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Headscratchers / Dead or Alive

  • A lot of people seem to think that earlier games implied Ship Tease between Hayabusa and Kasumi. Upon reflection I really don't see this. Anyone care to give specific examples and in what instance?
    • Probably just shipping goggles. People will see romantic implications between the most unlikely of characters. If two good friends suddenly start arguing due to a stressful situation, it's "obviously" underlying sexual tension, and not just genuine irritation. Likewise, they will pair someone up with a "rival" that character barely acknowledges, just because they like that pairing, regardless of how unlikely it is. Shippers are odd that way.
  • Can someone please explain about Kasumi, Project Alpha, Kasumi Alpha, Alpha-152 and any other Kasumis
    • I am getting confused can someone please explain about Kasumi, Project Alpha, Kasumi Alpha, Alpha-152 and any other Kasumis, I know that there is at least three Kasumis in Dead or Alive 5 but what confuses me is the Hooded Kasumi is she one of the three Kasumis or is she Kasumi Alpha or Alpha-152?
      • Based on what was seen in the cutscenes in DOA 5, there is more than one Alpha. The playable one in game is simply number 152 of a series. Presumable, the hooded Kasumi we see in the end is yet another one that simply wasn't destroyed during the ending.
      • Kasumi α is a clone of Kasumi made by DOATEC, they later modified her genome further and turned her into Alpha-152. The clone Kasumi is implied to be another product of this project (Project Alpha). The hooded Kasumi on the other hand is Phase-4, which is an improved model of Kasumia α/Alpha-152.
  • On a similar note. Can somebody explain where the heck all the backstory and explanations for this series comes from? The games are generally a confusing mess and I don't honestly know where to go to find what's canon outside the wiki, and then, where did all that information come from?