Wham Line: Web Original

  • This short story on Reddit. It starts with the narrator bemoaning "I hate it when my brother Charlie has to go away." He goes on to imply that his brother is locked up in an institution for being a sociopath, and when he does return horrible things start happening and he's swiftly sent back. The final line:
    "I hate it when Charlie has to go away. It makes me have to pretend to be good until he is back."
  • Ruby Quest:
    • "Today is October 31st."
    • Weaver: "Yes, it would have killed Tom."
    • "Isn't it obvious? You're dead."
    • "Ruby shoves Stitches over the railing."
  • From Everyman HYBRID, episode "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back":
    Alex: It's back.
    • At the end of "Intermission"
    Vinny: Alex isn't okay.
    • A comedic example in "Damsel"
    Steph: I'd be fucking stoked if they weren't releasing me today!
  • Marble Hornets has one early on that does a good job at setting the mood: "Burn them."
    • For the first dozen or so videos, Jay was strictly a narrator and viewpoint character. After a while, he started to get a bit more involved, visiting locations and interviewing witnesses to try and piece together the mystery. Then, in 19, things happened. "I have been recording myself for a month now..."
    • Entry #17: "But there's something else about it that really disturbs me. I don't remember any of it ever happening."
    • Entry #25 hits us with this after we see news footage of an apartment that burned down: "That was my apartment."
    • "Season 2", like the first part, opens with Entry 27's Wham Line. "The past 7 months are completely missing from my memory."
    • Entry #49: "I told you not to follow me!"
    • Entry #64: It's been over a year since Alex has made his presence known, some presumed him dead. When Jay and Tim go explore the tunnel in Rosswood, Jay's phone rings.
    Phone: Leave. Now.
    Jay: That was Alex!
  • Vampire Quest: "When I was a child...I...was kidnapped...by Lilicore as retribution."
  • During v4 of Survival of the Fittest, in reaction to the Wham Episode that was Faraday's Cages:
    Achyls: "Blow the collar! I said BLOW THE FUCKING COLLAR!"
    Sparky: "It-it...it won't work, Sir!"
    • The final line of V3 is a massive example.
    B58 - Johnathan Rizzolo - Deceased
    • "An attempt was made by a military organization to rescue some of the contestants in this season of Survival of the Fittest. The lives of many students were lost as a result of the actions of your governments. Any future attempts will be met with an immediate and total detonation of all collars."
      • This later turns out to be a rare subversion in the form of a Red Herring; it turns out that all the v4 escapees are alive and well.
  • In Perfect Kirby 3, Kirby tells Roy he knows about the Hippin' Jippin' Gene.
    Roy: (Dramatic Gun Cock) Then you know too much!
  • Welcome to Night Vale
    • From The Sandstorm part A:
    Kevin: Hello? Desert Bluffs?
    • And from part B:
    Cecil: This is Cecil, and I do not know where I am. It is clearly a radio studio, but the walls are covered in blood, and instead of dials and buttons on the soundboard, there is just animal viscera, glistening under the green LED lights.
    • Episode 32, Yellow Helicopters, gives us two in the space of about a minute and a half.
    ...the witnesses said that some low-flying yellow helicopters began dropping orange leaflets onto the city streets. The leaflets read, "StrexCorp Synernists Inc. Look around you. Strex. Look inside you. Strex. Go to sleep. Strex. Believe in a smiling god. StrexCorp: It is everything."
    • followed by:
    ''Oh! Oh no. Uh... dear listeners, we must issue an apology! Those helicopters are completely... safe. Even safer than safe! In fact, StrexCorp recently bought our little radio station from the mysterious unseen forces who founded it centuries ago!
    • Before all of those:
    Cecil: Old Woman Josie says that the Angels who have been living with her ... helping around the house and ultimately protecting her from all evils ... have disappeared.
    • They've really been upping the ante recently. Episode 33 gives us:
    Cecil: I...I don't remember having a brother.
    • Episode 47 opens with a Wham Line that will have many saying "Oh shit":
    Welcome... to the Greater Desert Bluffs Metropolitan Area.
    • Episode 48 gave us a much more positive one:
    Kevin: The man is holding something! He is holding... He is holding a cat.
    • From Episode 70B:
    Cecil: The voice told me it especially didn't trust the other heads it shares a body with...
  • The SCP Foundation has several of these. Often an entry will lead the reader in a certain direction by deliberately not revealing all of the object's qualities; the Wham Line will then drastically change the tone of the piece. Particularly good ones are for SCP-1025, SCP-804, SCP-089, and SCP-093's associated entries.
    • SCP-089: "For each locution event, SCP-089-A is a healthy, unblemished human infant or child between eight months and six years of age, and SCP-089-B is that child's natural mother."
    • Andrew Swann's SCP-001 proposal: "And it's a bunch of horror writers."
    • SCP-804: They simply wanted to do it.
    • SCP-093: there was no war it was him him him him him IT. IT. it came from between the folds of time and space and worlds and light and dark something that is but should not be slipped in and called out to them as their god and they believed it and they tasted it and touched it and layed with it and became its property and did its will and IT IS STILL HERE
    • SCP-1000: "They're smarter - to be precise, they are exactly as smart as us."
    • SCP-2000, being a bit of a Wham SCP, has several, but three in particular stand out:
      "Object Class: Thaumiel"
      "Previous attempts to ameliorate violent and sociopathic tendencies in humanity as a whole have already been implemented and deemed successful."
      "Valid Foundation security credentials for Dr. Alto Clef were discovered nearby, although a genetic match could not be established"
      • —->"Object Class: Thaumiel" by itself is a Wham Line since that object class, while not restricted per se, is something that no-one can mess with and keep their article on the site unless it's very good. Only a handful of such articles exist.
      • —->"Object Class: Apollyon" is an even more rare example.
    • SCP-2317: Special Containment Procedures: Irrelevant.
    • Doubling as an Easter Egg, SCP-231-7 has the following hidden line in her description: "Don't believe it when they say they're trying to save her. Why would they bother? They've got exactly what they want exactly where they want it."
    • SCP-1025: "Not one out-of-the-ordinary infectious agent was found anyplace this item was tested".
  • Alison, the protagonist of Brains has this to say: "And my foolproof plan to get Damian into bed and eventually into a two-bedroom apartment with a pitbull named Hamish and at least two children is going swimmingly. There's just one problem: I'm mostly sure he's undead."
  • In Minecraft Shadow of Israphel, episode 35:
    Knight Peculier: I made the most cowardly decision I had ever made. To end my wretched life.
    "Does this mean the sand was good?"
    "Knight_Peculier tried to swim in lava."
  • Kara:
    • "I'm merchandise?"
    • "I'M SCARED!"
  • In Freeman's Mind, at the end of episode 28, Gordon finds an elevator that goes up and isn't booby trapped...only to find the way blocked by numerous crates full of powerful explosives...
    Gordon: You know, I'm beginning to think this isn't a rescue operation..."
  • Retsupurae's The Marios brings us an unscripted (and funny as hell) example:
    LuwiigiMaster: *laughter* I'm sorry, people, its just that I keep thinking about all these other Lets Players that, like, got made fun of by Retsupurae, or something.
    slowbeef: Aww, shit!
  • DeliciousCinnamon has a few examples:
    • During the "Lost Episode" of Crash Bandicoot:
    • During a livestream, after Bert has spent over an hour trying to get Warcraft 3 installed:
    "The CD key provided is currently in use by Bert"
  • Achievement Hunter Let's Play Minecraft:
    • Episode 1:
    • "Clouds" (Ep. 37):
    Geoff: Gavin wins it for Ray by erecting the tower on Ray's place! The victory goes to Ray!
    • "King Ryan Pt. 2" (Ep. 61):
    Ryan: What's up, Edgar?
    • "Mad King Ryan Pt. 2" (Ep. 90): Just as everyone is celebrating Ray's victory of the fourth gold block, Ryan has an announcement.
    Ryan: As it turns out... those gold blocks are kinda false-y.
  • We Are Our Avatars:
    -In it...is everything. So many aspects of what just happened in this entire fiasco of a "competition". The Meteor. The device to stop it. The things found in Big Mt. The state of the wasteland itself. The hiring of individuals from other worlds to eliminate political enemies on this one. All cobbled together from sections of a very ancient and much bigger plan by a "Courier Six"...to eliminate anyone who would oppose his rule of New Vegas-
  • Doom House:
    "You stubborn mule, now you know the secret...I am a terrorist, and this house was built over our terrorist burial camp!"
  • Exactly what gives these stories their title
    Bunny: Madgie, what did you do?
  • In Cracked's Revisiting Old-School Text Adventures as a Jaded Modern Gamer:
  • At the end of Prey 14.8 of Worm, Bonesaw, who is impersonating Tattletale, drops an Out-of-Character Alert line that Skitter doesn't recognize because of the prosopagnosia fog.
    Weaver: You know how the world ends.
    Doctor Mother: Of course. We already saved it once.
    • Another one (all four words of Interlude 27b): "You needed worthy opponents." Casts doubt on everything you thought you knew, or didn't know, about the Endbringers.
  • Board James: Near the climax of the Dream Phone review.
    The Dream Phone: Well, you sure got a hold on me!
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd: At the climax of the Desert Bus episode, where the Nerd has just made a sudden realization that after ten years, his work on warning people about shitty games is failing. He tops it all with four jarring words.
    Nerd: It's time to retire.
  • Played for Laughs in one episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series: after making a whole bunch of adoption jokes to Kaiba, Yami tricks him into admitting he'd been beaten several times.
    Yami: That's right, Kaiba. After all these years, it turns out I'm your daddy!
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged has several, both comedic and dramatic.
    • For example:
    Vegeta: Look at you, Dodoria. You used to be so proud, but here you are, crying like a woman.
    Dodoria: I AM A WOMAN!
    • And this:
    Zarbon: Well, I have to call my girlfriend.
  • Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal had one dropped by the Streamer after the first loss to Red.
    Twitchplayspokemon: if we don't beat red by the end of the stream, no emerald.
  • Ten Little Roosters Episode 6. The sound of glass breaking.
    Ryan: Fuck you, hole. Unlike a cow, I have opposable thumbs.
  • The Music Video Show and it's 49th episode. At one point, Fluttershy is taken by a demented figure speaking backwards.
    Laine: You put her dow...
    Dylan: Don't bother. Not real.
    Laine: But he has Flutters...
    • And then there is the last few seconds of Episode 50.
    Laine: Pinkie...Pinkie?
  • Paranoia has one near the end of the movie.
    Carl: You're the killer, Mark.
  • RWBY:
    Mercury: ...sure the White Fang will still listen to us?
    Adam: No. But they'll listen to me.
    • "Red Like Roses Part 2" has a Wham Lyric. For context, this song is highly believed to be about the relationship between Ruby and her mother.
    Every nightmare just discloses
    It's your blood that's red like roses..
    • Another Wham Lyric at the end of "Mirror Mirror", Weiss' Image Song.
    Mirror mirror, tell me something - who's the loneliest of all?
    I'm the loneliest of..all...
  • The Blue Light creepypasta's last two sentences: "It was faint, but we could still see the word 'sucks', underneath 'Nagasaki Elementary School'. Outside the windows, a blue light explodes across the sky."