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Web Video: Yotobi

"Squallor" is the contracted form of "squallore", Italian for squalor. You get the picture.

Yotobi, Karim Musa's alias, is an Italian internet reviewer, and he's pretty much the go-to online Caustic Critic when it comes to this kind of Video Review Show among the Italian audience.

His style is, more or less, the one popularized with The Nostalgia Critic and The Angry Video Game Nerd, as he reviews both sucky video games and (especially) just-as-sucky movies. However, his style evolved soon enough into something more unique, which is most likely helped by the "Universal Squallor" logo pictured above standing for an actual studio; said studio was never actually meant to be entirely about reviews in the first place. Yotobi himself said so.

However, we were talking about the stuff he reviews. Yep, sucky stuff. How sucky, you ask? Well, so far he has reviewed Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, the infamous E.T. video game, Epic Movie AND Disaster Movie, Birdemic, Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus, "Manos" The Hands of Fate... the list goes on; you can pretty much guess where this is going.

His channel is right here, although none of his videos have English subs at the moment.

This Web Original series contains examples of:

  • His first 2013 review, AlbaKiaranote , is about a movie that truly raises the stakes about teenage sluttiness. So do Yotobi's reactions to it.

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