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Funny: Dead or Alive

  • The entire Continuity Nod given to Lei-Fang's ending from #4 at the end of her Story Mode chapter in #5, given a twist at the end.
  • During Mila's Story Mode chapter in #5, she's at work at the diner when Brad orders a drink. Mila gets sidetracked and leaves early to spar with Tina. Brad follows her to the gym and asks what's taking her so long to get his drink.
  • Sarah's introduction video.
  • Tina immediately seeing through Bass's Paper-Thin Disguise during the 5th tournament, followed by what she does after her fight against him.
  • Brad and Eliot fighting over the last piece of food. Also a Crowning Moment of Awesome for both of them. The icing on the cake? The monkey steals it from both them.
  • Eliot in Taylor's Bar with Christie.
    *camera on Eliot's eyes looking at Christie's boobs*
  • Zack's various antics while trying to recuit the cast into the 5'th DOA Tournament, which include:
    • Getting beaten up by Tina and getting left knocked out on the ground. Made more funny during his storyline, where his beating by Tina is shrouded by a black screen, and then some time later, Brad trips over him.
    • His mistaking Sarah for Tina, then getting put into a sleeper hold by the latter for it.
    • Shooting out of a cannon while Hitomi and Leifang are training in a circus area, and he crash-lands into a prop. Even his speaking lines are ridiculous:
    *After being shot out of the cannon*
    Zack: Hey ladies I have a question for you!
    *After crashing into a prop*
    Zack: GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!
  • Brad Wong's ending in DOA 4.
  • When Zack comes to pick up Bayman and Hayate with a helicopter with the intention of bringing the two to DOATEC headquarters and Helena...
    Bayman: I'm afraid I won't be joining you either. I am sure you are a fine pilot... You just creep me out.
    • In the same cutscene, Ayane pulls off headphones that are playing Zack's theme from DOA 4.
  • Rio's Challenge has Zack send an invitation to the girls to win her freedom, which they read aloud in a bored deadpan tone.

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