Funny / Freedom City Play By Post

  • Upon meeting the Troubled, But Cute Avenger in his civilian identity at a high society party, Doktor Archeville's shoulder devil shouted internally, "NOOO!!! He looks like Valentino! He'll steal all the women!" (This became even funnier when it was revealed that the player of Phantom, the character who became Avenger's wife, had originally planned for her to get romantically entangled with Archeville!)
  • Daisy Gibbons, the resident Alpha Bitch of the Claremont Academy, overheard Psyche talking about her recent discovery that Zephyr is her and Phalanx's daughter from the future. Daisy mistakenly thought that Psyche was pregnant in the present, and proceeded to spread vicious rumors about her and Edge (her boyfriend at the time) throughout the campus. This led Psyche's former Unlucky Childhood Friend turned Victorious Childhood Friend Phalanx to mistakenly believe that Edge had impregnated Psyche, resulting in a very public physical confrontation. Rushing to diffuse the situation, Psyche ran through the crowd of students and screamed at the top of her lungs. "Phalanx, you can't get someone pregnant by fondling their breasts!" (No, she did not think that one through.)
  • Jack of All Blades manages to elicit a chuckle or two.
    Jack sighed mentally. He was almost certain he was going to regret what he was about to do, but sometimes a man just has to sucker punch a five foot three blindfolded Jersey woman in the stomach. I think Descartes said that.
    • When Orion of the Crime League came closer than any previous villain to killing Jack, he said "Oh no! BULLETS! My one weakness!"
  • Dark Star's relationship with the heroine Fleur de Joie had been going along swimmingly indeed; then he happened to arrive home shortly after the plant controller's close friend, the heroine Phantom, had just left. Phantom herself had just shown Fleur a pregnancy test, revealing she was about to have Avenger's child. Dark Star was not aware of this, and made a bit of an intuitive leap once he saw the aforementioned test amongst the clutter. Hilarity Ensued.