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Mr Fanservice: Videogames

  • Tekken has lots of them, like Jin Kazama and his evil father Kazuya Mishima, with their most appreciated habit of fighting shirtless. Other examples are Hwoarang and Lee Chaolan.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 had Raiden, and even stripped him naked near the end of the game. It's also fair to note that Snake's outfit suddenly and inexplicably got very, very tight. Particularly around the buttocks. The character designer freely admitted that Raiden was to appeal to girls who liked handsome young Bishōnen, and Snake to girls who liked sexy older men.
    • Raiden was even intended to have visible panty lines under his suit, but, in the most recent figurine line, Raiden's underwear is nowhere to be seen - and Snake's underwear lines are incredibly visible over his stupidly well-sculpted buttocks, probably as a nod to the fact that Snake unintentionally became more popular with the girls than Raiden.
    • Liquid Snake. Blond, British, wanders around shirtless in Alaska.
    • Kazuhira Miller in Peace Walker. You get to take photos of him in his underwear. You can also molest him in his sleep and even have sex with him in one bonus mission in the game.
  • Several characters in Guilty Gear count as this, to the point where Walking Shirtless Scene Anji looks almost tame compared to the likes of Sol and Johnny.
    • Don't forget Bridget, who's become quite popular amongst fangirls.
  • While every male character in BlazBlue is attractively designed, the biggest fangirl baits in the game are Jin and Hazama. Jin is a tsundere bishounen with tight clothing and troubled past. A sexy pillowcase featuring him sold at twice the amount of Noel's and Rachel's pillowcases weeks before it was even designed. Hazama, the smooth criminal, is a very well dressed troll who dances as he fights. He is the only character, male or female, who has a bath scene in game.
  • Albel Nox from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time has an outfit that features a completely purple ensemble including a tight, belly-revealing shirt and a purple skirt. He also has an unlockable shirtless outfit (with sarashi!), an imprisonment scene, permanent shackles at his neck and wrists, and Panty Shots.
  • Tales of Vesperia: Yuri Lowell, anyone? His outfits had built in chest exposure. Some of his alternate outfits (especially in the Japanese PS3 version) involve showing a fair bit of skin, or have him in skin-tight outfits.
  • Luke from Tales of the Abyss, with his midriff baring shirt and ripped abs; (and seems to lose the shirt altogether in many of his alternate outfits).
  • Mass Effect: The game's enormous female following is largely due to the ability to play a female Shepard, but in case that wasn't enough incentive...
    • Most of the male love interests are some degree of Mr. Fanservice, but Thane takes the cake: the assassin seeking redemption with a troubled past, deep raspy voice, a taste for leather, and a tendency to show off a good portion of his pecs (mind you, that's to help stave off a terminal disease, but still). He was specifically designed by the creators to provide a male counterpart to the asari.
    • And, if he survives, it's worth noting that Kaiden's chest has as much pixel definition as most main character's FACES. It's almost tacky, really.
    • James Vega takes up the mantle in the third game. He's not a romance option, but the game doesn't mind letting players admire his body, in and out of universe.
  • Legacy of Kain is chock full of this. All but one of the main male vampires spend most of their time at least partially topless. Kain spends two whole games walking shirtless and we never actually see Janos Audron with a real shirt on.
  • Vagrant Story has have Ashley in his assless battleshorts, muscle-revealing shirtfront, and improbable red hair, or the shirtless Sydney with his barely-hanging-on pants and dramatic buttcape.
  • Amiti in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a Bishounen Warrior Prince whose introductory storyline is spent wearing more jewelry than clothing.
  • Devil May Cry with Dante, courtesy of his shirtless younger self just stepping out of the shower in the first scene of the third game. It runs in the family: see his older twin Vergil and nephew Nero.
  • The main character from Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne spends 98% of the time shirtless. It's practically a shirtless game. The only time the Demi-Fiend wears a shirt is in the prologue (the first 30-60 minutes of a ~50 hour game), before there's any actual gameplay. He's pretty buff, too.
  • Link, whenever he's an adult, is a handsome Bishōnen. As shown in the page image, he even gets a Shirtless Scene in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
  • The Soul Series has Siegfried, the subverted Knight in Shining Armor, Patroklos, the son of Sophitia, and Z.W.E.I.. Every male character in Soul Calibur V can have their armor broken during battle and fight shirtless.
  • Sengoku Basara gives us Sanada Yukimura. Able to effortlessly go from Moe puppyblob to Hot-Blooded kickassery at the drop of a hat. And don't even get us started on those abs...
  • The Prince manages to lose more and more of his upper-body clothes over the course of the first game, until he's completely shirtless.
  • Kaim from Lost Odyssey has very formfitting armour, with a nice sliver of flesh that shows off his hips and lower back. Not to mention the scene when he awakes after losing his memories, and is shirtless.
  • Final Fantasy loves its pretty boys. Let's see - partial list;
  • THE original Mr. Fanservice in fighting games, however, is Ryu. Tall, Dark and Handsome? Check. Heroic Build? Check. Badass inside the battlefield and a Nice Guy outside? Check. Walks barefoot? Check. Friends of both genders that he can be ship teased with once in a while? Check.
  • Ghaleon from Lunar: The Silver Star certainly qualifies. Just his voice alone could be considered fanservice.
  • The male Blood Elf player character in World of Warcraft could qualify as this, appearing in the game at about the same time Blizzard began to realize they had a significant female playerbase.
    • At the very least, his original model was pretty enough that the male fans set up a howling outcry until the developers bulked up his muscles. He still has much more delicate facial features and much more fabulous hair options than any of the other male models.
  • The King of Fighters is a Fighting Game franchise that has had a LARGE female following almost from the start, so the developers are EXPERTS in creating male characters that will appeal to the female demographics. The one who set the example in regards to this trope is Iori Yagami: Deep and sensual voice? Check. Bad boy attitude? Check. Hell-Bent for Leather? Check. Dark and Troubled Past? Check. Very intense Foe Yay with people of both genders, specially Kyo? Check. Popular with both fangirls and fanboys? Check Please.
  • The Suikoden games all have a pair of combination attacks ("Pretty Boy(s)" and "Fancy Lad(s)") where that game's collection of bishonen gang up to attack the enemy. Needless to say, there's usually at least one who qualifies for this trope.
  • The Dark Tales series gives this role to Poe's master detective C. Auguste Dupin. He's tall, well-built, and well-dressed, with bright blue eyes and a pleasant voice that always comments about how happy he is to see you.
  • While very few of the male characters in Mortal Kombat seem to be able to find a shirt, Johnny Cage, with his literally constant bare-chestedness and passes at the ladies, seems to be the one intended to appeal to female players.

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