Roleplay: Freedom City Play By Post

"Like a Saturday Morning Cartoon that airs on HBO."

Currently in its seventh year of operation (est. October 2007), Freedom City Play-By-Post is the largest and most active Mutants & Masterminds play-by-post setting on the Internet. Taking place in M&M's default Freedom City setting in the present day, the game has become a massive shared universe, involving dozens of active players and over a hundred Player Characters. Most of the staff are fans of both superhero comics and TV Tropes, which means they expect characters to draw from the common tropes and themes of comic books.

That said, the staff has little patience for Trolls or Mary Sues, and they prefer to avoid certain problematic tropes. Please do not submit bloodthirsty Iron Age vigilantes, or female characters wearing Stripperific costumes with Rape as Backstory. Player Characters should falls somewhere between Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Modern Age in feel, basically the Good Guys, and their concepts should pass tests like "Would people buy a comic book about this character?" and "Why would anyone talk to this character?" If your character would fit as a recurring character in a DCAU series, then they'll probably fit in here.

Many of the tropes in the game can be found on the pages for the Mutants & Masterminds game, or the Freedom City setting for that game. This page is intended for tropes unique to FCPBP and its active characters.