Heartwarming: Vocaloid

  • Sakura no Ame
  • When I Get Home My Wife Always Pretends to be Dead
  • "Angel Voice."
  • "I Like You, I Love You"
  • Gemini. Just... Awww!
  • RinRin HIGH* MIND, a song about Rin being in love with her childhood friend and expressing her feelings.
    • At the end, the boy announces that he's going to move away. Does the song do a 180 to tragedy? HECK NO! It ends with Rin and her boyfriend deciding to spend one last day together before he leaves and promise to keep in touch with each other, all while her family encourages her not to give up. Now THAT'S heartwarming!
  • Tell Your World by livetune ft. Hatsune Miku. How good is it? Good enough to be in the Japanese version of Just Dance 2014, or Just Dance Wii U.
    • In an even more heartwarming meta case, in the Google Chrome adverts, the first name listed is Hatsune Miku, in japanese, with 'Virtual Singer' next to her name. The next name to appear, among all the submitters... KEI, Illustrator, the one who first drew Miku.
  • Every song or video that depicts the Vocaloids as each others' True Companions. "Zutto Zutto" and "Leading Light" come to mind.
    • To put it into perspective, "Zutto Zutto" translates to "Forever and Ever".
  • Innocence is Miku asking for everyone to try to get along without dragging real-world problems into the fun parts of Vocaloid, as well as an expression of gratitude for all the songs that people have made for her. It was written in the midst of a bitter three-way copyright dispute that was threatening to break the fandom apart. In other words, the writer was trying to stop a Flame War by reminding everyone about why they loved Vocaloid in the first place. D'awww.
  • The end of ''Rolling Girl'' by Hatsune Miku, which was about a girl who was implied to be bullied and her world was spinning wildly out of her control. In the fanmade PV, when she was about to end it, the boy who was with the whole time reached out and held her, telling her it was going to be okay now.
  • Hocus Pocus a duet by Gumi and Miku. It's a sweet and a bit of a Tear Jerker song about a girl who is abducted by a woman who shared the same past as her. It's lovely :'D.
  • After many ordeals, the cursed family finally gets their happy ending!!.
  • Regret Message, the third of the 'Story of Evil' series in the Evillious Chronicles, as well as the end of Daughter of White, which continues the setting of the song from Clarith (Yowane Haku)'s point of view.
    • Adding to this, there's mothy's South North Story. Non-canon aside, it's rather sweet when you consider the implications that the normal Rin has met the Rin from Story of Evil and appears to be trying to comfort her. D'awww.
    • Kept Waiting for a Response, the (scrapped) finale to Story of Evil. And a touchingly beautiful finale it is.
    If my wish really does come true
    If my sins have really been forgiven
    I want the response to my letter
    And will keep waiting for it
    • The ending song that got made in its place, "Blink", is just as heartwarming, with Rin planting a seed and reflecting on the future.
  • Ah, What a Wonderful Cat-Life a romace with catGumi and catLen. Adorable can't even begin to describe it!
  • Let's go to the Lollipop Factory, Miku, Rin, Luka, Gumi and Meiko are waiting for us!
  • Deco*27 never ceases to amaze his fans, and his new song, Once Upon A Me gives a nostalgic feeling that's sure to bring out the happy!waterworks.
  • "Smiling." Inspired by Nico Nico Chorus', and listening to all the Japanese Vocaloids (with the exception of Piko, Gachpoid, and Iroha) singing this beautiful song gives such a heartwarming moment. then the best part of this video is when Len Raps.
  • "You're not alone".
  • 'Reflect' is a song about a boy who doesn't believe he deserves others' attention. Is also a Tear Jerker.
  • GUMI who has a certain reputation finally catchs her break in Summer's End, Love's Beginning :'D
  • In scissorsloid, Luka (at 3 minutes) is happy to see her "big sister Miku" visiting her room, and asks what she'll learn from her. She then proceeds to issue compliments that are very sweet, and she seems to really love and admire Miku, and it's an extremely heartwarming moment, especially because of the video's yandereness. That is, until she takes a knife and stabs her.
  • Reflection is absolutely sweet and it brings out those tears of happiness with just a bit of the bitterness.
  • "Cat Ears Switch", by Rin and Len. The little chiptune-y beat alone can give you the warm fuzzies.
  • "30 Seconds ~Love Story of a Little Demo~ " is an incredibly touching video featuring Miriam and Meiko.
  • Last Night Good Night is a heartwarming, happy-tear-jerking song about that feeling you get when you first feel love for someone, with an amazing video.
  • This rather suggestive video (NSFW) of Haku Yowane waking up in the morning following a night of passionate sex is one of very few moments of Haku experiencing genuine happiness.
  • Wrinkle... just Wrinkle... It's a perfect mix of loveliness and sadness
  • "Your Star" by Hatsune Miku. The sheer beauty and sadness of the song is what makes it so special.
  • GUMI's "Time-Warped After Chopping My Stag Beetle" is very weird at the beginning, exactly as the title sounds. However, at around three minutes, it takes a serious but uplifting turn. Gumi meets her future dying self, who tells her to live without regrets because she (in the future) doesn't want to be sad.
  • This relatively unknown little song called "Grave Visiting" (hakamairi) definately counts. It is about a little girl (Miku) who doesn't really understand why her parents visit the cemetery every summer with her. She keeps being bored and wants to go back home. Over the years she finally understands the meaning of those visits. In the second part of the song she is now an adult and still visits the cemetery every summer. She tells her grandfather how she fell in love with someone and got married and introduces her own child to her grandmother.
  • Luka's The Lonely Princess and Attendant as well as The Lonely Youth
  • You people call yourself Vocaloid fans and yet you forget "Melt"?
  • KOKORO is a combination of Tear Jerker and CMoH. The fact that Len spent his life making a program that would allow Rin to able to feel human emotions is already sweet. The song that Rin sings for Len, thanking him for all he's done, is what really pushes things into Tear Jerker and Heartwarming territory, especially when that song was able to reach Len.
  • Miku's "1/6", in which she plays a girl with aspirations to become an astronaut and go up into space in a satellite. However, she decides to postpone those plans and give up the money she was saving up for them after she finds out that her boyfriend has been going through some major depression. She takes him to a pier where they go up a lighthouse, insisting that he needs to be "elevated" to cheer up. This works and he slowly begins to smile. All throughout the song she promises him that when she gets enough money she will take him to the satellite with her, where all of his sadness will melt away and only be 1/6 of his weight. Awww!
  • This video, whose backstory is a fan's interpretation how Kaito became an Ensemble Darkhorse after the introduction of Miku.
  • Let's Go to Heaven which is about a couple going to Heaven.
  • Dear Mother by Miku, about a girl who doesn't quite understand why her mother is so protective of her and comes to understand when she herself gets married and starts a family of her own.
  • Fake Diva. A song about the first 'fake' vocaloid ever created. When the most popular Vocaloid stretches her hand towards the new UTAUloid...
    Miku: The creators who left the ceremony
    And the girl who sang in deputy to you
    They never forgot you
    Of course you can sing, dear...
  • This adorable and extremely well animated MMD short film about Rin and Len on Valentine's Day.
  • This video of Yuzuki Yukari confessing her feelings to a boy she likes. She feels disappointed when apparently the boy hesitates to respond, but then she gets a surprise when he grabs her hand and kisses her. The whole atmosphere (it takes place at a park, and at night) and Yukari's soft voice enhances the whole thing.
  • The ending of Elsetetra -The Witch of the Water Reflection-note : When the title character is on the brink of despair after not having been able to prevent her love interest's death, her love interest's ghost shows up to comfort her.
  • Hello Again is heartwarming in that they can't understand eachother but nonetheless stay waiting for when they can.
  • Kaito and the twins wish Meiko a happy birthday. And it's adorable.
  • This is sorta meta, but on Mitchie M's newest song, Viva Happy, the subtitles had some swearing, (or something) in them, and there was a very angry comment regarding it. Of course, the fandom being who they are, rushed to defend and swear at the person. Later, though, Mitchie M fixed it...
    Mitchie M: Sorry for my wrong translation. I have changed it. I'm not good at English :-( Please get along with each other.

    Youtube person: Mitchie M, dont worry about the subtitles, some people on internet over exaggerate things (and overreact).... luckily these people are the minority. Thank you very much for your consideration and for uploading this incredible and happy song! And for the few guys who are outraged by the letter song, I say one thing, "Viva Happy" =)
  • Rin and Len's Magic Mirror by Hitoshizuku x Yama is a mix of heartwarming and Tear Jerker. It's the story of a lonely young girl, a magician in a mirror who grants all of her wishes, and the friendship that ensues. It's adorable, and sad, and beautifully illustrated, and...heck, just watch it.
  • Half and Half, a Luo Tianyi song about familial love. The producer composed it as a birthday gift for their father.
  • Three Queens starts out with some serious Nightmare Fuel, and then…d'awwwwww…
  • Even Masa has some pretty cute songs out there. Awwww!
  • Existence Imagination. If there was ever a song that showed what Vocaloid is all about, this is it. It's like a We Are Song for the entire Vocaloid family (even if there are only nine of them in the song).
  • The ending of "Escape from Dystopia".
  • [1] is a cute song about a horned boy and a girl he meets in the woods. It's not demon and daughter.
  • "The Intense Singing of Hatsune Miku", a sequel to "Disappearance of Hatsune Miku". It involves Miku coming Back from the Dead and realizing that as long as people still love and remember her and her songs, she will never truly die.
  • "Fire Flower", by Len, in which he compares his love for his childhood girlfriend to the intensity of a firework.
  • The ending to "A Teacher, Detained". "Welcome home. We can laugh and smile just like we did back then."
  • "39", a song made for Miku's 5th birthday, is about Miku giving a heartfelt thanks to everyone for supporting her throughout the years and how she'll continue to sing for them.
  • Kaito's "Rose+Thorn", a bittersweet Break Up Song.
    For everytime I cried, I laughed a little.
    For everytime it hurt, I smiled a little.
    Even when things were bad, I was never really sad
    Now I'll say goodbye to the love that I had.
  • Tsugai Kogarashi (Paired Wintry Winds). A lovely, romantic song about how the wind (Kaito) will always follow the leaf (Meiko) wherever it may go.
  • The Undertaker's Daughter is particularly notable for being composed by Steampianist, who is best known for very disturbing works featuring Oliver. This song is a sweet story about a girl who discovers a nameless, uncared-for grave, and takes it upon herself to honor the deceased with a gift of seashells.
  • Kaito and Meiko's cover of "A Whole New World".
  • Embarrassment-Hiding Adolescence, a song about sibling love