics replaced by Engrish-y ice cream flavors.
    • And now a new contender, Big Al and Sweet Ann's Taiwanese designs, though fans seem a bit divided on Sweet Ann's.
    • Ring Suzune and Lui Hibiki. Not very many people like their redesigns. There is also very little new design Ring fanart to speak of, and most chose to draw her as Ringu Suzunone instead. On Japanese message boards, they too question why the original design could not apply to the revise.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks: Occasionally the newest Vocaloids get accused of being rehashes of older ones. For example:
    • Hiyama Kiyoteru was accused by some of being just a rehash of Kaito because they sound so similar.
    • Aoki Lapis once was compared to Yuki Kaai, and at one instance, Miku Hatsune.
    • Mew got compared to Luka Megurine and Gumi (or a mix of the two).
    • Oliver got compared to Len Kagamine.
    • IA got compared to Gumi because of their similarity in voice.
    • More recently, Lou Tianyi got compared to Aoki Lapis due to similarities in their color schemes.
    • One extreme case of idiocy involved accusing Aoki Lapis of being a rehash of Kaiko (one of the most commonly known Kaito Gender Flip) of all things.
    • With her demo already out, upcoming vocaloid Merli already got comparisons with Meiko, Iroha, and even Prima.
    • Kokone is already getting comparisons with predecesor Gumi after her demo was released. It doesn't help that both from the same company (Internet Co).
  • OT 3: Vocaloid shippers like to choose three of the female Japanese Vocaloids (at first mostly Vocaloids 00, 01, and one half of the reflection of 02 before Megurine Luka), but another common OT3 came shortly. With a third male Japanese Vocaloid, an obvious conclusion: Gakupo Kamui was tacked on to Kaito/Kagamine Len when he came onto the scene.
    • With Hiyama Kiyoteru (AKA Senseiloid) and Big Al, there will be an OT3 without shota for some shippers... Not that Shotacon with Len is a completely bad thing.
      • Then again, with the aptly-named Voiceroid Shouta, one can turn the Shotacon quotient of an OT3 Up to Eleven.
      • There is now an OT3 composed of adults for the Japanese (Gakupo, Kaito, Kiyoteru) and the Western (Big Al, Tonio, Leon) Vocaloids. If they announce another shota (there are rumors that the next Crypton Vocaloid will be somewhere in between), then, there'll be a shota OT3 as well (doesn't really matter if Shouta's a voiceroid).
      • The anthropomorphized version of Gachapoid may be considered as part of the shota group.
      • Len, Gachapoid and Piko. Shota OT3 complete.
      • Only if Gachapoid exists for you.
      • Unless you replace Gachapoid with Lui Hibiki
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Some artists like doing this with songs and art, but notable ones are I want to eat a tuna and Koi Suru Voc@loid.
  • Toy Ship: Gachpoid and Kaai Yuki, sometimes.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Vocaloid voices can certainly dip into this, if their composer doesn't play a few tricks with their voice quality first.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Word of God states that Dell is what Haku would be if she were a man. Haku's a drunken, depressed perpetually unemployed NEET and Dell is a hard-working wage earner...
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: While not exactly, the special effects in the Vocaloid Live Concert qualify.
  • The Woobie: Haku Yowane for most of the fandom. Neru Akita can also count sometimes.

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