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Lightning Bruiser: Anime And Manga
  • Angel Densetsu: Takes hit after hit and keeps getting up, moves faster than most people can follow, and if pushed, hits hard enough to literally send humans flying. If Kitano wasn't an Actual Pacifist, he'd be this.
    • Kitano's father is tougher, stronger, and even faster than him.
    • Surprisingly, Kuroda of all people becomes this when he's drived by the Power of Love. He can even compete with Kitano's speed.
  • Most of the Titans in Attack on Titan are much faster than their large size would suggest, but two particular examples stand out. The Female Titan is insanely fast, able to keep pace with the Survey Corps' legendary Cool Horses and capable of hardening her skin, which provides a boost to her defense and allows her to hit even harder than a normal Titan. The Armored Titan is one as well, capable of intense bursts of speed without warning. The soldiers watching are horrified, but quickly realize he's shedding the armor at his joints, exposing his Achilles' Heel in order to gain speed.
    • Levi, Humanity's Strongest Soldier, is not only scarily fast at maneuvering and killing Titans, he is also tough enough to take a hit from a Titan Shifter, survive and still win.
  • Guts from Berserk moves nearly as fast as Fragile Speedsters like Judeau and Serpico, wields a BFS with which he can do as much damage as a Mighty Glacier like Pippin (more after he adds an Arm Cannon to his arsenal), and can take more punishment than any other unenhanced human in the series bar none. Taken Up to Eleven after he gets the Berserker Armor.
  • Bleach: The captains are supposed to be the pinnacle of power for Gotei 13 shinigami. However, Aizen is strong enough to destroy Komamura's bankai with one sword swing. He can catch even captain-class swords with his bare hands. He's fast enough to make Ichigo (who himself is faster than most captains) think he's teleporting. Aizen once told the captains he had redefined the definition of power, and then demonstrated why by effortlessly defeating every single captain that had ganged up on him.
    • Yamamoto is an absurd example of this as his power is enough to destroy soul society, can brutalize espada level arrancar with his bare fists, and keep up with the younger captains shunpo with no effort at all.
    • And then there's Ichigo who's Bankai is the personification of this trope and at one point completely outclasses Aizen of all people.
    • Sui-Feng is the fastest of the current Shinigami captains, but she's on the same level in physical strength as Komamura, and she has a high endurance, proving that she can still fight even when her left arm is cut off (she got better).
    • Not only that Arrancer have Hierro that gives them Super Toughness, some of the Espada are not only extremely strong, but also very fast. These are Starrk, Baraggan, Harribel, Ulquiorra and Grimmjow. Starrk's Sonido is nearly on the same level as Zommari's, Baraggan is surprisingly fast despite his weight, Harribel could have killed Hitsugaya with her speed if he wasn't prepared for her attack. And Ulquiorra and Grimmjow are as fast as Ichigo, if not even faster.
    • More recently, there's Tenjiro Kirinji, who moves so fast that Sui-Feng (again, the fastest of the captains) couldn't even tell he'd moved behind her until after he'd done it and was restraining her already, meanwhile he can send Ichigo flying with nothing but a smack from a wash cloth (and after doing so, he clarified that if Ichigo hadn't been in good enough health, that wash cloth attack would very likely have killed him).
  • A Certain Magical Index has Acqua of the Back. His punches demolish buildings, he can move faster than the eye can see, and he can No Sell pretty much anything.
  • Code:Breaker revealed Takatsu Aoba to be one.
  • Cowboy Bebop:
    • Spike Spiegel, the best fighter in the Bebop crew, is this compared to his crew members and most of the enemies he encounters. Despite Jet's larger build and Faye's leaner figure, Spike is the strongest, fastest and toughest person in the crew. Throughout the series, Spike demonstrates his Jeet Kune Do skills as well as being able to take on whole groups of armed men all the while enduring staggering amounts of pain.
    • Tongpu a.k.a. Mad Pierrot who, in addition to being stronger and faster than Spike, has some sort of energy shield to protect him from attacks. It is later downplayed however, as Spike, using a knife, manages to get past the shield and land a single attack on Tongpu, who then drops to the ground and starts crying that "it hurts".
  • Many Digimon fit this trope when they evolve. Often a far larger Digimon can be faster then its much smaller pre-evolution form in spite of an often MASSIVE size difference.
  • Since specialization doesn't work in the Dragon Ball Z universe, every character is either this or aspires to this. The general formula in any given arc or movie is that a villain appears who is a Lightning Bruiser compared to the heroes, Goku goes through Training from Hell or otherwise gets a power upgrade at which point HE is the Lightning Bruiser compared to the villain, and everyone else Can't Catch Up. Pretty much every character from the Namek Arc and beyond is a Lightning Bruiser. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, The Ginyu Force, Frieza, Trunks, Goten, Piccolo, Android 17 & 18, Cell, Majin Buu... you name em'.
  • In Fairy Tail, Laxus Dreyar is powerful enough to slap Natsu around, and dodge most of his attacks. As far as toughness, he's at least Natsu's equal. Special mention in that Laxus uses electric magic, making him a literal Lightning Bruiser.
    • Erza as well, even without any magically enhanced armors. The stats given in the Grand Magic Games prove she is this, as well as a Genius Bruiser. Mirajane counts as well, as her stats in the Grand Magic Games match Erza's.
  • In Fist of the North Star, the best fighters in the series tend to be both tough-as-nails and lightning fast. Specifically, fighters of Nanto Seiken are much faster and graceful than those of other styles, with Rei, Shu, Yuda and Jyuza being stand-out examples.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, the Lightning Bruisers are in fact so powerful that a Drama-Preserving Handicap is needed to prevent them from being too unbeatable.
    • In terms of physical strength, Sloth is one of the strongest characters in the series. In addition to having an extremely tough skin, he can also move faster than the eye can see. In effect, making him the strongest and fastest Homunculus. Sloth's Drama-Preserving Handicap: His laziness is such that he can't even bother to learn how to control his speed.
    • The Second Greed counts as well. His Ultimate Shield easily makes him the most durable character in the series. He also destroys a truck with one arm and easily defeats a squad of Central's soldiers. Oh and he's strong enough to fight on almost equal terms with Wrath/Bradley. As for speed, he manages to keep up with and dodge most of Pride's and Wrath's incredibly fast attacks, even at one point showcasing the easy-to-miss speed that Sloth possesses. Greed's Drama-Preserving Handicap: for some reason, in his fights, Greed only shields his arms instead of his whole body. He'd practically be immune to physical attacks if he did.
      • He actually gives his reason for not shielding his whole body shortly after the first Greed's appearance: he doesn't like the way his face looks when it's shielded.
    • Alex Louis Armstrong is one of the fastest fighters in the show, despite his large, muscular physique. In an early fight with Scar, who is fast enough to dodge gunfire, Scar commented on how his combined speed and near superhuman strength, along with the power of his alchemy, made him a formidable foe. At one point, Armstrong moved even faster than Sloth.
  • Larger mobile suits in Gundam series often have numerous boosters and verniers to compensate for their size. The titular ZZ Gundam, for instance, is one of the largest headliner suits for a series, but also incredibly fast. Such suits often function the best in space. However, the Byarlant Custom from Gundam Unicorn can also move ridiculously quicly for its size while in the atmosphere.
  • In Heaven's Lost Property, Astraea is considered among the strongest and fastest of the Angeloids. She's even stronger than Ikaros, and while Ikaros is slightly faster, Astraea is more agile. She can stop and turn on a dime when going at super speed.
  • Alucard in Hellsing is fast enough to keep up with Fragile Speedsters like the Dandy Man. He has an insanely quick Healing Factor that renders him impossible to injure for more than a few seconds by any mundane means or most supernatural ones. Even if you get past that, he canonically cannot be killed unless you kill the shades of every person he's ever eaten, an army of millions. An army which he can summon at will on the off chance that he's up against something that can't be taken down by his already-formidable personal bag of offensive tricks.
  • In Hunter × Hunter, Gon Freeccs is very fast, you can beat the shit out of him, but he will not give up, and even before he learnt his Megaton Punch, he had enourmous strength.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Jotaro's and Dio's Stands, Star Platinum and The World, are two of the strongest, most durable, and fastest Stands in the series. The World and eventually Star Platinum too is so fast that Time Stands Still because it can't keep up with The World.
  • Pretty much anyone wearing a Kamui in Kill la Kill. They're stupid strong, strong enough to make craters behind hits, make shockwaves from pure willpower, and defeat multiple enemies with one strike. They're ridiculously durable, able to take devastating hits without flinching, and survive what would be a finishing move for any other uniform. And to top it all off, they rocket around the battlefield at blinding speeds. Definite Lightning Bruiser.
    • Kill la Kill actually has tiers of Lightning Bruisers. Compared to a normal human, anyone in a Goku Uniform is a Lightning Bruiser, and each Goku Uniform gets progressively more powerful depending on the number of stars the uniform has. The first fight of the series demonstrates this by pitting an unnamed student in a One Star Uniform against Three Star student council member Ira Gamagoori. It doesn't end well. A Kamui is the equivalent of a Ten Star Uniform. A Life Fiber hybrid is even more powerful, capable of soundly defeating even a Kamui wearer.
  • In Lyrical Nanoha, we have several examples.
    • The knights Signum and Zest Grangaitz are extremely strong, they can keep up with the fastest people, and they have strong defenses.
    • The ground mages Subaru Nakajima and Ginga Nakajima are not as fast as the fastest Fragile Speedster, but they are much faster than most people and they have the advantage that they can move in buildings better and faster than any aerial mage; they are also very strong and their main strategy is a One-Hit Kill, and unlike the other Combat Cyborgs, they are neither Fragile Speedsters nor Glass Cannons.
    • Einhard Stratos, Miura Rinaldi and Sieglinde Jeremiah hit hard, are very fast, and they don't go down easily. This becomes more obvious when Vivio fought the former two, dealing much less damage than them. And Sieglinde is even better than them in terms of strength, speed and defense.
    • Deville of Hückebein is The Brute who teleports in battle. Unfortunately for him, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown is still faster than him.
  • A, the Fourth Raikage from Naruto, is a literal example of this trope. Normally, he's an enormous Scary Black Man who is capable of breaking down walls by punching them. Once in battle, he can use lightning chakra to boost his speed and reflexes to ludicrously high levels as well as shield himself. He's able to keep up with the extremely fast Sasuke, even blitz him a few times, dodge Jugo's Beam Spam at point-blank range, and dodge Sasuke's Amaterasu, a devastating fire attack that ignites whatever the user is looking at. Defensively, it can also block a sword that can easily cut through steel weapons and severely weaken an attack that could blow straight through stone. He was the fastest character in the manga since Minato Namikaze, who used deliberate Teleport Spam. The Tsuchikage, Onoki, can make him even faster by casting a jutsu on him that lightens him, and then increases his weight at the exact moment of impact for stopping power.
    • His father, the Third Raikage is also a Lightning Bruiser. He can move as fast as A's initial level of speed, and even dodged the Futon: Rasenshuriken twice despite being blinded and the attack coming from behind him. Note, the Futon: Rasenshuriken is so fast it can cross an entire mountain range in less than a second, making it at mach 70 speeds.
    • Naruto Uzumaki himself is quite the Lightning Bruiser when he's in his Sage Mode, Kurama Chakra Mode, and Biju Mode. In Sage Mode, he's strong enough to toss 10,000 ton 91 meter tall rhinos into the stratosphere and fast enough to blitz a rocket propelled Asura Path without any Pain being able to react AND keep up with the aforementioned Third Raikage. Kurama Chakra Mode is strong enough to lift massive, incredibly dense Bijudama's with one arm and is faster than the Fourth Raikage A. And in Biju Mode he's fast enough to save Kakashi and Gai from being blasted off the face of the earth from five Bijudama's-and he sends all five flying to the next zip code just by tapping and moving past them!
    • Tobirama Senju is becoming a Lightning Bruiser. He's fast enough to tag the newly empowered Obito without even knowing it and can crater a wall just by pushing his hand against it.
    • Not to be outdone, Hashirama Senju is also a Lightning Bruiser. He has the Senju lifeforce which means he has a massive amount of physical strength like his granddaughter Tsunade, and he's fast enough to outrun a Bijudama launched by Susanoo Kurama. Note, the Bijudama clocks at Mach 143 in sheer speed.
    • Sakura Haruno becomes one after completing her Yin Seal. She uses her Super Strength to punch a target, despite it moving at a fast speed, easily keeps pace with it...then smashes it with a tremendous impact.
    • Tobi/Obito was already an intangible tough man who consistently tanked fatal injuries yet survived, and was a strong One-Man Army who was fast enough to keep up with a Chakra Mode Naruto. But after becoming the Jinchuriki of the Jubi, Tobi has literally become the World's Strongest Man who easily withstands and breaks all the Four Hokages' seal and then proceeds to destroy the First and Second Hokages with terrifying power and speed in just a few seconds.
  • In One Piece:
    • Luffy, Zoro and Sanji, known as "The Monster Trio", are the three strongest crew members of the Straw Hat Pirates. They're also the fastest people in the crew who can take severe amounts of damage.
    • Admiral Kizaru, whose light powers not only inflict MASSIVE damage but also allow him to be intangible and travel at the speed of light.
    • While everyone of the CP9 who mastered the Rokushiki is a Lightning Bruiser, thanks to the abilities Soru and Tekkai and their enourmous strength, Jabra is the most notable one because he's the only member who can move while using Tekkai.
    • Jinbei, while a Lightning Bruiser on land, is especially formidable underwater. Moria lampshades it: "You're fast for a big fellow!" And post-timeskip, he kept up with Luffy.
    • Whitebeard, full stop. This guy isn't called "The World's Strongest Man" for shits and giggles. He's been thought of as more of a freaking force of nature. As of his last battle, Whitebeard was already an elderly man in his 70's (WELL out of his prime) stricken with terminal illness, of which he was in a highly advanced stage no less. During his final fight, he was taking breaks because his heart was giving out on him. Even then, Whitebeard flash steped Akainu, an Admiral who didn't even notice until he was warned of Whitebeard's ambush, and promptly knocked him unconscious with a single hit. To top this already impressive feat, Whitebeard had HALF HIS FACE burned off and still went on to split an island in HALF.
  • Outlaw Star has the resident Cat Girl Aisha, who is not only super strong but also incredibly durable and very agile, which could apply to her entire species, the Ctarl-Ctarl. The only other crew member who comes close is Suzuka, who outclasses Aisha in speed and has very deadly sword techniques, but is otherwise a normal human.
  • In Rurouni Kenshin, Hiko Seijuro, stated by the writer to be THE most powerful and skilled character in the series, is stronger, faster and most importantly, tougher than Kenshin (and everyone else).
  • Sailor Moon has Minako Aino. The manga shows her tolerating good amounts of pain, perform a Flash Step and take down Makoto (that has explicit Super Strength) with a single kick, but the anime brought her Up to Eleven: having someone look in your Dream Mirror is so painful to make people faint and stay out for a while, yet Minako resisted more than anyone else in spite of having two villains looking through it (and was apparently excited by the experience) and recovered in a couple minutes; right after her painful experience, she broke through metal manacles (Artemis was scared when she did this, but considering he had just told her to do it it's probable he was scared by her being beyond furious) before single-handedly utterly kicking the ass of Hawk's Eye, Tiger's Eye and two Lemures; and she can outrun cars after having her Pure Heart Crystal extracted (anyone else just fainted due the extreme weakness).
  • Yusuke Urameshi from YuYu Hakusho is fast, strong and tough like hell.

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