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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Big Hero 6
If there's a sequel, it'll pull a Winter Soldier, and have Tadashi return as a villain with no memory of who he is
  • The fandom seems to be demanding it, after all,

Agent Phil Coulson will make a cameo.
Or even better, Nick Fury will appear in the movie, connecting the Disney Animated Canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Musical numbers will be added following the success of Frozen
It is very possible that when Disney decided to do Big Hero 6, they would not add any musical numbers and songs as it would be difficult to insert them in a movie that is not based off a fairy tale. But with Frozen's success, Disney will change their mind.

A Samurai Cowboy will play a big role.
Big Hero 6 takes place in a city based off Japanese and American locales. He/she might not be a Samurai Cowboy exactly, but he/she could model him/herself after one.
  • Never shows up in the film. Maybe in a sequel?
    • Actually, this troper is fairly sure she saw the words "Samurai Cowboy" on a poster or a box in the background, but nonetheless, it does not play a big role.

This movie was pitched as Sixteen if the whole gang had super powers.
  • That's why GoGo Tomago, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and Fred are so similar in both design and personality to Nikki Wong, Caitlin Cooke, Wyatt Williams, and Jude Lizowski, respectively.

The movie will take place in the same Shared Universe as Frozen and Tangled.
Thus setting up a future movie where the heroes of these three and possibly other movies team up to battle a greater evil. Besides, everyone is doing it these days!
  • San Fransokyo seems too advanced to be in the same time as those two movies, though it could take place in the same universe, just several decades into the future.
  • More correctly, the movie will be set Twenty Minutes into the Future in the shared universe of Frozen and Tangled, or even as a parallel the second decade of the 21st century, our time. They might even make Shout Outs to both films are historical references (ie their version of ''Tangled'' being based on true events and Arendelle being a world power thanks to Elsa).
    • Well, Prince Hans is wanted in San Fransokyo...
      • And at one point Baymax destroys a statue of him.
    • Maybe San Fransokyo found some Australium?

Lightsabers will be involved.
Well, Disney owns both Marvel and Star Wars, and Hiro's already built a robot, so might as well!
  • Given how Wasabi's blades work...semi-confirmed, maybe?

The main villain will be an old and Evil Luddite.
The main character is a Child Prodigy whose favored field is technology, so an elderly curmudgeon who hates new tools could serve as a fine Foil to him.
  • Expanding on this idea: the main villain will be a far more intimidating version of Turner D. Century, who is listed on the Evil Luddite page. He's owned by Marvel, and making a ridiculous time-based villain genuinely cool has been done before by their Distinguished Competition.
  • Jossed. The main villain is a foil to Hiro, but in an entirely different way. He actually embraces technology to accomplish his goals.

The film is a test-run/proof-of-concept for more Disney animated Marvel comics adaptations
The use of a less publicly-known title is to shield Marvel from any damage if the film fails to perform. However if it does even half as well as recent releases we can expect to see more action-oriented Disney films in the Marvel universe. Hopefully featuring characters like Iron-Fist, Sang-Chi, Power Pack, and maybe even Alpha Flight or Excalibur.

The film's soundtrack will consist primarily of songs by J-Pop and J-Rock artists.
Since the setting is partly inspired by Japanese culture, it makes sense that Disney decides to use J-Pop/J-Rock songs for the film. My best guess is that they'll hire The Pillows to do a handful of songs for it, or alternatively, have them do a collaboration with an American artist to perform the film's theme song.
  • Seems reasonable, given that Disney has used J-Pop before in Wreck-It Ralph.
  • Maybe Disney will commission some J-Rock and J-pop artists to write some songs for the movie maybe Faylan could write a song for the final battle or even the Movies theme song!
  • Ultimately jossed.

Hiro's brother will turn out to be the villain.
Mainly so the Hiro/Baymax relationship can save the day and prove that true siblings don't have to be linked by blood or something like that. Basically, throwing a curveball at everyone who goes in still thinking about Frozen.
  • The second trailer which introduces the villain right after Tadashi's funeral makes this seem likely, or at the very least a red herring.
  • Or the kabuki mask is a Mind-Control Device, and Tadashi is a pawn of the real villain who is using the older Hamada boy's tech.
  • Jossed

Japan expanded further East in this timeline.
A popular alternate timeline theory is the what if scenario of Japan further expanding East into the new world instead of being entirely self-isolated and ending up at New World along the West Coast. This can easily apply to the past of this movie, as the setting it basically a fusion of San Francisco and Tokyo. The first settlers of San Fransokyo could have been either Japanese whom converted to Christianity that fled Japan to avoid persecution, similar to the Quakers leaving England, or assorted Daimyos, nobles, and other individuals who decided to bail during or after Nobunaga's bloody conquest of all of Japan.

The film takes place in the same future as Meet the Robinsons.
There are a handful of possibilities for this, but one that comes to mind is that Krei Tech, the technology company owned by Alistair Krei, could be a rival of Robinson Industries, and is actively searching for the "next big thing" in an effort to outdo the aforementioned company. This might explain why Alistair has taken such an interest in Hiro when he attends the showcase at San Fransokyo Tech; he hopes to pass Hiro's inventions as his own and take all the credit.
  • Another possibility is that before his death, Tadashi met Cornelius Robinson at some point, and has been good friends with him and his son Wilbur. When Cornelius learned about Tadashi's plans to build a "Healthcare Companion" that would help hospital patients, he may have helped him in designing Baymax, who can be considered a proof-of-concept robot made for Tadashi's brother Hiro, and impressed by his intellect, he invited Tadashi to work for his company so they can mass-produce them. Unfortunately, Tadashi passed away before that could happen, and when Cornelius attended his funeral, he gave Hiro his condolences for his loss.

Callaghan and Krei will be a Big Bad Duumvirate.
The Yokai role will alternate between them and at one point, they'll do it simultaneously to confuse and separate the heroes.
  • Jossed. Krei is amoral, but not evil. Callaghan becomes Yokai to take revenge on Krei.

Yokai is after Baymax.
Baymax is supposed to be a piece of ground-breaking, first of it's kind tech. It's possible that Yokai has found a more sinister purpose for him than being the perfect babysitter.
  • Jossed. He's actually after Alistair Krei.

Baymax will be distracted by a baby at some point.
Since he's sort of a "nanny-bot," he has pre-programmed instinct to care for all children, not just Hiro.
  • Baymax was seen in the trailers petting a cat and calling it a "hairy baby", if that counts.

The reason Prince Hans' face is on a wanted poster, see Freeze-Frame Bonus, is because some time in the past the Guild of Super Evil, whom Hans was a member of, invaded the Big Hero 6 universe.
Or alternatively, Hans originated from the Big Hero 6 universe as a wanted criminal. He used a time machine to escape into the past and the whole prince thing was an act.
  • Or maybe he's a descendant of the original Hans. Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, after all.

Hiro will develop a Precocious Crush on Honey Lemon.
It will start during Honeyís Establishing Character Moment, when she unintentionally pulls a chemistry-flavoured Geeky Turn-On.

The movie will open with a Self-Parody of classic Disney movies by having a comic book open up.
  • Stock scenes from comics are used as the backdrop for the opening credits, then it pans out to reveal Hiro reading a comic book.

Officer Gerson will be a Chekhov's Gunman.
To play with the Police Are Useless stereotype, the dismissive cop will return in the movie's climax, and have something that starts as a Big Damn Heroes moment, but ends in Epic Fail.

Rapunzel is Honey Lemon's ancestor.
Why else would she look exactly like the Disney Princess?

The movie takes place in the Marvel 2099 continuity.
Big Hero 6 is that generation's version of The Avengers. The only difference is that no outside organization is involved in the team's formation.
  • The tech Hiro uses to build the team armor is from Stark-Fujikawa.
    • In addition, the characters are expys of Marvel characters.
      • Hiro: Iron Man
      • Baymax: J.A.R.V.I.S./The Vision
      • GoGo: Captain America
      • Wasabi: Wolverine
      • Honey: Gwen Stacy/Rescue
      • Fred: Hulk

The team's Home Base will be located in Wasabi's sushi restaurant.
Hence Honey, Gogo and Wasabi's Edible Theme Naming.
  • Jossed; at least during the film proper. For their initial outing, they don't operate out of any particular base; though Fred's house and to a lesser extent, Aunt Cass's garage, can be considered the closest things they have to one.

Fred will try out more than one superhero alter ego.
Two will be expies of Silver Samurai and Sunfire.
  • Jossed

Stan Lee will have an animated cameo in the film.
After all, it's originally a Marvel franchise.

Yokai isn't the main villain
He's an actor hired to pretend to be him
  • Jossed

Yokai isn't a bad guy and isn't evil
Besides possibly stealing Hiro's microbots and Gogo's throwaway line of "just tried to kill us" in the trailer, have we even see Yokai do anything devious? Also, in Japanese mythology, red kabuki masks symbolize strength and justice. It's possible that Yokai is not evil and is instead working to uncover a larger plot in San Fransokyo as a vigilante.
  • Jossed. Though he likely doesn't see himself as villainous at first. So confirmed in a Metaphorically True way?

As in man-ga vs mang-a. Fred's a hardcore geek, so it'll probably be him.
  • Jossed

Big Hero 6 is going to become a breakout hit. On the level of Frozen.
  • Wow, I hope so.

San Fransokyo is actually a City on the Water mutually developed by the American and Japanese governments
It wouldn't be much of a stretch given this is already a Twenty Minutes into the Future setting, and would explain why it has a blend of elements from Tokyo (the Japanese Kanji and pagodas) and SanFrancisco (chiefly the trolley cars and hills), and also the mixture of American and Japanese populations.

A majority of the score will come from Hiro's rock mix playlist.
So far we have Light 'Em Up by Fall Out Boy and Edge of the Earth by 30 Seconds to Mars. If those are some of Hiro's favorite songs, then it will be like Guardians of the Galaxy and Hiro will end up providing most of the music.

Hiro will end up becoming a genderbent version of Violet.
According to the manga, he was bullied for being incredibly intelligent. As a result of this, he had become rather shy about being smart. The movie is about how he overcomes his shyness and by the end, he cuts his hair shorter to show how confident he has become.
  • Hiro is actually not shy at all. In the first ten minutes of the film, he's openly participating in underground robot fights and steamrolling his opponents. His problem is that he doesn't have a proper outlet for his intelligence and creativity since he graduated from high school early.

Tadashi will be revealed to be Yokai.
Who else sees this coming from miles away?

Fred is a S.H.I.E.L.D. intern.
It would make a nice reference to his comic counterpart.

GoGo is a closet Captain America fangirl.
  • It was her idea to have her armour include Deadly Discs.
  • GoGo has a bike she modified herself, and Cap's most recognized vehicle is a motorcycle.
  • Her street clothes include the colors red, white, and blue.
  • Her fangirlism is shown in one scene where she playfully tosses a disc and retreats it back to her all with a smile on her face.
  • Aside from bike riding, GoGo spent her childhood pretending she was Captain America and she used a painted frisbee as a makeshift shield. In the movie, she treats battling Yokai like those games, hence why she was able to last the longest on Akuma Island.

The Hans seen in the wanted poster is an Identical Grandson.
Taking into account the previous WMG of Big Hero 6 being the same universe as Tangled and Frozen but set Twenty Minutes into the Future, it is likely the Hans in the Freeze-Frame Bonus is not the original Hans from Frozen but more accurately one of his descendants. The fact that he's a wanted felon suggests he, like his ancestor, was probably a conman trying to make a huge score, using the royalty yarn as his bait. However, this may also suggest that A) the original Hans completely faked his royal heritage for the sole purpose of ruling a kingdom and living it up; or B) the original Hans' family as royalty went extinct sometime within the centuries between the end of Frozen and the start of Big Hero 6, and the modern Hans is using his family former prominence for his scores.

Light em Up refers to Yokai and his motives.
A clear theme in Fall Out Boy's song is Be Careful What You Wish For. Who ever Yokai really is, he's an outwardly good person being consumed by rage over something, and now he is Obliviously Evil, or just believes what he is working toward is worth sacrificing a few lives for.

Yokai isn't a real person.
The man in black is a mass of microbots, secretly being controlled by someone from a distance.

Baymax's defibrillators will be a Chekhov's Gun.
As a sort of reverse of the Shock Gloves' purpose in Batman: Arkham Origins, the defibrillators will be used as an emergency power source for Hiro's equipment during the Darkest Hour.
  • Jossed

The guy in the mask is Ichigo Kurosaki's Hollow.
The mask really resembles his hollow mask.

Baymax will be destroyed or killed at some point by Yokai only to be rebuilt by the end.
Whether or not he'll be in his nursebot form or not remains to be seen but to emphasize how much Hiro and the gang shouldn't interfere with him, Baymax will be killed off at some point at the hands of Yokai. This will cause a Heroic BSOD by Hiro, flashing to how his brother died, a lŠ Gurren Lagann and will cause him anguish that he will have to grow out of an accept. This will be one of the biggest tear jerker moments in the film. Being a marketable character in a Disney Movie, he'll survive.
  • Sort of confirmed. Baymax does appear to die, only for it to be a Disney Death. It wasn't by Yokai however, rather a random piece of debris that he hit before they escaped the dimension with Abigail.
    • Maybe even closer, if this piece of concept art is anything to go by [1]. Looks like it was actually considered at one point by disney artists.

San Fransokyo is a city in Japanifornia.
Their legal system is a little different...

Hiro is biologically related to Tony Stark.
Deadpan Snarker? Check. Good at building robot armor? Double check. Bares a resemblance to Robert Downey, Jr.? Triple check.

The Movie is set in an Alternate Timeline of Command & Conquer:Red Alert 3.
Specifically based on the Imperial Victory ending with Japan now ruling much of the world with Japanification becoming the norm.
  • The teleporter Krei Tech was developing was possibly commissioned by high command to recreate the Chronosphere. The Allies and Future Tech would've destroyed all existing devices and all documents relating to them in a last ditch attempt to deny the Empire of obtaining such advanced technology. Which is saying something considering the fact that the Chronosphere was developed in the 1960's/1970's and Krei Tech is still incapable of creating a functioning teleporter in the 2030's.

Yokai will frame Alistair Krei and his company.
  • Jossed. its Worse Yokai is focused on destroying him and his company.

Hiro will, at some point, ask Baymax to rate his pain.
  • Jossed

This film is the first in the Marvel Animated Cinematic Universe.
A separate universe that runs parallel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tadashi named Baymax in honour of Hiro's old Imaginary Friend.
It's fairly common for advanced children to have imaginary companions. Especially if they had a Friendless Background, and we know that Hiro was bullied when he was younger. Tadashi wanted to give his care-bot a name that would be associated with protection, and, at the same time, be something whimsical a child could enjoy saying. What better than something he picked up from his own little brother?

Tadashi used his own brain as a template for Baymax's AI
The latest trailer shows that Tadashi had his fair share of headaches in trying to get Baymax working, he eventually reached a point of desperation and took a programming shortcut where he mapped his own brainwave processes and applied that to Baymax's robotic brain. The film will suggest that Baymax also contains part of Tadashi's soul.
  • Possibly, as some of Baymax's mannerisms are similar to Tadashi's. (Example: They both grab Hiro's hoodie the same way.)
  • Tadashi is here.

Yokai is a swarm of Vashta Nerada.
  • Jossed. It's just a guy controlling a large swarm of microbots.

Robert Callaghan is Yokai.
If an established character does turn out to be Yokai, Tadashi and Alister Krei both would be rather obvious choices (Yokai is introduced right after Tadashi's funeral in the second trailer and Krei's particular interest in Hiro's technology would be too big of a tip-off). Making the older and wiser professor type turn out to be the villain, on the other hand...
  • Confirmed

Yokai is actually a servant of Serpenta, thus making Serpenta herself the Bigger Bad of this movie.

In the end, Baymax will remove his suit & try to diagnose & treat a defeated Yokai
Like, if he really is Tadashi...
  • Josed

Krei Tech is secretly Aperture Science.
Let's run down a check list shall we? Ego-centric CEOs driven by their own ambition and ignoring sound science? Check. Futuristic tehnology company that is fantastic as it is dangerous? Check. Knowingly sacrifices their assistant to propel the betterment of For Science! research? Check. Portal creators? Check and Mate. It's like the missing half-sibling of Aperture and Black Mesa.

Hiro is autistic.
He experiences rapid mood swings, he doesn't think very clearly, and he is very intelligent for a boy his age. He is also easily manipulated without realizing it, as seen when Tadashi tricks him into joining the tech by introducing him to his friends.
  • Or he could just be very hot headed, overly confident and impulsive with a large ego. Not exactly different from a lot of other teenage boys at that age. Not all surprising since he's graduated from high school before he even hit puberty.

Mochi the cat will pull a Your Tomcat Is Pregnant at some point in the movie.
Mochi is a calico, and calico cats are often female. Yet Mochi is being referred to as a tom. Wouldn't it be interesting for Mochi to have "hairy babies" in the movie?
  • Jossed

Yokai will eventually be made into a Canon Immigrant.

GoGo is descended from Zainichi Koreans.

The fire was set intentionally.
Confirmed. Callaghan set it as cover to steal and eventually reprogram the microbots.

If Baymax never got his medical chip put back in, Hiro would become a worse super villain than Yokai/Callaghan
Maybe if Baymax was unable to "destroy" him thanks to the efforts of the rest of the team, Hiro would go insane trying to get revenge on Tadashi's killer. When that happens, he'd probably turn on his ex-group for trying to stop him. At that point the kid has everything but a single foot off the slippery slope, and if he wasn't the protagonist (especially of a Disney film) Hiro would probably break through with a Start of Darkness.
  • To add to this, I don't see a twisted Hiro killing his friends, but seriously, that kid could easily become a Robot Master on par with Dr. Wily himself. It's also not hard that he could probably follow his line of logic to a Knight Templar rationale, especially if he followed up on Yokai's motives and decided Krais deserved some of the blame too. Cue the nerd version of The Punisher.

Tadashi wasn't killed in the fire.
The odds that Disney/Marvel is going pull a Bucky on us aren't dismal.
  • Sadly Jossed, for now at least. There's always a possibility in a sequel.

Fred's Dad
is Jack-Jack Parr
  • If this movie is set in the 2030s, and that movie was set in the mid-60s, the math would line right up for him to look like Stan Lee, but still be young enough to have a kid that young without raising eyebrows.
    • It would explain all the stuff behind the family painting perfectly. And, should Fox lose the rights to the X-Men properties, Sunfire and Silver Samurai could slide right in to a perspective sequel with no problem.

Tadashi was ENORMOUSLY affected by the death of his and Hiro's parents
  • Since the theme of the movie seems to be how one deals with loss, this one popped into my mind that Tadashi was driven by the death of his parents throughout his life but never really showed it. His Chronic Hero Syndrome was nothing new, but for awhile he accepted his limits and put his energy into making a robot who could save everyone in his stead.
    • This could could also mean tadashi had had similar superhero plans for Baymax, just was unable to get around to implementing them and wanted to primarily focus on medical care first.

GoGo uses her comic counterpartís origins as a false backstory.
In the Big Hero 6 comics, GoGo Tomago is a Street Urchin who fell in with a Yakuza biker gang, until becoming a test pilot for a powered exosuit and getting recruited as a member of Big Hero 6 team. While this is an ideal origin for an MCU hero, itís a tiny bit dark for Disney. In the movieverse, GoGo actually had a rather normal upbringing with a well-off family. However, she doesnít have the best relationship with her parents (or possibly a single father,) and tensions eventually rose to the point that GoGo packed her bag and left. As a mysterious, edgy and slightly intimidating girl, she became Shrouded in Myth at SFIT, and GoGoís fine with the rep as long as nobody knows the truth.

Alistair Krei is as bad as Callaghan claims and will be the villain in the next installment
Callaghan's warnings that he has more ambition than morals or attention to detail is not without merit, despite the fact Callaghan himself was the one who stepped off the deep edge, not Krei. Krei's attempt to walk off with a microbot at the fair is actually foreshadowing where his character is headed in a future installment.
  • Not only that, but Krei will become the new Yokai.

This film is the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the distant future.
I know Word of God says otherwise, but Just for Fun.

In a sequel, it will focus more on the Character Development of the rest of the team besides Hiro and Baymax.
Not that Hiro and Baymax wouldn't get any more or be Out of Focus, but the sequel could expand on GoGo's, Wasabi's, Honey Lemon's, and Fred's backstories to give them some development as well. And the first three's real names could be revealed (or, in GoGo's case, officially stated, considering that her voice actress said her name was Ethel on Twitter).

Someone will eventually make a pun on "Hiro"/"hero".
Probably something like "you're my Hiro", because come on. The opportunity's just waiting to be taken.

The next villain will use a combination of the team's weaponry, including minibots.
Just think how cool that would be. Combining the laser blades, roller blades, metal armor, rocket jets, a flamethrower, AND those sticky-whatchamacallit balls in one package. This villain could be a Blood Knight simply testing his power against the heroes, or maybe doing it to test them and make them stronger. Or both.

Krei is completely innocent.
Ok, it's true the technician said that there was an anomaly with the containment field, but he did note it was still within the safety parameters.

There will be a Big Hero 6 animated TV series created by Man of Action Studios
After all, they are the original creators of Big Hero 6. This is even more likely since they have worked with Disney before on Marvel-based TV shows.

Fredís Dad is also named Frederick.
Although Fredís Dad looks like and is voiced by Stan Lee, there is a clue that he is named Fred, Sr.: the personalized stationary in Fredís room. The idea that it even belongs to Fred can be called into question because of the fancy monogram on the paper, and itís distinctive lack of superhero imagery. Why would Fred want such stationary when clearly doesnít consider his parents' wealth a big deal? Of course, it is perfectly in character for Fred to use his fatherís fancy paper for fun.

Everyone on the team had a crush on Tadashi
Let's make all the shippers happy, everyone in Callaghan's class had a crush on Tadashi.

Gogo had a falling out with her parents
Or at least has a strained relationship with them. There's a WMG way up there that's pretty similar to this, but this troper has her own version of things. First, Gogo's parents were very strict. They wanted Gogo to be a lady, and Gogo, you know isn't. So one day, her parents (specifically her mom) and her got into an argument about something, (my money's on getting that purple streak in her hair) and Gogo, in a tense emotional state, cut her hair (A la Mulan), packed up her stuff, and started insisting people call her "Gogo" instead of her real name, Ethel.

Hiro developed a new combat chip post-movie.
After Hiro rebuilt Baymax's body, he didn't just recreate his combat chip, but made a new one based on non-lethal martial arts, e.g. Taiho-jutsu. After what almost happened with Callaghan, Hiro never wants to make Baymax hurt anyone again.

The second movie will feature Baymax's Evil Counterpart
Krei will try to copy Baymax's super hero form, and turn it into a weapon. Naturally, things go wrong somehow. Or Baymax's original body will return from the void, complete with fighting chip.
  • Alternatively, his Evil Counterpart could be a computer virus. Baymax is nurturing and huggable; a virus is malicious and has no body to hug with.

No seriously, Tadashi survived the fire.
The guy was in an entire auditorium full of mad science. Any number of things could have saved him/uploaded his brain/teleported him. It's not like we ever see a body.
  • Maybe Tadashi becomes Sunfire?

The next movie will continue the themes of revenge and loss with the villain being a victim of the fire Callaghan started
It could be anybody. A janitor, a security guard, an innocent bystander... Anyone. Bonus points if they saw Callaghan sneak in the building and tried to see what he was up to, or was about to get Tadashi out of the building before it blew up. This will be the Darker and Edgier villain(more like Anti-Villain) for a Darker and Edgier sequel. The fire, let's say, cost this man(woman?) 2 or more of his/her limbs in addition to other obvious damages, and uses technology to get back what he/she lost, (perhaps derived from Hiro's minibot/magnet tech) but like Callaghan, is so filled with rage he/she also uses his tech for revenge, but UNlike him, only wishes to see Callaghan suffer, and shows an unwillingness to kill Hiro and his friends, or innocent bystanders, seeing those as lengths only the truly evil like the one responsible for Tadashi and his/her mutual fates would go to. Also, Tadashi may be a Red Herring, or even the actual villain himself.

The realm beyond the portal is...
Hell. It might not seem much at first, but maybe a future testing would open the portal long enough for the Legions of Hell to pass through and unleash hell on earth. Fortunately for our heroes, they would've a new ally in the form of DoomGuy.

This film is set in an alternate history timeline where Japan won World War II.
Hence, the merging of Japanese and American culture in "San Fransokyo". The good news is that the Japanese occupation of California ended at some point (probably due to La Rťsistance), and the USA is restored, but the legacy of the occupation can be found in the extent of Japanese diaspora and cultural influence in California.

Abigail will Visit Her father in Prison.

GoGo will become popular enough to get her own spin-off series.
Where she has become a solo crime fighter similar to Captain America.

Abigail will play a major role in the sequel.
After she learned what her father did, she will come to personally apologizes to Hiro for indirectly causing his brother's death. Maybe she could even become the Sixth Ranger of the group.

"Bata-la-la-la" will incorporated into future works.
Specifically, the team will use it as a catchphrase.

Tadashi will eventually come back to life as the Ebon Samurai.

The identity of Youkai will become a fad for criminals
After Callaghan is arrested, the identity of Youkai, especially the mask, eventually becomes a widespread moniker among the criminal underworld of San Fransokyo, with everyone from low level hoodlums to Large Ham Yakuza bosses using the moniker when doing crimes. In fact, there will be a scene where Callaghan is seen as being treated with adoration and respect by his follow inmates for essentially nearly destroying one of the biggest corporations in America. Callghan, for his part, tries to isolate himself as much as possible and avoid the news just as much while downing depression medication like candy.

Go (高 or 고), sometimes romanized as Ko, is a common Korean surname, and it serves as Steven Ulysses Perhero.
Beauty and the BeastWMG/Western Animation (Film)The Book Of Life

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