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Funny: Batman Beyond
  • "The Eggbaby" had Terry forced to babysit an electronic egg-baby for school. Over their radio, all Bruce hears is a baby crying, which leads to this exchange:
    Bruce: What's going on there? Is that a baby?
    Terry: Uh-um...
    Bruce: You brought a baby with you!?
    Terry: It's not what you think, really.
    Bruce: Terry, is there something you need to tell me?
    • There's also this exchange:
      Son: This isn't my first time busting a vault.
      Ma: Well, it'd be your first time doing it right.
    • Ma is full of Hypocritical Humor in that episode, 1/2 Mood Whiplash, the other half pure hilarity. Such as Ma, in full Mama Bear mode after witnessing her biggest Son being utterly thrashed by Terry, says "Nobody hurts my boys," then proceeds to break his back as she walks over high heels.
      Ma: Let's get out of here before pointy-ears shows up again.
      Batman: Too late.
      Ma: This is getting old, Batman.
      Batman: Look who's talking.

      Batman: I can set the Batmobile to scan for [the egg], can't I?
      Bruce: Uh-huh. Unless they've already made an omelet out of him.
      Batman: Oh, hey!

      Terry: What would she want with gems?
      Bruce: Good question. But I have a feeling she's not making slippers.
      Terry: Slippers? From rubies?
      Bruce: Before your time.

      Bruce: Do you have to keep lugging that thing around with you?
      Terry: I need the grade.
      Bruce: Even real parents with real children find ways to get away for a night.
      Terry: I tried leaving it with my mom, but she said she was too young to be a grandmother.
      Bruce: What about your brother?
      Terry: I tried that, too. Then I caught him shooting rubber bands at it. Hey, maybe you could—
      (Bruce gives him a flat look)
      Terry: ...never mind.

      Terry: I'll have to take Family Studies...AGAIN! Have you ever taken Family Studies?!

    • The wonderful moment after Blade ditched Terry with the Eggbaby yet again: "I WANT A DIVORCE!"
    • Turns out Terry gets the best grade to boot, as the only "parent" in the class who provided entertainment and "intellectual stimulation" for his eggbaby in addition to meeting its basic needs. Seems babies like Badass dads.
      • Also Terry is happy upon getting the best grade...until he notices Dana smiling at him and he realizes she wants to have a baby with him.
    • This episode won an Emmy, and really, is anyone surprised?
    • While robbing a house, the son tries to raid the fridge, then Ma drags him away by the ear.
    • At the start of the episode, Terry mentions to Bruce in passing that he's failing Family Studies. After cutting the connection, Bruce just looks at Ace and asks him, "How does somebody fail Family Studies?" Stop and think about that. Bruce Wayne, the man who hasn't had a family since he was eight, just asked how someone could fail Family Studies.
    • Terry, in full Batman costume, sticking out his tongue at Ma Mayhem. Here.
  • This hilarious exchange from "Terry's Friend Dates a Robot," which might be borderline Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    Blade: Where are you two going? Private party?
    Howard: (is dragging Synthia the Robot into a room by the arm) Yeeah! (to himself) ...I'm going to jail!
    • From that same episode, when Howard is trying desperately to get the "cool kids" to come to his party, Terry has this line: "Calm down. Only politicians chase after people who don't like them."
    • As well as an obviously drunk dude at the end of the episode watching Synthia and Batman duke it out: "This is totally awesome! Synthia's a robot and Batman's kickin' her butt!"
    • How does Howard try to calm down Synthia? He says "We can still be friends..."
    Howard: (to Batman) Wrong thing to say?
    Batman: Is it ever the right thing?!
    • That scene is made so much better by the fact that Howard's doing okay until he says that line, causing Batman to immediately Facepalm.
    • When Terry investigates the boys' locker room to see if there's any evidence of Nelson's "accident" being foul play and Max walks in to do the same thing. The look on Terry's face is priceless. To top things off, after they find a hand print, the boys start walking in and Max hides in a locker, begging Terry to sneak her out. He instead leaves her there and says he'll tell the teacher she's gonna be late, which infuriates her. Terry's such a troll.
  • From another episode: "Big smoking hole. Could be a clue."
  • The Royal Flush Gang's first appearance was robbing a yacht. When Bruce explains to Terry that their crimes all revolve around cards, he asks how the yacht fits, in a pun so hurts.
    Bruce: It was part of a yacht club.
    Terry: Ouch.
  • In the pilot:
    Terry: Nice dog.
    Bruce: Not really.
    • Also in the pilot:
      J-Man: Who do you think you're talking to, old man? We're the Jokerz!
      Bruce: Sure you are.
  • In "Betrayal," there's a moment when Max and Bruce are trying to find Terry, and Max has his costume in a backpack. There follows a short phone conversation and then by a long shot of Max looking at the costume and perfectly timed just when you begin to hope you're going to see Max-As-Batgirl, the phone rings again:
    Bruce: Don't even think about putting that on.
  • "Out of the Past" gives us...Batman: The Musical!
    • Made all the better with Bruce's reaction.
      Bruce: You hate me, don't you?
      Terry: Lighten up, it's your birthday!
      Bruce: Don't remind me.
    • And then a play on the Future Slang:
      Terry: Come on, it took me weeks to get tickets for this show. It's schway!
      Bruce: It's schwarbage.
    • "A superstitious cowardly lot!" Tell me that doesn't dig itself into your brain and STAY there. Bonus for the fact that it's actually Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman and Bruce Wayne, portraying the actor-Batman.
    • Your mileage may vary, but in this episode, Bruce reminisces by looking through photos of all of his past girlfriends. Among the photos are both Selina Kyle and Lois Lane.
    • Despite the darkness of the episode, Bruce telling Ra's Al Ghul in Talia's body that he hits like a girl is worth a giggle.
    • That, and this exchange:
      Terry: (to Ra's, who is in Talia's body) Lady, that's the sickest thing I've ever seen. You're creeping me out.
      Bruce: You? She kissed me!
    • When discussing the possibility of Bruce becoming Batman again after a dip in the Lazarus Pit:
      Terry: I'll tell you right now, I am not putting on the Robin suit!
  • Mad Stan—a great Casting Gag with Henry Rollins.
    Bruce: Be careful, McGinnis. Once he's on a rant, he's unstoppable.
    Terry: Thanks for telling me now.
  • A case of Mood Whiplash, but in "Heroes" after Magma wrecks a police car in frustration and walks off. Here's an exchange between two onlooking police officers:
    Gotham Police Officer #1: Hey! That's police property!
    Gotham Police Officer #2: You tell him!
    (Gotham Police Officer #1 looks back fearfully)
  • YMMV, but if "Babel" shows us anything, it's that Shriek makes a very good Straight Man. In the first act, he berates his henchman Ollie for assuming his plan to cause chaos across Gotham by manipulating the sound waves across the city is for credits, after he was rendered deaf. After he turns on TV to watch the news, he reveals his real aim is revenge against Batman. Ollie then earnestly asks what Batman did to him. One wishes you could see his face under mask, but if it was obvious he was annoyed at the question, that he gave him "the fork" to shut him up. Unfortunately, for him (and the audience), it didn't work too well.
    (Shriek activates the massive underground sound controls powering up the device)
    Shriek: Ollie, it's time.
    Shriek: (offscreen) OLLIE!
    (Ollie runs off towards him)
  • After defeating Inque in "Disappearing Inque," Bruce actually cracks a joke. As Inque is washed down the drain by rainwater, he remarks in a perfect classic Batman deadpan, "Poor deluded [diluted] fool." Terry visibly double-takes just before the camera fades to black.
    • In the same episode, Inque meets Aaron, the person who freed her. (This is after Aaron got fired for kissing Inque-in-a-icecube)
    Aaron How did you know where I live?
    Inque How could I not know? All those months of you prattling on and on about your pathetic life.
    Aaron You could hear me?
    Inque Yes, Aaron, I could hear you. And see you, too.
    (Aaron Face Palm)
  • This exchange from "King's Ransom":
    Paxton Powers: Bruce Wayne is my mentor! He's like a father to me!
    Commissioner Barbara Gordon: Except he doesn't glow in the dark.
    Paxton: Hey! I resent that! Where's my lawyer? I'll sue!
  • A tidbit from "The Call, Part 2" when Superman, being controlled by an alien, starts chasing after Terry:
    Terry: How fast does this thing [the Batmobile] go?
    Bruce: Mach 3.
  • In "Revenant," when the girls were talking about being chased out of the bathroom by a supposed ghost, Terry has this little epiphany:
    Terry: An invisible boy in the girls' shower... Why didn't I think of that?
    Dana: What?
    Terry: Uh, nothing...
  • In "Splicers," before Ace had grown to like Terry, Terry needs Ace to track down Cuvier.
    Batman: All right, Ace, you don't like me and I don't like you, but cut me some slack just this once. (holds claw up to Ace) Bad guy, you find, me stop.
  • Crossing over with Crowning Moment Of Awesome, we have a small moment in "Golem" when Nelson was bullying Willy Watt and Terry interrupts.
    Terry: Lay off him, Nash.
    Nelson: You think I'm afraid of you, McGinnis?
    Terry: (lifts his eyebrow and smirks) I dunno. Are you?
    [Nelson ponders it but backs down]
  • Here's one from "Lost Soul" between Terry and Bruce when an insane AI spread its code throughout the city:
    (Terry touches Bruce's computer console to open the entrance repeatedly)
    Bruce: The door's not working. I had to shut down the computer so that Vance's program couldn't get in. If you want out of the cave, you're gonna have to do it the old-fashioned way.
    (Bruce points to a steel door with a handle)
    Terry: You're kidding, right?
    Bruce: None of the Robins ever complained. (smirks)
    • And after Terry's Shirtless Scene...
      Terry: By the way, can I borrow some pants?
  • This bit from "Mind Games":
    Terry: By the way, what's the creepy lady's power?
    Tamara: I don't know, but they call her "Bombshell."
  • From the episode "Payback," Bruce asks what Terry said to get Payback so riled up against him...
    Bruce: You must have put up a good performance.
    Terry: (smug look) Who said anything about performing?
    [Cut to annoyed look on Bruce's face]
  • "Rats" has one priceless moment during the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Mad Stan serves up to Terry.
    Terry: (lying on the ground, injured and annoyed) For this I'm missing a date?!
  • A minor but delicious one in "Curse of the Kobra, Part II" after Terry, in camouflage, overhears Max's kidnappers:
    Terry: Gotta be Max.
    • Later, Terry busts in and saves Max, who glomps him but since he's got cracked ribs, he has to push her away because it hurts. He then takes a handful of seconds to check out her Stripperific outfit and this happens:
    Terry: Nice outfit.
    Max: Thanks. Next to your pal Xander, you seem almost normal.
    Terry: (glances at the guy he just knocked out) What was he trying to do to you?
    Terry: WHAT??
  • In the episode "Once Burned," young people are stupid. Terry hasn't learned from his past experiences with Melanie, and Terry's brother believes that they're going to do an instant replay of the sunset.
    Bruce: Ah, to be young again. And gullible.
    (Sour look on Terry's face)
  • In "Earth Mover," when speaking about a rogue, Bruce brings up how a previous crime was all over the papers. Terry hadn't heard about it, and this conversation ensues:
    Bruce: Didn't you read the news? It was only ten years ago.
    Terry: I was seven.
  • Terry is having relationship issues.
    Terry: What'd you do?
    Bruce: I stepped over them.
    Terry: Smooth.
    Bruce: I thought so.
  • After Max discovered Terry's secret...
    Max: One more thing. You call me "Robin," I'm outta here.
    Terry: No problem...Alfred.
    Max: [confused] "Alfred?"
  • From "Sneak Peek," when the Jerkass investigative reporter Ian Peek finds out Terry and Bruce's secret identities and plans to reveal them on his show, Terry decides that it would be better for his family to hear the truth from him first rather than see it on TV:
    Terry: Mom, Matt, there's something I need to tell you.
    Terry's mom: After the show, dear.
    Terry: No! It can't wait! I-I'm...Batman.
    [His mother and Matt both burst into laughter]
    Terry: [annoyed] Seriously, I am!
    Terry's mom: Terry, please.
  • In "Sentries of the Last Cosmos," Terry goes out to look for a man named Eldon Michaels, whom he is told is an alien/Eldritch Abomination from outer space. After a brief shootout at Michaels' apartment, Batman manages to knock the gun out of his hands with a batarang.
    Michaels: (in a very nasal voice) Ow, that hurt!
    Batman: "Ow, that hurt"?

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