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Fridge: BlazBlue

Fridge Logic

  • How is it possible that Makoto wears shoes with short socks with her jacket on, but suddenly ends up wearing stockings going up to her thighs the moment she throws it off?

  • ok, let me get a few things straight. Jin is Hakumen. Hakumen is one of the six heroes. Hazama is an Asshole. Hazama is Terumi. Terumi was one of the six heroes. Terumi betrayed the six heroes. Now, considering that Jin is is Hakumnen and knows that Terumi is an asshole who tried to kill him and destroy the world....He did absolutely NOTHING to stop hazama before anything could be a problem at all!
    • In that Time Line, Jin would not have known that Hazama could be Terumi. He might have known a Hazama, but he would not realise that the two were the same. Besides, they were fighting the Black Beast at the time. Your priorities would have to be kind of skewed if you went after one man, rather than a world eating serpent.
    • It's also hinted, if not outright stated that Jin lost his memories when he went back in time, just like Ragna did as explained in the light novels.
    • Also worth noting that Jin only finds out that Hazama is Terumi after the continuity shift - i.e. where he should have fallen into the cauldron to become Hakumen - so the Hakumen that we all know and love never got the big reveal
  • When playing in Arcade Mode, if Relius Astral Finished his event battle opponents (Makoto, Tager, Carl or Hazama)... how did they all get out of Relius' lab after being sealed there along with him to have their post-battle banter?
  • So Hazama's evil plan succeeds basically every time loop he's shown in, and he's only running through the loops so he can know all the details so he can win. Except he already wins like 20 times throughout story and arcade modes. Shouldn't we have been treated to loop after loop of him losing, until he learned all the information needed to win?
    • I think the idea is that he's going through the loops to figure out all the variables, and to see just how much he can accomplish in one loop before the True Ending. He's like one of those guys who plays Majora's Mask over and over in order to figure out how best to do a three-day run.
    • Terumi's real victory is the neutralization of Takamagahara, which puts an end to the time loop and allows him to break free from their control. This only occurs in the True Ending, because the time loops allowed him to calculate the exact moment when they would be distracted enough for him to strike. Forging Mu-12 and defeating the heroes is otherwise meaningless, because Takamagahara will just pull the plug on that timeline and reset the loop, just like they were about to do in the True Ending before he interfered.
  • Technically Terumi can actually physically touch things when he's in his ghost form. When he enters Takamgahara he claps and then there's a scene with him touching Jin.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Ragna hates ghosts. And guess what the Big Bad of the story happens to be? A freaking green ghost!
    • Said Big Bad is responsible for the events of Ragna's Dark and Troubled Past - if Ragna wasn't afraid of ghosts before, Terumi most likely caused it.
  • Why doesn't Jin have new clothes in chrono phantasma? He doesn't wear new clothes because after single handedly winning a war and gaining the title of Hero of Ikaruga, he would have a pretty recognizable face, regardless of what he's wearing or where he's going. Making him easy to find. But, then there's the fact that he just doesn't care.
    • Confirmed that he just doesn't care enough to change them.
  • Platinum the Trinity happens to hate snakes according to her official profile, and take a guess who happens to fight with snake-like beings...
    • Trinity's soul resides inside the Nox Nyctores, Muchorin, which can spontaneously create things from thin air with the problematic side effect of causing amnesia. Obviously, the weapon connects her to Platinum the Trinity, and is one of the reasons she shares a body with Luna and Sena but how? Platinum the Trinity is an artificial body created by Arma Reboare: Muchorin, which the three souls now coexist inside.
  • Jubei's advice to Ragna? Don't ever assume the power of the Azure is yours. Guess what happens to Terumi? Inventor of the Grimoire or not, Evil Is Not a Toy.
  • In the stage where you usually fight Unlimited Hazama in story mode, the stage's quote is "The devil is not as black as he is painted." Hinting that Terumi might not be the mastermind as previously thought.
    • Turns out he is, but considering Terumi is more green-and-black than straight black, it still works.
      • And then you find out it appears to be SAYA, of all people. [[spoiler: Well, Izanami possessing Saya.
  • Ever since the bosses from Calamity Trigger were unlocked in arcades, Jin has been asking Hakumen who the hell he thinks he is, and Hakumen's response has been to level his sword at Jin. He pointing at you, Jin.
  • Bang is a NINJA. People aren't even supposed to be aware he exists.
    • Also his ninja-ness shows that the game seems to hammer him down and never let us forget that he's the Joke Character and of no consequence, even Mori Toshimichi consider him weaker than Carl as a vigilante. However, with him possibly getting the Phoenix Rettenjou, Kushinada's Device and fighting Hazama and live to fight another day unbroken, his 'Joke Character Butt Monkey' status may as well be an extreme cover of the ninja to show how deadly he is in actuality.
  • It was confirmed that one of Relius defining traits is his lack of emotion. Now read the quote at the top of Carl's character page.
  • Nu's theme music "Awakening The Chaos" has an opera in the background. She was created by Relius, who was listed to have "opera" as one of his interests.
    • Her desire to destroy everything nicely foreshadows Imperator Saya's (Nu's template) hatred of the world.
    • Her theme also possesses two elements, the amazingly heavy rock sections showing her hatred of existence, and an amazingly calm serene section which portrays her split personality which is in love with Ragna.
    • Let me throw this one at you. When Ragna fights Nu in Calamity Trigger, she says they've fought four times, while he says they've fought three. Now, remember that Noel is actually Mu-12, the precedessor of Nu as revealed in Continuum Shift, and Ragna fought Noel before he confronts Nu. Based on how Nu treats Ragna, this also gives possibly disturbing insight into how Saya views Ragna.
  • Late in CS' story mode, Terumi reveals that he's managed to correctly calculate every single possible outcome of the Continuum Shift. An impressive feat, to be sure, but knowing that, look back at all the different story mode paths. Notice how he always shows up at the most convenient moment every single time, without fail. Someone tries to grab Noel? He's there. Someone getting too close to his work? He shows up. Someone needs some persuading, he's there. Just however could he know when, exactly, to show up?
    • Terumi had to survey the entire continuum shift to find the best possible solution to his plans - Arcade Mode can be considered an "experiment" to see what he could get away with if he left certain "players" to their own devices. Ragna and Noel are left ignored as they are exactly conducive of his plans (their Arcade endings fall in line with Story mode). Most of the rest of the cast are likewise given little weight, or have their own desires exploited for his and Relius' own designs. Rachel is given greater consideration, as she wastes no time telling Noel just what she is and what she can do; Noel denies it and has little reason to believe the mysterious girl in the poofy black dress, but to Terumi it's not worth chancing. As for Makoto, it's clear that if he and Relius let her do as she pleases, everything stands to turn to shit. Considering this is the same Makoto that effed everything up in Slight Hope, it's no wonder he skips to homicide...
    • In arcade mode, Jin pretty much could care less about Hazama, remaining obsessed with killing Ragna. As such, he too is left to himself in story mode - an oversight which nearly derails the whole scheme, as prodding from Rachel and Jubei combined with the plan's relentless hammering on Jin's Berserk Button (threatening his friend, abusing his cousin/sister/love interest/whatever they are, and just plain being Noel in Mu's case) cues him to take several levels in badass - not quite enough to do the utterly impossible and defeat the Godslayer while critically wounded, but enough to force a little Xanatos Speed Chess.
      • Jubei saves Jin from a potential messy landing (Hazama complains that Jin "smells like cat"), and Rachel and Valkenhayn give him his due treatment so he can press on despite his injuries (and further awaken the power of order), but the fight at the docks in Decision forces the Xanatos Speed Chess a round early. Terumi attacking Makoto caused Jin to guard her and, later, commit to the grinding, but attacking Jin would have triggered a Slight Hope redux - and we all know how well that worked out. Terumi's apparent refusal to understand friendship is already starting to cost him.
    • This may yet be weaponized against Terumi. At the end of her CP Arcade run, Makoto manages to help Tsubaki escape the Imperator's control (even if she has to get beaten half to death in the process), but before much can come of it, she is tossed back to before she and Noel left Sector Seven. The timing is almost too convenient for the villains... but then again, neither Terumi nor Relius are particularly keen on losing the Izayoi's anti-observational abilities while they have a use for them, and Makoto's handiwork would have thrown their plans Off the Rails again. Does Terumi have to make a habit of underestimating Makoto's Intelligence abilities?
      • Speaking of, in the Chronophantasma story mode, Makoto's first match with Tsubaki ends in the latter's favor, despite all evidence leaning heavily towards the contrary - Makoto handily wipes Tsubaki in Slight Hope (the alternative being Noel), floors her in Friendship, defeats her and Izayoi in Bonds, and pummels her to the brink of unconsciousness later in the story. However, Izanami was also shown interfacing with Takamagahara, and thus would be able to see the outcomes of her game of continuual tug-of-war with Amaterasu; it's not outside the realm of possibility that she intervened on Tsubaki's behalf based on the first three results, because some things just shouldn't be left to chance. She probably missed Never Break Your Heart, or she'd have cottoned on to Kagura playing for the other team, and thanks to Kokonoe's Eclipse Field, she never gets a chance to rectify this error before losing control over the Izayoi anyway.
  • It's a minor one, but this troper noticed a Stealth Pun-esque Title Drop in Noel's, Jin's, Tsubaki's, and Hazama's battle quotes if any of them is pitted against one another. They claim they're knights of the blue flame, now, read the title and remember what a blaze is.
    • There's another Stealth Pun in Hakumen's intro. He says "I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword" which is "我は空、我は鋼、我は刃" (I am void, I am steel, I am blade) in Japanese. Blade(刃) is pronounced "Jin", which makes it sound like Hakumen is saying "I am void, I am steel, I am Jin".
  • Hakumen's Distortion Drives start with the phrase "Empty Sky Form". Jin was afraid of the moon as a child and hates it as an adult, thus his Distortions are named after the new moon.
  • The irony/symbolism of Jin's love intrest being Tsubaki: Izayoi is a Japanese word related to the Moon.
  • In Continuum Shift Nu- 13 is no longer kill crazy towards Ragna. Why? Well, it's simple: She no longer possesses her incomplete Grimoire, which drove her to try and absorb Ragna's grimoire and create the Black Beast, thus causing her to be far less insane around him. For added irony points, think back to what she does in her dying scene: She completes Ragna's Azure, without him transmuting into the Black Beast.
  • Rachel never really acts like a vampire and would rather drink tea than suck blood. In fact, she always seems to have tea or ask for it in every appearance. She does this not just because she is being classy, but she is displacing her self-disdained vampiric urge of blood for tea.
  • Most people who have played BlazBlue and watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann will know that Jin and Simon have the same Japanese voice actor. It had already occurred to me how vastly different these two roles are, but what really hit me was the realization that they're literally polar opposites. Simon is a Hot-Blooded Badass, and Jin spends a good portion of the series as a cold-hearted Jerkass! —Crazed Ninja
  • In a "Teach Me, Miss Litchi!" segment of BlazBlue, Taokaka reacts to being described as a different species from that of humans with this quote: "So I'm special!?" (@ 6:14). At the time, I didn't pay this remark that much mind; it seemed pretty ordinary, if not completely unnecessary statement. It took me another watch for me to realize that Tao was connecting the words species and special (maybe not on purpose, but I saw the connection), bringing up something I had never thought about before.I felt like an idiot right then; I could imagine Taokaka in a scholarly hat looking down on me and teaching me this somewhat useless, but "what-should-have-been-obvious" fact: "Species and special, as words, are close to each other in meaning and basic construction from Latin, nyasu~". That lovable dimwit of a cat girl ACTUALLY taught me something new... Teach Me, Miss Taokaka!
    • Also on the subject of Tao, I realized that she's not, strictly speaking, stupid. She's a kitten. They say it throughout story mode and the omakes. Kittens, generally, are vastly different in demeanor from normal cats. As kittens, they're probably all like Tao.
  • Taokaka's nickname for Ragna, "Good Guy", suddenly becomes that much more hilarious when you realize that Guilty Gear's (another game by Arc System Works) protagonist was named Sol Badguy.
  • Continuum Shift would get depressing with the fact that someone as nice and good as Litchi pulled a Face-Heel Turn and seemed to be unresisting or happy with the fact that she works with an evil group. The battle against Rachel seemed depressing to see how committed she is into evil and even puts up an angry, hostile face... but then it dawned that... Litchi wasn't really using harsh words and telling Rachel to GTFO like a hated enemy, rather using excuses with 'The place above further is dangerous' as in to show concern (until she piqued about Arakune). And strictly speaking, if Rachel did obey Litchi's words, she wouldn't get caught with Phantom's trap that lies ahead and had to wait until Ragna bailed her out. In short, it dawned to me that even when she's with NOL, Litchi is probably trying to protect Rachel from harm... Much of the stress about "Litchi has been completely EVIL" afterwards have been removed after the revelation... or at least reduced even further.
  • Also in Continuum Shift, if one just skims around to the True End and just bothers with the necessary stories, then Litchi being that easy to sway to do a Face-Heel Turn due to Arakune may make her look like an idiot. Until you realize that in Litchi's story, she went into bigger turmoil into making that decision not very lightly. That very light 'acceptance' happens in Hazama's story, in which told from Hazama's POV. And in Hazama's POV, very possibly that everyone else looks like a gullible dumbass for him to toy around, so Litchi looks like a complete dumbass in the eyes of Hazama only, while the player is given how things take from her POV thereby making her look more sympathetic than completely an idiot.
  • How many times have children's stories been revised over the ages? As kids, we witness events as they are told to us with a literal mind and form opinions based on what we view. As adults, sometimes we look back on those early opinions and try to see them in a different light, to understand how things happened and why, and it changes our view of the story overall. So what does this have to do with BlazBlue? Slight Hope created a lot of controversy within the fandom and sorely fractured Makoto's fanbase. Zealots on both sides act on what they see on the surface and shill or bash her accordingly, the latter going so far as to call her a Creator's Pet despite the fact we're still only two chapters in and she's been significantly active in a mere fragment of one. Everyone thinks of her birthdate of April 2nd as "the day after April Fools' Day", but in reality Mori slipped a very vital warning sign beneath our noses. For those of us who research the story and figure out why those events transpired, the significance is even clearer - Makoto's birthday is International Children's Book Day.
    • Expanding on this point, Makoto manages to have a rare combination of the Small Steps Hero and Sweet and Sour Grapes in that whilst she wants to save her friends above all else, said friends' roles in the Evil Plan means her involvement stands to sabotage all of it, as if her small steps are from a giant's perspective; whilst a ditzy character turning out to be very smart reeks of Informed Ability, the story manages to form a plausible explanation for both ends and legitimize the resulting paradox; her physical strength alone is on par with members of the cast who possess logic-bending weapons, or in some cases have explicitly sorcerous powers, yet said weapons and powers can handle specific situations that muscle and will alone cannot handle; she's been subjected to Diabolus ex Machina and Deus ex Machina almost in tandem for the narrative's sake; and she rests in the shadow of a number of plot lines at once. The way Makoto can cross the Boundary without consequence is like how a Legacy Character remains unchanged between versions of a story, her unfucking of her friends when Terumi tries to fuck them even harder pisses him off, like the antithesis to a Villain Sue, some of her character elements cross over into gameplay, and while she's a part of the reason the story hasn't fallen completely into Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy, her chain is yanked fiercely when not doing so would destroy the plot! If one likens the Imperator and Amaterasu's Time Crash war to two authors in an edit war over the same book, then Makoto is the character intrinsically tied to the plot's conclusion being reinterpreted to improve the mood and quality of the plot in general! No wonder her Guilty Gear pallette swap is Order-Sol - like her western counterpart, she's a Parody Fixer Sue done right!
  • How can Kokonoe understand what Arakune is saying? She is only seen talking to him with an ars that is stated to directly interact with a person's nervous system... and Arakune internally believes he's speaking complete sentences.
  • A nice bit of foreshadowing: Jin and Hakumen are the only two characters whose move names are left in Gratuitous Japanese.
  • Each characters fighting style fights perfectly with their characterization. Likewise, Chrono Phantasma movelist changes may indicate the direction of potential development. For example:
    • Ragna, whose fighting style is to attack first and try to survive by using his soul draining powers whenever he is in danger as he leaves himself open all the time. In conversations, he is always aggressive and leaves himself open to ridicule (or verbal attacks). Also, whenever he gets in any real danger his first impulse is to use the grimoire's powers.
    • Jin, whose fighting style utilising ice and attacks from a distance, also finds it hard not to use Yukianesa's attacks, as he is prone to using them when other characters pressing the same buttons would be doing normal attacks. Jin himself is a generally cold person and keeps everyone at a distance from his emotions which are being suppressed because of Yukianesa, also he is very prone to using his Nox Nyctores because it is influencing his actions and actually forcing him to use it even when Jin wouldn't want to.
      • When you notice the ice freezing Jin's enemies in CT or CS, you notice that the ice blocks has spikes all over. In CP, the ice is more refined like a crystal. It seems to signify that Jin has further mastered Yukianesa and steering his destiny on his own, other than graphic upgrade, really.
    • Noel, whose general tactic is to spam attacks thoughtlessly and hope to hit as many times as possible. She herself is rather ditzy person who doesn't think before she does something, and isn't in her current position because of skill but luck of the draw as Hazama says.
      • Noel's outfit in CP is revealing in different ways, especially trading some of the backlessness for sideboob; her Chain Quasar Overdrive accelerates her Drive attacks; and she has developed a "shotgun" technique as well. All of these indicate that her Fanservice Pack outfit is more of an Adrenaline Makeover, and she has become more confident in her appearance and abilities as a result.
    • Rachel, who seldom ever attacks herself, always using her familiars or lightning to fight for her. She herself isn't allowed to interfere directly as such she must simply observe. The closest she is allowed to interact with the world is making other people do things for her.
    • Taokaka's hyperactive personality goes hand-in-hand with her Drive attacks which send her bouncing all over the screen.
    • Litchi juggles between her two styles of using her staff and her bare hands, which is very similar on how she tried juggling between catering for each of her friends' needs and looking for Arakune. She also exemplifies Difficult but Awesome, which also implies to how fans would take her after Continuum Shift: take things in face value and you'll just dismiss her as a self-serving, stupid, obsessed Horrible Judge of Character. Try to dig into her character even further, then you'll realize that she is a much more conflicted, tragic Anti-Villain and a candidate of the biggest Woobie of the cast. Her Astral consist of a 100-hit kicks ending with... kicking them off-screen. When compared to others (be it shattering people with ice, getting people eaten by a giant snake, or punching the enemy so hard they break away moons) Litchi's look very tame and survivable by the standards of World of Badass. This can speak on her kindness and how she'd try her best not to kill or overly and unnecessarily harm people when she doesn't have to.
      • Litchi has developed some new techniques and a new Distortion in Chrono Phantasma, and has retooled Great Wheel into an Overdrive. This may be a sign that her research is bearing fruit - in addition to learning new ways of utilizing the Boundary, she has also refined her own control over the abilities she already possesses.
    • Arakune's fighting style revolves around confusing his opponents with difficult-to-read moves, which represents his degenerating mental state.
    • Similarly, Makoto's fighting style seems to rely rushing headlong at the enemy, without much thought for strategy or defense, preferring to use her raw power and determination to win over opponents. Makoto herself is a Book Dumb ditz who charges into situations without thinking them through, preferring to do what she feels is the right thing over what is logically sound, like betraying the NOL. However, Comet Cannon is laid out as a mine, Corona Upper and Space Counter come out of nowhere, and Asteroid Vision can be followed in a variety of manners - all of these, meant to punish careless approach by opponents, surprising and confusing opponents, indicate that beneath the Book Dumb ditz lies a very crafty and unpredictable opponent capable of catching even Hazama off guard.
      • Galaxian Impact maximizes the power of her Drive attacks, both of her new Drive attacks are Asteroid Vision extensions, and Shooting Star was retooled to work both as an extension and as a standalone technique. This may be a sign that she is expanding her horizons and understanding the world at large - the expanded arsenal indicates she is becoming less predictable in her methods, and the automated synchronization from the Overdrive indicates she is starting to come to terms with herself; going Unlimited would mean she has accepted herself fully. This is the last thing Terumi wants.
    • Bang's fighting style is an array of Awesome, but Impractical looking moves that are surprisingly effective at second glance. Bang is a larger-than-life Hot-Blooded character with hidden potential to be something truly great. Also, his lack of magic or any augmenting powers and his Incorruptible Pure Pureness go hand-in-hand.
      • As with Litchi, the retooling of Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan and development of new tricks and a new Distortion means he is getting the hang of real combat and possibly understanding how to incorporate Rettenjou into his fighting arts.
    • Carl fights in tandem with Nirvana. On the one hand, Carl himself is pretty weak and generally needs Nirvana to do most of the big damage... but, on the other hand, Nirvana is useless without Carl to control her. This concept of mutual support extends into the main story - Carl's number one goal is to help Ada, and Ada is fiercely devoted to protecting Carl.
      • This is emphasized with the Synchro High Speed Overdrive and Ada's new attack, which indicates a strengthening bond between them.
      • Relius, however, is the exact opposite. He only brings Ignis out when he needs to, which illustrates that he sees her less as a teammate and more as a servant or a weapon. This also means bad news: Relius himself is a pretty powerful individual that he probably could beat you into submission without even calling Ignis, which to him sounds more like a bonus.
    • Hakumen's fighting style is very defensive; he's too slow to be played aggressively, so instead he waits for his opponent to make a mistake or telegraph their moves and counters them with his Drive attack and his various sword pokes. Not only is this reactionary fighting style perfectly suited to his samurai motif, it also helps emphasize what a badass he is as the leader of the Six Heroes (ie: he's so good, he can see your attacks coming a mile away.)
      • Additionally, the Magatama mechanic is a way of demonstrating that he's only using a fraction of his strength - full-power Hakumen would basically have Mugen active all the time.
    • Hazama's fighting style gives off Difficult but Awesome vibes in the sense that behind the unassuming facade and unorthodox combat style is one of the more powerful entities in the series.
      • However, he only acquires a dash move and a Distortion, both of which chain from Serpent's Benediction. Both are used as follow-ups to an obvious defenseless stance to punish careless approach, akin to igniting a flame war from obvious troll bait. That is literally all he gets, as even his Overdrive is a power boost to go with the siphon ring he was infamous for in Continuum Shift. Like an overdone meme, he may be getting old...
    • Terumi is a Sadistic Hope Crusher: He has low average damage output for the purpose of prolonging his enemy's suffering and stomps on them, not only to cause physical pain, but also to disrespect and degrade them (a fact his win animations underscore). He has one stomp Distortion, one rush Distortion to rob you of any reprieve from him you think you might get, and one counter Distortion coupled with one reversal Distortion to remind you that your efforts are useless. While his Jarin Renshouga is flat out designed to be damaging, Jabaku Fuuenjin actually changes depending on whether he's in Overdrive or not: If he's not, then it's, just like Jarin, a move to greatly damage his opponent with... IN Overdrive, however, it drains a crapload of Heat along with being damaging, effectively robbing his opponent of his/her hopes of winning, and it ends with him grinding his foot into his opponent's head while mocking them before he kicks them away: It embodies everything despicable Terumi is.
    • Kagura Mutsuki is a stance and charge character, with his move names are mostly themed on dragons (with his Drive, Overdrive, and "Stance Break" being the sole exceptions). It shows his laid-back personality and his overwhelming cleverness, power and ambition (Kagura is known to be stronger than Ragna the Bloodedge (without his Azure Grimoire). He is also able to subdue Noel Vermillion in her Mu-12 mode. Kagura is even able to resist against Phantom's Gravity Seed magic to some extent, which not even Rachel Alucard could resist against.)

  • In hindsight, in CT, when Bang encounters Litchi in his story, trying to converse with Arakune, Bang claims that Litchi has been a Distressed Damsel. Cut to CS, while at first it just looks like Litchi is forced to pull a Face-Heel Turn, it became apparent that she's more closer to a deconstruction of Distressed Damsel, she has no one to help and save her and must face her turmoils alone. In other words, Bang is completely right about her in distress.
  • Relius' Astral is revealed at EXTEND, in which Litchi pulling a Face-Heel Turn is nothing but a Foregone Conclusion. However, when hit with Relius' Astral, rather than the other playable 'villains', like Hazama (just sitting down bored) or Tsubaki (being let to say her prayers inside a magic circle), Litchi is instead tied up and restrained, just like other would-be betrayers of NOL (Jin and Makoto). This would mean that Relius is also aware that even if she's on his side, Litchi has the highest chance to pull a High Heel-Face Turn, and she's not exactly so blindly worshiping them on the promise of the cure that he could rest easy and think she'll just submit on the experiment if goaded with "We have the cure".
  • One would say that Litchi should've at least asked everyone else, even in Orient Town, for the cure instead of going over to NOL. However, there is a good reason why Litchi never asked any help from them or even tell her problems: As one scene in CT if she lost to Noel shows, the citizens of Orient Town are willing to throw their lives away to help her. If she told her her problems with the Boundary, more likely that the citizens of the town would gladly throw their lives away for her sake, by trying the Boundary with intentions of helping her... but instead are creating more creatures like Arakune and more problems. Of course, Litchi wouldn't want this fate to befell the town, even for her own sake, so she kept silent about her problems and puts them out of equations of 'those who can be asked for help'.
  • A minor one, if Carl and Relius battle each other, Relius will say "Watch and learn, my son." Upon using Vol Tedo, In unlimited mode, Carl learns Vol Tedo as one of his secret moves.
  • During Slight Hope, Makoto was surveying the Ibukido ruins, cracking into its database, learning the layout of Kagutsuchi through Jin and Bang, plumbing the secrets of the Ikaruga Civil War through her discussion with Bang, and negotiating with Tager and Kokonoe. Also, when Bang informer her that a man in a half-mask (Relius) escorted Jin from Ronin-gai, she used her knowledge of Relius' involvement with Noel and an aside by Terumi to alter her plans enough to dodge the trap Relius was setting for her. Come to think of it, this is exactly the kind of work a member of the Intelligence division should be conducting - meaning that Makoto broke Terumi's plans apart, however unknowingly, by doing her job. Beneath the bubbly, boisterous beastkin (say that three times fast) is a better spy than Hazama!
  • Every character released up to Extend has a Dislike in their Material Collection information that has a direct connection to their physical or mental profile.
    • Ragna dislikes ghosts and the N.O.L. - both pertain to his vendetta against Terumi.
    • Jin dislikes weaklings due to almost effortlessly slaughtering several individuals in the Ikaruga Civil War due to being hopped up on the power of order - the praise for his One-Man Army status is part of many things pushed on him, and he would rather earn his accolades.
    • Noel dislikes bugs, especially ones with lots of legs - this is a common childhood phobia, fitting for someone whose mental age is in the single digits. Depending on the level of exposure, this may even ascend to Primal Fear.
    • Rachel dislikes the boredom she has suffered from her role as an "observer", being forced to watch the world share a singular fate over several iterations of the same hundred years. She also has a disdain for bell peppers and tomato juice due to reminding her of another red fluid she swore off long ago.
    • Taokaka's dislike of squigglies pertains to Arakune, the "Black Squiggly", who has made a name for himself by eating the Kaka kittens.
    • Tager dislikes salt water due to its potential in impairing his operation by rusting components or shorting him out (he's a cyborg whose main weapon is a magnetism-harnessing artificial causality weapon).
    • Litchi dislikes indecision - while there may be something in her backstory of which we're unaware, she is currently in uncharted territory in dealing with Arakune's corruption with no idea how to proceed, but she's also aware that her own corruption will catch up to her and subsequently feels she has no time for inaction.
    • Arakune dislikes ignorance, which stems from the professional neglect he, as Lotte/Roy Carmine, suffered under Kokonoe after the incident regarding the Black Beast in Sector Seven. Relius helping to foster his other insecurities didn't help.
    • Bang dislikes evil. Someone has to keep the Ikaruga refugees in Kagutsuchi motivated, and he is left with questions regarding why the NOL attacked his homeland unprovoked and effortlessly slaughtered his people. Wheel of Fortune!Bang, or at least Slight Hope!Bang, may have had the chance to learn about the cause of the war - he said that "it was a foolish quarrel in which neither side was innocent".
    • Carl hates lies in all their forms. He was betrayed by his own father when he moved Ada's soul into Nirvana and left her restoration half-done.
    • Hakumen dislikes everything related to the Black Beast for the destruction it caused during the Dark War - this extends to his campaign against Ragna (who wields part of its Azure Grimoire), Nu (who wields the other part and who personally killed Tsubaki in his origin timeline) and Terumi (its "creator"), as well as his outrage against Kokonoe's nuke silo (due to the pointless destruction atomic weapons brought when used against the Beast).
    • Nu hates everything except Ragna due to the fact that she has been bounced between the living world and the Boundary plenty of times, and she was programmed to "interact" with Ragna in a narrowly-defined manner.
    • Tsubaki dislikes war - given what it did to her precious "Jinny", one can hardly blame her. There may be other reasons beyond this.
    • Hazama dislikes cats due to both his Jubei issues (attempts to kill the cat have gone poorly for him, necessitating Phantom's intervention on Hazama's behalf) and his physically ingrained allergy. His distaste for "loud noises" is unexplained and kind of ironic, since he enjoys making others suffer.
    • Mu's dislike is "the world" - as a result of extensive mindrape and reformatting, she intends to vent all the trauma and hatred forced upon her by destroying the world. After events in Chronophantasma, she takes on Noel's characteristics, since Mu is Noel's original identity.
    • Makoto's distaste for discrimination is her secondary Berserk Button due to nonstop exposure to racism in her pre-Academy years. Said racism extending to the few people she mutually cared for correllates to her primary Berserk Button of implying harm upon her friends.
    • Valkenhayn dislikes "objects without character" - while currently unexplained, it is possible this may be a hint to his aimless life as a vigilante prior to meeting Claudius Alucard.
    • Platinum dislikes Ragna due to her childish mentality (clinging to Jubei like a child to their parent), but her hatred of snakes may be a lingering fragment of Trinity's personality, due to her guilt complex regarding Yuuki Terumi.
    • Relius dislikes disorganized bookshelves - as a scientist, he prefers having his records readily accessible and in proper order. He likened the restoration of his memory after a jump through the Boundary displaced him eighty years in time to "organizing bookshelves in a library".
    • Taokaka's obsession with breasts seems like it's played just for Rule of Funny, but I realized that it seems to have a deeper meaning. Tao is very childlike, but she's clearly developed a very shapely body; this means she's probably in her teens at the very earliest. With teenage years comes feelings of attraction, something Tao's childlike mind would likely be unable to comprehend. She either cannot or will not accept these feelings of atttraction, so her obsession for breasts developed as a countermeasure. The reason Litchi puts up with it is because, being the wise woman she is, she knows what is going on in Tao's head and simply wants her to be a functional member of society (if she can be called that in the first place).
  • Laura Bailey playing Platinum The Trinity counts when you realize Platinum embody the three character types she plays. She commonly plays young boys(Sena), Spunky fiery girls(Luna), and mature and usually kind sister like roles(Trinity).

Fridge Horror

  • Phantom is heavily implied to be Nine, who was betrayed and killed by Terumi. Phantom doesn't seem to have any arms and doesn't speak at all. Terumi works with Relius Clover, who converted both his wife and his daughter into dolls.
  • Speaking of Relius, his Astral Finish is easy to make sexual jokes about... Until you realize that it implies that the victim will soon suffer the same fate as Ada and Ignis. Jeez.
    • Again, involving Relius, the majority of his actions have a single motivation besides evil's sake. When one thinks about the real world, no small number of humanity's greatest scientific achievements came about as the result of some of its greatest atrocities. When one thinks about the Mad Puppeteer in that light, it magnifies both the genius of his actions (rapid scientific advancement) as well as the inherent grotesquerie (the mass number of casualties involved cannot be overlooked).
    • Another piece of prime disturbing-ness: Remember all the horrible, painful, degrading stuff Relius did to Makoto in her bad ending? It's implied that he's going to turn her into a doll. If the process he used there is the same one he used to create Nirvana/Ada and Ignis, he used all those techniques on his own wife and child. And going on the above Fridge Horror, he'll do the same to anyone hit by his Astral.
  • Every fight starts with The Wheel of Fate is Turning, how many of billions of battles played by us are yet another time loop? Thousands? Millions?
  • How many people think that Litchi's Bad End was actually better than in True End where she pulls a Face-Heel Turn, no matter how forced? Well, assuming we take the universe to roll on after her bad end, it means Arakune only ate her memories of him... NOT her corruption. Which means, even if she stopped corrupting herself more, the current corruption were enough to degenerate her, at best she'd just be a vegetable, at worst, she'll still turn out to be the next Arakune, and all of Kokonoe's efforts would be for naught since she probably moved her ass to help way too late, because before she stepped in too late, Litchi would've made no effort to try to cure herself because she lost her drive for the cure in the first place. And if it's the latter, imagine who will be her first victims... the Kaka clan AND the Orient Town people. All that, and Litchi would've been bereft of her sane mind with zero chance to think of even redeeming herself. At least by being a sane Heel, she'd have chance to think of a future Heel Realization and once again turns Face again, rather than doomed with an Alzheimer's disease-like symptoms to death. There's a reason WHY the game designated it the BAD END for her, folks.
    • This gets a lot more sense if you're familiar with Persona 3. Basically, Litchi killing Arakune would be akin of the Main Character killing Ryoji: The inevitable (either Litchi's corruption or The Fall) will just be delayed, not stopped, and those who could stop it had their memories erased and blissfully unaware that the doom is surely to come, even if it's delayed only a little. Both Arakune and Ryoji probably meant well, letting their friends die their inevitable deaths in happiness rather than in doubts, but for someone who prefers living, that'd be a nightmare or a downer on epic proportions, especially when Litchi knows there are people who'd be sad if she dies. If that event in Persona 3 is considered Downer Ending, then Litchi's Bad End is definitely one as well.
  • This is less Fridge Horror and more a Delayed "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, but everyone's familiar with how bloody hilarious Makoto's gag reel turned out to be. However, mix in Makoto's bad ending, Heart to Heart, and a dash of Arakune's Arcade commentary, and the whole thing takes on a much darker light than previously anticipated. It's pretty damn clear from those three that Makoto's childhood sucked, and her family was literally the only sanctuary she had from a neighborhood, or possibly a whole Hierarchical City, that just plain hates her. Two possibilities arise as a result... the first is that they were already crazy (though not as batshit insane as the misroled cast turned out to be), and that only made things worse for Makoto's already strained optimism; the second is that they were merely eccentric, and went crazy as a way to cheer her up, only that wound up not working or, worse, backfiring. Kind of painful to think about the gag reel in that context - even though it's isolated from canon and can be safely accepted as a parody of family sitcoms, if taken as a representation of Makoto's family life, it makes humor of a situation that, in retrospect, isn't funny at all. Maybe not as depressing as Lambda's gag reel, but damn if it don't try.
    • On the subject of Makoto and Delayed Funny Aneurysm Moments, Kokonoe takes her away at the end of Teach Me More, Ms. Litchi! Ep6 to try to fix her memory overload issues. She speaks at the end about tampering with Noel's memories, and it's safe to presume she's going to do it to Makoto first as a test-run. Last time someone messed with Makoto's memories involved Relius Clover... if you feel like you need a gallon, know that you're not alone.
  • In the ending of Chronophantasma, Relius is defeated, extremely depressed and now under the leash of both Carl and Litchi. And they're also free from their 'villain' status and can resume being good people again. However, Litchi practically lost her only way to salvage her situation about her Boundary Corruption and Lotte's situation, the new world, since Relius is now a broken man unable to repeat his plan again. Furthermore, with Izanami's threat looming on the world, her time in the world gets even shorter and if Izanami is defeated, then she only can wait until the corruption engulf her completely, and in her quest to gain the salvation, she betrayed one of her best friends Bang Shishigami. All of the sudden, it looks like 'being free from Relius' manipulation' only sounds like a small comfort from the looming doom and depression that awaits Litchi, she's paying the price for her obsession. If Carl won't take his time to understand Litchi and comfort her, there's no telling when she will completely snap...
    • Taking further consideration of this is the moment where her last battleground was crumbling. Litchi just stood there when Carl had to yank her out of the harm's way. What's to say that Litchi also fell into depression like Relius and thought that she's better off dying, what with all her chance to live a decent life of a normal human being completely destroyed.
  • Speaking of Izanami how long has she been possessing Saya?The New Material Collection states that Saya's personalty changed and got sick.What if Izanami was possessing her and was planning on escaping using Jin and frame him for bullying Saya when it was the other way around?Jin tried to tell Ragna the true but he didn't believe him and Izanami gave him yukianasa to save Saya but got his memories erased by Terumi which means Jin's hatred towards Saya is actually just hating Izanami for controlling her.
    • Jin was just an attention whore when they were younger, which is why he bullied Saya because she was the target of Ragna's affection. Relius was the one behind Izanami occupying Saya's body, so it probably happened after she was kidnapped and probably immediately, judging from the drastic physical change that happened to her since then. As for giving him Yukianasa, Izanami might've been able to influence her mind, but not fully control Saya prior to Terumi kidnapping her, which is why she was constantly sick and suddendly produced a giant katana out of nowhere to give to Jin.

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