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Teana's Travels is a multi-crossover series centered on Lyrical Nanoha (specifically, on Teana Lanstar) written by DKN 117, broken up into several “Books” that cover Teana's adventures across the multiverse after leaving the TSAB due to a violent falling-out with Nanoha (specifically, this is a Divergence Fic that starts immediately after the White Devil Incident). On the way, she gathers an elite team composed of four other teen girls (Shion Sonozaki, Kaede Fuyou, Marie Swanson (aged up and used with the express permission of Lance-The-Young), and Mai Kitagawa) who left their homeworlds to escape respective tumultuous pasts there, and a fifth teen girl, Ahsoka Tano, who had nothing to escape from in the first place, all her friends & family being dead. The girls, led by Teana, become Gamma Team, and they go on to save several worlds, tackling separate problems that crop up in the realms they travel to while a looming greater threat awaits in the shadows…

The series is divided into multiple books:

Book 0: The Prologue: In the wake of the White Devil Incident, a beyond-furious Teana seals her own Linker Core and disassociates herself from the TSAB and from magic in general, using an old Forerunner destroyer she found, which she dubs Starshot, to leave Midchilda far behind and head out for parts unknown.

Book 1: Spartan: Teana arrives at the planet Reach in early-mid 2552, and rapidly gets caught up in the war plaguing this realm, helping to see it through to the end. The last chapter introduces most of Gamma Team.

Book 1.5: The Starshot swings by a galaxy engulfed in war between the heroic Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire… but they don’t stay long, only swinging by long enough for a Precursor device aboard the ship to reach across reality and resurrect a 15-year-old Togrutan girl, killed two decades earlier in the Great Jedi Purge, who becomes the sixth member of Gamma Team.

Book 2: Wings of Liberty: The Starshot reaches the Koprulu Sector, allying with Raynor's Raiders and assisting them against the corrupt Terran Dominion of Arcturus Mengsk and the reemerging threat of Kerrigan's Zerg Swarm. The author freely admits that, writing-quality-wise, this book is a piece of crap, and has begun a remake, with altered scenes, a changing around of mission order, and improved combat, located here.

Book 3: The Starshot reaches a realm where, 16 years previous, the Phoenix League Federation fought itself free from the Sol Confederacy, and during their stay Teana & co. gain access to incredible new skills that point them in the direction of their next travels. Contains a heavily-altered and “What If?” timeline of the Rejuve Verse created by "Lurking Dragon". It's also the distant future of the Modern Warfare universe.

Rise of the Phoenixes is a side-story that covers the backstory of the Book 3 universe, showing how the corrupt Confederacy fell to the Phoenix League. Tropes for this story will be listed separately below on this page.

Book 4: Shinobi: The group arrives at Konohagakure shortly after the failed mission to apprehend Sasuke Uchiha that led to Naruto Uzumaki unleashing the dreaded 4-Tailed Form against Orochimaru and then engaging Sasuke himself. Here, Teana seeks knowledge pertaining to her mother: Sayuri Lanstar... who was born as Sayuri Uchiha, dimensionally-displaced elder sister of Fugaku Uchiha. Along the way, the dreaded Akatsuki begin to move in earnest...

Book 5: Magistra: The gang arrives at Mahora Academy shortly after the "attack" of Count Wilhelm. Teana learns startling truths about magic, and later on the group gets embroiled in the massive pickle that Mundus Magicus soon finds itself in.

Book 6: Freedom and Reconciliation: The group swing by the Earth that Marie and Mai are from, dealing with Mai's old "owner", rescuing Mai's little friend Kizuna, and then reuniting Marie with her overjoyed family... who end up deciding to accompany the girls of Gamma on their travels.

Book 7: Angels & Demons: "Gamma Team reaches the Earth that Kaede called home. There, old tensions rise as Kaede encounters the boy she loved and the girl who took him from her."

Book 8: Break The Cycle: "The Starshot heads to the Earth that Shion called home, to the town of Hinamizawa. There, they face violent traditionalists, a deadly plague, a mysterious organization that seeks bloodshed, and the first signs of an even greater threat..."

Book 9: Home: "After several adventures in other realms, Teana (her squad in tow) returns to Midchilda. There, she will reunite with old friends, settle an old grudge, and help prepare for a coming storm..." The end sees Mana Kirishima show up via a dimensional transfer, getting caught up in things.

Book 10: Into The Dark: Following a tip from Zeratul, the gang ventures into the Realm of Darkness. There, they encounter the Heartless, and meet a trio of new allies, all of whom are, in one way or another, very familiar to Fate...

Book 11: To Be Human: "Teana and her squad come across an Earth that is home to a genetic offshoot of humanity called Diclonius. There, they make ready to help a broken young woman and her friends, and to take on a shadowy organization responsible for the deaths of thousands."

Book 12: Misfits Mobilized: "Gamma Team is directed to assist in investigating Project Freelancer, a pet project of Parangosky's that went rogue. On the way, they meet up with two ex-Freelancers and a group of eccentric yet surprisingly effective soldiers, and together they track down the rogue Director, fight pirates, and face the mysterious enemy."

Book 13: Fallen Messengers: "The crew of the Starshot travel to an Earth that has been ravaged by a cataclysm called Second Impact, and is under attack by monstrous entities dubbed "Angels". Can they make a difference against these beasts, the mysterious organization SEELE, and the three pilots' psychoses?"

Book 14: Heart Of Worlds: "Teana and company travel to Aqua's home realm, seeking the counsel of Master Yen-Sid. While there, they encounter their mysterious foe on a greater level than ever before. And shocking secrets are finally revealed..."

Book 15: Equestria Girls: "The girls of Gamma Team are sent to the world of Equestria, magically granted pony-form transformations to better fit in. There, they will forge a bond with the six Harmony Element bearers, solicit the help of the powerful and benevolent Celestia, and meet new friends & new enemies."

Book 16: Convergence: "The Starshot and its crew participate in a meeting between the present multidimensional coalition and another, separate group of dimension-jumping heroes. Together, they form a new alliance to combat the threats to existence."

Book 17: Collectors' Edition: "The nascent Dimensional Defense Force assists Commander Shepard in building a team and taking on the mysterious Collectors."

Book 18: Puella: "The Dimensional Defense Force finds another Earth targeted by their foe, only to discover that local young mages are already embroiled in a conflict with new and powerful dark creatures called Witches. Can Teana & company help these girls deal with their eldritch enemies and their own issues while also keeping their world safe from the external threats?"

Book 19: Darkness from the Moon: "The Dimensional Defense Force's Autobot allies learn of a surprise lying dormant on their Earth's Moon: Sentinel Prime, Optimus' predecessor. But things are not as clean-cut as they appear, for the Decepticons are readying a plan decades in the making..."

Book 20: Ancient Worlds: "The Dimensional Defense Force returns to Belka, seeking anything that could help them against their Great Enemy. Eventually, they find their way to another, older world that has just as many old secrets. On these two planets, they learn truths, fight threats, and Teana has to deal with an old classmate who loves pushing her buttons."

Book 21: Spark of Hope: "The Dimensional Defense Force follows their enemy's trail to the distant, shadowed world of Ulnar. There, The Dark Voice and Master Xehanort prepare to unleash a great Darkness upon the realms. Can Teana and her friends stop the Fallen Xel'Naga and the Fallen Keyblade Master from implementing their terrible plans?"

Book 22: Heart Of The Swarm: "After Arcturus Mengsk foils her plans to live in peace, free of the specters of her past, Sarah Kerrigan makes ready to re-assume the mantle of the ruler of the Swarm, to wreak vengeance upon the man who has taken everything from her. The DDF and the Raiders can only hope to keep up, as the Queen of Blades returns stronger than ever."

Book 23: The Heroes of Time and Twilight: "The Dimensional Defense Force's operatives travel to two "neighboring" realms, to recruit two separate incarnations of a legendary hero. First, Homura and Miyako must aid the prepubescent hero Link in his quest to stop a mischievous imp and the cursed mask he wields. Then, Teana leads a group in rescuing the Realm of Twilight from an attack by the forces of Darkness."

Book 24: Dark Hearts: While on a routine assignment investigating Heartless sightings, Group Madoka is ambushed by a force of villains led by Malia Abaddia, the fallen Puella Magi. A desperate battle ensues as Madoka and her friends fight for their lives against these villains, cut off from reinforcements. Can they all get out alive? No

Book 25: Red Like Roses: "Chasing Malia, Teana and Group Madoka find the world of Remnant. There, they enlist the aid of Beacon Academy in hunting the murderer down, and stopping Xehanort from gaining control of the Grimm."

Book 26: Hearts, Tones, Smiles: "Pursuing Xehanort's agents, a DDF force led by Teana and Madoka discovers three 'neighboring' realms, each championed by a team of magical girls called PreCures, who have recently fought off grave threats to their Earths, and now will be dragged into a greater conflict than they'd ever imagined. Can Malia and Ruin be finally stopped here?"

Book 27: Invasion: "After around three months of peace following the closing of the Malia issue, the Dimensional Defense Force's rest is violently cut short as the Reapers arrive in force, ravaging Realm ME-N7 and using warp-gates to hit a few DDF worlds outside that realm as well. Can Commander Shepard unite the galaxy, rally the fleets, and stop the slaughter?"

Book 28: Requiem: "Fresh from the war against the Reapers, the Master Chief, Cortana, Teana, and Commander Shepard investigate rumors of activity from the Covenant terrorist faction led by the anti-human Sangheili kaidon Jul Mdama. Following the intel, the quartet stumbles upon a Forerunner artificial world with an ancient secret buried within. But some secrets are better left buried..."

Book 29 - Red Threads of Fate: "Teana, Naruto, Subaru, and Sasuke head to yet another Earth in peril. There, they aid a group of local heroes - led by the rough girl Ryuuko Matoi - in a fight against the parasitic Life Fibers led by the vile Ragyo Kiryuuin. Can they stop Ragyo's plot to change all of humanity into food for the Life Fibers?"

Book 30 - Foes Old & New: "The heroes of the Dimensional Defense Force encounter new trouble as enemies old and new emerge. Scores will be settled, sleeping power will be unlocked, and battles will be won and lost as the heroes face some of their toughest challenges yet."

Book 31 - Legacy of the Void: To Be Made

Book 32 - Kingdom Hearts III: To Be Made (and properly titled)

Book 33 - Guardians: To Be Made

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