YMMV / Yotobi

  • Fan Nickname: Yotozombie for the zombie version of Yotobi in the Nights Of Terror episode.
  • Funny Moments:
    • MegaSharkVsGiantOctopus: the fact that he wrote a list of Asylum ripoff movies... on toilet paper.
      • And for the saquel, "Vs Crocosaur", he loses it at the radio scene. To clarify  "Yes, you are all fucked."
    • Primal Park: Yotobi's facial expression after the Gilligan Cut.
      • His (temporary) Rage Quit at the Big Bad's death scene. The co-commentator just plain quits.
    Pfft, amateur.
    Scribble: If-if I had a brain, it would be dripping from my nose.
    • Elves: The constant delusion that this is a Christmas family movie. "Falalalala, lala la la."
    • Alba Kiara (litt. Klear Dawn): Everything. He repeatedly begs for the characters' death.
    • His opinion on "family movies". Or, as he calls them, "Those you find on Sunday afternoons on TV while your PC is at the repair shop because your father accidentally installed some viruses".
    • His reactions to the anti-climactic fights in the Hercules movie by Dingo Pitcures.
    Yotobi: T- t- that's not a fight, that's... a kid playing with puppets! Those are two cardboard cut-outs of Hercules and the Lion thrown into a washing machine!
    • or
    Yotobi: Studio Ghibli step aside, Dingo Picture's coming, muthafucka!
    • His NES whispering to him in the language of Mordor.
    • His reaction to a particullary absurd line in "The Lady" (Elevata, vorrei agguantarla, I wouldn't have any idea how to translate that because there's just no way to convey the absolute lack of sense whatsoever in it, but's basically a way to say he wanted to go to bed with the main character): he just plays it again twice, and then had Dante Alighieri telling the guy to use a more linear speech.
  • Memetic Mutation: Some of his reviews gave birth to some memes (that often degenerated and became hated on in the same review that spread them), such as "TUNF!" from his review of Korkusuz, better known as Turkish Rambo, when he joked about the fact that the movie's creators really didn't know how a bazooka worked.
    • The Soffi Teir line from the movie Soft Air.
  • Moment of Awesome: His special on Asylum, where he details everything that's wrong with that film studio.
    • His review of "Le Notti del Terrore" (Nights of Terror) features really good-looking visual effects for YoZombie.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The ending of his E.T.: The Video Game review. Why are you looking at the screen like that, Yotobi? *PUNCH*
    • He got... detailed while describing what death he wants for "Alba Kiara"'s main character.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Scribble, who appeared in the The Little Panda Fighter review. Despite him becoming an instant fan favorite, Yotobi has pretty much outright stated that he won't bring him back.