Characters / The King Of Fighters The NESTS Chronicles

Characters in The King of Fighters introduced during the NESTS Chronicles (from KOF '99 to 2002; this includes 2002: Unlimited Match) will be listed here.

Characters are listed in alphabetical order of last names. It should be noted that all the Chinese and Korean character names are rendered in the Western style (given name-surname rather than surname-given name).

And remember: this is just a part of all the characters that comprise the series. For characters who debuted in KOF '94, go here.

For characters who debuted in KOF '95 through '97, go here.

For characters who debuted in KOF 2003 through XIII, go here.

For characters who debuted in KOF XIV, go here.

Finally, for characters who appeared outside the main series, go here.

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    The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle 

Bao - China
"Oh yes! I am victorious! And happy as an oyster!"

Voiced by: Kanako Nakano

A young boy who joined the Psycho Soldiers for the '99 tournament after demonstrating his abilities to Chin. Chin sensed a connection between him and Kensou, and was proven right when Kensou suddenly lost his powers around the time Bao joined the team. Eventually, Chin figured out that Bao and Kensou "shared" their power; when Bao had them, Kensou lost his, and vice versa. He has not been seen since the NESTS saga ended.

Jhun Hoon - South Korea
"You are really weak. Throw in the towel!"

Voiced by: Kazuya Ichijo

A friendly rival of Kim's who also practices Taekwando, although his style is far more focused on kicks. He's a huge fan of Athena, which got him into trouble at one point as he was hit by a truck after crossing the street to see her. To add insult to injury, the Athena he saw was only a cardboard standee. He recovered by the time of the 2003 tournament, but disappeared again the next year.

K' - Unknown
"Now, the finish. Get up, fool!"

Voiced by: Yuuki Matsuda, Andrew Scott (Maximum Impact series, English)

The protagonist of the NESTS Saga, and NESTS first success in using the Kusanagi DNA in another human. He was abducted from his home when he was young for use as a test subject, and was used as an agent for NESTS after his success. After his defeat of his own clone Krizalid in the '99 tournament, he was branded a traitor by NESTS and he and Maxima went on the run. He eventually helped bring the whole cartel down, and was reunited with his older sister Seirah (a.k.a. Whip). He now works with the Ikaris investigating Mukai's group, along with Kula and Maxima.

  • Aloof Big Brother - To his "sisters," Whip and Kula.
  • Ambiguously Brown - It's never specified if K' is meant to be East Indian, African American or anything of the sort. See But Not Too Black below.
  • Animal Motifs - Birds, apparently. A few of his attacks are bird-themed and the back of his jacket reads "A Beast Of Prey" (the words are more legible in character art and in the Maximum Impact series).
  • Anti-Hero Substitute - A rare instance of Darker and Edgier done well.
  • Badass - The way he conducts himself is with a very "no effort, no nonsense" style. He doesn't get heavily invested in the fight yet seems to pull off all sorts of amazing feats (like using his sunglasses as a projectile that precludes a pretty heavy beatdown).
  • Badass Back - His walking animation.
  • Badass Boast - "doitsumo koitsumo" his post battle quotenote  in a nutshell, is K' saying that he can take on everyone by himself. Eight times out of ten, he can back up this claim.
    • His intro.
    "Just me alone, is more than enough."
  • Big Brother Instinct - Towards Kula and Whip.
  • Big Damn Heroes - Pulls one of these in 2001 when he saves Kula and a wounded Foxy from K9999 and Angel.
  • Bishōnen - Although he is manlier than average.
  • The Bus Came Back - His return in XIII.
  • Cloning Blues - Not a clone in the traditional sense; Kyo's DNA was used on him to see if the pyrokinetic abilities could be transferred.
  • Cool Shades - Is almost never seen without his sunglasses, unless he's in the middle of battle.
  • Creepy Cool Crosses - He wears a cross pendant around his neck. Concept art for '99 also shows a cross emblem on the back of his jacket, although this design wasn't implemented. If he does have a particular religious belief, it doesn't show.
  • Darker and Edgier - Not just as a protagonist, but his inclusion into the story marks a stark departure from the Orochi Saga.
  • Dark Is Not Evil - Dresses in all black and has moves with names like "Crow Bite" but is still a pretty straightforward hero.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond
    • But Not Too Black - Zigzagged all the time. Art depictions usually show him with very dark skin. His early sprites give him the same complexion as Heavy D! but later depictions play the trope dead straight. Averted in The King of Fighters 2 pachinko game, though.
  • Defrosting Ice King - After the conclusion of the NESTS Chronicles. Sadly, the results are akin to trying to melt an iceberg with a match...
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me! - In regards to his origin as a "Kyo clone."
  • Emo - Believed to be this by the fandom, but isn't. Probably because some of his design was used for Rock Howard, who's commonly misconstrued as emo.
  • Fingerless Glove - That's right, one. The other glove is his Power Limiter.
  • Finger Poke of Doom: The "One Inch".
  • Flash Step
  • Glasses Pull - His revamped Chain Drive in XIII has him seemingly stopping time mid-combo just to put them back on. Next thing you know...
  • Good Is Not Nice - Although he's the main hero of his story, he's one cold-hearted SOB.
    • The dialogue he shares with the other fighters in XIII seems to suggest everyone is aware of his status as a heroic and well-intentioned character but he never has a kind word to say back to anyone. Most of his statements to his opponents are cold, stoic, and harsh.
  • Hair Color Dissonance - More recent sprites (2003 and XI) prior to XIII gave K' a bit of a pink/purple hue.
  • Hell-Bent for Leather
  • Hidden Depths - The characterization of K' changes a lot in the multiple printed adaptations. While the most popular portrayal is the one of a cold person, a manga depicts as an insecure teenager.
  • Irony - K' loathes KOF, yet seems to be dragged into a new tournament each year. As a result, he seems to be very disaffected while fighting. His previous Idle Animation had K' repeatedly dozing off before falling asleep for good in the middle of a battle. His XIII sprite has him cracking his neck multiple times.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold - He's brash and very crass, but he does legitimately care about those who are close to him. Maxima notes that K' has a tendency to mask his relatively amiable actions with harsh words.
  • Locked into Strangeness - A prevalent fandom theory is that, thanks to the appearance of Another K' in 2000, NESTS inserting Kyo's DNA into K' caused his hair to permanently turn white. This seems to be supported by Kula (whose hair goes from chestnut brown to ice blue when she powers up), K9999 (whose hair turns white and becomes spikier when he allows his Tetsuo copycat status to reach critical mass), and Nameless (who possesses the DNA of both Kyo and K' and sports half-brown, half-white hair).
  • Loss of Identity - It wouldn't be unbelievable if K' was a completely different person prior to his abduction by NESTS. Although he hardly muses about it openly, his Character Development is grounded not only in establishing his existence as something more than another "Kyo clone", but in trying to piece together his lost past.
  • Meaningful Name - Although the ' symbol in his name is rarely (if never) pronounced as "prime" (as in derivatives), K' was the first of several cloning processes used to see how Kyo's DNA could be implemented into ordinary humans. In some way or another, he was the precursor to Krizalid, Kula, Nameless, and Isolde.
  • Mr. Fanservice - Owns a large and dedicated female following.
  • Nineties Anti-Hero - Given life at the end of the decade but still fits in with the trope. Abrupt and harsh name ("Kay-Dash"), cold-hearted SOB who only cooperates when it suits his end (his victory pose has him saying he's good enough to fight your whole team), and has a laser-like focus on his objective (stamping out the NESTS organization and anyone associated with it). However, as said before, he does move away from this a bit as time goes on.
  • No Pronunciation Guide - As seen above, it's pronounced "Kay Dash."
  • Only Known By Their Code Name - Justified, as the memories of his former life (and thus, his name) were suppressed when Kyo's DNA was grafted into his body. K' still has no recollection of his past life, minus a few flashes following the downfall of NESTS.
  • One-Letter Name
  • Perpetual Frowner - And he knows it. As he tells Yuri, it's simply who he is.
  • Playing with Fire - He has to wear a special gauntlet to control them, though.
  • Power Incontinence - His body can't properly handle the Kusanagi flames (and can even flare out of control and harm K'), thus the reason behind his Power Limiter.
    • His teams ending in 2000 shows his hand to be rather... burnt.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni - Red to Maxima's Blue.
  • Red Right Hand - Again, his Power Limiter. He's not evil, but was designed to be the "dark hero" of the series.
  • Required Secondary Powers - An interesting case in that K' doesn't appear to (completely) have these when it comes to his flames, hence the Power Limiter. This extends to Nameless and might also be the case for fellow "clones" Kula and K9999, who wear identical but differently-colored versions of K''s glove.
  • Rule of Cool - K' is probably the patron saint of this trope in the KOF world. He exerts minimal effort in battle (notice how he nonchalantly flings his wisps of flame at you, or how bored he is at the prospect of fighting). He tosses his snazzy sunglasses at you and then proceeds to warp next to you and beat your face in with a flurry of punches and kicks. He can blow you to Hell and back with a simple thumbs down. To put the cherries on top, there's this display of sheer badassery in XIII. Words fail us.
  • The Snark Knight - To a degree.
  • The Stoic - Given his past, he's not fond of others, bar certain individuals. This still doesn't stop him from having outrageously Hot-Blooded Kiais (at first, anyway).
  • Theme Naming - His themes (with the exception of 2001's "Big Pain"; 2001 was an oddball when it came to just about everything) are designated by the moniker of "KD" (as in his name, K Dash).
    • Said themes gained an extra "D" in XI ("KDD-0075") and XIII ("KDD-0063"), likely to account for the other "KD" (Kula Diamond) joining his team.
    • Expect to see the word "Drive" cap his list of DMs (i.e. Chain Drive, Heat Drive, Heaven Drive, etc.). Possibly lampshaded in Days of Memories, where his theme is called "Cool Drive."
  • Too Many Belts - Look closely at his design. Out of the seven belts found on his person, only one of them is worn properly.
  • Unskilled, but Strong - To be expected of a guy whose discipline is listed as "pure violence", K''s brand of pyrotechnics is unrefined and rarely more creative than blunt, direct attacks meant to be one-shot finishers. While he's suggested to be in the upper ranks of the cast in terms of raw power, his fellow flame wielders are able to match him either by using a more versatile skillset or having comparable strength and the training to go with it.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid - Implied, but not outright said. You can see traces of this every once in a while.
  • White Hair, Black Heart - Not so much "black" as "a very dark gray"; earlier on in his run, K' was only concerned about making NESTS pay. He lightens up progressively over the course of the NESTS Chronciles and beyond, although he remains stoic and unfriendly to most.
  • Younger Than They Look - Looks like he's in his 20s but is stated to appear between 16 and 18.

Krizalid - Unknown
"Useless. It's so hard to find good help now."

Voiced by: Yoshiyuki Iwamoto ('99), Eiji Yano (2001)

A clone of K', and the second-in-command to the cloned Zero. He was given orders to gather battle data from the victors of the '99 tournament for use in the awakening of an army of Kyo clones, but after his defeat the project was abruptly canceled and Krizalid was killed by his superior. He was later resurrected by the real Zero for his skills, but his whereabouts after the fall of NESTS are unknown.

Kyo-1 & Kyo-2 - Japan
"Victory is mine... was there any doubt?"

Voiced by: Masahiro Nonaka

After Orochi's defeat in '97, the famed Kyo Kusanagi went missing. The cartel known as NESTS had captured his unconscious body and dragged him away, analyzing his fighting style and extracting his DNA for future use. Kyo-1 (the one in navy) and Kyo-2 (the one in crimson) were but two of numerous clones of the Japanese schoolboy.

  • Ambiguously Brown - Oddly enough.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy - Kyo-2.
  • Cloning Blues
  • Divergent Character Evolution - Originally, they were carbon copies of Kyo's previous movesets (Kyo-1 was the '94-'95 Kyo, while Kyo-2 was the '96-'97 Kyo). 2002: Unlimited Match gives them new and individual techniques that take cues from other characters or sources.
  • Era-Specific Personality - Kyo-1 and Kyo-2 embody their original's characterization throughout the Orochi Saga, Kyo-1 being more levelheaded like post-'95 Kyo and Kyo-2 displaying the cocky bravado Kyo had in the first two games. The irony here is that their movesets are flipped around.
  • Expendable Clones/What Measure Is a Non-Human? - Although never outright stated, it's alluded to. In 2002: Unlimited Match, the Clone Team gets a dark and sinister (but undoubtedly awesome) theme called "Antimony ~ Mutually Exclusive Dichotomy." While it's a bit Engrishy (antimony and dichotomy are essentially synonyms, which would make the title redundant), the song refers to a conflict between two opposing forces who, by the necessity of their very identities, cannot reconcile nor co-exist. It relates to the clones since their very existence conflicts with the identity of Kyo himself (as there can only be one Kyo). It could also reference how the clones seek to establish their own identities, which is impossible since they are merely copies of Kyo.
  • Leitmotif - Being associated with the old Kyo, they will always have some sort of "Esaka?" (the Japan Team's theme from '96) to accompany their fight. Always. The only exception was 2002: Unlimited Match.
  • Martial Arts Headband - Natch.
  • Playing with Fire - Well, duh.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni - Kyo-1 is the Blue Oni to Kyo-2's Red Oni. For bonus points, they're even color-coded.
  • School Uniforms Are the New Black - As a result of the desire to bring back Kyo's old look.
  • Send in the Clones
  • You Are Number 6

Maxima - Canada
"I read your moves like the funny papers!"

Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi, Mike Jarnus (Maximum Impact series, English)

K's lifelong friend and partner. He was an ex-policeman whose partner Rocky was killed by NESTS. Maxima decided to go undercover, and with the help of a man named Dr. Makishima, was given a new, cybernetic body armed with several features. His abilities caught the eyes of NESTS, and they recruited him as he had planned. He met K' while in the organization's services, but in '99 he and K' ran away from NESTS. They spent the next 2 years destroying any and all NESTS bases around the world. Upon reaching Igniz in 2001, Maxima was shocked to find that his partner Rocky had been turned into a full cyborg. Igniz, however, killed Rocky once again to display his godlike power. Before he died, Rocky activated the full abilities of Maxima's enhancements, allowing him to fire a large laser out of his chest. After the downfall of NESTS, he acts as an uncle for Kula while both of them, including K' and Whip, rebuild their lives.

  • Older Than They Look - Only 29, but speaks with a solemness that evokes a more aged man, coupled with his appearance as being someone in their mid or late 30s. This causes some confusion with other characters. Word of God says this is intentional as they wanted an older-looking main character to balance the prevalence of younger characters in the series.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni - Blue to K's Red.
  • Smoking Is Cool - Albeit sparingly.
  • Sweet Tooth - Revealed in his pre-fight chats in XIII (Mai's and King's more exactly). Confirmed in the K' Team's ending where he's handed a huge parfait... and it's gone in few seconds. Fridge Brilliance hits when you consider that sweet food contains glucose, which is the "fuel" for the brains; Maxima not only is a cyborg but also a technopath who must handle LOTS of data constantly and thus needs these sweets.
  • Tall, Dark and Handsome
  • Technopath - Maxima appears to possess some form of cyberpathy as he can interface with a satellite connection, as seen in 2003 and MI2. He also uses this connection to steal money to support himself and K', although of late, their funds have been dwindling (Maxima predicts that they'll only last another month or two).
  • Use Your Head - One of his Desperation attacks has him tossing his opponent into the air then using his head to bounce them back up, like a soccer ball.
  • Wave Motion Gun - Human-sized, but he's been quite fond of it of late.
  • Wrestler in All of Us - A few of his moves, including a German suplex, a chokeslam, and a dropkick.

Whip - Unknown
"All show. No substance!"

Voiced by: Shiho Kikuchi

Whip is a mercenary who joined Heidern's squadron under the alias "Muchiko" to investigate NESTS, believing it to have some significance to her past. She was a former NESTS agent but she betrayed the organization and ran away. She confronts Krizalid and reveals that he's a clone of K'. Afterward, she confronts Clone Zero and after he reveals that she is a clone of K's sister Seirah, she shoots and kills him. Afterwards, she confronts Igniz along with K' and after Igniz's defeat, she settles down with K' and Kula.

Li Xiangfei - USA
"Since I win, you buy dinner. First, some Dim Sum, then...."

Voiced by: Mami Kingetsu

A Chinese-American resident of Southtown who trained in the martial arts from a young age. Living with her uncle, she works as a waitress and doubles as the bodyguard for his restaurant. Her brief scuffle with Kasumi after a misunderstanding gives King and Blue Mary the idea to scout them in the '99 tournament. Xiangfei later returns to the Women Fighters Team in 2001, bringing Hinako in tow.

    The King of Fighters 2000 

Kula Diamond - Unknown
"I won. Now... Where's my prize?"

Voiced by: Yumi Kakazu, Kat Cassteneda (Maximum Impact 2, English)

The end product of NESTS' Anti-K' Project, of which Nameless' lover Isolde was a subject of. Her powers over ice were used as a counter to K' own flames, and she, along with her caretakers Foxy and Diana, were assigned to eliminate K' and investigate the cloned Zero's activities. After the fall of NESTS, she settles down with Diana and Foxy and becomes a little sister of sorts to K', joining him on occasion in KOF.

Lin - China
"My venom has no antidote... Death is the only cure."

Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda

Lin is a member of the Hizoku clan, a mysterious band of assassins. After his superior Ron massacres much of the clan and leaves without a trace, Lin sets out to find him. He encounters Ron in 2001, alongside the members of NESTS, and is seen with him in XI, indicating that he may have joined forces with his former enemy.

Ramon - Mexico
"Your expression was classic! Lots better than my lucha!"

Voiced by: Eiji Takemoto

A famous Luchador in Mexico, Ramon was born as one of the less fortunate children in the country, extremely poor and carrying the hardships that comes with it, however the guy never took upon himself to become a sour guy whose life has been most unkind, Ramon was always upbeat and hoped for a better future.

Ramon grew up to become a luchador, a quite beloved one and strong at that, so good that he was scouted to become an Agent and participate in the 2000 edition of the King of Fighters tournament; Ramon was scouted by Vanessa to become part of the Hero Team for that year, in order to investigate and trace NESTS actions around that tournament.

He became a Freelance Agent after that, continuing his career as a luchador but always being in waiting whenever his services are to be requested; while Ramon has a strong sense of justice, his willingness to remain as an agent may have to do with Vanessa, he became quite smitten by her, falling in love at first sight, the two trade flirts and teasing however Vanessa keeps a certain distance, while Ramon may be in love with her, Vanessa might not feel the same, sometimes not feeling like playing the flirt game with him, refusing his advances, meaning she isnít ready to move on from her late husband just yet.

After skipping XII and XIII, Ramon returns in XIV, now leading the Team Mexico, accompanied by King of Dinosaurs and Angel.

  • All Love Is Unrequited - He tries to woo her, but Ramon doesn't seem to have any luck. Lampshaded in XI with the Unrequited Love Team (him, Robert, and Kensou).
  • Amazon Chaser - Undoubtedly smitten with the quite talented (and ever-lovely) boxer known as Vanessa.
  • Animal Motifs: The Tiger, his Luchador Name, his attacks, and as of XIV it extended to Ramon's clothing.
  • Badass Adorable - Very capable when he needs to be, also very funny, friendly and his only two noted likes is Vanessa and Children, having a soft spot for them, possibly due his rough past.
  • Dogged Nice Guy - To Vanessa.
  • Eyepatch of Power
  • Flanderization - In 2000, his relation with Vanessa was little more than playful flirting, fitting his personality. Fast-forward to XI; his sole purpose in any scene is to loudly and comically swoon over Vanessa, including during fights.
  • Friend to All Children
  • Fun Personified
  • Gratuitous Spanish/Patriotic Fervor
  • Handsome Lech - He falls somewhere in-between this and Chivalrous Pervert.
  • Hot-Blooded - Even when he's running away (doing his Tiger Road Wall Jump), his yelling is ferocious.
  • I Shall Taunt You/Trash Talk - Is fond of this. In XI his taunt is the exact same provocation Tiger Mask did in some of his fights against Dynamite Kid.
  • Likes Older Women - He's 25 and Vanessa's five years his senior. The best he gets in return is teasing.
  • Masked Luchador - In the backstory, anyway.
  • Red Baron - "El Diablo Amarillo" (that's "The Yellow Devil" for those of you not fluent in Spanish) is his ring name.
  • Romancing the Widow - Tried on Vanessa. The key word here is "tried."
  • The Slacker - It seems Ramon can vent off if someone isnít keeping track of him, in XIIIís Story Mode, when Heidern is asking for updates from his Agents scattered around the vicinity, Ramon is seen drinking and having a good time in a bar (with Chang and Choi behind him), he reports to Heidern as if he was conducting some proper and serious investigation.
  • Street Urchin —> Self-Made Man - His backstory.
  • Theme Naming - Quite a few of his moves have the word "Tiger" in them. Due his Tiger Mask inspired moveset.
  • Token Good Teammate - The only 'decent' fellow in Team Mexico at XIV, considering his teammates are Angel, who was a NESTS agent that hasn't shown signs of repenting, and the Heel luchador King of Dinosaurs if he's not simply Tizoc, who's a good person at heart, on a Heel gimmick for business standpoint.
  • Twinkle Smile - Sports one in the funny intro he has with Vanessa in XI; Vanessa teases him with the promise of a date if he puts up a good fight, Ramon responds with a text book twinkle smile.

Seth - USA
"For victory, bring wine and chinchilla. It's all I desire."

Voiced by: Hidetoshi Nakamura, Glenn Haig (Maximum Impact series, English)

Seth is an agent working alongside Heidern's faction to expose NESTS. He has not been seen since 2001, but in the Maximum Impact series he is investigating Addes all by himself.

  • Mundane Made Awesome - He can hurt you with dust. Also, his DMs respectively involve lying down and stomping on the opponent from below, and ground pounding them.
  • Punches That Suck - His Sho-Yoh special is a really fast uppercut that creates an upwards vacuum.
  • Scary Black Man - Bonus points for still looking serious and intimidating with a blonde mohawk!

Hinako Shijou - Japan
"I reacted without thinking. You okay?... Didn't think so."

Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi

A rich girl who formed part of the female team in 2000 and 2001. Her goal was to show that a sweet little girl like her could fight in par with males... by practicing sumo.

Vanessa - Unknown
"Let's do this again. If you butch up a bit, that is!"

Voiced by: Kaori Minami

She is a normal Housewife who discreetly serves as a mercenary agent. Working under the orders of commander Ling, Vanessa and fellow agent Seth are commissioned with the job of joining the King of Fighters tournament, held by Ling himself. They are to follow the footsteps of the NESTS cartel, which Ling and his agency persecuted. The two agents part from one another with Vanessa recruiting prime suspects, K' and Maxima, as her teammates. She also scouts the talents of Mexican wrestler Ramon to complete their team. Her objective from then on is to observe the activities of the NESTS defectors based on Ling's orders.

Clone Zero - Unknown
"Zero doesn't mean I'm nothing. I'm the everything that is equaled by none!"

Voiced by: Kinta Futogane

As his name suggests, he is a clone of the true Zero, created to oversee the 2000 tournament and to infiltrate Heidern's organization. He killed Heidern's partner Ling and impersonated him in order to obtain the Zero Cannon, a Kill Sat that siphons the energy from fighters. He made a clone of Ling in order to hold Heidern off while he challenged K'. He lost, and tried to use the Zero Cannon, but Heidern killed the Ling clone, which held the switch to the generator, effectively crippling his plans. He was apprehended by Kula and brought before Whip, where he revealed she was a clone. Appalled by this, she shot him dead.

    The King of Fighters 2001 

Angel - Mexico
"Is it a sin to be mighty? Then call me the devil!"

Voiced by: Mina Tominaga (2001), Mayumi Shintani (2002, Neowave)

An agent of NESTS who was allied with Kula, Foxy, and K9999. After K9999 wounded Foxy, she went after him and hasn't been seen since.

Foxy - Unknown
"If you want to sustain your bloated ego, then get some ability!"

Voiced by: Haruna Ikezawa

Kula's other caretaker. Also skilled with a rapier and is playable in 2001 and 2002 Unlimited Match. It was originally thought that she was killed by K9999 on NESTS' orders, but she was only wounded slightly. The incident, however, did traumatize poor Kula.

  • Punny Name - "Foxy" is slang for an attractive woman.
  • Rapunzel Hair - In artwork it varies between artists (Falcoon—his drawing can be seen above to the right—and Hiroaki both have her hair as at least reaching slightly below her hips, but Nona's drawnings have it a bit shorter), but it definitely shows in the sprites. Still, it's nowhere close to Duo Lon.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning - In 2001. Her appearance at the end of 2000 gave her brown eyes, and her eye color seems to switch between the two ever since.
  • Self-Made Woman
  • Statuesque Stunner
  • Stripperiffic - A few of her alternate artworks feature Foxy without a shirt under her overcoat. This has yet to transition to any of her playable appearances, though, so she remains one of the Token Wholesomes among the female cast.
  • Sword Beam
  • Sword Plant - One of her win poses.
  • Taking You with Me - Her Honey Bee super move, where she rushes towards the opponent with her rapier and it explodes, killing her instantly along with her opponent.
    • Joke Character - In 2001, due to that particular move. This is (arguably) only applicable at face value, though; Foxy was widely seen as a high-tier character in her debut and remains one of the only characters in the series to actually be banned in competitive play (see the YMMV tab for more details). It's her tournament legal revisions in 2002UM that have seen Foxy move closer to the below trope, but still not entirely.
      • Lethal Joke Character - In 2002 Unlimited Match, where the Honey Bee is now her MAX 2, meaning it can only be used if she has 3 power stocks and less than 3/4 of her life left.
  • Team Mom - Towards Kula, but not quite to the same extent as Diana. Notably, she did act as Kula's caretaker in 2001 while leading the NESTS Team and keeping an eye on K9999 and Angel.
  • Wearing a Flag on Your Head - She has a new super in 2002UM where she wraps the opponent in the NESTS flag and slashes them repeatedly.

Igniz - Unknown
"Praise me... For I am God! Look upon my new world!"

Voiced by: Norio Wakamoto

The Final Boss of 2001 and the CEO of the NESTS Cartel. Igniz spearheaded the Kyo Clone, Anti-K', and Zhe Projects, and masterminded all of the events leading up to 2001. He was the 2nd-in-command to his father, the leader of the organization, until Igniz killed him in a surprise move by disintegrating him. He explains that all of the experiments and the tournaments were just a ruse to fuel his true ambitions of becoming God. He is defeated by K's team, and in a last ditch effort, initiates a Colony Drop, saying that if he cannot become a God, then he would become the Devil instead. Unfortunately, Ron foiled his plan by landing the satellite safely into the ocean. Igniz's fate is unknown, but he most likely died.

May Lee Jinju - South Korea
"As I live and breathe, evil will not prosper."

Voiced by: Tomoko Kawakami

An adoring fan and disciple of Kim Kaphwan, and a firm believer in justice. She ends up joining his team in 2001, but has not been seen since.

K9999 - Unknown
"How does it feel to be defeated by the new ruler of the universe?"

Voiced by: Nozomu Sasaki

The 9,999th clone of Kyo, assigned to kill any traitors to NESTS alongside Angel. His powers are very different, more resembling that of Tetsuo Shima's from AKIRA. His role in the story was eventually replaced with another character, Nameless, as SNK felt he was too blatant a copy of Tetsuo.

Original Zero - Unknown
"Before the fangs of the black lion, you're prey!"

Voiced by: Toshimitsu Arai

Unlike his traitorous clone, the Original Zero is completely devoted to NESTS's goals. He is a respectable and honorable fighter. In 2001 he fought K' and his comrades aboard a spaceship disguised as a blimp. To even the odds, he fought alongside Krizalid, Ron, and his own personal pet — an enormous, genetically-engineered, black mountain lion who he named Glaugan. All of them lost, and Zero beckoned the team forward to the true base of NESTS. The blimp then began to careen downward into the atmosphere, and Zero's fate has been left ambiguous since then. He would have most likely fought against his comrade Igniz if he knew of his betrayal.

    The King of Fighters 2002 

Kusanagi - Unknown
"Hallelujah, brother! You just met your maker!"

Voiced by: Mitsuo Iwata (2002-2003), Masahiro Nonaka (Sky Stage)

Kusanagi is a servant of Chizuru Kagura created using the Yata Mirror while she was under the possession of Botan. He exists to test the strength of the contestants in the 2003 tournament.

    The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match 

Nameless - Unknown
"I'm on my way... Count on it!"

Voiced by: Daisuke Ono

The real 9,999th clone of K'. Nameless is the only survivor of Project Zhe. The objective was to combine both K' and Kyo Kusanagi's flames and inject the combined DNA into various test subjects. Nameless knew only suffering as a test subject, and had to watch as his "brothers" (other test subjects just like him) were horribly killed or injured by the experiments. One day, after he suffered severe injuries, he saw a beautiful girl named Isolde near the infirmary who was a part of the Anti-K' project and was given the ability to control ice. He fell in love with her, and suddenly gained a newfound resolve to endure the experiments in order to see her again. The scientists noticed the connection, and after realizing that wielding the flames required strong willpower, they changed Nameless's training regimen to endurance tests. They allowed him to visit her to bring out both of their true potential. Unfortunately, Isolde died during a test, but rather than waste her progress, the NESTS scientists grafted her DNA into Nameless' glove, which would allow him to control the combined flames. Nameless was assigned to apprehend an escapee from the organization, and when he was cornered, he confessed to everything. Nameless decides to continue working his way up in the eyes of his superiors with the hope that he can give Isolde a new body.


Diana - Unknown
Voiced by: Kaori Minami, Haruna Ikezawa (2002 only)

Kula's caretaker and head of the Anti-K' project. Skilled with a rapier, although she's never been playable.

Misty - Unknown
Igniz's girlfriend/lover. She can be seen in his winpose after Igniz defeats anyone related to NESTS. She apparently has the ability to translocate herself. Last seen at Ron's side in the Psycho Soldier team's XI ending.

Nests - Unknown
The eponymous leader of the NESTS syndicate, he is a no-nonsense type of man. Less than pleased with Krizalid's failure and the betrayal of Clone Zero, he personally oversees the 2001 tournament. Unfortunately, he's done in by the machinations of Igniz, his son, and Misty, his secretary, the former of whom kills him unceremoniously right before the finals.

Ron - China
Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda

Former leader of the Hizoku clan. Ron is an ambitious man with a thirst for power. In order to fulfill said ambitions, he betrayed the Hizoku clan by killing several of their members, and then disappearing without a trace. He joined NESTS at some point in time, and assisted the Original Zero in fighting K's team. Ron escaped from the collapsing blimp and guided the falling satellite into the ocean. He then heads into hiding once again, yearning to obtain the mysterious "Dragon Power", held by Kensou and Bao. Surprisingly, Lin seems to have joined him for some reason. He has several children, including Duo Lon and Xiao Lon, the latter of which he considers a bastard daughter.

  • Evil Laugh - So evil, in fact, that you don't hear it until after he's left.
  • Fallen Hero - The former leader of Hizoku and one of its four Devas, he was once a noble soul who let his ambition and thirst for power corrupt him, leading to Ron ultimately torching the Hizoku village and slaying many of his kin to then join up with NESTS. His reasons for doing so are unknown to this day, but nearly every remaining member of the Hizoku clan who didn't side with him are looking for Ron so that they can get answers... and kill him.
  • I Need You Stronger - Is lurking in the shadows, showing a great deal of interest in Kensou's training to master the power of the Dragon Spirit.
  • Karma Houdini - So far. He could as well be the next Big Bad of KOF, now that the Tales of Ash saga has ended.
    • In XIII, it's hinted in the pre-fight dialogue between Kensou and Saiki that he has some connection with Saiki and warned him about Kensou's power.
  • Megaton Punch - He uses this to break your guard, and in 2002UM uses a more powerful variant that's powerful enough to force your soul directly out of your body.
  • Ninja
  • Professional Killer - The former leader of Hizoku, a clan of assassins.
  • Rapunzel Hair
  • Spell My Name with an "S" - His name should technically be Long, given the character used to write it, but SNKP seems to be sticking with Ron nevertheless. The same applies to the "Lon" portions of his children's names.
  • Villain Exit Stage Left - According to the backstory, Ron disappeared during the fight against Original Zero, with Lin hot on his trail.
  • Villainous Rescue - Is implied to be the one who saved the player upon reentering the atmosphere after Igniz's failed Colony Drop.

Luan, Chat and Sai - China
From L to R: Luan, Sai, Chat.
Voiced by: Yumi Kakazu (Luan and Chat), Takaya Kuroda (Sai)

Three top Hizoku assassins, who alongside Lin are known as the Four Devas of Hizoku. They were first introduced in KOF 2001 in one of Lin's win poses: Luan is the lone female, Chat is the young boy, and Sai is the big dude with an oddly-shaped head. As of recently, Sai and Chat have been missing; since Lin hasn't been around either, they might have joined Ron as well.