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Greetings. I'm manic pixie gamine, Ysabel in real life. I live a retro-ish, or quaint lifestyle in Paris. I like classical, jazz, baroque pop, piano rock, alternative rock, indie rock, dark cabaret, and pop music. I play the piano and I dance ballet, and yeah, I like stuff like that. I am fond of literature, fine art, and other media as well. I am really a bygone era buff and I remain holed up in my room reading history books and Golden Age of Hollywood star biographies, sipping coffee and alone. I barely go out of my house, and when I do, I skitter around in the streets and parks on my bike, and sometimes I just stroll in the countryside and the woods, as I love nature. I am born in the wrong generation. Fine Arts graduate. Aspires to be in the Paris Opera Ballet. Antique collector, a penchant for nostalgia for times I didn't even live through. Don't worry, I'm not the cookie cutter type of girl. I watch Quentin Tarantino movies, rock out to Slayer and dance like no one's watching in the basement and practices karate. Sort of like a Silk Hiding Steel type. Not your ordinary Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

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