Manga: Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo No Sai Nan

aka: Saiki Kusuo No Sainan
Does Common Sense also count as a psychic power?
Kusuo Saiki is an Ordinary High-School Student... Or at least he tries to be one.

He's actually a boy with Psychic Powers. An incredibly powerful boy with every imaginable psychic ability. If he wanted to do so, he could wipe out humanity in only three days.

It sounds like he is perfect and has everything, right? Wrong!. He can't shut off his powers, therefore his life is void of surprises, challenges or sense of accomplishment. He also needs to avoid social interation, both because he wants to keep his powers secret and because thinks of himself as too different to relate to normal people.

Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan (The Disaster of Psychic Kusuo Saiki) is a gag manga published by Shounen Jump, authored by Asou Shuuichi. It follows Kusuo's attempts in living quietly, hiding his powers and avoiding standing out. Something that would be easier if not for his quirky parents and a number of quirky classmates who insist to be friends with him. Cue lots of inner snarkery.

The character page is in the development stages.

This series features examples of:

Alternative Title(s):

The Disasterof Psi Kusuo Saiki, Psi Kusuo Saiki, Saiki Kusuo No Sainan, Psi Saiki Kusuo No Sainan