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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Dead or Alive

There was going to be a connection between Ayane and Christie but it was dropped when Ayane became more of a Heroine
While Ayane was never depicted as flat out evil, her role was a bit more morally ambiguous namely on how Ayane was originally known as the one whom killed Helena's mother. Granted Christie has been revealed to be the one whom killed Helena's mother and was sent to kill Helena. However in Dead or Alive 2 when Helena tried to approach Ayane in rage accusing Ayane of killing her Mother, Ayane was pretty much mocking her questioning on whether if that was true. Granted Ayane wasn't flat out confirming it but she wasn't exactly denying it either. It seems oddly coincidental on how Ayane would make cover-up attempts over a murder she had nothing to do with. However by the time that happened Ayane was becoming more of a heroine especially during the modern Ninja Gaiden series. Which is the real reason why Ayane no longer had anything to do with the murder of Helena's Mother. I mean what? Where they worried about the potential implications of a teenager getting involved with a grown adult whom occasionally dabbles in nudism if Ayane and Christie did work together? (Granted I am sure certain fans wouldn't mind the "Potential Mental Imagery" there but still.)

Xtreme Beach Volleyball is real and Dead or Alive is fake.
  • The DOA tournaments were as real as professional wrestling, the DOA girls are just actresses, and their backgrounds are just made up for the sake of plot. They're only fighting merely for entertainment and Fetish Fuel. In Xtreme beach volleyball the girls act as who they really are.

Ninja Gaiden (Sigma and Sigma 2), DOA, and Volleyball is the past of the Halo Universe

  • DOATEC in Dead or Alive is trying to create super soldiers in the form of Project Epsilon (Hayate and Kasumi), and Project ALPHA-152 (Kasumi X and ALPHA-152). The data from the research is preserved long enough to be used by Project Orion aka the Spartan I project and Project HAYABUSA. This explains why Master Chief is so good at his job, he is an enhanced Ryu Hayabusa clone.
    • Well, Nicole's story in Dead or Alive 4 suggest that she's from the ilovebees alternate universe of Halo, so this theory may hold some ground.
      • And quite possibly enforced by the fact that Nicole and Rachel (introduced in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate) have similar movesets.

The Samus cameo in Dead or Alive Dimensions is a nod to Haloid
  • The Fan Video was popular among Team Ninja, so they decided to put the Metroid stage in as a Shout-Out.

Kokoro will not be returning in DOA 5
The canon storyline will have her defeated before reaching Helena, thus she'll just have gotten her confidence beaten out of her and sent home to mummy.
  • The code of the demo seems to have Jossed this as Kokoro's name is in the demo code.
    • Indeed, something to bear in mind about Dead or Alive is that the series does include characters who either don't participate or can't participate anymore (like Gen-Fu or Ein, respectively) as bonus characters with no story. So in this case there's a chance you may both be right (she has no plot relevance and thus cannot be selected for Story Mode but will still appear as playable in other areas of the game; based on the leaked character roster).
      • Jossed to the deepest part of Hell. E3 shows that Kokoro is in the roster, and part of the story to boot.

Considering how Kasumi is now a guest star in Razor's Edge, and perfectly capable of committing the same bloodletting violence as Ryu and Ayane, this Troper thinks it's some Foreshadowing that DOA 6 will have scenes that are Bloodier and Gorier to match. Granted, there probably won't be any fatalities in any in-game matches, but the story mode can easily escalate in serious violence and drama onscreen, especially towards the climax. Bonus points if the other, non-ninja fighters get caught up in the whole mess in the worst way possible...

There will be a third DOA Extreme game but it will be one big Affectionate Parody of itself and its fanservice-laden World of Buxom nature.
Naturally this will try to push the M-Rating as much as possible, in which this be more dialogue driven and the game will play up certain aspects like the Les Yay in the series a lot more. A lot of the characterization in the game will be due to which DOA girls will you pair with (in which some pairings will be a lot friendlier than others). Some character pairings will probably have little to no Les Yay (or any interaction at all) while others will play it as much as possible. (But any Ship Tease will most likely be Played for Laughs of course.) However, the fact that fans often like to pair the ladies with each-other (often due to fanservice) won't be the only thing that will be mocked, as character interactions can also lead to other gags such as the ladies trying to comment on various other parts of the series' storyline and try to understand them.
  • I think that, if it went this way, it should also throw out a few No Yay gags. Especially for the increasingly popular pairings of Helena / Christie, and Kasumi/Ayane.
    • True while I am sure that Kasumi/Ayane will mutually agree with that but as for Helena/Christie while Helena will most likely agree with that but one can't be too sure about Christie. Whether if Christie would lets just say agree with Helena or not could make for some good comedic material.

There will one day be a proper Virtua Fighter vs Dead or Alive crossover game.
There will be roughly 15 to 20 characters from each series, each being a counter to another, such as Shun Di vs. Brad Wong or Kage vs. Ryu. The core gameplay will be done by AM 2 while Team Ninja will do the character models, story, and overall presentation.

The story will involve DOATEC and J6 being competitors in a sort of arms race to see who can create the perfect fighter. Both have their own tournaments to choose fighters to experiment on and gather data, and each one accuses the other of ripping off the idea. DOATEC went for cloning and genetic research while J6 opted more towards robotics and cyborgs with the occasional brainwashing and child soldier. Their covert war will turn overt, and fighters from both sides end up involved in the conflict.

Kasumi's status as of the end of DOA 5 is that of an exile.
She appears to be a guest in the Hayabusa village and wears the appropriate uniform. Its possible that Hayate, as head of the Mugen Tenshin clan, has found a Loophole Abuse to Rules Lawyer away the death sentence on Kasumi's head. He had Ryu adopt her as a sibling, thus any attempt to harm Kasumi would involve declaring war on an old and trusted (not to mention freaking powerful) ally. As a formal member of the Hayabusa clan, Kasumi is not subject to death squads anymore but is now exiled from her home village. This is not so bad since Hayate and Ayane are both frequent visitors to the Hayabusa village and while the Mugen Tenshin elders probably are not too happy about it, the fact is that the head of the Hajinmon Sect (Ayane) follows Hayate's every command and he himself is the head of the Tenjinmon Sect, there really is no one in a position to challenge the legal fiction.

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