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Fan Disservice: Live-Action TV

  • Alpha House is almost as fond of showing John Goodman shirtless as Roseanne was.
  • Supernatural has developed a reputation for basically giving its fans what they want, then making them regret wanting it in the first place. Way back in the first season, a shape shifter masquerading as Dean is changing into another form. He does this by peeling off his shirt, then peeling off his skin, and it only goes downhill from there.
    • The show is known for often disturbing subtext and while the chemistry between Demon!John and Dean (who's been pinned to the wall) in that scene from Devil's Trap is sizzling, it's heavily marred by the fact that Dean ends up sobbing and begging for his life while his organs practically liquefy, not to mention;
    Dean: Daddy, please...
    • While perhaps not as squicky as the Dean examples, the Meg/Sam scene in "Shadow" came pretty damn close. There's chemistry aplenty (and we all know what Sam likes when it comes to sex) but if you bear in mind that he's tied up with a gaping head wound and she's pretty much molesting him with a body that's not her own... then yeah, it becomes pretty nasty.
    • And on a female side of things, Ruby's torture in Heaven and Hell. Even the fangirls who hated her would agree that the scene was going too far. Nobody really wants to see her actress tied down, naked except for the straps over her womanly parts and bleeding everywhere, no matter how much they might dislike her acting skills.
    • And apparently there is still Fan Disservice in Heaven. In the episode "Dark Side of the Moon", Mary Winchester hooks up with Zachariah. He's described as a combination of different Biblical angels with the wings of a Seraph and the faces of a Cherub. No, not at all like Cupid.
    • In "Live Free or Twi-Hard", some random greasy guy in an alley calls Dean "pretty". Dean gently rebuffs him, saying he doesn't play for that team. Guess who the vampire in charge of all the kidnappings is? Guess who violates Dean's personal space again, and again, and again? Guess who appears to be a Depraved Bisexual?
    • For the first time in a few seasons, Dean has a sex scene in the episode "The Slice Girls", and the fangirls rejoiced! Until, that is, the scene starts being interspersed with clips of another character being brutally, gruesomely murdered. And then it turns out the sex scene happened so the woman could conceive a child, wait while it grew to maturity in a few hours, and then send it to kill Dean. Fun!
    • The two times we've seen Castiel remove or unbutton his shirt? The first time, he had an angel-banishing sigil carved into his flesh. The second, his body was being grotesquely deformed by the Leviathans who were trying to escape from inside him. Not exactly fangirl-friendly.
  • The old series, " Lone Wolf and Cub" has a scene at a public bath that starts with a close up view of a smooth naked bottom. It gives you just enough to get into voyeur mode before the camera pans out to show that the bottom belongs to the protagonist's infant son. Then you start reaching for the brain bleach.
  • Freaks and Geeks had an episode that began with a tight shot of some white cloth with a blue pattern... pull back to reveal it's Joe Flaherty's underwear-clad butt.
  • iCarly: Played for Laughs mainly in the first and second seasons with Gibby pulling off his shirt whenever he felt like he needed to. Nobody really wants to see a young, fat kid taking off his shirt, but it's funny as hell.
    • One episode had Spencer rubbing itching lotion all over himself. Another even had him in a small dress surrounded by boys none the less.
  • One episode Murder, She Wrote has Angela Lansbury flashing her cleavage and attempting some form of sexy walk in order to pretend to be a woman of loose morals and blend in at a sleazy dive bar and pump information from a bartender... it's used as comic relief (she looks as ridiculous as possible), but the Squick is there.
  • "The Cameo Show" episode in the Muppets Tonight featured Bunsen and Beaker... in bikinis. Of course Statler and Waldorf shouted for them to try a one-piece.
  • Deep Space 9 :
    • Holosuite. Kira's body. We pan up, we pan up and... her head has been replaced with Quark's (The resident big-headed ugly (male) alien). This is actually in-universe fan disservice as well - a creepy guy paid Quark very well to have Kira's figure digitized into the holosuite for... unsavory purposes. Kira found out about it. It's her revenge.
    • Then there's the episode "Profit and Lace" where Quark undergoes an Easy Sex Change to seal a business deal instead of his mother.
  • The boundary-pushing nudity of NYPD Blue cut both ways: For every shot of side-boob or shapely man-ass, there was a shot of Sipowicz with a proctologist forearm-deep up his bum, Medavoy rolling around in bed with a randy septuagenarian, or a naked, obese woman covered in flour.
  • The 'Bad Sex' sketch from Jam uses this with a sleazy love scene interspersed with the couple's bizarre non-seqiturs and occasionally impossible requests, such as "Shit your leg off! Make it come out Green!" "Introduce me to Gladstone!" "Suck my little twin" "Fuss my Polly, fuss my fucking Polly". The original radio version (Blue Jam) also had the girl's dad coming in to the room and carrying on like nothing is happening.
    • Another Jam sketch has the creepy doctor running a 'phone sex line while he's also talking to a patient. Said doctor being a middle aged man saying some quite graphic things to the caller.
    • Yet another sketch has a woman duping the neighbour into groping her to 'check' for breast cancer, then proceeding to really vocally enjoy it. Then calling the police and getting him arrested for assault.
    • Or a female boss asking someone if, instead of the raise he asked for, he'll be satisfied if she farts on a girl's head. Eh?
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Cameron. Topless. Lying on a bed. Under John Connor. With a hunting knife...
  • Doctor Who:
    • The aged Doctor crawling out of his tent like a dog in "Last Of The Time Lords".
    • During the 5th Doctor era, the Doctor Who Magazine said in one issue they received loads of letters from people wanting a poster of Nyssa and Tegan. So in one issue they finally dug one out of them-looking 100 years older (having been aged in the episode Mawdryn Undead). An issue a couple of decades later commented that fans probably weren't happy about that.
    • The Third Doctor has a Shower Scene in his first serial. It Makes Sense in Context, but what possessed the writers into thinking most people wanted to see Jon Pertwee naked?
    • In the Made-for-TV Movie, Eight bares his chest three times. In the second one, he's screaming with pain and horror as he pulls a bloody probe out of his chest, complete with rather startling icky wet sound effect. His nipple is also in the ridiculously-zoomed-in shot of the probe.
    • The Ninth Doctor winds up shirtless briefly in "Dalek", but any enjoyment one could find in the scene dies instantly because he was stripped so he could be medically tortured.
    • Most of the weirdly sexual imagery involving Susan and Barbara in "The Daleks", especially the cliffhanger shot of the Dalek coming towards Barbara with her mouth wide open and with its plunger erect, or the scene in the next episode where they feel Susan up with their plungers. She's a schoolgirl (even if the actress playing her isn't), and the Daleks are... Daleks. Similarly, a Dalek gropes the breast of a young blonde Victim of the Week in "The Dalek Invasion of Earth".
    • The actors in the Daleks were probably doing it for the same reasons as the extras operating tentacles which are menacing Sigourney Weaver in one of the Aliens movies. Ripley is fully clothed, but the aliens dragging her down are all but commiting tentacle rape on her. At the end of the scene, sigourney confronted one of the tentacle operators who had been getting noticably intimate with her, and said "You are one sick puppy, do you know that?" She was not amused.
    • The Sixth Doctor, then a lean and devilishly handsome young man, Showing Off the New Body with lots of supermodel poses and vampy smouldering. Of course, he does it in just the most ghastly Primary-Color Champion Impossibly Tacky Clothes, under the apparent conviction that it makes him a Sharp-Dressed Man. All Played for Laughs.
    • The Fourth Doctor being tied up and tortured in "The Deadly Assassin". If he was shirtless it could be sexy, if he was fully covered it would just be asexual, but instead there is flesh on display and it's a deliberately unflattering amount of pasty sides where his shirt has ridden up. It's just sexual enough to be ridiculously uncomfortable.
    • Any time in the classic series we see the Doctor in his underwear. An unconventionally handsome, mature, charismatic Human Alien in Awesome Anachronistic Apparel? Sexy. The Awesome Anachronistic Underwear that goes with the Awesome Anachronistic Apparel? Not as sexy. The Fourth Doctor probably has the sexiest and it's Victorian drawstring long-johns and a vest, which is hardly going to get any pulses racing. The Second Doctor's is probably the worst - it's a union suit.
    • Done in-universe in "The Space Museum", where the (First) Doctor flashes a picture of himself wearing a skintight, flesh-coloured Victorian swimsuit and a straw hat on a mind-reading television to annoy his interrogator.
    • The Gliders in the Doctor Who Expanded Universe War Doctor book Engines of War - alternate universe Dalek-like humanoids that resemble a twitching naked human torso in a glass case with a Dalek head on top. Daleks with breasts are even less sexy than that sounds.
    • The Fourth Doctor ends up naked in one of the Doctor Who Magazine comics. With a hideous tentacled surgeon cutting his stomach open. Yeah, we all wanted to see that badly.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Fans had been saying for years they wished the Buffy and Spike would hook up. This became a major case of 'be careful what you wish for' as we were treated to... invisible sex, sex behind a tree, sex in the Bronze, some of the most criminal kissing on record...
    • Buffy/Spike had nothing on the scene in "Doppelgangland" between Willow and her Lesbian Vampire counterpart, which culminates in VampWillow licking Willow's neck. All it really took was the Squicked-out expression on Willow's face.
    • Willow in leather bondage gear. Except she is is pale as a ghost (as she's a vampire) and psychotic out of her gourd, and like to burn torture victims alive for fun. She's scary enough to make the most vicious vampire in history cower with fear.
    • Then there's the episode where Warren and his buddies use a mind-control device on Warren's ex-girlfriend. The scenario (including having the ex dress up in a French maid outfit and copious use of the word "Master") could have come from any number of fetish fics... up until the point she snaps out of it and declares in no uncertain terms that what they've been doing basically amounts to rape. And then Warren attacks and (accidentally) kills her...
    • Faith and her seeming obsession with sex after her Face-Heel Turn. There's the infamous attempted rape scene, the episode where she seemingly sides with Angelus and how the idea of turning Angel evil would get her off. True she has a hot body and eager for it, but she is bat shit insanely psychotic, enjoys torture and killing, and treats the men she lays and keeps alive like dirt.
  • Seinfeld had Jerry dating a nudist woman. Although at first he's thrilled by it, because she does everything naked, the novelty wears off very quickly and he's eventually disturbed by it. Apparently, there is "good naked" (like hair brushing) and "bad naked" (like coughing,) and the latter involves muscles springing into action that he'd rather not see.
  • At least twice during its run, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has indulged in female nudity on the grounds that a) the naked party is a corpse and b) it's on the coroner's table, where something undeniably Squicky is either being described or about to take place. The grand prize was taken when the dead body of an attractive S&M dominatrix was laid on the table, and the series' well-known "TMI Cam" dove inside her breast, by way of the nipple, to show the audience her saline implants.
  • Then there's CSI NY, where despite being rather hot,Don Flack's one shirtless scene is when he has a gaping, bloody hole in his chest thanks to a bomb going off with him too close.
  • Mad Men:
    • Anything Roger Sterling gets involved in, because, while the guy himself is pretty good-looking for his age, there's something just plain ew about watching him get naked and cuddly with a girl his daughter's age. (Or riding her like a pony).
    • Joan and her fiance on Don Draper's office floor. Seeing the normally sexually confident Joan reduced to barely holding back tears while her fiance shoves her face to the side so he doesn't have to look at her, followed by them going to dinner as if the rape never happened is absolutely heartbreaking.
  • No Reservations: One ep has host Anthony Bourdain experiencing a Turkish bath: wearing nothing but a towel, an equally nude male attendant proceeds to straddle him from behind and make very, very uncomfortable adjustments to Bourdain's limbs. Not only are the visuals and sound effects quite uncomfortable, Bourdain remarks (via the narrative) that this would make an effective form of torture.
  • Carnivāle:
    • Dora Mae's striptease in the fifth episode of could be considered fairly hot. Things get bad when her encore is interrupted by a roomful of creepy miners rushing the stage en masse. Near the episode's end, one of the carnies finds her recently lynched corpse.
    • Almost all of the nudity in Carnivāle is like this. The show loved screwing with its audience, which, as it turned out, probably wasn't the best strategy.
  • Blackadder: Back and Forth features a 'maid' wearing just an apron (well, an apron patterned like a maid outfit) near the beginning. It's Baldrick.
  • House:
    • "Top Secret". Now, Hugh Laurie half-naked would usually be a cause for a celebration. But not this time. You want to know why? Let's see; he's on the toilet, the scar is visible and as ugly as ever, he's in tons of pain and hearing him stick the catheter tube up his, um, manly place is really quite humiliating. Did I mention that we also have to see the bag fill up with piss? Ew.
    • Let's not forget the scene where Cameron practically rapes Chase while high on meth. A bit undercut by the fact that she MIGHT HAVE HIV.
    • And in the episode "The Confession". The sight of the normally gorgeous Jamie Bamber lying on a bed, wearing nothing but boxer shorts (he was playing the Patient of the Week), is equally severely undercut by the fact that his skin is peeling off.
  • Heroes:
    • Most guys would give their right arm to see Hayden Panetierre completely naked twice in one season, so that's what we got - except once she was dead in a morgue with her torso cut open, and another time she was horribly scarred and mutilated from radiation burns.
    • And for the girls, there's Mohinder with all those oozing gross things on his body. NICE.
  • Dollhouse :
    • Some may be a bit disturbed to see Boyd shirtless as his bandaged stomach only caused us to focus on his "man-boobs".
    • That's nothing compared to seeing Echo in what looks like space age underwear... being lowered onto needles that will extract her spinal fluid. What, they couldn't give her a hospital gown or anesthetic or anything?
    • The Paul/Mellie sex scene in season 1 that comes after he knows she's an active is incredibly disturbing, particularly because of the expression that Paul has on his face making it seem like a quasi-rape scene.
  • Torchwood: Children of Earth has a scene where Captain Jack is wearing nothing but a pair of handcuffs. He's just regained consciousness after being blown to smithereens, and his skin hasn't grown back yet.
  • Farscape
    • Scenes involving Scorpius. For example, a sex scene between him and Natira (a creepy blue alien with spikes coming out of her head), which looks more painful to both than pleasurable- especially given that Scorpius climaxes by having one his cooling rods burst right out of his head. Also, the scene where he sucks John's finger. Eww. And when he licks Aeryn's forehead. Gross.
    • Then there's the scene in "A Human Reaction" where we see a fat old man in a Speedo. Uuuhhh.
    • Noranti doing a strip-tease in "Lava's a Many Splendored Thing" and masturbating in "Coup By Clam." Did I mention she's, like, 400 years old and looks it?
  • Dead Like Me has a scene of Mr. Fanservice Mason completely naked... because airport security is performing a cavity search on him. Followed by an x-ray-type image of a condom full of drugs up his bum.
  • Dexter:
    • Murderous naked John Lithgow.
    • Remember that freaky dream Dexter has in the first season, in which he is naked and strapped to a table with duct tape and plastic, just like his victims, with his sister standing over him (wearing the same outfit she wore when she went undercover as a prostitute) and cutting his face with a knife? Euughh.
    • Deb stripping down to her bra to work out the trajectory of the bullet that hit her from the barely-healed entry and exit wounds.
  • Misfits:
    • Nathan and Ruth's sex scene from episode 2 It starts out watchable, if somewhat graphic and awkward - Nathan has a bit of sexual "dysfunction", but it's played for comedy - but soon descends into pure horror territory when it becomes apparent that Ruth (a woman who looks somewhere in her early twenties) is actually an eighty-two year-old who was magically transformed to resemble her younger self. Unfortunately, she reverts back to her "true" age at the moment of orgasm. It is not pleasant. Still, the audience's reactions were nothing compared to Nathan's.
    • Also the scene near the beginning of season 2 featuring close-up shots of Nathan stretching while wearing nothing but a speedo, and the other Misfits grimacing and telling him to stop it.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus:
    • The Secretary of State for Commonwealth Affairs. Even if watching Terry Jones perform a striptease is your kind of thing, watching him perform a striptease while discoursing on Britain's trade policy is just ridiculous.
    • The open of another show had a series of beautiful girls in bikinis making sexy gestures. It ends with John Cleese and the "It's" man (Michael Palin) in bikinis as well. Never have the blind been so lucky.
  • The Naked Jungle, a bizarre British gameshow in which all the contestants were nude. Worse news: it was presented by Keith Chegwin. Even worse news: Cheggers was also naked. It only got one episode. Wonder why.
  • True Blood:
    • Vampires having angry rough sex is really sexy, if you like that sort of thing. But for most viewers twisting your partner's head round 180 degrees — without either of you stopping — is probably crossing the line into nightmare territory.
    • Bill crawling up out of the ground naked and covered in dirt. Ew. The resulting sex scene between him and Sookie two seconds later did not help either.
    • A lot of things between Tara and Franklin in season 3. Their first sex scene came off feeling more animalistic and primal than fan service. And her last one with him, where she bites, strike that, rips into his neck with her bare teeth. Him asking her to "Open me up! Feed on me!" was squicky.
    • When : Molly is brought in front of the Authority to answer for her disloyalty, she is shirtless but wearing an iStake. Any sexiness in the scene is ruined when her iStake is triggered with the usual gory result.
  • Community:
    • Naked guys playing pool. One of them is old. And then he kisses the other man. We see nothing below waist-level, and thank God for that.
    • In the very next episode, Britta gets an elderly woman in a wheelchair. Who happens to be Troy's grandma.
  • Robin Hood:
    • An interesting case is the "courtship" between Guy and Marian. Richard Armitage is on record as saying that he "wanted the audience to squirm" every time Guy got near Marian, what with his leering glances and oily smirks, and the entire relationship played out as an immensely dysfunctional one of threats, deception, intimidation and violence.
    • After the Sheriff of Nottingham has his 'Festival of Pain' ruined, Little John nearly kills him but relents for his son's sake. So what do the guards find when they come running to save their boss? One of them pulls off a sheet to reveal the pudgy shirtless Sheriff strapped upside-down into one of his torture devices.
  • The Wizards of Waverly Place episode "Dude Looks Like Shakira", as the name implies, guest-stars Shakira, who wears a tight-fitting, partially midriff-baring outfit. However, in-universe, Shakira is actually a stage persona created by Uncle Kelbo; he transforms between his normal form and Shakira at random, wearing the same outfit between transformations. Uncle Kelbo is an overweight middle-aged man. It's about as disturbing as you'd expect it to be.
    • Alex's 'bingo arms'... *gag*
  • Cordelia and Connor on Angel during Season 4. The knowledge that it was Jasmine-possessed Cordy did not ease the ick for some people. Double ick since both the viewers and Angel had to see it.
  • Russell Howard on Mock the Week did a joke on Anne Widdecombe playing naked table tennis with her... assets. Argh!
  • The season 3 premiere of the Battlestar Galactica reboot has a scene in which Apollo is shown topless. The catch? He gained quite a bit of weight since the last time we saw him.
    • Jamie Bamber seems to like teasing his adoring fans by occasionally playing this out. Aside from the abovementioned weight gain in BSG and skin-peeling disease in House, he was slathered with zombie makeup for his guest appearance on Ghost Whisperer, and admits that the scene in The Smoke where his character pulls down his pants to reveal the horrific burn scars on his legs and genitals is what made him decide to take on the role.
  • Early episodes of Six Feet Under contain mock advertisements, one of which shows a very attractive young man in his boxers lying back in a chair as the narrator runs her fingers all over his chest and abs, and even his face—his eyes seem to be closed in pleasure. She coos seductively:
    "Soft, supple skin that begs to be touched. Living Splendour Embalming Fluid—only real life is better."
  • Hole In The Wall requires all contestants to wear skin tight silver spandex along with shockingly dorky helmets. You can see every bulge and roll of fat displayed in glorious silver, and yes, the crotches are not spared. To make matters WORSE? Cartoon Network picked up the show and now the contestants wear the same outfits, but are children.
  • Anybody who has been on Survivor is quick to set fans straight when the mention that the show looks like Baywatch, with some very attractive people shirtless and in swimsuits. Alicia from the Australia season summed it up nicely: "No soap, no toothpaste, no toilet paper, NO SEX!!!"
  • All Creatures Great and Small occasionally features the very pretty James and Tristan getting shirtless. They then almost invariably jam their arms up the business end of a cow.
  • Many probably considered seeing Kirk's naked skinny body in Gilmore Girls a disservice but after they did it the first time loads of people were requesting them to do it again and again.
  • The Christmas special of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia featured a very sweaty Danny Devito in the nude.
  • American Horror Story: Murder House: You have a hot, naked guy masturbating, then crying over his history of infidelity with his wife when she needed him the most, then trying to burn his hand over the stove, a ghost rapist in a rubber suit, beautiful people getting murdered... ugh.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm:
    • Episode "The Bare Midriff"; Jerry Seinfeld's assistant wears midriff-baring shirts, and has a bit of a belly. Larry and Jerry are disgusted, as are the audience.
    • Larry, who is unattractive and old, in a swimsuit or shirtless.
  • While Game of Thrones rarely shies away from nudity in any situation, Joffrey's reaction to Tyrion's "name-day gift" is singularly distressing. His treatment of the two women is taken far beyond sadism.
    • Also Jaime in the Harrenhal baths with Brienne. Now normally Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is pretty pleasant to look at both in universe and out, but not when he's utterly filthy from weeks on the road and being literally pushed face first into shit, missing a hand and utterly depressed and broken while deliriously recounting the worst moments of his life. The effect isn't so much horror as with Joffrey above as it is utterly heartbreaking.
    • Season 2 gives us Carice Van Houten as Melisandre. Her first nude scene is Fanservice, while when she shows Davos Seaworth what she has under her cloak...she's suddenly pregnant. And about to give birth. To a creepy shadow monster. The night isn't the only thing dark and full of terrors.
      • And then she gives us another one in the third season where she seduces Gendry which quickly turns nightmarish as soon as she binds his hands and feet and places leeches on him, including one on his Most Sensitive Area. And then uses the blood extracted by them for a dark ritual. Eugh.
    • The first episode of the first season also has Daenerys naked in a bath, but her brother's extremely unsettling comments about her body and her dead-eyed expression that suggests he does this regularly sap any sense of eroticism from it.
  • Season 4 boasts the most extreme example - the bath scene with Theon and Ramsay. Now, normally two good-looking guys, one of whom is naked and being washed by the other, would unquestionably be fanservice. However, when the guy doing the washing single-handedly flayed and castrated the washee... Squick. The whole scene is like some sort of a hideous parody of Ho Yay.
  • On an episode of Balls of Steel, Alex Zane set two victims up on a parody of The Dating Game called Alex Zane's Sex Contract Game (where the winner, allegedly, is contractually obligated to have sex with their new bachelorette after the show). The two victims were intentionally given a sneak peek at the woman before the show, but right before the final reveal, she is replaced by a very unattractive looking woman.
  • Oz :
    • Anytime Claire Howell shows up, seeing as how she likes to have sex and is quite ugly.
    • Numerous inmates end up naked and get raped in many disturbing scenes.
  • An Olympic tie-in promo for upcoming NBC sitcom Go On has retired gymnast Shawn Johnson in the therapy group talking about the stresses of her Olympic career when Matthew Perry's character cuts her off to suggest they bring up some new attire regulations. When Johnson apologetically explains she went straight there from the gym, Perry's character clarifies that he's not complaining about her, but about another group member: a balding, middle-aged man. Wearing an identical leotard. Worse: between the two of them, he's not wearing capri pants over his leotard (and dear Lord does he need to).
  • Being Human seems to have taken a page from Supernatural's "give them what they want, then make them regret wanting it" book:
    • Vampires: It's sometimes vague whether or not Kiss of the Vampire comes into play, but the show (and specifically, Aidan Turner as Mitchell) did help solidify Vampires Are Sex Gods to UK audiences. All the more puzzling since the vampire scenes can be awkward and downright uncomfortable. Mitchell usually looked more like a starving animal feeding then anything else (and one of his first scenes took place in a bathroom with blood smeared over every possible surface.)
    • Werewolves: Again, the actors playing the werewolves are attractive enough, so the idea of having them strip down before their transformations wasn't a bad one (Russell Tovey's backside deserved a place in the credits.) However, the transformations themselves are some of the most horrifying and unsettling things on television. Bones are breaking, organs are failing. We're also told that the process that would give them some kind of pain-killing endorphins has failed, so there's also some screams of absolute agony on top of it.
  • The North American version of Being Human also revels in this trope. For example:
    • In the first season, Aidan and his love interest Rebecca have a scene where they both stripped down to their underwear … and covered in each other's blood.
    • The second season features a threesome between two mind-controlled girls and the vampire Henry … who's recently had his flesh removed. Aidan is later forced to kill the girls when the mind control wears off.
    • The third season has the ghosts of the two girls return for multiple appearances, walking around in their underwear while drenched in blood.
  • In the pilot episode of Millennium, The Frenchman (a disturbed serial killer) is watching a private performance by a stripper. Then he starts mumbling apocalyptic poetry, and hallucinates that the stripper is covered in blood and dancing in front of a wall of fire.
  • A Touch of Cloth II explicitly invokes this, by replacing the female lead with an obese man for a scene in which she gets out of bed naked.
  • The Walking Dead: Action Girl and Ms. Fanservice Maggie has taken off her shirt several times over the course of the show, due to her relationship with Glenn. It's not as fanservice-y in Season 3 when The Governor forces her to take her shirt and bra off and then slams her head into the table so that he can psychologically torture her by all but saying that if she doesn't give up the location of the rest of her crew, he'll rape her.
  • An episode of Friends has Chandler discovering what he thinks is a porn tape he assumes wife Monica had gotten him for Valentine's Day. It wasn'tnote  - it was a childbirth tape. Neither Chandler nor Monica was in the mood for the rest of the episode.
    • Used again later on. Chandler finds a pair of fluffy handcuffs in their guest bedroom. When Monica mentions Rachel used to live in that bedroom, Chandler is clearly excited about the idea of Rachel with handcuffs. Monica cuts him off by simply stating, "Joey's bare ass."
  • On The King of Queens, Doug gets Carrie to take a pole-dancing class, for his own benefit of course. Carrie at first refuses to do it, but then takes the class and she enjoys the class so much she decides to give Doug private pole dances. The problem is, she is horrible at it, almost falling off the pole several times and generally looking uncomfortable. This trope also happens when Doug tries to show her how to do the moves (though he is shown to be weirdly good at pole dancing).
  • One episode of MythBusters, for reasons relevant to the myth being tested, required Tory to be fitted with a bra. Played for Laughs.
    Tory: Is this as disturbing as I think it is?
    Grant: It's...even more disturbing than you think it is.
  • The horror anthology Masters Of Horror made quite a lot of use of this.
    • "Dreams in the Witch-House": The sex scene the protagonist has with the witch. She's secretly morphed into his attractive neighbor to seduce him, but it's clear from the start that bad things are about to happen. She starts clawing at his back with her sharp nails and morphs back into the withered ancient husk that she really is as she laughs at him.
    • "Jenifer": Jennifer is an ambiguously-human creature who has the body of a gorgeous woman and the face of an inhuman monster. She also eats people, including children. Several sex scenes are featured with her and the man she enchants that deliberately invoke this trope.
    • "Cigarette Burns": In a hallucination near the end, Annie is completely naked... and completely covered in blood.
    • "Haeckel's Tale": There's a sex scene involving a healthy young woman and the zombified corpse of her late husband.
  • The big finale of Victoria Wood's Midlife Christmas involves a danceline of middle-aged men in vests, Y-front underpants and sock-suspenders.
  • Whenever Walter White strips down to his tighty-whities in Breaking Bad, it's neither cute nor funny. Clearly, Bryan Cranston put on some pounds for the role.

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