Funny: Vocaloid

  • MIKU'S NEW V3 VOICEBANK aka "Miku Hot Sauce". I'm quite surprised no one brought this up yet.
  • PoPiPo is just that weird. (And how about a guy singing it?)
    • The best moment of that is always Hillbilly Kaito.
    • Try Miku's own english version.
    • Even Big Al just had to jump in, along with lots of Gratuitous Japanese.
    • The Microsoft Sam version.
    • I'm not sure what this dub of PoPiPo is making fun of, but the person who did it just sounds so ANGRY when he does it that it's frickin' hilarious. YMMV on this one, though.
  • Prima singing a certain scatological song from Conkers Bad Fur Day. It's hilarious. And very good at the same time.
  • Double Rainbow PV
  • Owata.
  • Kagamine Len no Bousou. The PV is here. Poor, poor Len. Also, steamrollers.
    Hey Master, did you buy us thinking we were an eroge? I'M RIGHT, AREN'T I?!
  • First Love Academy - School of True Love a funny love-triangle song starring Len, Rin and Gumi.
  • A hilarious video about Len watching Porn. Made doubly awesome by the totally serious tone it starts out with.
  • We also have Rin Chan Nau! done by Owata-P, in the same vein as the song above. Features Miku and Luka and their crushes on Rin, never mind the two of them rapping at Motor Mouth speed.
  • Luka's Creepy Toast and Sonika's Creepy Song, both parodying how many twisted Vocaloid songs there are. Especially Creepy Song, which specifically makes fun of all the songs where the vocaloids are killed.
  • Hetarenaide yo! featuring a very, very shota and naughty Len. "Come (BLEEP)note , oniichan!"
  • Let's Speak In English With Luka Megurine, an audio drama in which Len and Rin attempt to talk to Tako Luka in Gratuitous English.
    Takoluka: "Anata wa, English shaberemasu ka?" (Can you speak English?)
    Len: "Yes, yes! Bacchiri aru yo!" (I'm good at it!) "Ba, bana-na!"
    Takoluka: "Oh, banana!"
    Len: "O-renji!"
    Takoluka: "Orange!"
    Len: (with the most adorable Cat Smile on his face) "Um...roudo rora?"
    Takoluka: "Roadroller?"
    Len: "Sou sou, roudo rora!"
    Takoluka: "Oh, roadroller!"
    Len: "ROUDO RORA!!"
  • LuluLABz's Gag Dub of SPICE!.
    This song is about people I sleep with / And sometimes with a rabbit / I even managed to bang Hatsune Miku.
  • What happens when Len learnes Spanish from his master:
    Luka: "Len! What are you doing? That is no way to talk to your sister. What would Master say?"
    Len: "IDK. Heehee!"
    • The same person made...uh...whatever this is...
  • The Highschool Girl Next to Me
  • Luka version of I'll Quit Singing, complete with Gratuitous English and Precision F-Strike
    • Then there's Big Al's gag dub, which changes the theme to being pissed about couples doing too much PDA in school.
      • I've dubbed Luka's version and Big Al's version myself (lyrics slightly changed to fit a girl online and a college girl respectively). Anyone wanna see?
      • Only if you provide a link.
    • Here's another version with an MMD PV.
    • Kaito's parody of it is along the same lines as Big Al's... but is about how everyone keeps forgetting about him. Poor guy
  • The "Temptation of M" drama series (part 1/part 2/part 3). Features exhibitionism, apparent genderswaps, Miku trying (and massively failing) to be sexy, a number of unexpected cameos, and some of the funniest dialogue, sight gags, and characterization in any Talkloid project.
  • If Lily Was Like This... Another entertaining character piece, spotlighting the (at the time) new character of Lily. As with "Temptation of M" above, one of the funniest things about it is how good the acting is — it's hard to imagine how much fine-tuning it took to get the character's voices to sound natural.
  • Big Al covers Friday by Rebecca Black.
    Gakupo: "Why am I even here?"
    • And the icing on the cake: Kaito and Kiyoteru chanting "Yeah!"
    • Made by the same person, Kiyoteru covers "Rude Boy" by Rihanna.
    • Big Al sings "Alejandro"
    • Speaking of "Friday", Here's Luka's version, she doesn't sound so... enthusiastic.
  • "Go Google It" with a very, very Tsundere Luka.
    Teto: What's the color of your boxers?
    Len: Go Google it.
    Teto:...Are you even wearing any?
    Len: Go happily Google it.
  • Big Al covers "I'm Too Sexy"
  • When I Get Home My Wife Always Pretends to be Dead
  • Leon attempts to sing Love is War. But then Kaito hears him sing "I scream (Ice cream) for you..."
  • In Madness of Duke Venomania, Gakupo's expression after he finds out that Kaito isn't a girl is HILLARIOUS. Seen here, at about 3:24.
    • Also, if you look closely at the second missing persons list, you'll see that one of the missing women is actually Rin's horse from Daughter of Evil.
    • On the subject of "Madness of Duke Venomania", a Youtuber named Nipah DUBS made a literal version of the music video. The singing may not be perfect, but the lyrics are hilarious.
  • Miku sings THIS! IS! SPARTA!
  • This MMD vide of "Ievan Polkka". Featuring Takoluka getting beaten with a leek (and Hachune Miku getting scolded for it).
  • Miku and Haku doing a Boke and Tsukkomi Routine (with Miku as the Bokke and Haku as the Tsukkomi, includes some Breaking the Fourth Wall, and complete with a Laugh Track) [1]
  • Leon's Gag Dub of World is Mine, with a lot of implied Black Comedy Rape.
    Leon: Tsunderes in anime are okay/But in real life it's just a bitch.
  • Rin and Gakupo play a practical joke on Miku on her birthday with a present whose lid was sealed so tight it would snap open. Rin's giggle and Gakupo's laughter after Miku got smacked in the face were a riot.
  • Haku's Drunken Afternoon - a silly skit (with an equally silly soundtrack) about Haku Yowane just being completely wasted from all her drinking on a fine sunny afternoon, during which she starts seeing Rin and Len somehow flying in the sky above, much to her disbelief. Meiko arrives wondering what the fuss is all about, and makes the obvious conclusion that Haku in her drunken stupor was just seeing things.
  • This MMD video of Big Al, Kiyoteru, Leon, Kaito, Tonio, and Gakupo singing and dancing to the famous internet sensation Yatta! by the Fake Band Green Leaves. Perhaps the only thing that can top this would be an actual vocaloid cover of the song.
  • The image progression of Onsen Zabuntl . Takoluka goes for a bath in an onsen...and comes out as steamed octopus.
  • The bridge of the music video of the cover of Asereje (The vocaloids sing in nearly fluent Spanish, too!), where Kaito and Len appear in swimsuits and dancing like the girls, and when four hands try to grope Miku's butt.
  • Gumi's teeth complex in Time Warped from Chopping my Stag Beetle. "Talk about disrespecting your elders!"
    • And later when she identifies her granddaughter from this very complex. When she's "comforting" her on this ("On the bright side, they make you look fierce!") is hilarious as well.
  • This talkaloid featuring a depressed Luka, a racist Sweet Ann, and Big Al (who's just trying to keep them together).
  • Then we've got this lil' ditty. And as if that wasn't cute enough, there's this!
  • Kaito takes Len to a gay bar. And gives him a crash course in cliff diving.
  • Gakupo and Len(ACT2) sang that great song - yep that's literally the title of the song, which is actually all about boobs. Yeah.
    • A similar and just as hilarious song is Boo*s are Man's Romance featuring Kaito and Gakupo.
    • Kiyoteru's cover of the first song mentioned, simply named Oppai Song, with a touch of metal.
  • This dialogue between Kaito, Gakupo, and Kiyoteru in a karaoke bar, where the fun loving Kaito and Gakupo try to get a very straight-laced Kiyoteru to loosen up. At one point Kiyoteru is made to sing the Cutey Honey theme (with the expected reaction of embarrassment from him) by the other two (though Gakupo joins in singing after a moment). Kaito and Gakupo also try to make Kiyoteru sing Koi no Kayoubi (a song which features Kiyoteru crossdressing, hence he quickly refuses). Kaito then tries to sing Boo*s are Man's Romance with the hopes of getting Kiyoteru to shout Oppai!, an effort also shot down by Kiyoteru. Finally Kaito sings Ne~e? and gets the other two laughing at him.
  • Miku sings Sons of Skyrim, with a montage of her trying and failing to be a Dovakiin.
  • Noroi no Megane is so mind-screwy it's funny.
  • The Melancholy of Detective Haku Yowane. Your guess is as good as mine.
  • This video will just forever change how I see Gakupo.
  • Miku Hatsune covering songs while playing a ukelele, all done by u900chiefer. A couple of examples include covers of Don't Say Lazy and God Knows. For the most part, also Crowning Music of Awesome.
  • A bad day in salaryman!Gakupo's life. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry... but I settled for laughing. I Forgot.
  • This "Talkaloid" (original upload taken down by owner due to personal reasons) where Aoki Lapis is introduced into the producer's Vocaloid family, handled, rather reluctantly, by Oliver and Big Al. Includes some embarrassing moments especially with Big Al. And get a load of Aoki Lapis' giggle when Big Al is reminded of his stint at singing Japanese and is embarrassed by it.
    • Then there's the Sequel about Big Al, Oliver, Avanna, Gakupo, and Lapis singing Vocal RPG Songs. And Oliver makes fun of Gakupo's pronunciation of the word "vowels", sings the secret opening to Vanguard Bandits (which is one big fart joke), Big-Al talks about The Problem with Licensed Games (directly quoting Strong Bad), and Lapis deliberately making Big Al freak out even more.
    • And from the same producer, a somewhat related video featuring the introductions of Yohioloid and Miku English, where Yohioloid takes exception at Avanna mispronouncing his name, then he makes fun of Miku's accent, the Kagamines freak out at Miku English's new design, and Luka gets frustrated that Miku can now pronounce "Road Roller" better than her.
    • Yohioloid continues his sassiness in the sequel.
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas, Vocaloid-style. Special mention goes to Leon being chased by the three French hens and a goose laying an egg in Gakupo's hair.
  • Triple Baka, sung by Miku with Teto backing her up. Neru is texting in the background, occasionally whacking Miku upside the head with a leek. In this song, Miku gets lured into her little world on the computer and falls asleep at the monitor. She wakes up realizing she has no life. It's hard for her to stop playing around online when the internet is so amazing, like an unknown world she has to explore. Miku gets so obsessed that she doesn't have enough time for doing normal things like laughing, crying, or being angry. The rest just explains how she has given up on everything, nothing matters, and her life sucks. Oh yeah, and she calls herself stupid a few times
    • A few times during the PV, Miku, Teto, and Neru get crayons and start scribbling on the floor. Neru gives up almost immediately and just walks away.
    • For those who know Japanese: Look at the two kanji in the song title: 驫麤. Each one is 馬 and 鹿 (which, put together, form 馬鹿, or baka), respectively, written three times into one character each. Hence, "Triple Baka".
  • Miku's cover of the Chinese folk song TanTe, whose "lyrics" are in fact pure gibberish. Apparently the original was meant to be funny as shown in this video where the singer makes all kinds of silly facial expressions while singing.
  • Tako Luka Tuna Fever. Words cannot describe the hilarity...or the cuteness.
  • Len is just being annoying. And funny.
  • Luo Tianyi's Tianyi Eating Song, which hilariously portrays her as a Big Eater.
  • CRACK Magnet, an Affectionate Parody of Magnet with intentional bad singing.
  • Miku's Golden Juice ranges in its humor from gut busting to... rather disturbing, but if you can get past the adult content, it's actually somewhat worth watching, especially Big Al's cameo.
  • Len hilariously wanting anybody to go out with him.
  • While it occurs at a crucial moment, Len's shout of "JESUS, JESUS!" in Bad End Night is hilariously narmtastic, especially with how loud and high-pitched it is.
  • This cover of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" by nearly all the male vocaloids - the MMD rendered PV shows all kinds of hilarious antics, including a scene where the male vocaloids are lying on the stomachs singing, right behind the female vocaloids so that the former are looking up the latter's skirts (and the latter are not amused).
  • Not a Dream, Not a Lie, a Happy Scene Before My Eyes. It starts off serious with twins in the Shogunate rebellion. When one of the twins has to go to an arranged marriage with one of the enemy forces, the two decide to switch places knowing that one of them is more adept in battle. The younger Miku twin gives the older Miku twin a cat so she wouldn't be alone. Cut to the battle, Younger Miku Twin is losing, but is happy that her sister is safe. Cue Mood Whiplash as Older Miku Twin comes to the rescue proclaiming she is Oda Nobunaga and sporting his 'stache. She single-handedly squashes the entire rebellion. It turns out that the cat she got was actually a vessel for the warlord as when the younger twin took the cat off her head, she reverts to normal. The song ends with "I love cats."
  • "Vocaloid Killed the Radio Star", as sung by Tonio (who is wearing Miku Append's outfit for some reason). Mayu and Oliver decides to kill Justin Bieber after listening to his music. Oliver, who was playing the piano, even stops to do it. Be careful it's an Ear Worm.
  • Rin's "I Wanna Be A Princess!". It's not only silly and adorable, but it also has a level of darkly comedic irony when you remember what happened the last time Rin was a princess...
  • There's something utterly bizarre when a ninja has to fill an application to send to the government in order to open a door. This is just one of the many funny events of "Masterkey Gunman and Masterkey Ninja".
  • This fancomic, although it doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. It starts with Rin and Len giving Meiko flowers for Mother's Day and Meiko saying thank you...only for a small crowd to form around them marveling at the fact that Meiko can look so young for a mother of teenage twins. Meiko immediately tries to correct their misunderstanding...
  • At one point in Calne Ca's "Machine Muzik", one Calne Ca's singing mannequins falls off of its hanger and starts twitching around. Calne Ca just shrugs as if to say "Oh well".
  • Len having really bad luck in finding someone to go on a date in "I Don't Care Who, Somebody Go Out With Me!", even Tako Luka rejects him.
    • And to add irony, he finally finds someone who would go with him: Tei Sukone.
    • And to add salt to wounds, Miku tells why she'll never go out with someone who sings things like that.
    • Now with an utterly hilarious English dub!
    • Gakupo also wants to date someone! His problem? He's too attractive.
  • Maika and Kaito have a really funny duet in "MBCSTTOW". Tip: there is a reason why Kaito uses glasses.
  • Yet another one from Big Al (he seems to churn these out a lot,) Big Al and Yohioloid Cover Barbie Girl. The idea alone is hilarious, but what really makes it is the producer's blatant abuse of Al's breathing vocalizations. The result is absolutely glorious.
  • People of Tv Tropes, we give you Hatsune Miku covering "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj. Let's see, there's the sudden drop in voice at the "my anaconda don't" parts, the way that Miku says "look at that butt," the fact she's rapping, and the picture on the video. Combined, it's a glorious cover.
  • Tonio rants about the way people use him.
  • Miku kindly teaches you how to flip the bird.
  • And so does Rin.
  • "Party x Party" has several moments:
    • The Merchant (Kaito) and the Gunner (Len) randomly getting into a fight.
    • The fact that the night to day montage ends with a close up of the Bartender (Meiko) and the Dancer (Luka)'s giant Gainaxing boobs.
    • The Bard (Rin) singing blissfully while ensnared in the web of a Giant Spider, and the Gunner and Rookie (Miku)'s reactions.
    • The Merchant getting eaten by a Chest Monster.
    • The Reveal that the Rookie was the Game Master all along. Also a Crowning Moment of Awesome.