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02:07:45 PM Dec 2nd 2015
edited by HighCrate
I changed this:

  • When Tecmo-Koei stated on social media that Xtreme 3 might stay exclusive to Japan on the basis that the company doesn't want to deal with the “many issues happening in video game industry with regard to how to treat female in video game industry” . A huge amount of backlash ensued. Not at the company themselves, but rather at the very "PC Police" the company implied as the cause. Even people who do not consider themselves fans of the series joined in support of a Western release on the basis that they do not want groups to bully a company into not releasing a provocative video game.
    • Shortly after this, Play-Asia announced that they would be selling English language versions of Xtreme 3 on their site, and telling off any "Social Justice Warriors" who complained. As might be expected this caused a bit of a Flame War.
    • Tomonobu Itagaki called out the developers on this move, to the point where even many of his detractors have wound up agreeing with him.

to this:

This is a weird situation and this isn't the only place I've seen misinformation flying around about it. As far as my Google-Fu can deduce, this game was not particularly on any PC / SJW radar until AFTER that strange comment appeared on Facebook and several news outlets picked up on it and turned it into a story.

As for the Facebook comment itself, the account is not verified by Facebook, but it IS linked to from the official Dead or Alive web site. No one seems to be sure who wrote that comment or if they even work for Tecmo-Koei, but it shouldn't be taken as the official company line on the issue. So far Tecmo-Koei has declined to comment. Tecmo-Koei's only comment has been (paraphrased), "that guy doesn't speak for us, the game still isn't coming to the West, and no comment on the rest."

The evidence that Tecmo-Koei's decision not to release the game in the West is motivated by political pressure as opposed to business reasons (the previous DOAX didn't review particularly well in the West; I couldn't find any good sources on how it sold) is spurious at best.

Play-Asia's official Twitter did make several pointed comments about SJWs, and linked to a Tumblr page that apparently did attempt to organize a boycott of Play-Asia, but that Tumblr page has since been taken down.

More than anything else, it seems to be another case of news outlets stirring up controversy during a slow news day, so let's try to keep it cool, 'kay?
09:13:55 PM Dec 2nd 2015
I tried to clean it up a little bit when I put it back up, but it looks like you did a better job.

The game itself was not being criticized before the incident, but the previous extreme beach games are almost famous for being criticized.

I doubt they will ever confirm the reason why they did not bring it to the west anyways.

If I remember correctly the first game did decent, but the second one did abysmal. The second one was plagued by a bug or something though.

Mostly I was annoyed that someone deleted some contributions saying what amounted to "get a life nerd"

07:46:56 AM Dec 3rd 2015
I doubt they'll ever give any more reason than they already have, but I sort of doubt it's due to political pressure. Companies like money; if the series were selling gangbusters in the West, any complaints would be rolling off them like water off a duck's back while said duck laughed their way to the bank. ...To totally mangle a couple metaphors. (-:

That edit reason given for deleting the previous entry definitely wasn't cool; I believe the mods have taken action on that front if it makes you feel any better.
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