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YMMV: Dead or Alive
  • Accidental Innuendo: The two new gameplay mechanics in 5 are called "Power Blow" and "Critical Burst". Yeah...
  • Awesome Music: DOA2 had a pretty impressive soundtrack. Blazed Up Melpomene would be the best example.
  • Base Breaker: Eliot. He might be good gameplay-wise but many people just don't like him. Possibly because his 4th costume in DOA4 looks like something by Square Enix at its worst. At the same time, many like Eliot because he isn't muscular and has a calm, nice personality.
    • Similarly, La Mariposa/Lisa also gets quite a bit of hate for her personality and fighting style.
    • Marie Rose is hated by some for looking underage in the cast full of busty ladies, and that her design is a very standard Elegant Gothic Lolita + Tsundere Twintails combo. Others love her because she is adorable and the idea of a little girl taking on opponents twice her size is both awesome and hilarious.
    • Nyutengu got a split reception too, due to her concept itself. Some people think it refreshes the character of Tengu, while other see it as a cheap attention-grabber and/or unnecessarily pandering.
    • Phase-4, hands down.
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Many have a hard time remembering that it's a Fighting Game series.
    • The first Xtreme Beach Volleyball got quite a few good reviews for being a pretty solid volleyball videogame.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: In the final cutscene of Dimensions' storyline. Everything's going to hell. Then suddenly, there's this shot where some random woman who wasn't seen in any other part of the game is being shot in the head. Why it seems so out of place is because this was a cinematic cutscene, which none of the cinematic ones had any extras in up until this point. What made this shot even more jarring was that pretty much all other extras in the game are all blank-faced clones who all seem to shop from the same clothing store.
    • Actually, many character endings from the first four games could qualify. Some even look completely out of character. Why does Kasumi dream of being a (naked) mermaid in what looks like a J-Pop music video?
  • Broken Base:
    • The fanbase is split into two main factions: Those that prefer the original fighting series, and those who prefer the soft-porn beach side-series. Similarly, the second faction is in itself split over whether or not to include an official nude option (which, aside from various hacks within those games and an April Fools Day joke from EGM, no such option actually exists).
    • There's a split based on the toned down fanservice (and breast sizes) in Dead Or Alive 5. Which got even bigger when the devs brought back the standard fanservice elements due to fan requests.
    • The less obvious but arguably most important split is about the counter system:
      • Detractors, who tend to be elitist competitive players, believe this system is the real reason why the series never got the same amount of respect as Street Fighter or Tekken (after all, when you get down to it, Fanservice is very high in practically every single popular Fighting Game franchise). They think it kills off any sort of offense in the game since everything can be countered. Worst case scenario, they say it completely breaks the gameplay, and makes it shallow and cheap. Defenders, on the other hand, consider it way deeper than its detractors give it credit for, in a "easy to learn, hard to master" way. Plus, it gives the combat an unique fast pace and sense of unpredictability that no other fighting franchise has. Specially since, in practice, countering everything is next to impossible. Plus, the changes that were made in DOA4 prevent people from abusing the most common counters. You really need to study your opponent's moves in order to counter more than a couple of them per round, so if you loose due to receiving too many counters, either your rival earned it, or you deserve it for using the same moves again and again.
      • Among people who like the system you have a similar split between people who prefer the system in games 2 and 3, since counters were easier to execute. However, considering Team Ninja wanted to put that system back in 5, but decided not to after the reactions to the Alpha version, it seems this group is smaller and smaller.
    • Some fans don't like the story mode of Dimensions and DOA5 because of their clunky narrative and nonsensical plot. Others like them because they present a neat tutorial to get into the game mechanics little by little.
    • The up-and-sudden removal of Leon (and to a lesser extend, Ein and Tengu) in 5 caused quite a bit of controversy with fans. So much, that Team Ninja, who didn't even think the fans wanted him, put him back in DOA5: Ultimate.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Marie Rose, the new character for the arcade version for DOA5: Ultimate, is getting some reception even before the arcades hit the stores. Hayashi has said that she is also coming to the console versions.
    • Leon as even though his plotline seems complete, he's appeared in various games as a bonus character and when he was cut from DOA5, the fans were not happy... until he returned in DOA5U.
    • Mila gets a lot of love from the fanbase for going completely against the grain for a female DOA fighter. To wit, she's cute and attractive without being hyper-sexualized or playing up any fetishes, has hot-blooded but still humble personality and shows great sportsmanship, and her MMA-based fighting style is short on flashy and balletic moves, but it looks very damned painful and effective.
    • Hitomi is also popular with the fanbase since her debut in DOA3. Even series creator and former director Tomunobu Itagaki likes her.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Don't put a big chunk of Kasumi and Ayane's respective fan bases in the same room. Just sayin'.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Mila has become very popular among Spaniard fans of the series. Not only because she's from Spain herself, but rather because she's the first Spanish character in a Fighting Game who looks the part WITHOUT falling into any Spanish stereotypes, Not Even Bothering with the Accent notwithstanding. (Not that it matters, since in Spain the vast majority of fighting gamers play with the Japanese dub, where realizing this is much more difficult, given how similar Japanese and Spanish phonetics are).
  • Growing the Beard: Dead or Alive: Dimensions and to a greater extent Dead or Alive 5 have been rather well received when it comes to gameplay and the story mode.
    • Part of the reason may be the involvement of Sega AM2, the developers of critically acclaimed fighting game series Virtua Fighter, who gave advice and guidance, as well as the inclusion of VF guest characters.
    • Before then, Dead or Alive 4 got a great deal of respect after Team Ninja fixed the online issues with a patch and people could see how polished and balanced the game really was. However, since this was several months after the game release, it didn't got as much attention as it could. The fact that Alpha-152 remained a pain in the ass didn't help either.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The crux of the series in later games is Kasumi fighting against Donovan. Now cut to Mass Effect 2 which has a side mission help Kasumi against Donovan.
  • Internet Backdraft: The DLC costumes for DOA5. There are so many of them at this point that people joke that you could buy a brand new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One with the money necessary for buying all the bikinis and skimpy outfits. Fans aren't exactly fond of this development.
    • Taken Up to Eleven and beyond with the Halloween 2014 outfits, some of which are actually recycled designs. Once more the fans are annoyed about yet another DLC which costs way, way too much for what it offers.
  • Iron Woobie: Ayane. See her entry in said trope, and then add everything revealed in Dimensions, including her attempted suicide.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Kasumi, Ayane and, to a sightly lesser extent, Hitomi.
  • Les Yay:
  • LGBT Fanbase: has occasionally mentioned stories on how according to the G4 forums the Dead or Alive series does have a lesbian fanbase especially thanks to Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Really Tecmo, you expect us to believe that Hayate and Ayane really killed Kasumi? They must really need to make use of the clone, somehow...
  • Never Live It Down: People who are critical with Team Ninja usually only mention the Xtreme Beach Volleyball entries when they talk about the series or the studio, as if the fighting games didn't even exist (famous web shows like Extra Credits or Zero Punctuation have been guilty of this). And if they do mention them, they talk about the Jiggle Physics as if they were the only noteworthy thing about them. Because, you know, being a pretty awesome fighting series on its own merits means absolutely nothing next to the Fanservice.
    • The fanbase itself requested that the 5th game retain all the series' familiar fanservice elements (specifically, the characters' breast sizes of all things), after the devs had shown that they had planned to tone it down (so that the game would be taken more seriously by critics and non-fans). Not only did this not help sway the popular opinion that the series is nothing but baseless pandering, but it also caused the fanbase to break even further.
  • Older Than They Think: Some internet posters think Jann Lee's yellow tracksuit is a Shout-Out to Kill Bill, but it was actually first worn by Bruce Lee in Game of Death which Kill Bill was referencing. Which makes sense, since Jann Lee is a Bruce Lee Clone.
  • Polished Port: The PS Vita port of DOA5. It actually got better reviews than the console versions because it was able to run at a steady 60fps while maintaining good visuals within the handheld's limited hardware. This has been compared to other (ported) fighting games like Mortal Kombat.
  • Saved by the Fans: The fanservice itself. The original plan for DOA5 was to tone down the fanservice in hopes of that the fighting community would finally take the game seriously. However, numerous fans requested bigger breasts and Team Ninja subsequently brought it back, full force.
    • Leon also came back in the Updated Re-release thanks to the fans who complained about his absence in the original game.
  • Theiss Titillation Theory: Some of the girls' outfits are skimpy enough that there's no way they could actually fight in them and not have a wardrobe malfunction. But no matter how bad you want it to, it will never happen.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: A number of people thought that Eliot was a girl when he first debuted in 4.
  • Wangst: Ayane's Interrupted Suicide in Dimensions. She tries to take her own life only because Hayate got mad at her?! Really?! OK, Hayate overreacted too when he slapped her just because she made a bad comment about Kasumi, but still!
  • Win Back the Crowd: Thus far, the response of 5 is very positive and seems to be garnering fans who realize about this being more than a Fanservice fighting game.
  • What The Hell, Costuming Department?: Even without going to the fanservice outfits for the female characters, there are some... questionable costumes, specially for male characters. Bayman in a fully equipped scuba diver suit, anyone? And let's not even begin with Eliot in 4 or Zack in, well, any of the games.

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