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Fridge: SpongeBob SquarePants

  • In the episode "The Great Snail Race", Spongebob says to Gary that he calls him a lady to "humiliate and demean you." Cut to Sandy walking down a street and she says, "I don't know why, but I think I'll kick Spongebob's butt tomorrow." I didn't get it at first when I was younger but now I get it. Sandy somehow heard Spongebob's sexist comment and she wanted revenge.
  • It's been shown dozens of times that Mister Krabs routinely pays low wages, and often charges his employees money. This could normally be taken as a joke, but then it hit this guy. If Krabs pays so low, Then Spongebob must have learned how to save and spend money that he saves over the course of his career. The fact that his house isn't run down or impoverished emphasizes how well he knows how to spend and save money.
    • "Oh, it's just a $500 dollar bill. This'll never go with my collection!" Yeah, I don't think so.
  • I always wondered why the same few fish were recycled over and over. Look in crowd scenes like "SpongeBob, Sandy, and The Worm" and "The Fry Cook Games". Notice anything? The same few fish are put into the crowd over and over, noticeably the pink female one. Well, turns out that it's not 100% lazy. There's probably just huge populations of the same species of fish in Bikini Bottom, hence why they're everywhere. Starfish and sponges just don't seem to exist in such high numbers. "Squidville" may justify this to some degree.
    • Fittingly, its really hard to tell the individual differences of another species for the most part. We're another species.
    • That's still a little odd since Bikini Bottom is on the ocean floor, which would make bottom-dwellers like sponges, starfish, octopi or crabs better adapted to it than fish, who would naturally be more likely to form a community based on swimming (we've seen in a few episodes that non-sentient fish do swim like real ones).
  • I just realized that the end of the episode "Squeaky Boots" is a reference to The Telltale Heart.
  • I just realized something about the decorations in SpongeBob's living room. They're giant fishing lures, right? Seems kinda morbid, until I realized—they're like the underwater equivalent of fishing trophies. Fishermen have their best fish stuffed and hung up on their walls to show everyone what they managed to pull on... Fish put up the biggest fishing lures they've managed to take down with them for just the same reason.
    • Since he is, well, SpongeBob, it would probably be from someone else. Probably from that relative in the painting with the Napoleon Hat and the mustache.
  • Something about Mermaid Man has me thinking...the fact that he sometimes forgets where he is, people's names, and other things...I'm honestly thinking he has Alzheimer's disease.
    • Actually, I think it's more then that. Remember Mermaid Man's line when SpongeBob turns on a certain orb? He doesn't have a disease or is just old...he is suffering from the side effects of prolonged exposure to the Orb of Confusion. Barnacle Boy was probably never let around it, so he isn't forgetful.
  • As a native Texan, I'm ashamed it took me so long to get this one: in one episode, Sandy goes after an Alaskan Bull Worm. When SpongeBob protests, she plays the Everything Is Big in Texas card...and is forced to eat her words when the worm, indeed, is much bigger than she can handle. For years, that was enough of a joke, but thinking about it got me to realize: the worm's Alaskan...the only state bigger than Texas!
    • Further reinforced by the fact that Sandy, by her own admission, "don't know nothin' about Alaska." The odds are probably pretty good that she had no clue Alaska is larger than Texas.
  • When I first saw "Driven to Tears", I was pretty pissed; I thought that the only reason for this episode was to show that SpongeBob is so bad a driver that even an idiot can pass his test on the first try. Then it hit me; in the early episode, "Boating School," it was Patrick who helped SpongeBob during his drivers test to the point of almost passing the test. When I thought about it this way, it's no wonder that Patrick passed the test; he's a fricken' driving expert!
  • In the "F.U.N." episode, near the end when Plankton runs off with the Krabby Patty in the movie theater, he tells SpongeBob that he didn't ever really want friendship as he stated moments before, and that evil was "too much fun". Plankton only learns what fun is during the earlier portion of the episode, so as it turns out, it's thanks to SpongeBob that Plankton learned he has his most fun when doing evil things.
  • I was always confused by SpongeBob's answer of 1924 in the episode "Boating School". It was years later when I discovered 1924 was the year Mercedes-Benz was formed!
  • SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick throw away Mr. Krabs' crappy mattress in "The Lost Matress". Krabs gets angry about this and pins Squidward on the ground, asking if Squidward knew his money was in that matress. Terrified, Squidward asks, "H-h-haven't you ever heard of a BANK?!", which prompts a Big "NO!" out of Mr.Krabs. At first, I figured it was a joke, and that Krabs was ignorant, not realizing he could accumulate interest. But then I realized: this is Krabs we're talking about, whose Money Fetish must be so out of control that he actually sleeps on it!
    • I figured it was because he was around during the Great Depression so he doesn't trust banks. I mean, his first dime was a giant rock, so it's plausible.
  • In Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost Squidward threatens SpongeBob and Patrick that they will feel his wrath, and Patrick whispers to SpongeBob that they make a cream for that now. Patrick misheard "wrath" as "rash".
  • Have you ever wondered why Patrick Star is so unbelievably stupid? It's a joke based on the fact that starfish don't have brains.
    • Wouldn't that make SpongeBob dumber than Patrick since sponges are less developed than starfish?
      • Notice how SpongeBob goes along with almost every single plan Patrick has? It's because he's actually dumber than Patrick.
      • Spongebob has enough intelligence to notice when Patrick is particularly stupid, while Patrick goes along with ANYTHING Spongebob says for as long as he can remember it. However, there's another bit of Fridge Brilliance here. Notice that Spongebob has an extremely low pain tolerance ("I'll have you know I stubbed my toe this morning and I only cried for 20 minutes!") while Patrick has been known to rip his own head off for the fun of it? Word of God confirms Bikini Bottom is so named because it's at the bottom of Bikini Atoll-a nuclear testing site. Note that prehistoric Spongebobs from "SB-129" and "Ugh!" are just as stupid and masochistic as the prehistoric Patricks (one sticking his hand in a fire and waiting for a good few minutes before hurting, and the other enjoying holding jellyfish in his hand as they sting him.) Obviously sponges only developed nervous systems as a result of the nuclear testing? Starfish were obviously less effected if at all and so Patrick still has no brains or nerves (which should mean he can't talk, but that can be excused as Rule of Funny), hence why Patrick has absolutely no intelligence and doesn't feel pain.
      • And Sandy, the only (fully mature) land mammal (more developed brains than fish) in the main cast, is a genius inventor!
      • She also does her underwater research for an organization run by apes, who are known to be intelligent and of course more closely related to our own species than squirrels, and they were quite intelligent as well (and also spoke more formally). Sandy and her bosses' higher intelligence as well as the fact that Pearl's the only aquatic mammal that appears frequently (and unlike Sandy she's still a teenager and thus still has some stuff to learn) raises the question of what an adult bottlenose dolphin would be like in Bikini Bottom, since they're among the more intelligent aquatic mammals.
      • That might explain why Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy have all sorts of crazy gadgets, not because they're just some parody of an aged Batman and Robin mixed with Aquaman, but because they're following that (exaggerated) ladder of species intelligence.
    • This may go to explain why Squidward is the generally the Only Sane Man - cephalopods are the smartest invertebrates out there! This also explains why Bikini Bottom seems Too Dumb to Live-cephalopods are far smarter than fish as well.
  • In the episode "The Krusty Sponge", when Mr. Krabs hears a review from a food critic about the Krusty Krab favoring SpongeBob above all other qualities, he takes the advantage and recreates the restaurant in SpongeBob's image. The customers favor the changes going on around the Krusty Krab, and SpongeBob's importance in the restaurant sky-rockets. And then it all goes downhill from there as Mr. Krabs starts selling Spongy Patties (really Krabby Patties gone bad). When the customers take a bite out of the meat, they become sick, and SpongeBob's popularity decreases. How is this familiar? If you look at this from Nickelodeon's view, this is exactly what happened to SpongeBob within the studio. If you see the studios as the Krusty Krab in that episode, then you'll see the resemblance between that episode and reality. This makes the entire story into one Self-Deprecation episode by Nickelodeon.
    • Add to the fact that the Judge (who could indeed Represent the audience) is about to punish Mr. Krabs (Nickelodeon) for his Gross Negligence, but because the Judge is such a huge fan of Spongebob, all Mr. Krabs has to do is get Squidward (dressed as Spongebob in the episode) to give the Judge a ride on that Spongebob Train. And that's how Nickelodeon get's away with their milking of SpongeBob SquarePants; by doing an occasional good episode, or giving out some kind of merchandise that just keeps the fans hooked on him even when the fans know he needs a break!
  • In "Plankton's Regular", when Krabs makes chum to lure away Plankton's customer, he claims that it's the second most foul thing he ever tasted. This sounds a bit strange at first, but by the end you realize that Plankton's chum, which he pretended to like, was the first most foul thing...
  • Do you remember how SpongeBob only had to write "THREE! MORE! WORDS!" to pass his boating "exam" in No Free Rides? "What I learned in boating school is..." The obvious answer to this is "how to drive" (or maybe "how to boat"), which he didn't learn how to do. Maybe that's why he couldn't answer properly.
    • He does have a moral aversion to lying...
      • "Chocolate With Nuts" would like a word with you.
  • In Tea at the Treedome, SpongeBob lasts for almost half the episode without water at Sandy's house, while Patrick barely lasts a minute. It doesn't make a lot sense why one sea creature would last longer without being able to breathe than another, until you realize that a sponge will retain water for a lot longer than a starfish.
  • Plankton not knowing the whole alphabet at the beginning of The Movie explains why he had that "letters of the alphabet" song in Plankton!.
  • In "Jellyfish Hunter", SpongeBob had to struggle to open the door, because it required a voiced activated code. However, even if wasn't voice activated, SpongeBob still wouldn't be able to open it because he was holding onto the sides instead of the handle.
  • In "The Secret Box", SpongeBob tries to steal Patrick's secret box. When SpongeBob accidentally ends up in Patrick's arms, Patrick (while sleeping) reaches inside SpongeBob's mouth and pulls SpongeBob's tongue and laughs. Why did he pull and laugh? Because you have to pull the string of the box to see the actual secret of the secret box.
  • Pretty much every character's Flanderization post-movie makes sense now that the movie's been confirmed to be, chronologically, the last episode. Plankton being an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain will lead up to him snapping and turning to a Not-So-Harmless Villain, Squidward's Woobie-ness will make him strive to work harder and have him become the manager, Mr Krabs's Money Fetish has him become distracted enough for Plankton's plan to work, and, most of all, SpongeBob and Patrick's further progress into Man Child territory will have them wonder what they've done and go on a quest to become adults.
  • Squidward always manage to fail epically whenever he has to fill in for SpongeBob at the Krusty Krab (except the one time he was stuck in a happy mood, but in that case, he was actively trying to be close to SpongeBob and had reason to learn, since it was a screw up with his brain, he probably just forgot when he returned to normal). Then it was revealed in a newer episode that he doesn't actually know the formula for the Krabby Patty. He fails so miserably at making them normally, every time he has to make it, he's normally suddenly forced into cooking a dish he has no idea how to make!
    • Also why is he such a terrible clarinet? The clarinet clearly was designed for someone with fingers, not suckers...
      • However, the octopi/squids at Tentacle Acres were actually good at the clarinet.
  • In "Born Again Krabs", Mr. Krabs is frightened into becoming generous. This leads to him becoming bankrupt. I now realize why Krabs is such a miser-he needs to be in order to stay in business.
  • In "Missing Identity", when SpongeBob (first) tastes Gary's snail food, he says "Oh well. At least I'll never have to do it again." That seems to foreshadow when he later retraces his steps to find his nametag, and has to taste the snail food again and again.
    • Also later, after SpongeBob's first attempt to retrace his steps, after walking off from Patrick to try again, Patrick randomly says "Hi, SpongeBob" while looking at SpongeBob's back, Patrick already found Spongebob's name tag at this point of the episode!
  • The movie shows that SpongeBob and Patrick are tiny compared to what about Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy? Then you remember that the entire town got shrunk with Mermaid Man's belt, and they never reversed it. They used to be in scale to humans on dry land, but not any more.
    • They never were. See the episode "Suds", particularly the ending.
      • Or, as seen in "Tea At The Treedome", SpongeBob and Patrick shrink when exposed to air. By the time Sandy arrived, they were the size of a normal sponge and starfish. The reason they were small compared to the diver underwater is because it was super-polluted.
    • Actually, piggy-backing off of that Shrink Ray theory, that might explain why Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy were retired. In their twilight years, MM & BB must've accidentally shrunk themselves causing them to be the same size as the fish they were defending, to which point they stopped fighting crime. Remember how huge Man-Ray is when we first see him? And what about the fact that Mermaid Man doesn't remember how to unshrink the town? Of course he wouldn't know how then, he couldn't do it when he and Barnacle Boy first shrank. -Rocky Samson
  • In the episode "Slimy Dancing", Squidward is wrestling with leg cramps and everyone mistakes it for dancing. But earlier, when he actually was dancing, he was apparently so bad at it that a fish in the audience commented, "Is he hurt?".
  • In the Halloween episode "Scaredy Pants", Squidward asks what Sandy is dressed as. She's a goldfish in a bowl, he says "I don't get it", and she acts as if he's being a stick in the mud. But of course he doesn't get it; the sea creatures don't keep fish as pets—fish are people there.
  • Also, in "Scaredy Pants", the Flying Dutchman claimed SpongeBob's "costume" of him to be the most insulting he's seen. As understandable as it is to begin with, Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you consider the costume actually managed to momentarily scare the people at the Krusty Krab a short while ago.
  • In the episode "Inmates of Summer" SpongeBob and Patrick go to a maximum-secrurity prison on an island confusing it for a summer camp. SpongeBob and Patrick write and create a musical for the inmates to perform. The warden supports the play because he appreciates theater. I think this may have been a parody of the ending of Mel Brooks' 1968 film: The Producers where the main protagonists end up in prison for fraud and create a musical with the other inmates; and the warden invests into its creation.
  • Why did no one have any problem with Mr. Krabs printing counterfeit money at the end of The Krabby Chronicle? Well, it's not as if he's actually going to spend it, is he?
  • In one episode when Sandy asks Mr. Krabs if he need a helmet while he's in her treedome he doesn't need one. This is because crabs can survive on land with ease.
  • In "Frankendoodle", the artist at sea is Mr. Lawrence, a writer and storyboarder for the show. Of course everything drawn with his pencil would become real in SpongeBob's world.
  • I've always wondered why, in SpongeBob Versus the Big One, JKL's prophecy of "one of you will not be returning" never comes true. Then I realized...he never said that someone would die, just that they wouldn't return. What if he meant that the sacrifice wouldn't be able to return to the island? Of course, this is also a Fridge Tear Jerker, because if the theory is true, then JKL can never return to his home.
  • Squidward can't play the clarinet well due to his lack of fingers.
  • In "One Coarse Meal" Mr. Krabs disguises himself as Pearl to scare Plankton. The costume looks identical to Pearl until he takes it off, at which point we see very obvious flaws in the costume. Until Krabs took off the costume we were actually seeing what Plankton was seeing.
    • Plus Plankton lacks depth perception, so of course he doesn't have the eyesight to notice its flaws.
  • I always wondered why SpongeBob had THAT many good noodle stars in "New Student Starfish," no matter how enthusiastic he was about learning. Then I realized SpongeBob has spent such a long time in school that he's just inevitably accumulated them.
  • How is Mr. Krabs able to con people so easily? Because almost everyone in Bikini Bottom is Too Dumb to Live outside of himself, Sandy, Squidward, Plankton, and a few others. In "One Krabs Trash" he manages to con a guy into spending $10 on a beat-up umbrella. Then in "Bucket, Sweet Bucket" after he remodels the Krusty Krab with pieces of the Chum Bucket and increases the price of a Krabby Patty to $25 he gets a customer to buy four simply because the interior is so classy. And in "Buried in Time" he tricks a customer into spending over $50 on a keychain made of paperclips and cardboard by giving them a coupon for a free ice cube with a purchase. Nobody calls him out on it because they're too stupid to know he's scamming them.
  • In "Chocolate With Nuts", Patrick comes across a starfish who looks identical to him. Since Patrick wears only pants, it is possible the identical starfish is wearing only a shirt!
  • Why does Flatts the Flounder want to kick SpongeBob's butt so badly? In "Sandy's Rocket," an episode which was made before "The Bully," SpongeBob is seen hiding in Flatts' medicine cabinet before he shoots him with the net gun. For years, Flatts been tracking Spongebob down and plotting his revenge for that incident.
  • It always bothered me why no one came looking for Squidward for 2,000 years when he was frozen. Then it hit me, he came back to the same day he disappeared, so as far as anyone knew, he had never left. That also means there are two Squidwards: one living his normal life, and one frozen in the Krusty Krab, and there will be for the rest of Squidward's life.
  • During "The Krabby Kronicle" Patrick is staring at a bus stop, "So the next time it moves, he would see it." It's a bus stop, there are multiple all over the city!
  • Spongebob has been shown to be very physically weak; lifting plush toys is like lifting heavy weights. Why? Sponges are one of the few animals without muscles, so it would stand to reason that Spongebob is a wimp.
  • Spongebob's Grandma is well known for making cookies. Her design kind of resembles a chocolate chip cookie as well.
  • Bikini Bottom measures temperature in Fahrenheit. At first, I thought this was Creator Provincialism, and rather foolish Creator Provincialism at that, because everybody knows that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 0 degrees Celsius, thus making Celsius appear more logical underwater. Except, they're in the ocean. The ocean is salt water. Fresh water might freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but salt water freezes at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It makes perfect sense.
  • At first, the ending to "One Krab's Trash", in which the #1 soda hat was revealed to be so worthless that millions of them were thrown in the trash, may seem like a cruel poorly put together Kick the Dog moment for Mr. Krabs. But then I realized it made perfect sense! Why? Because in the ending one of the business men pointed out that the #1 hat is so worthless many of them have been dumped in trash containers. The exact same place Mr. Krabs found the hat in the first place.
  • I can't believe no one's put this up. Remember when we saw the flashbacks of how Krabs and Plankton were best friends? Remember how back then Krabs's family was so poor he had to wear rags? Suddenly his Money Fetish makes a lot more sense, doesn't it? It's fueled by a subconscious fear of returning to that lifestyle.
  • In the episode "Dunces and Dragons," Patrick and Spongebob go back to Medieval Bikini Bottom and meet the characters' ancestors, including Sandy's who doesn't wear an underwater helmet which land mammals need to breath. This could be explained by Plankonton's ancestor, who was a sorcerer using magic making her able to breath no problem.
  • The episode "Hooky" is about drug addiction. Think about it: Patrick warns Spongebob not to get too 'too high' on the hooks, what Mr. Krabs says about 'what happens when you don't float back down' is a metaphor for dying of an overdose (you get 'too high' and don't come back down, because you're dead). By the end of the episode, Spongebob gives into his temptation to the hooks and exclaims he's 'hooked!' (addicted) and finds it impossible to become unhooked, a metaphor for how difficult it is to overcome an addiction once it's set in. He cannot get unhooked without the help of his friends (intervention). This episode was basically teaching kids a really valuable lesson about drug addiction in a subtle way which kids couldn't possibly understand until they were older.
  • In "Karate Star", Patrick's arm is regenerated and the lost arm turns into a new starfish, so why didn't the same happen when Patrick lost his head in "Patrick Smart Pants"? Maybe because the brain coral was not letting it to grow, and the actual head was on the sand, so that the sand was not letting it to grow either.
  • How did a crab have a whale for a daughter? Hybridization. Notice how Pearl is smaller than most whale fetuses despite the fact that "One Coarse Meal" shows that realistically sized whales do exist in Bikini Bottom? And how other than one episode, Pearl is never shown having to go to the surface for air? She's a half-crab, half-whale. A vertebrate breeding with a crustacean is biologically impossible, but this is Spongebob, so real-world science need not apply.
  • I was curious as to why Krabs shows no visible signs of aging despite being old enough that his first dime was a giant rock. Then I remembered that in the episodes set in prehistoric times, everyone else is regular-sized or giant, but the crabs are tiny and only say "money". And then I remembered that crabs don't age-they just keep getting bigger. Meaning the tiny crabs seen in the Stone Age episodes weren't Mr. Krabs' ancestors-one of them was Mr. Krabs as a child.
  • When I first saw the episode "Grandma's Secret Recipe," where Plankton pretends to be SpongeBob's grandmother to try and get the Krabby Patty formula out of him, at first I thought SpongeBob should've realized something was fishy when a plankton showed up at his door claiming to be his grandma. Then I later realized that since SpongeBob has known Mr. Krabs and his whale daughter for quite some time now, he probably wouldn't see anything odd about the idea of cross-breeding.
  • It's been shown in "Karate Star" that Patrick can regrow his arms and vice versa, like a Real Life starfish. Given how many times Patrick has had body parts cut off over the course of the series, this might explain why Patrick's characterization changes so much-There's probably many, many Patricks who have grown from Patrick's severed limbs and head (same with Spongebob).
  • In "Grandma's Secret Recipe", Squidward is shown to make brilliant chum, using his grandmother's recipe. In Real Life, octopi are predators of fish while zooplankton only eat other plankton. Going with the Fridge Horror that chum is dead fish, it makes sense that an octopus would make it well while a plankton wouldn't.
  • Remember Ditchin', where Dale the Fish was arrested for eating his "own kind" - which were actually just gummi fish? Depending on whether you disregard this for being out of context with "The Fry Cook Games," this could actually make sense. Most gummi products are made out of gelatin, which is unused animal parts like cartilage. And many of these use gelatin from FISH! So Dale's eating gummi fish possibly was cannibalistic!
  • In one episode, Sandy uses an idiom, "frying two fish in one skillet" in Bikini Bottom. In front of Spongebob and Squidward.
  • Patrick makes quite a few references to chocolate, and gets covered in it more than once. When you really think about it, that gets really disgusting.
  • In the episode "The Other Patty", Plankton attempts to steal a Krabby Patty, only for it to explode. Mr. Krabs then boasts that every Krabby Patty undigested explodes after 10 feet away from the Krusty Krab. Cut to fat guy walking away without digesting his patty with his wife and exploding. Black Comedy Burst anyone?
  • In "Pressure", SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward laugh at Sandy as she realizes she needs her helmet to breathe. They were laughing at her as she drowned.
    • They extended said joke and turned it into an episode called "Bubble Trouble," with very real side effects to oxygen deprivation: dizziness, delirium, and even, at one point, unconsciousness. While there are a couple jokes in the episode, the danger of Sandy actually dying is played more realistically than most physical humor in the show. And of course, SpongeBob and Patrick helped cause it, and they managed to get Mr. Krabs and Pearl involved. How guilty would they feel if they weren't able to save Sandy, and she actually died? Yeah it's a cartoon, but it's clear this show was trying to portray this more realistically. (They even bring up that Pearl would be full of Oxygen being a whale.) You know, for kids!
  • In "Stuck in the Wringer" SpongeBob can't eat with the wringer on, and he can't get the wringer off. Eventually he would have died of starvation.
    • We know he's a filter feeder, so he doesn't need to eat. (And sponges in Real Life are sessile.) Hope that helps.
  • In the episode "The Fry Cook Games" Patrick tries to pole vault over a deep-fat fryer. He ends up hitting the handle, and it ends up hitting a crowd of people, turning them into fish sticks. Patrick just killed an entire group of people.
    • Let's not forget, a vendor suddenly appears to start selling them, implying that cannibalism is okay in this world.
  • No Free Rides. Mrs Puff, worrying about the damage SpongeBob will cause in his new boat, says "What have I done?! Everyone will know I let him slide through school! I'll have to move to new city, start a new boating school with a new name! No. Not again! I've got to end this before it begins." The question is, has this happened before?
  • What are Krabby Patties made out of? All creatures made out of meat in the show have human-esque minds. One type of creature must have been cannibalistic.
    • Except... not. Sandy is seen wrangling Manatees, or Sea Cows, in "Blackened Sponge". Krabby Patties are likely made of Manatees. Not to mention seahorses and urchins and jellyfish, and snails (other than Gary, who has a fairly human mind but a very animalistc body), and worms, etc. who have animal minds.
      • But manatees are an endangered species, aren't they? If Krabs is making Krabby Patties out of manatees, then that's actually still fairly creepy. And sad.
    • has a recipe for Krabby Patties using imitation crab meat. Though it isn't considered canon, for obvious reasons, kids could get confused and think all those fish are eating good ol' Mr. Krabs's relatives.
    • Has no one thought that they might be made of kelp/algae? It's not ever specifically stated that they're meat.
      • Actually, it has been referred to as meat quite a few times before, so that doesn't work.
    • Forget the Krusty Krab for a moment. What about its rival business, the Chum Bucket? Chum is made out of dead fish! Considering that most of the citizens of Bikini Bottom are fish and Plankton needs to get the ingredients for his food from somewhere...
      • Used in this fanfiction.
      • Maybe that's why nobody eats there.
      • There's also the "Plankton's chum made of your chums." It seems like one of Krabs's lies unless you know that it actually is...
      • The Season 9 episode “Jailbreak!” Jossed the theory about chum. It has a part where Plankton and his inmates use a recipe for chum, and dead fish are nowhere near the recipe. Still, there's a lot of Insane Troll Logic over what counts as an ingredient, so, yeah…
  • On the subject of Krabs and Plankton, why does Krabs have a whale for a daughter? He obviously didn't get together with a whale, but he adopted her (during his rivalry with Plankton might I add). Why? Think for a moment. His enemy is a plankton, and what do whales eat? Answer: Krabs specifically adopted a whale so it could kill Plankton!!!
  • Another one: Remember how SpongeBob attacks a group of scallops who are about to eat "Patty" in the episode "To Love a Patty"? While attacking them, SpongeBob very clearly rips one in half....
  • What about the voices in Squidward's blank void? Where were those voices coming from? Were they the voices of other people who had been trapped in the same void?
  • In "Dying for Pie", pirates sell Squidward a pie that turns out to be a nuclear bomb, which he gives to SpongeBob as a gift (without realizing). The pie ends up hitting Squidward's face and blowing up Bikini Bottom. Now, the pirates that sold the pie bomb to Squidward had a massive load of them (at least a good 40). Think about that - pirates and criminals with a 40+ nuclear arsenal. And that's terrible.
  • The location of Bikini Bottom is supposedly under Bikini Atoll, where there were a bunch of nuclear tests during the late 40's and 50's. This means that perhaps the only reason that the characters are anthropomorphized is the radiation — making the lovable characters we all grew up with radioactive mutants.
    • Jossed. SpongeBob and Patrick are shown to have anthropomorphic ancestors from prehistoric times to the 1800's.
      • Not necessarily. How do we know what time period SpongeBob takes place in currently? Moreso, how do we know how fast time progresses down there? Generations could be twenty years. Keep in mind the average lifespan of a sponge/fish/squid/... oh, crap, I just had a Fridge Horror moment in the Fridge Horror section... O.O
      • Going by the movie, the technology used by the diver along with David Hasselhoff's appearance would seem to indicate the show takes place in our time.
      • Actually, the Ugh! and SB-129 episodes show Paleozoic-era sea animals such as ammonites, trilobites, Pikaia, etc., implying that those episodes do take place in our definition of prehistory.
      • We do know the time it takes place in, or at least the first season. According to SB-129, it's 2017. Consider the date on the calendar. It's May 6, 4017. Subtract the amount of time that Squidward was frozen: 2000 years.
    • What makes that even worse is that there are both anthro starfish and normal ones (Nature Pants), and anthro and normal whales (One Coarse Meal).
    • This is Played for Laughs in "Dying for Pie." Why else would that pie be a nuclear bomb?
    • But still, remember the older episodes of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy that Spongebob and Patrick have watched? The fish the heroes defended in those episodes were usually ordinary ones, and rarely anthropomorphic. Perhaps this was before the nuclear bomb tests! However, perhaps this wouldn't really explain how some species, such as jellyfish, seem to have been left unaffected by the radiation and still have quite animalistic minds.
      • Actually, that's a bit of fridge horror-brilliance there. The Jellyfish are unaffected because most jellyfish do not have specialized digestive, osmoregulatory, central nervous, respiratory, or circulatory systems. They're literally two shades away from even being considered animate. They're a mass of smaller organisms cooperating as a single entity. The nuclear testing doesn't anthropomorphize them because there really isn't anything to work with... HOWEVER... what the radiation could have done was anthro the individual micro-organisms (such as the type Plankton is), and radioactively fuse them together. They were already cooperating as a single entity, but now they're mutated into a single entity. The animalistic mind is whats to be expected for such a monstrosity... But the fun part is when you realize that their innocent little buzzing? It's thousands and thousands of voices screaming in agony...
      • Holy shit.
  • In "Sandy's Rocket" Sandy tells SpongeBob that he is to never touch one of her inventions again after the "Whirly Bird Incident". Cut to a field full of graves; just imagine the carnage from that loose propeller that caused so many deaths.
    • If you assume that the episodes aren't in chronological order, the episode "Wormy" could come before "Sandy's Rocket". All those graves were her beloved pets.
  • In Mermaidman and Barnacleboy 6: The Motion Picture, SpongeBob eats worms. Worms are like dogs. Could those worms, due to their size, be puppies?
    • I think it's a different species of worm, like foxes are different from dogs.
    • Still, I don't know many people who go around devouring foxes alive.
  • In "One Coarse Meal", how do we know that Mr. Krabs didn't use this tactic on other business rivals...and succeed?
  • "Bubble Buddy." Bubble Buddy makes a fish experience high tide. Said fish is later seen as an angel, and Bubble Buddy is revealed to be sentient. So that means He watched a man drown.
    • And did nothing to help him.
    • Redirect to the WMG about how that guy is just a figment of SpongeBob's imagination.
    • Parodied in this YouTube Poop.
  • Hooky. Patrick mentions a kid came by earlier. Cue a pair of shoes lying behind a rock...
    • Umm, the shoes are in the foreground. It's pretty obvious what happened.
  • Squidward often says stuff like, "Too bad that didn't kill me," and, "I wonder if a fall from this height would kill me." Is Squidward hiding a terrible, dark secret?
  • In Penny Foolish Mr. Krabs goes crazy just to find a penny that SpongeBob found. At the end of the episode, it's revealed that it wasn't a penny, but a 500 dollar bill. In Born Again Krabs we saw Mr. Krabs try to tear a guy's arm off over a penny. What would he do to SpongeBob had he known that the latter was housing something that cost 50,000 times as much?
    • It wouldn't be nearly as violent if he did do it to SpongeBob, because the sponge can just regrow his limbs.
  • So, we've all noticed how much more violent SpongeBob has become ever since (and even after) the Seasonal Rot. But what if we let it run for another decade? Do we really wish to know what the show would become?
  • In Graveyard Shift and Fear of A Krabby Patty, SpongeBob has to work at the Krusty Krab for 24 hours a day. This is happiness for a workaholic like SpongeBob. Then you realize: Who will feed Gary?!
    • Gary seems to be sapient Depending on the Writer.
    • SpongeBob either asked some of his other friends to feed him, or simply dumps a huge load of snail food on his tray.
  • In F.U.N., when SpongeBob and Plankton are in the movie theater, Bubble Bass comes over and sits on Plankton. SpongeBob asks Bubble Bass to move, because his friend is there. What does Bubble Bass do? He DELIBERATELY STARTS CRUSHING PLANKTON WITH HIS HUGE ASS! Trying to KILL Plankton in other words. Along with an evil grin at SpongeBob, as if he knows that SB is being forced to watch his friend suffer, and BB is happy about it. Is Bubble Bass worse than we think?
  • In "The Algae's Always Greener", episode where Plankton uses the machine to switch lives with Mr. Krabs, we see that Plankton can't survive ONE DAY in his new life, due to SpongeBob's perfectionism, Squiward's and customers behaviour, Pearl's bratiness and finally constant attacks from Mr. Krabs, who tries to steal the formula. Since Plankton switched places with Mr. Krabs and we see that Plankton is driven insane in ONE DAY by living Mr. Krabs life. Mr. Krabs has to suffer from SpongeBob's, Squidward's, Patrick's and Pearl's antics and constant attacks from Plankton, who might ruin his business and if Plankton can't survive ONE DAY and was already driven insane, imagine what this must have done to Mr. Krabs: to be annoyed by his fry cook, less than enthusiastic cashier, his bratty daughter and constant danger of his business going down due to attacks from his Arch-Enemy, and he must endure it EVERY SINGLE DAY, while Plankton couldn't survive one day. Image psychological effects of it on Krabs. Maybe Krabs is insane and very twisted because of the torture he must suffer everyday and his Jerk Ass actions are result from constant torture from other characters?
    • Thing is, Mr. Krabs and Plankton are different characters with different mindsets, personalities, ways of life, and opinions. Mr. Krabs is a great friend of SpongeBob and has frequently shown that he admires or tolerates his perfectionism and (at least some of) his quirks; Plankton has always disliked SpongeBob and finds him extremely annoying, so he couldn't possibly be expected to deal with him every single day without snapping. Krabs also understands Squidward's snarkiness but maintains a relationship with a level of respect to him; Plankton has little experience with snarky coworkers (then again, Karen may be snarkier than Squidward) and would prefer an efficient employee, possibly one who prefers not to talk to the boss. Mr. Krabs gets many customers every day and knows how to deal with and cater to them, which is what makes him such a successful businessman; Plankton can count the number of customers he ever had up to that point in the series on one hand, if he even had any by that time, and does not know how to handle the flow of customers that the Krusty Krab usually sees. Mr. Krabs has been a father for eighteen years and loves his daughter unconditionally; Plankton has no experience in parenting and simply sees her as a very annoying burden of a teenage girl. Lastly, Mr. Krabs is experienced in dealing with ludicrous attacks by business rivals; Plankton has never had even one attack by Mr. Krabs towards him (not to mention that Krabs has always had an upper hand with his size). Simply put, Krabs isn't going through a living hell every day because he has more experience living Krabs' life than Plankton.
  • In one episode, Plankton steals Sandy's fur. Long story. He turns Sandy's fur into a robot and goes to the Krusty Krab in it. The fur has the bikini on it, but not the diving suit. So Sandy, dressed like she usually is whenever she's at home except for the fish-bowl thing on her head and her lack of fur, goes to the Krusty Krab. On the way, everyone yells at her to put some clothes on while she's wearing a bikini! And at the end, the police arrest her at the Krusty Krab for indecent exposure while she's wearing a bikini! Keep in mind that Squidward doesn't wear pants. Could this mean Squidward lost his private parts? Possibly even having Krabs cut them off? It is not like Krabs wouldn't cut off people's genitals (he's commited genocide once)... Or worse: what if Bikini Bottom's government is stacked against women?
    • How in the hell is a government being sexist about female nudity worse than a person having their genitals mutilated?
    • Just to add more on this: some of Bikini Bottom's citizens are not fully dressed (like Squidward) or do not wear clothes at all. Squidward did not wear any clothes in episodes like "The Paper" or "Squid's Day Off", but cops don't arrest him and citizens do not treat the same way they treated Sandy. Comes along when you think about it: Sandy, a land animal, was treated horribly by others even though she was wearing a bikini and was even arrested, yet Squidward, a sea creature, did not wear any clothes at all and was simply ticketed and wasn't treated badly. Does this mean people of Bikini Bottom hate Sandy, because she is a land animal?
    • On the upside, Squidward doesn't have to wear pants because cephalopods don't have genitals. They reproduce with their tentacles.
  • The episode "Pranks A Lot" features Invisibility Spray being sold in a joke store. Think about what could happen if someone with a sadistic sense of humor, or just someone careless and ignorant of the consequences got their hands on it.
  • Episode "Squidward in Clarinetland" has a major Fridge Horror at the beginning of the episode: Krabs opens the locker and there are bones and a skull inside. He says "Appears to be Corporal Sterling, lad. Heh...forgot all about that prank". Does this mean that he locked someone in the locker and that person DIED? Mr. Krabs KILLED SOMEONE.
    • We also don't know Mr. Krabs rank. Now, think about this. If we don't know his Navy rank, he may have killed one of his own troops or his own CO.
      • He probably scared one of his troops by putting a fake skeleton in there and claimed it was Corporal Sterling. Or, quite alternately, the Corporal was the prank's recipient.
  • Mr. Krabs has a severe Money Fetish and has been shown going on a date with money on at least one occasion, which raises the question: Just how far around the baseball field is Krabs willing to go with money?!
    • Thankfully Krabs could only accomplish this when he's molted.
  • In "The Lost Mattress" Squidward said "If you don't get Mr. Krabs' mattress back from the dump, I'm going to murd... ". Now think what letters come after murd? Der, as in MURDER. In "No Hat For Pat" he says "You want me to push you off your precarious perch into a bucket of spiny sea urchins? Oh, if only you were SpongeBob" while saying this with glee and rejoicing. And in one episode he tried using voodoo dolls on SpongeBob and Patrick. Finally in "The Curse Of Bikini Bottom" he imagined SpongeBob and Patrick playing with his lawnmower and getting maimed and then he laughs and looks very happy at this thought. Does it all mean that Squidward wants and is willing to murder SpongeBob and Patrick and has attempted to kill them several times...?
    • Granted, with all the crap SpongeBob and Patrick put him through, it's hard to blame him. I don't know if that makes it better or worse...
    • Could also just be a figure of speech, 'murder' is often used in a joke-threatening way towards people who are annoying you, often close friends or family. Obviously you'd never actually do it...
  • In "Shellback Shenanigans" Plankton disguises himself as Gary and SpongeBob takes him to an animal hospital where he's horribly tortured. If you think about it, this implies the hospital tortures animals all the time.
  • In "I Was a Teenage Gary", SpongeBob gets turned into a snail after being injected with snail plasma. Beforehand he had been panicking about this and asking Squidward what was going to happen to him. Later, Snail!SpongeBob shows up at Squidward's doorstep meowing. Cue Squidward running away, screaming, while SpongeBob chases him around the house. But then it hit this tropette: if SpongeBob's mind was not affected by the transformation, and he was aware of what was going on and what he'd turned into...what if he had panicked so much that he had been attempting to ask Squidward for help or to call the doctor? And he ran away screaming each time, and he couldn't understand SpongeBob because he couldn't speak snail?!
  • In the episode where SpongeBob and Partick dig a tunnel under Squidward's house, Squidward at one point says "I'm going to grind you two into chum!" ... Which makes sense if you know what chum actually is..
    • Makes that even worse in that Plankton sells Chum. Yes, Plankton's selling ground up people.
      • Lampshaded in The Krabby Kronicle. Plankton's Chum made of your chums.
    • Wanna know how Squidward might know about Chum? His Grandma makes really delicious Chum. His GRANDMA! Think about it for a second, if you will...
  • Several episodes show that Spongebob is extremely emotional, prone to panicking, Sanity Slippage and depression over minor things, if things don't go right for him or if there is any problem (as seen in episodes "Stuck in the Wringer", " I Had an Accident", "Bummer Vacation", "Breath of Fresh Squidward", "Procrastination", "Night Light", "The Algae's Always Greener" and especially "Gone"}. This implies that behind the cheerful and bright personality, Spongebob is not entirely sane and rational. This is already major Fridge Horror, but it gets worse. Do you remember the episode "Have You Seen This Snail?", the episode where Spongebob is very heartbroken that Gary ran away and spent almost the entire episode being sad and depressed. Considering how Spongebob missed Gary and was looking for him everywhere, what would have happened to Spongebob and his emotional and mental well being if he hadn't reunited with Gary? Even worse, is that he elderly fish that found and took care of Gary had previous snails, who died either from being overfed by her or she intentionally fed them up, so that she could later eat them, which means that if Gary hadn't discovered this and hadn't realised that Spongebob indeed missed him, Gary would have died. Neptune knows what could have happened to Spongebob's sanity if he found out that his beloved Gary died...
  • What would have happened if Spongebob hadn't been taken to the hospital in "Suds?" Would he have stayed sick forever- or died?!
  • Patrick was seemingly able to enter Kelpy G's concert in "Smooth Jazz in Bikini Bottom" without a ticket, then you remember that he ATE Squidward's frist ticket. does that mean... OH GOD!
  • In one episode, Squidward's grandma has a recipe for really delicious chum; so good it's better then any Krabby Patty. But, as people have posted above, chum is ground up fish. Squidward's grandma might be a serial murderer...
    • Not ALL fish in Spongebob are sentient. Lionfish and seahorses have been shown to be non-sentient, so chum wouldn't necessarily require murder of sentient beings.
  • In "SB-129", the names "Sponge Tron" and "Patron" would seem to imply that the future versions of Spongebob and Patrick are robots. Also, everything is chrome in the future, and when a non-chrome coral starts growing from the ground, a fish immediately shows up to make it look chrome. The obvious explanation for this? The future Squidward was in was after robots had risen up and destroyed most or all organic life.

  • In "Shanghaied!", Squidward told SpongeBob to wish for something that could get SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward out of being eaten. But Squidward hadn't been around to hear that the Flying Dutchman was going to eat Sponge and Pat; how did he know?
    • He probably read a story about how the Dutchman would eat people after they were sent down that evil tunnel of doom. Not a believer, he assumed it was fiction.
  • In "Rock Bottom", SpongeBob doesnt have change for the bus, but then later when he gets hungry, he has enough money for a Kelp Nougat Crunch snack in the vending machine.
    • It was probably an 'exact change' sort of thing.
    • Bus fare costs a lot in Rock Bottom?
  • Wouldn't Plankton's business do better if he relocated in a shark-heavy area?
    • For that matter, Bikini Bottom does have some shark species within the populace. Why they haven't discovered the Chum Bucket despite being so close to the Krusty Krab is anyone's guess.
    • Maybe he's afraid the sharks will eat him. He was scared of Pearl (not a shark, but still) in "One Coarse Meal", after all.
      • He was afraid of Pearl because she's a whale and whales (at least the ones with baleen teeth, which this troper always assumed Pearl was) eat plankton and other small aquatic organisms. Sharks (i.e the big scary ones that everyone is familiar with) do not, so they wouldn't be much interested in Plankton.
    • Going with the Fridge Horror that chum is actually dead sapient fish, the sharks probably knew that, and sapient sharks wouldn't likely eat sapient fish.
      • Well, it's been shown that a few fish species are equivalent to the "animals" of Bikini Bottom, like lionfish=non-anthropomorphic lions and seahorses=non-anthropomorphic horses, so Plankton's chum may not be made with sentient beings.
    • Plankton is a Lethal Chef. In one episode, Squidward became a chef at the Chum Bucket, and everyone loved it even more than Krabby Patties.
  • That episode where Patrick prepares his house for a visit from his parents really bugs me. If the couple that first came to visit Patrick were not only not his real parents, but also remembered that they had no son to begin with, how were they aware of Patrick's previous blunders? It also doesn't help that Patrick clearly doesn't know who these people are after their names are revealed.
    • Maybe they were really his aunt and uncle who hadn't seen him since he was little, and he didn't remember them?
    • They had a daughter named Patricia and confused the two?
  • In the episode Bubble Buddy, it seems the fish buried in the sand drowned in the high tide. How could a fish drown? The same thing for Sponge On Duty, regarding SpongeBob, Patrick, and the random fish drowning. Why couldn't Patrick and SpongeBob swim in the first place if they're really fish?
    • This is because the Goo Lagoon is a beach made of 'goo' not water.
      • Goo doesn't have tides. Brine lakes, however, do and can be found underwater. But they're toxic, so a fish swimming in it doesn't make sense
  • Karate Island, specifically the part where SpongeBob gets tied to a chair. Udon reaches into his robe & a clicking noise is heard, much to SpongeBob's horror. It was a pen, but clearly SpongeBob thought it was a gun. Why was he afraid of Udon Shooting him when nothing seems to kill him?
    • Because getting shot with a gun really freaking hurts. Nothing, short of drying up, has ever seemed to be a real threat to Spongebob's life... but though he may not need to fear death, he fears pain. Sure, his nature as a sponge keeps him alive through ridiculous injury, but it's clear that he feels most of it, if not almost all, and has a very, very low pain threshold to boot. (Exibit A: "I'll have you know I stubbed my toe last week when watering my spice garden, and I only cried for 20 minutes.")
    • But the real kicker is, the universe he's in won't allow him to die. He can live through the most horrific mutiliations of his body (like his face being almost fully shaved off by a door) in the name of the "rule of funny" and though a normal human would've died from shock about that point, Spongebob just has to live with it.
    • What does any of this have to do with humans? He's a sponge. He can regrow body parts, so his face being shaved off shouldn't injure him.
  • If the show takes place underwater...
    • Why does Goo Lagoon exist? Answer: Mud
      • I don't think mud would have a tide...
    • How are fish able to drown? Answer: Mud in gills choking them
    • The events of SpongeBob vs. the Big One never would've been logical.
    • How are they able to start fires? *fire immediately dies*

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