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Dethroning Moment: SpongeBob SquarePants
He'll do better next semester.

Being a Long Runner, SpongeBob SquarePants is bound to have moments we will always remember, moments we can't remember, and moments we wish we could forget. Guess which of the three we're listing here.

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    Seasons 1- 3 (Pre-Revival) 
  • Tropers/Aldo930: "Nature Pants" is not a bad episode, but the characters are very OOC. When did SpongeBob want to leave his job to go live among the jellyfish? When did Patrick take the loss of his best friend so badly he decided to make him a trophy? Again, not bad, but the episode suffers because of it.
  • Anonymous: To prove that not everything pre-season 4 was an outstanding classic, "Sleepy Time" shows that all the characters' Jerk Ass tendencies went as far as the first season, where after SpongeBob visits the character's dreams and ruins them, and Sandy, showing that she's a Ted Baxter, even in the first season said to him: "Do us all a favor and stay out of our dreams", accompanied by Squidward's "Don't we get enough of you during the day, SpongeBob?!" and everyone, including his so-called "friends" yells at him for getting into their dreams. Alright, how did they know that SpongeBob snuck into their dreams where he could've just happened to be in them?! I can understand Squidward and all, but the rest of the characters, including Mr Krabs (who back then, cared about SpongeBob, despite his obsession with money) and Sandy?! That is just the lowest of the low and one of the weaker bunch of the first three seasons!
  • vexer6: "The Paper" for an early example — The whole episode is essentially based around one unfunny gag that's stretched out to 11 minutes, the "gag" being that SpongeBob can do amazing things with a piece of paper and Squidward for some unexplained reason can't do anything with it. The Rule of Funny excuse doesn't work here because the gag isn't "funny", so needless to say it gets tiresome real quick and the lousy predictable ending only made it worse.
    • MewLettuceRush Seconded; even when I was younger, I thought this episode was terrible and to this day it's the only one I would never watch (even after what I've heard of the later seasons, but I don't watch much TV anymore). Pure stupidity, plain and simple.
  • MattBoo: Oooh, that's a toughie. I found MANY episodes of the pre-movie era outrageously funny, but I think "Neptune's Spatula" would be my least favorite of them all. It's not horrible in my retrospect, it has its moments, but I found the episode boring, slow paced, and a bit mean. Like for example, I found Neptune trying to figure out who pulled out the golden spatula and turning down the many evidence that SpongeBob did slow and ridiculously naive, and Neptune zapping Patrick to death only to be revived seconds later very harsh as well as the scene of Neptune celebrating his near victory. This just goes to show you that Neptune can be an even bigger Jerkass than Squidward at times.
  • sardns: Patrick's attitude in the episode "Dumped" where it seems that Gary left SpongeBob for him is deplorable. He goes over to do laundry at SpongeBob's house who's feeling depressed about Gary leaving him. Then when he starts crying, Patrick just scoffs at him and rubs it in his face how Gary doesn't want to be with him anymore. Finally, when Gary goes back to SpongeBob, Patrick screams "I thought what we had was speciaaaal!"
  • ading: It's a tough choice, but I'm gonna have to go with "Squirrel Jokes". The episode has precisely zero jokes aside from the fact that people hate squirrels. How's that supposed to be funny? Also, in the end, SpongeBob's solution to solving the problem is... to keep making fun of squirrels, but also make fun of everyone else along with it. How does that solve anything?
  • ShinyRaikou: Not the entire episode, but "Pressure" definitely has a Dethroning Moment of Suck. Sandy takes off her helmet and suit, throwing them on the ground. Note for a moment that she needs those to fucking breathe. What do her 'friends' do? They laugh at her. You can see her lungs shrivel up and they just laugh. She finds a pickle jar and puts it on just in time. And her friends continue to mock her for it! Dude, not funny! It doesn't even have the defense of being made after Season 3!
    • 45xxx: Um, actually, they were initially shocked that she got rid of them... but then began egging her on over her predicament (over-exaggerated breathing motions, anyone?). The laughing only happens after the pickle jar comes into play. Not saying you're wrong for saying this was a DMOS, just doing a little clarification.
  • King Clark: To give an example from the early days, "I'm With Stupid" is an episode where SpongeBob (the Nice Guy that he is) decided to help Patrick impress his parents by Playing Dumb to make Patrick seem bright by comparison. What does Patrick do? He runs with the act, fooling himself into believing that this isn't an act. Patrick and his parents go on to make a mockery of poor SpongeBob (keep in mind that SpongeBob and Patrick have been BFFs since they were children and SpongeBob regularly volunteers to help Patrick with his daily troubles), sending the sponge away in a huffing rage. We then find out that those aren't even Patrick's parents. So, to recap: Patrick treated his best friend like garbage without apologizing. Without feeling bad afterward. And he gets away with this! How SpongeBob let Patrick off the hook is beyond me.
  • Flamemario12: For me, it was "Party Pooper Pants". I absolutely despise it. This is the worst early-season episode I have ever watched. The Patchy part was terrible. So let's just skip it to the SpongeBob part. It starts off SpongeBob shopping at the Barg 'N Mart and he finds a party kit. He invites guests to his party. Of course, that includes people that wasn't his friends like Larry, Plankton and other background characters. And why did Squidward go to SpongeBob's Party? Didn't Squidward hate him so much? Things got worse when SpongeBob got locked outside while picking up the newspapers. SpongeBob used the public phone to tell his guests to open the door for him. Patrick then answered the call and hands it to the ice sculpture! Notice that Patrick wasn't The Ditz until Season 4. SpongeBob also attempted to dig to his house, but failed. And for no reason at all, he's now wearing a bunny suit... and somehow gets arrested for not inviting the police. This episode is just painful to watch.
  • spongebutt: "The Great Snail Race" to this troper. It's a huuuuge moment of suck all the way back from season three and I consider it to be the single worst episode for Spongebob's character. Yes, even worse than "A Pal for Gary"! At least in "A Pal for Gary", Spongebob's cruelty was a result of negligence and obliviousness and he was trying to do something nice for Gary and for Puffy Fluffy. In "The Great Snail Race", Spongebob is just being a selfish asshole for his own gain and to one-up Squidward, nothing else. And it's even worse than "A Pal for Gary", because we actually see Gary get horribly maimed and actually burst into flames. In addition to this, Spongebob makes a sexist remark which leads to Sandy kicking his ass at the very end. Why did Spongebob say that in the first place? He's always respected women and he looks up to Sandy Cheeks! And in one episode, when Krabs says he looks like a girl, he gets starry-eyed and takes it as a compliment! The fuck, little square dude?! I just like to pretend that this episode never happened. It's just too grossly out of character for Spongie for me to handle. I think every season, new and old, has its good episodes and bad episodes, but "The Great Snail Race" would probably be in the top five worst episodes of all time.
  • ZehMonsieur: It's not a bad episode altogether, but "Krabby Land" has a particular moment that I cannot stomach at all. In the episode, Krabs opens up an "amusement park" next to the Krusty Krab made out of junk in the hope that children will play there and purchase his food during summer vacation. To make sure they don't leave early, he has SpongeBob entertain the kids to stall for time until Krabby the Clown arrives, when he's really just counting the children's money. Spongy puts himself through physical hell keeping the kids occupied, going from pouring bubble mixture into his eyes, to being run over by a truck, to being ripped in half. The real low for the episode comes in when SpongeBob, already given much of himself, rushes into Krabs' office, clearly bruised and missing his limbs, simply telling Krabs he doesn't know if he can stall them for much longer. Krabs' response to his hardest-working employee amounts to little more than "piss off and stop thinking of yourself;" and when Krabs finds out the kids are playing with SpongeBob's arms and legs, he's concerned not for the yellow guy's safety, but that the children will break his windows. In the past, Krabs has been shown to be caring of SpongeBob's well-being (giving him time off to get his mind back in order in "Pickles;" sending him back home when he's clearly ill in "Suds;" etc.), so seeing him act so callously and disregard SpongeBob's physical health in favor of money would not seem out of place in a post-movie episode. Even if he does get what's coming by the end of the episode, it's still quite jarring to see the normally affable and friendly Krabs behave like the money-grubber he'd be Flanderized into.

    Season 4 
  • Tropers/OPI: The special "Have you Seen this Snail?". Gary runs away because SpongeBob forgot to feed him once and Gary before this episode has been shown to get his own food and in the letter Gary wrote he made SpongeBob look like the worst person ever for forgetting to feed him once even though SpongeBob pampers Gary like a king.
  • toonyloon: "Good Neighbors", which, for me (and a few others) marks the start of the show's downfall. The entire episode involved SpongeBob and Patrick practically torture Squidward by making him "leader" of their cult. Despite Squidward telling them numerous times that he doesn't want to have them around him, they continue doing so. Worst of all, at the end of the episode, when Squidward's house goes on a rampage, Squidward is the one who gets most of the blame. The fact that the annoyance levels for SpongeBob and Patrick were taken Up to Eleven was already bad, but the fact that it was like this for the entire episode made it worse.
    • nicktoonhero: It's not good for those who don't like Squidward, either. At first, he just tells SpongeBob and Patrick to not bother him, at one point giving them a task to distract them from bugging him. That's normal. But then it gets ugly when SpongeBob and Patrick unknowingly use up his spa hour. Squidward outright screams at them, at a volume that has never been used before this episode, and tells them they're the worst neighbors ever. That scene gives me bad vibrations every time. So to make it up for it, SpongeBob and Patrick decided to give him an apology cake, as Squidward was installing a new security system to keep them out. What does Squidward do? He tries to alert the security system that they are intruders. Naturally, he only makes things worse and causes his house to rampage through the town. Squidward, I know you don't like them for ruining your Sunday, but they're trying to reach out to you! They baked you a goddamn cake! I try to avoid this episode as much as possible. It's just too painful to watch no matter whose side you're on. I can sit through all the other post-movie SpongeBob episodes like it ain't no thing, and yet this is the one episode I actually make an effort to avoid.
    • Allenbys Eyes: "Good Neighbors" is so extreme in its plot, Flanderization of its characters and ill-conceived humor that it plays like a bad parody of SpongeBob. It's not the all-time worst episode but probably the shark jump.
  • troper/Dark Shock Bro: When I was a kid, I loved cartoons, and Spongebob was one of my favorites. But, as time went on and I grew older, I slowly but surely began to notice the show getting worse and worse. However, the episode that made me quit Spongebob may actually surprise you. That episode is "Ghost Host". Alright, let me make one thing very clear. I HATE being scared. It's a good thing this episode's entire concept revolves around scaring the crap out of the viewer then, right? No! No, it's not! Anyway, the plot of this episode is that the Flying Dutchman (who the writers seem to have forgotten about as of recent, thank god. Don't remind them, OK? Please, for everyone's sanity) has lost his ability to scare people. We get a bunch of somewhat scary faces before the Flying Dutchman starts crying. And guess where he goes? That's right, Spongebob's house! So the Flying Dutchman tries to scare Spongebob with some slightly creepier imagery, but that doesn't work either. So, Spongebob decides that he'll help the Flying Dutchman get his scare back! This oughta be riveting. And yeah, most of the episode revolves around Spongebob trying to help the Dutchman scare people again. Oh, and during this adventure, Squidward says that he doesn't believe in ghosts. Remember this. In the end, Spongebob's efforts inevitably prove fruitless, and the Flying Dutchman becomes an ugly looking freeloader. Now, this doesn't sound so bad, right? Not so fast, we have to deal with Spongebob's response to the Dutchman's pathetic state! Get ready, because I'm about to get VERY mad. Spongebob says that since Squidward doesn't believe in ghosts, the Flying Dutchman should scare him! And guess what? He does! Then, we're treated to THE most disturbing sequence in Spongebob history, where the Flying Dutchman scares the living crap out of Squidward. I...can't do it justice. It gave me nightmares as a kid, and it made me want to hug Squidward! He didn't deserve that crap! He didn't deserve for a crazy ghost to scare the crap out of him just because he 'lost his scaring abilities!' Oh, and the ending. DEAR GOD, THE ENDING! Yeah, the sequence ends with the Flying Dutchman doing the 'disappearing finger trick' (which isn't funny after you put in all of that disturbing crap beforehand), which, due to the trauma the Dutchman has already inflicted on him, causes him to scream and rush out of his own house. Oh, and guess how it ends? Spongebob is happy that the Dutchman got his 'scare back', not caring one iota about Squidward! After I saw that episode, I knew that Spongebob was dead. I don't think I watched a single episode of Spognebob on TV since. At the tender age of 8 or 9, this episode came very close to traumatizing me, and I think I would have been traumatized for life had I been born a year or two later. Spongebob, I want you to do me a favor. Die. Grab a rope with hemlock grease on top of it, set it on fire, electrocute yourself, and then waterboard yourself with said rope around your neck. And may you never harm another child in your life.
  • Lin Keui Swampert: "Karate Island". To summarize, SpongeBob is scammed to believe he's the Karate Master (hi-ya!) He and Sandy travel to Karate Island to get the reward, SpongeBob being a blatant asshole along the way. SpongeBob beats up a few obvious actors and is whisked away. Sandy leaves, only to have to rescue SpongeBob. "Sandy! I need you! I can't handle this myself!" Sandy fights a few foes in what was trying to be a Homage to Bruce Lee-esque action scenes but turns out to just be unnecessary and time consuming, and eventually defeats the scammer, trying to get SpongeBob to buy a condo. Granted, it gives the guy a tad of development, but of course it doesn't last. The worst part? In the above mentioned "Best Day Ever" marathon, it's the Number One voted episode.
  • Tropernumber1: "All That Glitters". What's the problem with this episode? Let me explain. A customer orders a "monster patty", something that hadn't been ordered in years. SpongeBob tries to flip the glob of meat that's placed in front of him. It causes his spatula to break. First of all, why did he try to use his spatula to flip that big a patty? He should've known better than that. Also, couldn't he have just taped it back together? Second, the Big Lipped Alligator Moment shortly after that. They spend at least a minute with an Overly-Long Gag of SpongeBob crying about his broken spatula to everybody. It was long, annoying, tedious, and not even remotely funny. Next, his spatula is sent to the hospital for recovery. What? Next, Mr. Krabs tells him to go home for the day. On the way home, SpongeBob comes across a new spatula that grabs his attention. "Le Spatula" as it's called. The seller won't even let him so much as touch it without first paying far more than anybody should ever pay for a spatula. After giving up everything he has, the seller becomes interested in his outfit. So, SpongeBob spends all of his money, all of his possessions, and the clothes off his back. For a spatula! It Got Worse. SpongeBob, now spending the rest of the episode naked, goes back to work with his new spatula. The whole idea of SpongeBob being naked for an episode was at least passable in earlier episodes like "Nature Pants". SpongeBob, after Le Spatula runs away, goes back to the hospital only to find that his old spatula refuses to come back and starts crying some more. SpongeBob slithers to the Krusty Krab only to find his spatula there flipping patties on its own. What were the writers thinking?!
  • troper/cheeze13: I like a variety of episodes, by hate this one episode. "Driven to Tears" OH, God, this episode. Spongebob doesn't get his license, again, and Patrick decides it's rigged, so he takes the test. He gets it, and then acts like a total asshole, reminding Spongebob he managed to get his. Example, "If you just apply yourself, you can be the two millionth winner." He doesn't say that in a nice tone, either. He emphasizes "apply", as if Spongebob was an idiot! Then, it's late at night, and Patrick is working on his boatmobile, and when Spongebob asks what he is doing, Patrick goes on to say that Spongebob should keep it down, and people are trying to sleep, when Spongebob has done nothing! Then, when Patrick comes over, he brags about the license. Spongebob says he knew that already, and that he was there already. Patrick says Spongebob was following him, and he needs to get his own life! Wtf!!! I hate this episode so much.
  • Shuppeteer: Personally, I really disliked the episode "Rule of Dumb". In this episode, Patrick is informed that he's apparently royalty, and turns into a colossal jackass. He starts acting like a tyrant, believing that since he's "king", he can do whatever he wants. So he goes around Bikini Bottom making everyones' lives hell. He steals food from one fish, and a comic book collection from another (said fish had been collecting those for his whole life), and eventually gets practically every citizen in Bikini Bottom lined up in front of his house, which is now a giant castle, waiting to give him their possessions. All the while, Patrick laughing viciously about how much he loves being king. Later, Squidward shows up and finds that Patrick had demolished his house so he could build a ferris wheel in its place. He gets justifiably pissed off, and announces that Patrick is too dumb to be a king. Patrick then orders Spongebob, his servant at the time, to attack Squidward. He doesn't, and then everyone leaves. While Patrick does realize what an ass he was at the end, it's never shown that he gave the things he took back to the citizens, and he also never receives any comeuppance for his actions. It was all in all just not an enjoyable episode.
  • Ecclytennysmithylove: Im surprised nobody mentioned Squid Wood" or as I call it the episode where SpongeBob makes a rape-face through the window at Squidward, whos trying to have his peace and quiet bath time"! What is wrong with you, SpongeBob!? I thought your heart goes to Sandy Cheeks, not Squidward Tentacles! Seriously, SpongeBob, what part of Don't bother Squidward at all!" do you not understand!?
  • Dimension Walker: "Best Day Ever" was a huge DMOS if there ever was one. So much hype and a 24-hour marathon to accompany it, and finally we got to "Best Day Ever". But it wasn't an hourly special. It wasn't even a 30-minute special. It was just another 15-minute episode, and it wasn't too great either. First of all, his supposed "Best Day Ever" was really just his daily schedule. The song at the end was annoying, and SpongeBob was out of character. But the fun didn't really begin until, right outta nowhere, he shouted at somebody who tried to leave during his rant—something blatantly out-of-character for him.

    Season 5 
  • K Oman: Since they were both part of an episode trio, I'll list "Rise and Shine" and "Waiting". The former is basically 10 minutes of watching the mind-numbing stupidity that is Patrick's morning routine, and the latter is about SpongeBob buying a toy, stupidly waiting next to his mailbox for days because he just had to be there when the toy came, and then him and Patrick whining like babies when the toy seemingly breaks before an irritated Squidward points out that it's supposed to do that. Both episodes test my patience and seemed like insults to the viewer's intelligence.
  • taylorkerekes: In "Spy Buddies", where Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob and Patrick to spy on Plankton, SpongeBob and Patrick go over to Sandy's for some spy equipment. Of course, after she shows them the stuff, she refuses to let them use it, apparently because they would just mess up, but then Patrick has to use the knock-out ray, Sandy's favorite, to knock her out just so they can use the equipment! What is that all about?!
  • Jaryl: "Boat Smarts" was the point where I gave up on watching SpongeBob. The episode itself was like an educational video of how to drive your boat, with Squidward as the smart driver and SpongeBob, as always, the haywire one (why that moron never learns from his driving-mistakes is a mystery. And no, I don't take Rule of Fun as a legit answer. It might even lead someone to think Spongebob's drunk, like driving drunk while you're sober). Squidward does the right things, only with SpongeBob following and making a mistake, but with Squidward taking the pain. For instance, there's a lesson about how you always have to fasten your seat-belt. Guess what happens: SpongeBob crashes into Squidward's boat, the seat flies out of it. With Squidward still sitting on it, he tries to open his seat-belt, but failing and getting crushed by a vehicle with two spiked cylinders on its front, which solely seems to exist just to make Squidward miserable at this exact moment. Rule of Funny be damned, what is the reason for such a thing to exist? That makes me, a hobby-writer trying to write an entertaining and logical story, really cringe. The ending is even worse. SpongeBob causes a major car accident, with Squidward (who's by far the only character on this goddamn show I like, even though he is a jerk sometimes) and several other of the townspeople (who I absolutely despise, thanks to No Sympathy and What the Hell Townspeople) being the only victims, with SpongeBob getting away unscathed. And what does he do? He approaches Mrs. Puff, Squidward and the others and chastises them for not having the right boat smarts, then drives off laughing without any comeuppance! Not to mention that this episode apparently tells us the Family-Unfriendly Aesop "Kids, regardless of what you do when you're in traffic, you will get caught up in an accident." That's not helpful for kids who always fear they will do something wrong when they're old enough to drive a car. Good thing it was only four minutes long.
  • Frankiefoster: I never thought season 4 and beyond was very funny (except for "Skill Crane" and a few exceptions), but the worst one that made me actually cut the show was "Good Ol' Whatshisname". It was basically yet another Squidward torment episode, with him and SpongeBob trying to find out some guy's name before the contest Mr. Krabs sets up is over. Long dull story short, the episode carries on with Squidward going crazy and stealing the guy's wallet, only to find out the guy's name was actually Whatzittooya, the name the guy was yelling at him earlier on in the episode. The guy yells for the police and they proceed to arrest him, the guy calling him a wallet snatcher. Worse, the real prize wasn't a trip—it was just the fuckin' brochure. What the hell, writers? Oh, and the brochure part seemed like the worst part, tacked on to make Squidward's life even more miserable than it already was. Tell me why this show is still lurching like a zombie again?
    • HayleyChaotix: Actually, he doesn't yell for the police. It's even worse. One of them starts chasing him for running a red light (on foot). His punishment for running a red light, resisting arrest and stealing a wallet? Ten years in prison. Not kidding.
    • Psi Basilisk: It gets even worse. At the very end of the episode, when Squidward is in jail, he realizes that at least he will have some peace and quiet for those ten years. Considering the sheer amount of pain and annoyance he endured, its nice to think that Squidward would get a break from all that. Instead, it turns out that Patrick "annoying, stupid, neighbor" Star is in the jail cell with him. It disgusted me to see Squidward's only Hope Spot of peace and quiet taken away from him like that. Especially since the cell was empty when Squidward was put in there and we never see Patrick get put in. It's like the writers hate Squidward so much, they ignored all rules of logic just to make his life even more miserable than it is now.
      • zakalb: It's possible that they planned it in advance, since it didn't seem like enough of a punishment to begin with.
  • Kingler: Originally, I posted "Slide Whistle Stooges" as my D Mo S. Now, I remembered the episode that took this show off my must-watch list: "To Love a Patty". SpongeBob falls in love with a Krabby Patty and decides to romance it. He dates a cheeseburger for 11 minutes, then breaks up with it when it gets moldy. Probably the lamest thing I've ever seen in my life. Besides that, there's a scene where SpongeBob tries to protect the burger from a flock of hungry scallops. He knocks most of them out, then grabs one and breaks it in half with his bare hands. The fuck? SpongeBob is a lot of things, but he's no killer. I just don't get how a show could fall off so hard, so quickly.
    • Yeow95: Worse, remember that he and Patrick nursed a baby scallop until it was able to fly in "Rock-A-Bye Bivalve". Comparing Spongebob from that episode to SpongeBob in this episode just opens up a whole new can of Fridge Horror.
  • heartauthor: Four words: "Breath of Fresh Squidward." First of all, the beginning of the episode isn't funny, and comes off really creepy. Apparently, SpongeBob and Patrick sneak into Squidward's house every morning while he's asleep to watch the sunrise. Squidward is understandably mad about this, and decides to put up an electric fence to keep them out. However, Squidward ends up being zapped by said fence, and gets a whole personality shift; he becomes a much nicer and happier person. Now, this idea could have saved this episode... but no. The new, happier Squidward begins excelling at work so much that he ends up winning the Employee of the Month award, angering an already annoyed SpongeBob. But the crown on this Dethroning Moment? Squidward is thrown a party for his award, and SpongeBob sees him pogo-dancing with Patrick. SpongeBob snaps and screams at Squidward, kicking the octopus out of his own party. Even worse, SpongeBob gets away with this. The ending is pretty bad, too, with Squidward getting zapped again and reverting to his old personality, but that one moment at the party was just awful.
  • InnocentDarkside: While virtually everything on this page has earned it's spot as a D Mo S, I would take the opportunity to add the episode "Money Talks". Mr. Krabs sells his soul to the Flying Dutchman so... he can be able to talk to money. It pretty much cemented that the writers were not only just plain out of ideas at that point, but yet another prime example of the rampant Flanderization that's been plaguing the series.
  • lilpurplebird: "Atlantis SquarePantis". This was the episode that convinced me SpongeBob had begun running out of ideas and was relying on annoyance to make an episode. The actors couldn't sing well with their character voices (and Tom Kenny can sing, as SpongeBob has been shown to sing well-enough), but that was one of everything about the episode that was annoying. I didn't like Lord Royal Highness as a character (David Bowie, why did you agree to this), the songs were pointless despite playing a plot importance, the plot itself was poorly done, and it was just pointless filler altogether. The art and the animation styles they used to match up with the art were sadly wasted in this horrendous special. I'm ashamed to even own the DVD.
  • Philipnova798: The special "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" I've seen other bad episodes, but those didn't bother me too much. What makes this a DMoS, is that it puts the Sponge in a very cliched negative light towards his "friends" when all he did was accidentally ruin their day. Also, why was he even trying with Squidward? He should have known by now that ol' Squiddy hates him.

    Season 6 
  • Crazy Luigi: The biggest one for me is the one in "House Fancy", where Squidward gets his toenail (not joking) ripped out of one of his feet by a chair due to SpongeBob's tomfoolery. And just to make it even worse, Squidward ended up tripping on said toenail. Now for someone who didn't flinch when first seeing something like Pickle Surprise, seeing that actually made me want to close my eyes from that painful to watch scene.
  • Fantazindy: "Penny Foolish", which was in my opinion one of the worst episodes in Spongebob history. Basically, it was just a worse version of "One Krab's Trash", where Krabs (being the money obsessed Jerkass he is) sees Spongebob pick up a penny on the street. After several hallucinations of pennies that Krabs has, he decides that he really needs the penny. Mind you, it is a mere hundredth of a dollar, but for a money-obssessed person like Krabs this is excusable. He attempts to 'borrow a penny' from Spongebob but fails. That's fine. But from then on his obsession with money comes in full force- he decides to open a movie theater, with a ticket price of one penny (Now I'm not an economist but to build a theater itself costs millions of dollars... and he would be making a loss by selling those tickets at such a low price- just to get a stupid penny!), and hosting a 'charity night' to donate one penny for the cause of accompanying other coins (which, needless to say, is completely idiotic and besides, it costs more than just one cent to hold such an event...). In the end, nobody attends except for Spongebob, who is deeply excited/moved by Krabs' absurd claims, but he reveals he can't cough up a single cent each time, sending Krabs on a rampage (who is too dense to come to terms with the fact that Spongebob has no freaking penny!). In the end he has to stalk Spongebob down for the penny before getting spotted by Spongebob and is forced to say why he's so 'penny foolish'. This is where it gets too absurd- it had been evident Spongebob has picked up a reddish-copper disk from the floor, but guess what? He reveals it to be peppermint gum! And, of course, Krabs is still too dense to realize that Spongebob has no penny and excavates the area surrounding his house! That's not even the worst part- when Gary's saliva falls onto the 'gum' it soaks the moisture up and reveals to be a 500 dollar bill (how the freak does this happen, anyway??)! Of which Spongebob discards (because it isn't what he wants, apparently). "Penny Foolish" marked the all-time low for Spongebob besides 20,000, Wringer and Boating Buddies- it ruined "One Krab's Trash" forever.
  • ztyran: The ending of "Gone" was a good example for me. Instead of it being a horrible nightmare or something, it's that everyone, even his friends have spent a week having a holiday called 'No SpongeBob Day,' doing things like burning him in effigy. Now while I can understand Plankton, Squidward, and Mrs. Puff, the others make no sense. This included Krabs, who makes a fortune off the guy, Sandy, who once married him, and Patrick, his best friend. And Patrick's excuse that everyone needs time away from Spongebob's laugh is a bit of a lame excuse.
  • RetsofNoraa: Has anyone else seen "The Splinter?" Spongebob gets a splinter in his thumb, which proceeds to get infected to the point that his thumb is as big as half his head and issues forth a fountain of pus when the splinter is finally pulled. I get sick from even looking at screencaps. Oh, and keep in mind that - despite the progressed nature of the infection - Spongebob wants to keep working. Around fast food. With a pus-gushing thumb. But that's not even the worst part. It wasn't a larger-than-life pus initially- Spongebob consulted help from Patrick at first, who is obviously no doctor and becoming Too Dumb to Live by examining and even biting Spongebob's foot. And when Spongebob says that it's not helping, Patrick decides to ignore him completely and Spongebob ends up begging for his help! Normally I can tolerate Patrick but this put me off completely. And here's the worst part- when Patrick attempted to help [with as much medical knowledge as a preschooler] he hammers the damn splinter in! Now that's how it enlarged to such a horrendous size. This is just one of the key moments where Patrick "Finland!" Star deteriorated into a complete jerk.
  • Edward Hands: One of the worst episodes I've ever seen was "Giant Squidward" and I think it's even worse than "One Coarse Meal". It starts out with Squidward actually being happy for a while, but then gets annoyed by Spongebob and Patrick, then they make him giant by using Kelp Grow on him. Squidward then chases them through Bikini Bottom while they're pretending to scream, but the town thinks they're screaming in fear, and start chasing Squidward. What's worse is that when Spongebob tells the townsfolk that Squidward is the nicest giant, Squidward yells at them like the townspeople aren't even there. Then Squidward decides to help Bikini Bottom by using his size, but when one of the citizens sneezes, they decide to chase him because he didn't say bless you. Then realizing he can't live in his house anymore he starts to live in a rocky mountain. Spongebob and Patrick feel bad for him so they decide to give a giant present. It turns out to be a giant clarinet and Squidward actually starts feeling better, so does it end with Squidward playing the clarinet 30's style while Spongebob and Patrick dance? What kind of show do you think this is? The clarinet shrinks Squidward back to normal and then Squidward complains that it was the most beautiful gift he ever had. Squidward then chases Spongebob and Patrick because they trimmed his kelp garden to make the clarinet. This is definitely one of the worst episodes of Spongebob.
  • anoni: "Patty Caper", the episode when the secret ingredient of the formula was stolen while being shipped, then Krabs sends SpongeBob to find who stole it. When he can't find who did it, he goes back to Krabs to report. Guess what? Out of nowhere Krabs blames SpongeBob! The guy's about to be thrown in jail under bogus charges when we find out that Krabs actually stole the formula so he wouldn't have to pay shipping... What was the point of shipping it in the first place? Also, I think Krabs, right before SpongeBob is thrown in jail, was about to fire the poor kid. He sends him on a search, blames him when there are no results, and almost fires him. Apparently he forgot that SpongeBob is pretty much the only person keeping the Krusty Krab in business, Squidward and Krabs are horrible cooks! Ya know what this means? Mr, Krabs would destroy his own restaurant so he'd save money! I can't get behind this. I seriously can't.
  • SD Rim 6: "Plankton's Regular" was absolutely terrible, even by the recent standards. The episode starts with Plankton finally getting a customer that likes his food. Mr. Krabs sees this and decides to take the customer away from Plankton saying that "I can't let Plankton have even one [customer]" He then goes out of his way to drive this one customer away even going so far as to try to steal Plankton's secret formula for chum! After he fails at attempting to steal Plankton's secret formula Plankton gloats about how ironic it is for Krabs to try to steal his formula. Then it is revealed that the customer was being paid by Karen to eat at the Chum Bucket. Plankton cries about losing his only customer and Krabs just laughs at Plankton's misery.
    • Tropers/Psi001: That episode did actually seem to be trying hard to make the audience pity Plankton over Mr Krabs, even having Plankton call an end to their rivalry if he could keep his costumer. I think this was one of the key points the series was being converted into a Sadist Show and making the cast into a bunch of Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonists (the punchline just seemed to be Plankton getting his chain yanked hard, no twist or complexity, just laughs over misery). If it's any consolation however, Krabs seemed more peeved by the fact that someone was turning down a Krabby Patty in favor of a competing foodline rather than the fact Plankton was gaining the slightest bit of success and happiness (even earlier episodes like "Just One Bite" shown how insistent he and Spongebob were that everyone adored Krabby Patties). This still makes their motive rather selfish and petty but at least not outright spiteful.
  • WolfMan16: I just recently watched the episode "Boating Buddies", and I have to say that along with "Squid's Visit" and the infamous exchange in "20,000 Patties Under The Sea", this was the episode that really flanderized the ridiculous Ho Yay Spongebob gives to Squidward, possibly even worse than those examples. In this episode Spongebob, as always, annoys Squidward, this time to the point where he tries to get away from him and ends up in the same boating school with Spongebob. No, that's obviously not the sucky part; there are scenes in the boating school where he touches Squidward rather suggestively, fawns over him numerous times, and even wrote a note on the board where he proclaims his liking to Squidward with hearts all around the writing. Seriously, it seems as though the writers are trying to scare off the fans by turning their once beloved cartoon hero into a creepy gay stalker. Jesus Christ, people.
  • Kitty Katt: The episode "The Krabby Kronicle". It starts out fair enough with Mr. Krabs getting an article in the newspaper to advertise the Krusty Krab, but no ones buying it because they're to busy reading a tabloid called The Bottom Feeder. So he makes Spongebob become a news reporter to find news stories so he can make off money of his own newspaper, but it quickly goes downhill when he tells Spongebob to make up stories which end up ruining all his friends' lives in a way that is not only devoid of humor but downright painful to watch. Thankfully Spongebob starts to feel guilty, but when Spongebob tells Mr. Krabs he doesn't like what they're doing Mr. Krabs acts like a complete jerk to him and ignores what he says and overworks him even though Spongebob is visibly depressed throughout the episode. Near the end Spongebob finally retaliates by printing a news story about Mr. Krabs abusing him and people are so angry they take their money back. So does this episode end with Mr. Krabs finally getting what he deserves? Of course not! It ends with Mr. Krabs using the press to produce counterfeit money... to the objection of nobody. This episode is the main reason I rarely watch new episodes of Spongebob anymore.
  • Baronobeefdip: "SpongeBob SquarePants Vs. The Big One" is a DMOS for me. First of all, Depp's fish-character is so far in the Uncanny Valley that he's pretty much underground (Seriously, remember when the show had relatively "believable" cartoon fish that didn't have any hair?). Second, the plot just seemed nonsensical and was just dull. It was all too predictable as to what was going to happen, with several of the most heavy-handed, transparent instances of Chekhov's Gun that I have ever seen. Third, it was promoted as this big special (especially due to Johnny Depp's guest-starring role) on Nickelodeon (yes, this is common practice with regards to Spongebob Squarepants), but it turned out to be nothing more than a full half-hour episode rather than the standard "two 15-minute short" formula of the series. About the only good part of the episode was the "Davy Jones Locker" gag with Mr. Krabs and, well, Davy Jones. Though, for the most part, the rest of the jokes in the episode were mainly forced and just plain unfunny.
  • WilliamSchnell: "Choir Boys." At first glance, the plot seems overly simple: Squidward has a choir practice that he needs to get to. However, Spongebob seems to want to stop him from doing so for no reason other than to prove to Squidward that he is capable of being a part of the choir. Most of the episode is spent either listening to Squidward practice his singing (badly) or listening to one of them clear their throat... for a long, long time. After a series of bland gags, Squidward makes it to the choir, and proceeds to clear his throat for what seems like an eternity. I counted a total of almost two minutes' worth of coughing and hacking between Squidward and Spongebob. After this long, arduous session, he proceeds to sing along with the choir... badly. To top it all off, Spongebob appears and sings perfectly, impressing the choir. Squidward merely ends up being Spongebob's page turner. That's right, eleven minutes' worth of lackluster jokes lead up to yet another Kick the Dog moment for Squidward.
    • Garfield2710: In my opinion, this episode has one of the worst moments in the entire show. After Spongebob sends Squidward flying into a horde of Jellyfish, Spongebob walks over and instead of trying to help Squidward, suddenly becomes ecstatic that he has "a captive audience," and begins to practice his singing while Squidward is screaming in agony from Jellyfish stings. So what does Spongebob do? He asks Squidward to be quiet, because he can't concentrate. Yes, Spongebob told Squidward to stop screaming in agony because it was disrupting Spongebob's singing. Then in the next scene, we get a close up of Squidward's countless jellyfish stings, which are large, and have pus oozing from them. Ew! I didn't even cringe that much at the toe-nail scene, but that makes me shiver in pain every time I see that.
  • PAK 215: As my 1st entry on the wiki, it figures that I post about a show with which I was once obsessed. Anyway, the episode, "Cephalopod Lodge", involves Squidward going to a meeting for a secret organization consisting entirely of squids. Spongebob and Patrick, curious as they are, follow him as he's going to said meeting. However, the organization finds out that they had found them, and Spongebob and Patrick reveal that they were following Squidward, causing him to be kicked out of the organization. Squidward acts appropriately miserable, having expressed that these meetings were the only thing that made his miserable life worth living. Spongebob and Patrick try to cheer him up by creating their own organization, but said organization seems to only exist to make Squidward even more miserable. They then come up with a plan to get him back in the organization by disguising themselves as a giant eel, scaring the organization, and having Squidward stop them. They carry out this plan, and Squidward ends up back in the club, and Squidward is happy. So all is well, right? Of course not. Spongebob and Patrick remove their disguise (a giant sock) and Squidward gets kicked out of the club again, now more miserable than ever. This episode always comes to my mind when thinking about how Squidward went from being miserable due to being a jerk to being miserable simply because someone finds it funny. In my opinion, it's more depressing than funny.
    • Zurreal45: Agreed. The entire thing was a terrible plot. It starts with a normal day at work and Spongebob, seeing Squidward so happy, decides to find out why. So they stalk him and find out he is part of a secret club and they somehow get in. How did they get in? Seriously! Did anyone stop them? Anyway, Squidward gets kicked out as they trailed him but when they want to get him back in, they deny it being their fault which it was! Screw Rule of Funny! They decide to make things up which ultimately fails as they are torturing Squidward even more. So they come up with a good plan to get him back in which succeeds but they come out of their freaking disguise and blows his chances again! This was a Squidward torment episode which marked the downhill slope of Spongebob.
  • King Cr Inu Yasha: The episode where Spongebob turns his house into an exact replica of Squidward's - "Squid's Visit". This isn't the first time Spongebob's obsession with Squidward as been Flanderized, but this one has him acting like some psycho straight out of Criminal Minds. You even have Sponge breathing heavily, looking at Squidward through the window while they're on the phone when Squid says he's coming over to get his vacuum cleaner back. Oh, and Squid's house burns down near the end, due to a casserole he left in the oven.
  • SizzlyBacon: "Shuffleboarding". First, the episode had nary a thing to do with it. It was about SpongeBob and Patrick going around, pretending to be Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy. Well, they start arresting people for stupid reasons (i.e., a jail guard for throwing away a half-eaten Krabby Patty, some guy for his shoe being untied, and an old lady for being too old.) First of all, why would you arrest people for doing something you can't change? Plus, everyone thinks they are the real Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, despite the fact that the costumes are horrible. It wouldn't be too bad, but the jail guard mentioned above asks what MM and BB are doing there the first second they see them.
  • Relaxing Teen: Sometimes I like the seasonal rot episodes, but I think one of the worst episodes is "Professor Squidward". Why? It started out when two people mistake Squidward for Squilliam, but when they tell them that Squilliam is going to teach a music class, Squidward says he is Squilliam, even though he said he wasn't. Second was when SpongeBob and Patrick are in his art class, but why? Are they there to torture him? What's worse is that they would not let Squidward teach the art class! Finally and worst of all, the police come to arrest Squidward because he pretended he was Squilliam! What's worse is that SpongeBob and Patrick don't do anything to help him! This is one of the reasons why I hate the Season 6 episodes.
  • CartoonFreak95: The episode "Pet or Pests" had a huge one, there's a particular scene where Larry the Lobster claims that he doesn't know who SpongeBob is. Okay, so we're supposed to forget "Ripped Pants", "House Fancy", "Lifeguard on Duty", etc?! Granted, those were made years ago, but with Larry's position in those episodes, he can't forget who Spongebob is, he might not be one of his best friends, but SpongeBob goes to the beach a lot, and with the amount of episodes he's been there, Larry is supposed to not forget who he is, he knows who SpongeBob is in the other episodes, so why not in this one?! Continuity errors are frequent, but with the times that Larry the Lobster has appeared, this is why this is a DMOS for me; Stephen Hillenburg (the show's creator) might not be involved with the newer episodes, but Paul Tibbitt (current showrunner) and the writers should at least try and put some more effort into it, instead of trying to deliberately piss off the show's fan base.
  • Green Machine 2084: The 6th season episode "Gullible Pants" was this troper's breaking point. Basically, Mr. Krabs puts SpongeBob in charge of the Krusty Krab for 15 minutes. While Squidward takes advantage of the situation, things get worse and worse until the end of the episode when Krabs gets back to see all the customers are cowering in the corner, there's a huge mess everywhere, and SpongeBob is dancing in a creepy fashion. That's how the episode ends, and there is no resolution at all! Way to leave us hanging, writers!
  • Woodsman: While "Overbooked" was by no means a great episode, one moment in particular really stood out. SpongeBob has to go get a cake for Patrick's birthday party, but didn't reserve one in advance. He goes to the bakery and finds there's only one cake with a message already written on it. The message? "Sorry about the scabies." This isn't getting crap past the radar, this is nuking it. I was appalled that such a thing could be aired in a kid's show with no apparent outcry. This was the final nail in the coffin for me; I knew SpongeBob was past its former glory if it had to resort to this kind of adult joke.
  • Twoey Pie: My fondness for the show that helped shape part of my childhood had quickly started to shrink as time went on due to the decreasing quality in the episodes, but the tenth anniversary "special" "Truth or Square" was the final nail in the coffin for me. I know that most people seem to view "Atlantis Squarepantis" as the worst Spongebob special ever, but I honestly don't agree. As bad as that was, it only wasted one possibility for quite a few plots as well as the talent of one guest star. "Truth or Square" wasted many possibilities for backstories, plots (or perhaps subplots) as well as the talents of many guest stars (including Robin Williams, whom I was desperately hoping would save the whole special by the time he finally showed up). The seemingly shoe-horned special guest stars aside, the commercials all seemed to be saying something along the lines of "We're going to show you some backstories of some of the characters and answer questions you've had since the beginning of the show!" None of that happened. Yes, I expected them not to reveal the Krabby Patty's secret formula (Status Quo Is God and all that), and the commercials for it already revealed the Spongebob/Sandy wedding to be a joke (yeah, what a great idea, writers), but the rest just felt like such a plotless mess. And don't even get me started on that awful Krusty Krab-themed song they put to the tune of a Christmas song towards the end. For the tenth anniversary of a show I once loved, I was hoping for something much better than whatever you'd call "Truth or Square" (I don't think it deserves to be called a special; not now, not ever). It just drove me to think that it should've stopped after the movie like it was supposed to instead of having it drag out for over a decade.
  • FromtheWordsofBR: "Pineapple Fever" was the one that did it for me. The episode starts out with Spongebob and Patrick planning to do jellyfishing, but the weatherman on the TV says that there's going to be a thunderstorm. So they barricade Spongebob's pineapple, but they do it so loudly that Squidward, who's tweezing bad eyebrow hairs, tears off his skin graphically. Please excuse me... *throws up in clogged bathroom sink* Anyway, Squidward rightfully storms over to his house to rant about him, but SpongeBob says he has to stay with him because of the storm and makes an obnoxiously long list of drinks they will drink and games they will play. Squidward doesn't believe him, but as he walks to his house he gets shocked by lightning. What follows is several minutes of Spongebob and Patrick unwittingly torturing Squidward and them having trouble playing simple games a two-year-old could finish in 30 seconds. Squidward loses his sanity so much that he forces the two idiots to play a game called "Boundaries", in which they are not allowed to cross a line, which is near Spongebob's bedroom door, where Squidward will rest in. However, he gets hungry, but Spongebob, completely missing the point of the game, won't let him cross because he will break the rules of Boundaries. Squidward loses control of himself and raids Spongebob's fridge. They run around re-enacting "Spongebob B.C." for a few minutes (credit for that line to Mo Bros Studios) until they realize the animals they've became. Then Squidward notices that it has stopped raining, and finally breaks free of the idiots' grips. Does he finally get piece and quiet?... why don't you take a guess?!?! Instead, he falls out of Spongebob's house because a tornado has apparently formed underneath it. If the writers of this episode intentionally made this episode to tick off viewers, then mission accomplished.
  • Tweedly Dee: "The Clash of Triton" is a fairly light example. It goes like this; Mr. Krabs is holding a banquet for Neptune, who is sad due to Triton's absence and refuses to eat. SpongeBob is sent to retrieve Triton, who was imprisoned by Neptune for being a hippie. SpongeBob finds Triton and frees him with Patrick's assistance. Triton causes mayhem and destruction, and Neptune congratulates him for his tyranny. He leaves, still having not eaten the krabby patties or payed for them. An angry mob then chases SpongeBob and Patrick. Now why did this one suck? For starters, there's Patrick's Smart Ball. Patrick, who after years of Flanderization is now Too Dumb to Live, shows surprising competency long enough to free Triton. After this point, he's stupid as usual. The reasoning behind Neptune's imprisonment of Triton defies all forms of logic, and the two deities act like assholes and get no comeuppance. It also has the hallmarks of an idiot plot: Neptune was too stupid to free Triton before going to the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob was too stupid to solve a simple puzzle, and Patrick suddenly shows signs of intelligence when they've written themselves into a corner. While this isn't the worst part of the series, it's a good place to start.
    • Mr Jeperson: And don't forget a truly dire guest spot from Victoria Beckham, stilted, unfunny, and obviously put in only because "Victoria wants to prove that she's still hip."

    Season 7 
  • Tropers/Emmens: In the episode "Tentacle-Vision", Squidward buys a slot on a paid public service television. It starts out with the standard Squidward want to do something that he thinks will be good for Bikini Bottom and then Spongebob and Patrick start to mess things up. Then it slowly breaks down until every character, all the way to Pearl and Plankton, have shown up, and a mob of people mistake his show for a party. At the end, an executive from the TV station shows up saying he loves how the show is going except for Squidward. So the show he paid for, hosting in his home has been taken over and he has to sit outside while the show is going on... just why!? Basically, this proved to me that the show has become little more than "Let's see how the main character can fuck up the lives of everyone around him, except his idiot best friend."
  • Cabbit Girl Emi: For me, it was "Stuck in the Wringer". SpongeBob gets stuck in his wringer and Patrick becomes even stupider than usual by thinking he wanted to be glued in! Just when you thought it was bad enough when SpongeBob is forced to take the day off from work, Patrick more or less tries to get him to cheer up at the amusement park, and it ends up with SpongeBob yelling at Patrick. The worst part? Everyone in the crowd gives No Sympathy towards SpongeBob, and said that what happened to him served him right. And Nickelodeon thought this episode was okay to green-light?!?
    • VideoGameCrack: And another moment from Stuck in the Wringer which shows perfectly how much these people care about their writing: Long story short, Patrick manages to nullify the effect of the super glue with his tears. The problem? Tears shed due to sadness are salt water, and the show takes place in an ocean. Remember when they actually lampshaded their setting? Yeah, me neither.
    • Mogo: What makes it worse is that it wasn't just the crowd (although that was just horrible enough for this section by itself), it's that not one single person in any of their places thought of getting him out of that thing. I mean, we all know Krabs is a jackass but hasn't his business been ruined by Squidward or Krabs himself trying to cook before? In fact I just learned about the ending here because I turned the TV off before it ended. That's how bad I hated it. But to add to Video Game Crack's comments above, Spongebob cried due to how horrible this situation is, why didn't that help. It's just 11 minutes of Cringe Comedy that makes you wonder how this episode got greenlit.
    • hyp3210n: To explain the tear thing, Water Is Air and Rule of Funny though "funny" isn't the right word to describe this show anymore. Ask for the townsfolk, all they saw was SpongeBob yelling at Patrick. This made them think that Spongebob was being Jerkass dick to his poor friend who said he was only trying to help. That's what I think but it still doesn't make it any better.
    • chidoriss: The absolute worst part is the ending, where Spongebob looks right at the camera and says, "I guess crying does solve your problems after all." What a Family-Unfriendly Aesop for the kids.
  • MarioKing98341: "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful" is my ultimate DMOS. Squidward is stuck on litter patrol with Squilliam Fancyson because he threw gum on the sidewalk. Logical, but than it gets more annoying thanks to the police officer being a jerkass. He later tickets Squidward for being near trash while he was on cleanup control. But then, Squidward is beaten since he stole a wagon to help with the garbage, than have the garbage knocked over on him, and the police officer only tickets him instead of Spongebob who was in the garbage as well! And then, Spongebob makes a house of garbage in place of Squidward's house because the dump is closed. Squidward obviously gets disgusted by this, then gets ticketed for having his home turned into a garbage house! Hey police officer, there's a thing called recycling, maybe that's what he was doing. But then, Squidward is ticked again because his other ticket fell. What the hell, police?!? Then Spongebob soaks the garbage up; everytime a drop falls off, Squidward, instead of Spongebob who was made of garbage at the time, is ticketed since he stood in a 3 feet radius of dirt! Then he is ticketed for Spongebob stepping into his own trashcan as the officer directly sees this happen! We get it guys, Squidward is equal to Charlie Brown. But nope, the real kicker in the teeth is when the ending has Spongebob and Squidward ticketed by the police who was right there when a single empty can rolls by them, not the statue of garbage in Squidward's image, but the empty can rolling past them with the police watching it! Squidward just dove into The Woobie territory and has every reason to be a Jerk Ass just by this episode alone!
    • Lucymae2: My pick for the worst episode of the series. Squidward's Butt Monkey status is the butt of jokes here. And I mean every freaking joke in this episode. It starts out cruel, and by the end it's just downright sadistic. I have the same problem with the episode "Krusty Dogs", but there at least the main focus is not physical and psychological abuse on poor Squidward.
  • Super Saiya Man: The episode "A Pal for Gary", which had Spongebob adopting a new pet... despite the warning that it doesn't like snails or snail noises. Said pet terrifies Gary, and Spongebob is too stupid to see that Gary was about to be eaten and then the new pet starts eating him. Gary chases said pet out. Instead of thanking him? Spongebob scolds Gary for chasing him off! Not funny! Spongebob becomes even more Too Dumb to Live when he can't recognize he was going to be fucking eaten and Gary saved him.
    • MSCC93: This is why I hate Spongebob so much... his obliviousness to other people's well-being is what put Gary in those bad situations. Spongebob was more of a jerk than usual in this episode. He should have known that Puffy Fluffy shouldn't have been near other pets, and the seller told him so. Did he listen? No. This is more of a case of Karma Houdini instead of Idiot Houdini since he was such a porous dick for not thanking Gary for saving his ungrateful life. I pray this show ends soon.
    • Jade Muffin: In an earlier episode, SpongeBob gets bullied by Flats the Flounder and Mrs. Puff does nothing to help him, and at the episode's end SpongeBob is the one who gets in trouble for "beating up" Flats. Notice a parallel here? Given what he went through in that episode, you would think SpongeBob would know better than to treat Gary so poorly, but in "A Pal for Gary" all he does is treat Gary the same way Mrs. Puff treated him in "The Bully".
  • KashimaKitty: The episode "Yours, Mine and Mine" was the one that made this troper finally give up the series. Patrick can't afford a Krusty Krab meal, so Spongebob helps pay for it, the two agreeing to share. Naturally Patrick eats it all. When he complains that there's no toy, Mr. Krabs hastily puts one together out of a Patty and some straws, charging extra. Patrick's response? Much like the episode "Sing a Song of Patrick" he steals Spongebob's money to pay for it. When our young Sponge reminds his "best friend" that they agreed to share it, Patrick goes from being a colossal, selfish jerkass when it's his turn with the toy, to whiny and needy the few seconds Spongebob gets ahold of it. Finally Patrick ends up snatching it, and after a lengthy chase, eating it. But what luck, Mr. Krabs made more! Patrick then steals more of Spongebob's money, and when called on it, ends the episode with this gem. "Have you learned nothing about sharing?" The title sends an obvious message but there was room for at least an Aesop or comeuppance.
  • bbitt: The episode "Kracked Krabs". It has a borderline textbook example of flanderization by having Mr. Krabs and Spongebob go to a competition in which a bunch of crabs see who can be the cheapest. What!? Oh, and it gets worse by having Mr. Krabs and Spongebob win by stealing an entire hotel room! Basically, they're teaching our kids to "Exaggerate" people's belongings into their suitcases, and get rewarded for it. If Mr. Krabs really wanted to be cheap, he should have stuffed his own room into his suitcase. He'd have a free room and he wouldn't be... you know, 'stealing'. When I saw the episode, I gave up on the show and now hope it gets axed.
  • Kaminconquered: For this troper, it was "Squidward in Clarinetland". Whereas every other episode up to this point seemed to be attempting for humor (though in most cases after season four it failed), this episode seemed to be the point where the writers literally just started throwing random things together in order to make something that truly couldn't even resemble a plot. To try and summarize the episode: Squidward convinces Mr. Krabs that they need a storage of some sort for their items while they are at work, so that he can keep his clarinet close for a performance after he gets off work. Krabs gives them a dingy old storage locker, and Spongebob puts the clarinet in the locker. So far so good, with a followable plot. And then Spongebob begins making "improvements" on the storage locker, and Squidward, going into the locker, discovers what can only be described as a Bad Acid Trip. Squidward gets pulled into a strange maze of lockers before meeting a talking eagle head that eats him, sees himself in a mirror where he, in straight up Nightmare Fuel, pulls his own face apart to show his clarinet, and chases a laughing, insane image of Spongebob through the world before escaping the locker. I honestly still have no idea why the episode was made, what was even supposed to be the joke, or what ever happened, but I have not watched an episode since.
  • Linkrulezall: I put up with a lot of garbage up until this point, but the abysmal Earth Day special "Spongebob's Last Stand" was the episode that finally killed this series for me. The writing is painful, with an environmental message more painfully obvious and pandering than Captain Planet. Case in point, the road paver instantly makes Jellyfish Fields turn to shit a few feet behind it, and Spongebob's blatant "We can do it if we work together", followed by everyone rolling up the highway like a burrito and instantly making Jellyfish Fields green again. The episode is mostly dominated by terrible songs, including a half-assed rewriting of The Toyes' "Smoke Two Joints". Everyone (when they aren't flanderized to an even greater degree than most previous episodes), is a completely unlikable Jerkass (everyone calls Spongebob and Patrick Highway Haters, pelts them with garbage, and chants "highway" while they're being arrested), a complete and total dumbass (Plankton wants to keep the highway, even after he's brutally attacked by Jellyfish as a direct result), or any combination of the two ("I like saying "Aye!"). I'm not even getting into the terrible jokes, most of the lazy writing, and the awful marketing campaign that prominently featured Spongebob ripping Patrick's nipples off.
    • Romanator X: I actually held out hope for most of the special, even though it was mediocre. However, when Spongebob was calling for his friends to stop the highway, he then called out two words which all but sent the franchise to it's deathbed for me. "Sandy Squirrel!" That's right; Spongebob is now so stupid he can't even remember the name of one of his best friends.
  • Tropers/stewyworks333: "Summer Job", is in my opinion, the lowest point of the series, beating such failures as "Plankton's Regular" and "Stuck in the Wringer". Watch as fond memories of Krusty Love are trashed for the sake of jokes that should never have been. This episode starts with Mrs. Puff avoiding Spongebob's note, and driving away, only to crash into the Krusty Krab's doors. What happens next is Mr. Krabs, making her work off the debt of the damage. Then, Spongebob is constantly tormenting Mrs. Puffs for the next nine minutes, ending with her fed up, ripping up Spongebob's note, and going to jail for seven years (despite her saying four years) over littering. (Yes, they make many jokes over littering, but it's lost it's charm the 100th time it was used). She's locked up, relaxed, since she's away from Spongebob, only to find that the yellow sponge (despite totally sucking at driving) will be teaching at the prison. The bottom of this here barrel is that the note was about teaching at prison. This episode was nothing but Kick The Blowfish over and over again.
    • prettycoolguy: Oh, but there's another DMOS in this episode. When Mrs. Puff tries to bring up Krusty Love's date plotline again by asking if he'd like to go on a date, he cruelly shoots her down like a jackass. Wow, Krabs. This is a new low, even for you.
  • philipthepatsy: "One Coarse Meal". Whenever Mr. Krabs learns that Plankton has a fear of whales, he tortures him to no end by dressing up as Pearl, stalking Plankton, and sending him into a suicidal depression. Spongebob comes to comfort Plankton, tells Plankton Krabs' secret fear, and asks Krabs to knock it off. Krabs then guilt trips Spongebob by reminding him that he was the one that told Plankton of the patty formula in the safe. Plankton arrives with a mime in order to get some much-needed vengence, only for Spongebob to have a projector with whales playing scare Plankton off, turning the Jerk Ass Krabs into a Karma Houdini. Why would anyone want to root for Krabs after this?!
    • Loekman3: Worse than Krabs's Karma Houdini is the fact that Spongebob freaking betrays Plankton after Spongebob offers to help Plankton get his revenge on Krabs despite the fact that he saw Krabs laugh at Plankton's attempt at suicide. Why can't you just realize that Krabs has gone too far with his act and call him out on it like you did in "Can You Spare a Dime?" or "Krusty Love" or even make any attempt to subtly give Plankton what he wanted since I almost never see Spongebob outright hate Plankton, in fact even attempts to make friends with him despite the fact that he tries to steal the patty numerous times. Instead he gives Krabs fake fear and he still thinks Krabs is his boss despite the fact that he saw him doing a lot of greedy acts all the time. This episode along with "A Pal For Gary" made me realise that the old charms of Spongebob Square Pants is long and gone, replaced by a generic Comedic Sociopathic cartoon whom the writers don't even understand when enough is enough.
    • Just Dancer Starships: This and A Pal For Gary are so bad, that this troper, who usually labels all episodes Grade A or AA, gave them a Z-.
  • Tropers/Mineburst: I'm surprised nobody mentioned "Gramma's Secret Recipe". This is the most poorly-plotted episode I have ever watched. Basically, Plankton dresses up as his grandma in an attempt to steal the krabby patty formula. We get treated to a thought sequence where Mr. Krabs thinks Plankton's an innocent elderly lady and gives him the order. However, for no explained reason, Plankton goes to spend time with SpongeBob and that pretty much takes up 90% of the episode. Plankton could have just went to the Krusty Krab and took the formula right away! He didn't have to involve SpongeBob in his plot, especially with all the complications SpongeBob caused. At this point, I am just waiting for Steve Hillenburg to come back!
  • Snipertoaster: I had been fairly tolerant of the series until a couple days or so before seeing this one (it's all a little hazy), but the episode that finally caused me to give up the series as a lost cause was "The Main Drain". Oh God, this episode was full of hopeless idiocy and incomprehensible "plot" from the outset. The episode starts out with Spongebob being creepy towards Squidward, you know, no big surprises. Then Spongebob tries pulling a plug in a drain, which leads Mr. Krabs to tell them a story of how two kids pulled the plug of a random drain lying around, which sucked the ocean down the plughole and ended Bikini Bottom. If you think that's bad, you should probably stop thinking about it before you're driven to hurt yourself. So what do Spongebob and Patrick do? They go and look for it, of course! Against Mr. Krabs' warnings, of course. They eventually find the drain, and Patrick wants to pull it to test if it's real, despite it being right there in front of them and the fact that it could potentially end Bikini Bottom. Oh that Patrick! Such a card! Just before he does though, Mr. Krabs and Plankton (who was encountered earlier for the record), stop them and reveal that it was them who pulled that drain plug years ago. Ohh... still makes it no less confusing. Then in a contrived moment of stupidity, Patrick pulls the plug anyway (don't ask...) and sucks all of them, along with all of Bikini Bottom down the drain. You thought this episode was bad, the real kick in the teeth comes with the ending, which on it's own would be enough to solidify how bad this episode was. Patrick: AHHH! That's the most realistic story I've ever heard! *drain pop in the background*. You read that right. The writers just retconned the entire episode! This mess got greenlit how exactly?
  • smartguy39: The one that did it for me was the Legends of Bikini Bottom episode "Sponge-Cano". Why? Because it shows how much of an Ungrateful Bastard Squidward is. Here's the whole episode in a nutshell. The episode starts with Squidward painting while Spongebob sings about how grateful he is about what he has. After a bit of time, Squidward tells Spongebob he does not need his help and to never help him again. At the Krusty Krab, Squidward complains about various things (counting $3 in pennies, a guy tapping his foot, etc.), and tells Spongebob that he's the most miserable person in Bikini Bottom, and asks how it could get any worse. Then Mt. Bikini erupts and chaos ensues. When the people of Bikini Bottom finally find some shelter and the mayor can't think of anything to do, a mysterious dolphin appears and says that to stop the volcano, they have to sacrifice the most miserable person. After some bickering, Squidward says that he would rather take his chances with the volcano rather than everyone else. Naturally, when they drag him to the volcano, he denies this by saying that they have the wrong guy. The citizens call him out on this, saying that they heard him complain about everything and that he said he was the most miserable person in Bikini Bottom. When they finally get to the volcano and are about to toss him in, Spongebob, being the Nice Guy that he is, decides since that he made Squiddy miserable, he'll be the one to go in the volcano instead. Squidward seems more than fine with this, and is going to throw Spongebob in the volcano. But then Squidward falls off a ledge and hangs on for his life. When he tells Spongebob to save him, he reminds Squddy of his promise, but he decides to take it back when he told SB that he is grateful. After SB saves Squidward, the tightened up pipe from Squidward's house launches it off the ocean floor, where it sails through the water and eventually lands on the volcano, plugging it. And it turns out the volcano will only be stopped by the most miserable person's house. After that, Squidward says that he fucking lied to him, and that he's not grateful for anything. What? You're telling me, that after all of that shit that he's been through, adding all of the things Spongebob did to make him feel happier (giving him a wooden clarinet, making a paradise for him, getting the whole fucking town to play in a band and giving Squlliam a heart attack, saving his goddamn life, and other things I won't get into detail with), and he's still ungrateful for everything he has?! It's no wonder I hate this episode, and I don't think I'm the only one who hates it as well!
    • ilovedededesnewaccount: Well, I guess I can agree on that episode, it wasn't that good. Squidward has had several happy memories before (such as when he one-upped Squilliam, his rival, by performing the Bubble Bowl in "Band Geeks" and got to sleep in Mr. Krabs office in "Born Again Krabs"), but he's still ungrateful for the life he's living.
    • 1upmushroom: The one thing I can't stand about the episode more than Squidward's Jerk Ass attitude is the fact that after Spongebob willingly risks his life to save Squidward from being thrown in... Squidward berates the townspeople for not coming to their sense and then says something similar to "Alright Spongebob, jump in"... Are you freaking serious?! So let me get this straight Squidward, you constantly bitch and moan about every single thing that upsets you and yet when you're given the opportunity to end it all... you proceed to bitch about being thrown in the volcano and willingly let Spongebob take the fall for you! You are scum! This moment just confirmed that Squidward is a whiny prick who just likes complaining about how miserable his life is even when it's really not. This also proved that he deserves every single bit of torture given to him.
  • Sylverstone: I can put up with most of SpongeBob's highs and lows, but what really ticked me off was the "Mystery with a Twistery" special (known officially as "The Great Patty Caper") which specifically advertised three other people aside from Plankton whom SpongeBob accused of stealing the Krabby Patty formula for about 2 weeks before the premiere. I could easily pick out Plankton because, well, everyone knows the history with him and the formula. What makes it even more predictable is that those extras that SpongeBob accused weren't even a central part of the whole plot, so all in all, it was another "Plankton attempts to steal the formula" episode which obviously made this a Dethroning Moment of Suck.
    • Toborn: Let's not forget the fact that the mystery only lasts for the first half of the episode. The second half consists of mindless antics with the train. Meaning that this episode is dependent on filler to make it last a half hour.
    • MathWizardBoy: Mine for this episode was the "butler is a werewolf" thing. Meaningless, as is the whole show after season 4.
  • MosquitoMan: "Hide and Then What Happens?". It was an okay episode actually but the dethroning moment comes at the very beginning. Patrick doesn't even remember Spongebob's name. This goes beyond Flanderization. It's a new low for the writers in my book. However, it gets worse. Patrick thinks that hide and seek, a game pre-schoolers can figure out right off the bat, is too complicated for him to understand. By now I'm convinced the writers are just directly insulting the viewer's intelligence.
  • Shining Armor 87: My original DMoS was "License To Milkshake", but I re-watched the aforementioned "Tunnel Of Glove" and found it deserves being here. It might has well been called "Idiot Ball: The Episode". For starters, the idea of SpongeBob being paired up with Pearl was a huge Ass Pull. Not to mention the entire conflict was caused by Pearl forgetting to stay in the boat and jamming a heart into the controls. But with all of that, the DMoS was Patrick's actions. First, he doesn't realize that SpongeBob is trapped in the ride, despite their extremely obvious description of him, until they refer to him as his best friend. Second, he mistakes a sign saying "Danger! Keep Out! High Voltage Area!" for "Congratulations! You have found your friend!", even though he has been shown to read perfectly before ("Survival Of The Idiots", anyone?). Lastly, he mistakes a lever for a seat and ends up cutting out the power. This was truly the episode where Patrick turned from a loveable dunce to an intolerable dumbass.
    • CJ Croen 1393: Seconded oh so very much. This episode was terrible from start to finish and along with "Funny Pants" (AKA "Squidward's Biggest and Most Insidious Kick the Dog Moment Ever") is the only episode of SpongeBob I genuinely hate. But it's not just because of Patrick. No, it's also because of those two little brats who Pearl, for whatever reason, considers to be "friends". They do nothing but make fun of Pearl by calling SpongeBob her "boyfriend", even while she and SpongeBob are trapped in the Tunnel of Glove with no feasible way out. Are they relieved when Pearl and SpongeBob get out of the ride alive? Nope! They just keep making fun of her. Why Pearl calls these two bratty little jerks her friends I'll never know.
  • AllenJ: "New Fish in Town," yet another "yank Squidward's chain" episode. Basically it's the inverse of "Squidville" from season 2: Squidward gets a new neighbor (named Howard) who shares all the same interests as him, and Squidward is thrilled until Howard mentions the reason he left his old neighborhood: too many jellyfishers and bubble-blowers. After SpongeBob and Patrick return from a day of jellyfishing, Squidward then spends the rest of the episode going to great lengths to keep Howard from discovering them (including building a brick wall around Howard's trailer), but eventually Howard catches on and refuses to stay in Bikini Bottom, despite Squidward begging him to stay. Howard marches outside to confront SpongeBob and Patrick (who are engaging in their typical activities just outside his trailer), then suddenly decides to "stop being so stuffy" and join the two. Compare this to "Squidville," where Squidward gets bored living with neighbors who act exactly like him and eventually starts imitating SpongeBob and Patrick's antics - here, the twist comes out of nowhere just to make Squidward even more miserable.
    Squidward: I may be able to handle two lame-brained boneheads, but I draw the line at three!

    Season 8 
  • Tropers/Drewigi: "Sentimental Sponge", a.k.a. "Plot device Patrick turns SpongeBob into a hoarder". The DMoS here is that the nice little aesop that is "Kids, be like SpongeBob and hold up your trash!". Seriously, they make SpongeBob the protagonist (based on the music, him being depressed over losing trash, and him having a happy ending) and paint Squidward as the bad guy. What a load of ass.
  • MadMan400096: I'd typically feel like arguing with these examples, but I have no honest way of defending "Oral Report". Spongebob gets nervous when he has to give an oral report to his boating school, so he goes to Patrick for help. Turns out to be a mistake, since Patrick is an non-supportive asshole, making the situation even worse for Spongebob. The Fat Bastard.
  • Mr Jeperson: I've put up with a lot of suckiness from this show in recent years (as have we all), but the Dethroning Moment is in the episode "Ghoul Fools", where SpongeBob and Patrick discover a haunted house on the seabed (title, anyone?) and refuse to believe that the pirate ghosts in it are actually pirate ghosts. It disregards the frequent run-ins that they've both had with the Flying Dutchman - who, to add insult to insult, even briefly turns up at the very end of the episode in yet another of the show's increasingly frequent annoying non-endings. That's it. Re-runs of the earlier, funnier stuff for me from now on.
  • Dark Lady Celebrian: "Pet Sitter Pat." Spongebob calls upon Patrick to watch Gary for the day while he's at a party for his grandma, and well... you can guess how well that goes. I am starting to think Patrick is doing all his "stupid" acts on purpose. First he takes Spongebob's care instructions and reads them upside-down, and when he can't read it, complains about Spongebob's handwriting and balls it up and throws it away. After leaving Gary unattended for about six hours straight, a very emaciated Gary starts crying for food. Seeing Gary emaciated like that made me very uncomfortable, and the miserable meows of hunger were far too real-sounding. Patrick couldn't figure out that Gary wanted food, even though Gary was pointing at his stomach! Not only that, but he takes and eats all of Gary's food, while Gary watches in horror! Then when he has to give Gary a bath, he plugs up the tub with the last of the food! Gary's had enough and attacks Patrick, then runs away. Patrick chases after him and then tries to bathe him with a flamethrower he got out of nowhere! Gary runs away in terror and Patrick says, "Make up your mind, Gary, do you want water or fire?!" He's got to be doing this on purpose. No character could be this stupid. And it's no longer funny stupidity, it's just unpleasant to watch. Patrick then decides to turn the hose on Gary, and nearly drowns him when he adds a barrage of soap suds to the mix, and then blow-dries him, causing his skin to visibly crack and fall off. After all this animal cruelty played for laughs, Spongebob finally returns after realizing Patrick is most likely destroying the house... and when he gets back, everything is magically back to normal! Patrick is sleeping and Gary is reading him a story, and Spongebob never finds out about Patrick's relentless torture of his pet. Tell me why we are supposed to be laughing at animal torment?
    • Shadow200: Wow, going by that good thing I haven't seen this episode and good thing I only watch episodes that aired before the movie from now on. Who's the mook that thought this crap up?
    • saltyoven: Yeah the same idiots who wrote A Pal for Gary decided to rip that episode off and then proceeded to make a worse Patrick's a Prick episode than Yours, Mine, and Mine. It's a better written episode, but it's far more cruel because Gary does NOT make it out unscathed. And that goddamn FUCKING ending...
  • The Dog Sage: "Smooth Jazz at Bikini Bottom" is pretty much a particularly cruel Kick the Dog episode for poor Squidward, with special mention going, once again, to Patrick. The bastard eats Squidward's ticket for the jazz show, and then for no reason steals and eats both Spongebob's and Squidward's backstage passes. Why Spongebob is still friends with the guy, I'll never know.
    • Wildstar93: Let's not forget when Patrick rudely interrupts the concert just to ask for more nachos! What the freakin' heck, Patrick? I've given up on Patrick after the movie, but this episode is when I started really giving up on this guy. And worst of all, he gets away with it!
    • Dinner101: I thought that I would never make a sole edit on a page like this (I usually only make edits to fix links), but the episode "Smooth Jazz at Bikini Bottom" left such a sour taste in my mouth that I just had to add my DMoS. I normally try to ignore the Seasonal Rot of the newer episodes with varying success, but the scene at the end where Squidward tries to play his clarinet, only for the guards to carry him out made me officially give up on the series. While I did like a few of the newer episodes (such as "Eek! An Urchin!"), that scene just killed the rest of them for me.
  • Young Princess Zelda: "Restraining SpongeBob" is the episode that made me want to pelt Patrick with a bow and arrow. Squidward gets a restraining order against SpongeBob, only for him to have Patrick hired and bother the living hell out of Squidward and us too. The ending part was just terrible with Patrick laughing really stupidly after Squidward changes the restraining order against Patrick. Couldn't he have just gotten two restraining orders?
  • Treb: "Fiasco!" was actually a pleasant surprise for the most part, but one scene at the end absolutely ruined my whole enjoyment of the episode. At the very end of the episode Squidward remains in jail for no reason at all. It comes out of nowhere, and left a sour taste in my mouth. It's almost like they are obligated to add pointless Squidward abuse now.
    • Eddy1215: Actually, that ending didn't bother me in the slightest. What I didn't like about that episode was that Squidward called the police on Spongebob and Patrick who did nothing when it was Plankton they were after.
  • fluffything: The episode "Are You Happy Now?" was just very uncomfortable to watch. Not necessarily mean-spirited like other examples on this page, but, somehow, that just makes the DMOS even worse. You see, the episode centers around Squidward saying that he's never had a happy memory and Spongebob trying to help him create a happy memory. The concept of Spongebob actually being genuinely concerned for Squidward and trying to cheer him up is pretty touching (It's nice to see Spongebob as something other than a creepy idiot stalker towards Squidward), but he keeps failing miserably. The worst of it, and the DMOS itself, comes when various scenes depict Squidward looking like he's about to attempt suicide (IE: sticking his head in an oven and hanging a rope on a ceiling) only for it to be revealed that's not the case (he was just making brownies and the rope was for a birdcage). Worse is that both examples were played for laughs. No, just, a thousand times, no. Having an episode where Squidward is clearly depressed and then making suicide jokes is not funny. It is never funny.
  • rockysavannah: The episode "Face Freeze" in its entirety. It starts at the Krusty Krab where Spongebob and Patrick are making disgusting faces, and Mr. Krabs tells them to stop making faces or else they stay that way forever. The two leave the Krusty Krab and struggle not to make a face (even though this is one of the first and few times they've made faces) and then Patrick makes a face and then convinces Spongebob to do the opposite of what Mr. Krabs said (again). They start making even more gross and nauseating faces until they freeze that way. Then, they go to Sandy to fix it, but she only makes it worse. Spongebob goes to work and tries to avoid Mr. Krabs. However, this inevitably fails and Mr. Krabs gets so mad that he makes an even more disturbing face. Squidward comes in and starts laughing at them, but he makes an ugly face as well. And the end to this awful story is... that Spongebob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs laugh at Squidward because his face froze too. What?! Squidward is one of the only good characters left on this idiotic show and he can't even show up for about three minutes without losing in the end? I was done with this series after the movie, but this cemented my hatred for it and destroyed whatever respect I had left for the show.
  • Compliens Creator: "Glove World R.I.P.". So the plot is that Glove World is being shut down. I have to stop it right there. Glove World might not be as common as the Krusty Krab or the Boating School, but did it need shut down? It still is important! Spongebob and Patrick hear the news, and Patrick goes there naked. Yes. We've only begun. After receiving "pants" from the employee, we get a minute-long Glove-Pun sequence, and although I'm a fan of bad puns, none of these are relevant or funny in any way. They go in and ride a few rides which for no good reason are suddenly dangerous, and decide to do what they're best at: ruining things. All the fixes have predictable endings and barely even try at humor. At the end, SpongeBob and Patrick tie themselves to the Glove World for a cheesy ending... they opened Glove Universe. By the way, Glove Universe doesn't re-appear in any new episode made after this. This episode is simply just unfunny and unmemorable.
    • Chaos Heart 77: The very fact that Glove World is falling apart at the seams is hardly even acknowledged. SpongeBob and Patrick themselves take forever to figure out that maybe, just maybe there is a reason that the park is getting shut down...and then we find out at the end that Glove Universe is that reason. All throughout the episode, people are in danger from the unsafe rides and attractions, and the owner doesn't even acknowledge this. That just makes me sick.
  • AustinDR: For me, it's the episode "Demolition Doofus." This is an episode which very much destroys a sympathetic character for me: Mrs. Puff. In the episode, thanks to SpongeBob's wreckless driving, Mrs. Puff gets her inflating sac punctured. And her reaction? She enters SpongeBob into a demolition derby in hope that he would literally die in it. Unfortunately for her, he survives thanks to his driving. She then crosses the Moral Event Horizon by attempting to run SpongeBob down with one of the monster trucks. I used to feel sorry for Mrs. Puff whenever she had to put up with SpongeBob, but this episode is pretty much an Out-of-Character Moment for her, and she wants SpongeBob out of her life so much, she is perfectly willing to kill him in order for that to happen. What made me firmly hate her was this exchange:
    SpongeBob: Mrs. Puff, what should I-
    Mrs. Puff: Why are you still alive?!
    That line made it clear that nothing was left of the sympathetic, relatable characterization that she used to have.
    • Competition: Same episode, different reasons. Puncturing Mrs. Puff's inflating sac was treated as crippling her, right down to being in a hospital bed. Spongebob, in his now usual oblivious idiotic way, kind of blows off the serious injury he has caused her (which is the equivalent of getting her in a car accident mind you) like it's not a big deal and tries to have a laugh about it. Considering the hell he makes her life already, ruining her life like that at least gives her a reason to drive her over the edge. What was really bad about the episode was that at the end she can randomly inflate again for no particular reason. No really, it's not even brought up, it just happens. I'm surprised AustinDR didn't bring that up.
  • Lady Phantomhive: The 2012 stop-motion Christmas special "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!". Basically, the plot is that Plankton poisons everyone in Bikini Bottom with Jerktonium-laced fruit cake, so that he can get a Christmas present for the first time ever by looking better in comparison. Then Spongebob and Sandy create an antidote, and everyone is cured. What's the problem? Well, Plankton is apparently the "biggest jerk" in Bikini Bottom, despite only wanting to get a Christmas present, despite not even being the one to distribute the fruit cake (that was all Spongebob), and despite all of the supposed "heroes" having done way worse stuff at other times - apparently what he does is worse than murdering people without a second thought for trivial amounts of money, as Mr. Krabs has done on several occasions. Even Santa, who is supposed to be loving and forgiving to everyone, gives him No Sympathy. Poor Sheldon Plankton is a Butt Monkey even on Christmas. What the hell?!
    • Adam Kalb: Not only did Sheldon Plankton make himself better by comparison by making everyone else worse to dishonestly get everyone else on Santa's naughty list and get himself on the nice list with that tainted fruitcake, but he also built an evil Spongebob robot to frame Spongebob for bad things because he was immune to the jerktonium. And we all know what bad things that would happen if he got that formula from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. It seems that you've noticed more stuff about this show than I have, but I can see why Santa showed No Sympathy for Sheldon Plankton. Even though he just wanted to get a Christmas present, he did it in a very dishonest way. That evil plan was apparently too bad for even Santa to forgive. Even though Spongebob distributed the fruitcake, Sheldon came up with the idea in the first place. But what I wonder even more about is why didn't Santa know this was all Sheldon's doing from the beginning if he's supposed to see everything. Even Santa was fooled by the damn Spongebob robot for Neptune's sake!
  • Animeking1108: "Chum Fricassee". You know how everyone complains about the Seasonal Rot being filled with Character Derailment and increased Kafka Comedy? Well, this episode embodies it. Mr. Krabs tells Squidward to his face that he doesn't value him. Finally tired of Krabs' mistreatment, he takes Plankton on his offer to work for him by using a family recipe, boosting business. Of course, Squidward's ego gets the better of him and he starts half-assing the chum. Soon enough, his own Grandmother orders the customers at the Chum Bucket to tear the place apart. Mr. Krabs rehires Squidward, but as punishment, he is now the KK doormat.

    Season 9 
  • Agentxy14: "Extreme Spots" was this for this troper. It's literally eleven minutes of physical injuries. Explanation: SpongeBob and Patrick see a trio of stuntmen and they want to join. They show the group's leader (voiced by Johnny Knoxville) what they do normally (bubble blowing, jump rope, etc.), and the group shows how to make it more daring. That's it. No true plot. This would, however, be okay if it wasn't for eleven minutes, hadn't been done before, wasn't entirely pointless, and did not involve a guest star. The only redeeming factor was the British fish, and that wasn't much.
  • Net_Bastard: "Squid Baby". I can't believe that they got to the point where 1. They've flanderized SpongeBob and Patrick to the point where they're literally playing with baby toys, and 2. The writers took a severe brain injury that actually happens to people in real life, and attempts to play it for laughs. That's absolutely despicable and everyone who worked on and greenlit this episode should be ashamed.
    • Danger Artist Nexus 60: Thank you, I was expecting this to be said already now that I had watched it the first time around and again; deep down, I had figured that the moment they had dumbed it down (no pun intended), it was going to blow chunks. Wrongly assuming that Viewers Are Morons, this was the name of the condition: Head-Go-Boom-Boom-itis. Had they been professionals, it would have been called Infantile Dependence; at least it would made sense. Adding to this, while SpongeBob had no malice in his heart like always, the customers were far from being concerned when it came to food so only a bit of Fridge Horror came to me: what would have happened if Squidward had been a real infant child?
    • dragongirl0905: So, no one is ticked at the amount of times Squidward was injured, while having the mentality of a baby, no less? I mean, they literally just exposed the basically infant Squidward to even more injuries to the head, the worst being thrown and slammed into the ceiling and having road pavement slammed down onto his head. This had to be the absolute worst moment in SpongeBob history. How did they get this episode greenlit?
  • gemios98: While not my personal DMOS, we might as well add in "Little Yellow Book". Squidward finds SpongeBob's "diary" and reads it aloud whilst everyone laughs, followed by SpongeBob barely getting upset and Squidward's respect and house taken away. For he read a diary. Oh, and just like every other episode, Squidward gets arrest- Actually, no, the writers decided prison was too good for Squidy and had him chained up in the middle of town while everyone throws tomatoes at him. For reading a diary. And not to mention the same people that threw tomatoes were laughing at SpongeBob's secrets 2 minutes ago! The episode finally ends with SpongeBob getting said Diary published as a best seller, except everyone is still mad at Squidward. Plus, the diary wasn't even SpongeBob's 'real' diary, it was his work journal. Of course, the writers made Squidward read that diary too, just for the evulz.
    • supernintendo128: Well this is my DMoS! It was painful to see Squidward tortured like that just because he read SpongeBob's diary! The townspeople were overreacting! Not only did this episode portray SpongeBob as dysfunctional but this was also Squidward torture porn at it's worst! Sure, reading someone's diary is wrong but Squidward did not deserve what the townspeople put him through.
    • TS Rival: This episode was awful. SpongeBob's secrets were incredibly idiotic (i.e. he has to strip naked and dance around whenever he hears the Bikini Bottom National anthem), even for the show's standards, and that is saying something. The biggest problem I have is when a rather large customer notices Squidward for reading Spongebob's diary and promptly scolds him, and it looks like he is going to beat Squidward up. The customer then immediately tells Squidward to tell him more of Spongebob's secrets... wait, what? While Squidward is "torturing" SpongeBob while revealing his secrets to a whole group of laughing customers, SpongeBob realizes what is going on, and runs home crying similar to the April Fool's Special. And just like the April Fool's Special, the customers scold Squidward for his actions. But, unlike the older episode where the customers felt sorry for SpongeBob the entire time, the customers go from laughing at Spongebob to immediately scolding Squidward. The worst part is when one of the customers says something along the lines of, "That was somebody's diary?" as if they didn't already know! What the hell, customer!?
  • Kittens: "Bumper To Bumper" was stupid and easily predictable. The episode was another one of those episodes where SpongeBob finally drives correctly, gets his boating license, and then something out of the blue comes and ruins it, making SpongeBob have to go to boating school for another freakin' year. I used to have hopes for SpongeBob to get his license, but now I feel that I lost hope since on the count that they enjoy torturing Mrs. Puff.
  • Steve The Trooper: "Evil Spatula". This troper might be weirded out to find a new spatula, I mean, it looks like a rip-off of "All that Glitters" because of the same problem. SpongeBob breaks his spatula and finds a replacement, but at least SpongeBob cries (a lot) because that was the same spatula he flipped patties with since his Krusty Krab life. The end of that episode was Nice, too, because his spatula liked SpongeBob too, like an old friend. In this episode, SpongeBob doen't even cry a bit, like he never cared for it (It doesn't help the patty that broke his spatula isn't the monster patty). He just goes to Plankton. Seriously, a horrid rip-off of an episode that was king compared to this piece of junk.
    • Hyp3210n: I feel that some clarifications are in need here. SpongeBob did indeed cry over his spatula being broken. Not like the whole freaking episode, but he was heartbroken. It was Mr. Krabs who told Spong Bbob to get a replacement. Still is a pretty mediocre episode, not like I expect anything good from these writers.
  • Jade Muffin: "SpongeBob, You're Fired!" Hands in the air, who knew SpongeBob was gonna get his job back before the episode's end from the first time they saw the commercial? And yet, the commercial tried its hardest to seem suspenseful, as though we didn't already know what would happen. Why did they even bother?
    • ilovedededeAGAIN: You're not the only one here who agrees on this. I mean, oh God, this episode was a disaster. Not only that, this episode actually gained a number of controversy because Patrick, the stupid starfish he is, tried to convince his best friend that unemployment (or, as he calls it, "funemployment") is fun and full of benefits, turning SpongeBob into a beggar because he doesn't agree with Patrick. After some reinforcement by Sandy, SpongeBob attempts to find an new job at four restaurants with lamest names possible: Weenie Hut (tell me this isn't suppose to be a Shout-Out to Weenie Hut Jr.'s), Pizza Piehole, Taco Sombrero (because, you know, tacos and sombreros are Mexican), and Wet Noodle. And he gets fired from all four restaurants, obviously because he kept turning the main dishes into some form of a Krabby Patty. Eventually, SpongeBob gets kidnapped because now all the customers love his new creations, and everyone gets into a fight to claim him as their fry cook. And just in the nick of time, Squidward beats them all up and brings SpongeBob back to the Krusty Krab, where he gets rehired for without him the Krusty Krab has "gone really downhill". The only redeeming factor that existed in this episode was Old Man Jenkins, and the production music was pretty cool, but it wasn't enough to make me wanna watch it again, with the exception of listening to the awesome music. I feel pretty sorry for the Greeks too because they had to experience this abomination before us Americans/Canadians did. And I also don't like this episode for the fact that SpongeBob cries for an absurd portion of the episode. Repeatedly.
    • K Oman: Though he did have a good excuse for constantly crying in this episode. I came to this episode wondering what tremendous error SpongeBob possibly could have done to get fired, but the episode starts with him simultaneously cleaning the floors and delivering Krabby Patties, all with admirable enthusiasm. So why did Krabs fire him? It was worth a nickel. That's right; Mr. Krabs fired the frycook who he has learned time and time again that the Krusty Krab cannot function without, someone who wholeheartedly loves his job... because it would save him five cents! Hope that five cents sustains you when your restaurant inevitably fails without SpongeBob, you money-obsessed moron!

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