Funny / Quantum Leap

  • In the episode "Jimmy", Sam's once again in trouble. And Al is once again, no help at all.
    Sam: How do I act retarded?
    Al: Just act natural.
  • In "A Little Miracle", Al tries impersonating the Ghost of Christmas Future, and not very well.
    Blake: I know you. You're that jerk from the lobby.
    Al: I am the Ghost of Christmas Future. Whoo Haha!
    Blake: Please. The Ghost of Christmas Future wore a black cape. Jacob Marley had the chains.
  • In "The Leap Back", Sam's delight at being the hologram for a change. Also, Sam being the one who makes dirty jokes (and his reaction afterwards, every time), leaving Al with the "choir boy thoughts" - and hating every minute of it. Perhaps best of all, Sam is having the time of his life pulling hologram pranks.
    (door swings inward, swinging thru and revealing Sam)
    Sam: HELLO, BAY-BEH~!
    Al: GAH! Don't do that!
    Sam: Muahahaha! Revenge is mine, thus sayeth the hologram! (starts 'swimming' thru Al) Pwah, pwah, pwah...
  • Just about all of Al and Angela from "It's a Wonderful Leap".
    Al: You know, one not so loud...
  • From "Promised Land":
    Sam: They're robbing the bank to pay the bank?
    Al: Well, that has a certain symmetry to it.
  • "Jailhouse Rock" is now recorded by Tony Orlando and Dawn!
  • From the episode "Blood Moon":
    Al: He has all the signs of the undead.
    Sam: And you have all the signs of the brain dead!
    • Sam's reaction when he looks at his reflection only to find he doesn't have one!
  • At the end of "What Price Gloria?", Sam gets revenge on the Jerk Ass skirt-chasing executive who harassed him and nearly drove the leapee's roommate to suicide. How does he do it? By saying he's a man. The exec's reactions are priceless, particularly when Sam says he can prove he's a man, and the exec backs away in a panic, shouting "NO!" so loudly that his voice cracks. And here's the link to prove it.
  • From "Disco Inferno": The "Man Bag", and just Al's fascination of the 70s vs Sam's disgust for the time period.
  • From "Maybe Baby":
    Al: Why's everyone applauding? Did I miss something?
    Sam: Bunny just stripped for gas money.
    Al: So, she stripped. What do ya mean... She stripped! And I missed it! Sam, I'm the Observer on this project and I should have been here to observe it.
  • In "So Help Me God", Sam is offered a ride home from court by the father of the victim. Sam's narration gives us his first impression of him.
    "Despite the warm voice and friendly smile, I didn't like him. I didn't like the way people parted before him or the way they touched their hats said 'Captain' as he passed. But since he was obviously the man who ran this town, I had to learn all I could about him. Besides, I had no idea where I lived."
  • In "A Hunting We Will Go", Al recognizes the Belligerent Sexual Tension between Sam and the woman he's supposed to be bringing to justice. He explains the Five Steps of Love: Denial, Sex, Marriage, Divorce, and, if you're lucky, More Sex.
    Sam: Who wrote this list, you or Zsa-Zsa Gabor?!
  • In "The Wrong Stuff", Sam leaps into a chimp that's part of the space program. Just about the whole episode is great, but there are a couple of moments that stand out. In one scene, the female doctor is looking Sam over:
    Sam: Look, I don't have a temperature! (presses her hand to his forehead, she goes for a thermometer) Okay, fine, take my temperature. Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah!
    (The doctor goes around behind him)
    Al: Uh, Sam? I don't think she's gonna put that in your mouth...
    Sam: (as the doctor makes him bend over) Aaaaaaah boy...
  • Al's alphabet rap in "Shock Therapy".
  • In "Unchained" when Sam and Al are trying to figure out who killed a man who didn't die in the original history.
    Sam: Look, most murder victims are killed by people that they know, right?
    Al: Right.
    Sam: Who would have the best reason to kill Jake?
    Al: (eyes light up) Ooh! Does he have any ex-wives?
    Sam: (rolls eyes) A partner.
  • In "Dr. Ruth", Al is in the Waiting Room with... Well, Dr. Ruth, who's prompting him to tell her more about his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Tina. Al, being Al, doesn't waste time in mentioning Tina's, ahem, casabas. It's not good enough for Dr. Ruth, and Al starts rattling off every euphemism for the female anatomy he knows, in an increasingly desperate voice, before finally snapping, "BREASTS!"
    • The sight of Dr. Ruth in the mirror judo-flipping the episode's villain. Actually a case of Reality Is Unrealistic; Ruth Westheimer is a Real Life case of Never Mess with Granny - a veteran scout/sniper of the War of Israeli Independence. She can probably do that any time she wants.
  • The slight possibility that Donald Trump is all Sam's fault.
  • "Raped" (Paired with "Awesome")
    • Sam is sitting outside, confused as to his purpose and why he hasn't leaped, as he's pressed charges and testified against the attacker, who's been acquitted. Suddenly, the guy shows up, and makes it quite clear that he's going to assault her again. Sam punches him and matter-of-factly declares:
    "I think I know why I'm here, Al."
    (proceeds to beat the crap out of the guy)