Characters: Samurai Shodown

This is a list of characters in Samurai Shodown.

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    Debuting in Samurai Shodown 


Voiced by: Masaki Sasaki, Daiki Nakamura (64 games, Distant Finale and CvS2), Bin Shimada (Drama CDs), Toshiyuki Morikawa (Samurai Shodown Oni pachislot game)

Our main hero who's out just mainly so he can get some kicks out of fighting those who are strong. Likes to booze off with drinks and of course, fight. As a young man, he once lost against Jubei and gets pumped up to get stronger. After said loss, he studied under Nicotine alongside Genjuro, and ends up being chosen as the school's successor much to Genjuro's dismay. In his travels to find worthy opponents, he finds himself entangled with many events, first by Amakusa, then adopting Shizumaru, helping to tame his demon self, eventually later being targeted by Mizuki for his soul, and then getting captured and enslaved by Yuga, until someone (either Nakoruru, or even Genjuro) breaks him free and later, makes an inspiration for Takechiyo in his quest to fight Golba. Oh, and he's got a Yamato Nadeshiko lover named Oshizu.
Tropes associated with Haohmaru:
  • The Alcoholic: You never see him in a game without a jug of sake. From II on, one of his specials involves whacking you with it, too!
    • "Alcoholic" is even the title of his SSIII theme.
  • Anime Hair: And how! It even gets bigger every game.
  • Badass Grandpa: In the Distant Finale.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Usually in the backstories of other characters that he will hardly interact with outside of endings. (i.e: Shizumaru and Takechiyo.)
  • The Big Guy: Crossovers tends to portray him as this, being someone who is slow in combos, but deals massive damage. In the NGPC SNK vs Capcom, he's even paired with Street Fighter's Zangief
  • Blood Knight: Haohmaru is fueled by the sheer thrill of a good fight.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: A more idealistic version, as well as one of the rare main charas who follow the trope
  • Blow You Away: His traditional Fireball, which sends out a compact spinning tornado which throws opponents high into the air on contact.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: In 64 by Yuga.
  • Character Title: The second game in the series is subtitled "Haohmaru's Hell Incident".
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: With Oshizu, or sometimes Nakoruru when they're paired off in series covers. Granted, Haohmaru isn't THAT huge, but not only his hair is huge, but both girls are tiny
  • Loved I Not Honor More: He's dedicated entirely to fighting, as Shizu and later Charlotte came to learn. He lampshades it in his ending in the second game, where he and Oshizu kiss as he mentally apologizes to her.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: He is the Red, while Genjuro is the Blue
  • Rule of Cool: One of his winposes has him throw his sword upwards, spin its sheath as the sword accurately enters the sheath back.
  • Shotoclone: Somewhat. He's got a projectile and a dragon punch, but they don't function like you'd expect. Nonetheless, he serves this role in the series for the most part.
  • Shout-Out: Based on Miyamoto Musashi
  • Spell My Name with an "S": "Haohmal". Some arcade stickers include the romanization "Haōmaru"
  • Unorthodox Sheathing: Upon winning he stylishly throws his sword in the air, turns around as he spins the scabbard, then catches the blade in its sheath.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: His preference on women, which Oshizu happens to be

Tachibana Ukyo

The series' Bishōnen, master of Iaijutsu, and formerly the main rival of Haohmaru until Genjuro appears. Ukyo is a complete Chick Magnet who attracts ladies wherever he goes. He suffers from Tubercolosis and has a crush on a certain girl named Kei Odagiri. He fights for her happiness, but not to win her love because of his short lifespan. He also has a link with Kurokouchi Yumeji, a successor of his master's Iaijutsu school and went out of his way to bring him/her back to the cause of good, and later convinced him/her to become a nun. He was supposed to die after 64-2, but due to his popularity it was retconned in Edge of Destiny.
Tropes associated with Ukyo:


Voice actor: Harumi Ikoma, Reiko Chiba (first OVA; also as live actor in some advertisements), Mikako Takahashi (Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden), Mariko Kouda (Drama CDs)

The heroine of the series, most of the time the one being concerned in defeating the Big Bad (compared to Haohmaru, who's in just for the fight itself). She is a priestess of the Ainu tribe who fights in order to protect Mother Nature herself, residing in the village of Kamui Kotan. Usually, she abhors fighting , but eventually she comes to terms on it and becomes more eager to fight, if it is to protect. She's usually accompanied with her pet hawk Mamahaha. Has a little sister named Rimururu. As it turned out, she made a contact with the spirit of nature to become their champion. She aided Haohmaru in his quests, but after the battle against Mizuki, she sacrificed herself to restore the harmony of Nature.

SNK retconned her "death" in Edge of Destiny (which is after the 64 series). She's still alive but mostly "sleeps" within the forest, and her spirit only wakes up whenever there is trouble against Nature.
Tropes associated to Nakoruru:
  • Badass Adorable
  • Barrier Maiden Specially after her Heroic Sacrifice and its retcon above.
  • The Beast Master: Mamahaha and Shikuru
  • Celibate Heroine: Very aware of Galford's crush, but is adamant into never getting into a relationship since her mission is her priority. She even tells him to not be hang up on her and live his own life before her Heroic Sacrifice.
    • The Nakoruru: Ano Hito Kara no Okurimono game has her explaining that her priestess nature doesn't allow her to think or desire for her own happiness, because it would be a distraction from her duty. The kicker? She says it to reject Yantamu's marriage proposal.
  • Clothing Damage: Killing Nakoruru with a strong attack will cause her clothes to be cut or torn off her body, often exposing her breasts or her panties.
  • Cute Bruiser
  • Fragile Speedster: Nakoruru is fast with her attacks and movement in general, but has very low tolerance for damage and will be killed very easily.
  • Friend to All Living Things
  • Hime Cut
  • Mascot: Alongside Terry Bogard, she is SNK's other mascot. Unlike Athena, however, if they ever get into crossovers, Nakoruru just feels indifferent with Terry.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: A recurring theme for her in Ano hito kara no okurimono.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness
  • Leitmotif: Her theme song is one of the few recurring tracks in the series.
  • Nature Heroine: The Neo Geo DJ Station drama CD pokes fun at this in one skit. It involves Nakoruru stewing horrendously mismatched ingredients whilst going on about how they're all natural, therefore bound to taste delicious together.
  • Kill the Cutie: Despite being an extremely beautiful girl, she is shown no mercy; losing at the hands of the other warriors will result in Nakoruru being killed in extremely brutal ways, including being decapitated, burned and vaporized, impaled in her private parts, and having her clothes ripped off and her naked body torn apart.
  • Nature Spirit
  • Onee-sama: She's is one for Rimururu and Mikato
  • Panty Shot: Nakoruru's panties are sometimes seen when she is killed by strong attacks, as her clothes are cut off her body. In Samurai Shodown Sen and the RPG, she trades her usual long pants for a knee-length skirt, which causes her to expose her panties often while fighting, and almost always when she dies.
    • In the Nakoruru AMV, Nakoruru's underwear is shown during a bath scene; she wears a length of cloth that covers her genitalia and goes in between her buttocks, leaving her buttocks exposed, before being tied around her waist in a fundoshi style.
  • Reluctant Warrior: If it's possible, she'd rather not fight
  • Reverse Grip: Uses it often.
  • Saving the World: She's the one who is mostly bound by this duty than any of the other characters and takes this seriously due to her contract as the protector of nature.
  • Ship Tease: Despite her dedication on Nature, there is a lot of teases about her and Galford
  • Wall Jump
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Strong willed priestess with a Hime Cut, very kind and gentle unless she's your opponent, totally dedicated to her duty/mission to protect nature.

Galford D. Weiler

Voiced by: Toshihiko Seki (in the Dengeki drama CD series), Wataru Takagi (in the movie), Atsushi "Monster" Maezuka (geneal games).
American sailor/surfer dude turned into McNinja, fighting for justice. He trained under the same master as Earthquake, and completed his training to become a full fledged ninja. He is mostly accompanied with his pet dog Poppy. Is very much in love with Nakoruru, though she is way too focused on her mission on nature to focus on that. (To his credit, Galford seems to understand that and doesn't stalk her or anything.) For some reason, has an ability to generate lightning. Although at first seems like someone who doesn't have a focus except enforcing justice here and there, Edge of Destiny reveals that he had a father who was like him, a justice lover... who got killed by Draco. Since he's also, well, evil, Galford sets out to kick his ass, for both justice and revenge.
Tropes associated with Galford:

Hattori Hanzō

Voiced by: Toshimitsu Arai, Katsuyuki Konishi (in the Distant Finale)

The legendary Ninja in services of the Tokugawa shogunate, and is pretty much the enemy of anyone who opposes them. Super serious. He is good friends with Jubei and Yoshitora. In the events of the first game, he witnessed his son Shinzo possessed by Amakusa and he sets off to rescue him, only getting his body, not his soul. In the second game, he successfully retrieved his soul, but not after his Action Mom wife Kaede performed a Heroic Sacrifice. Said son will later succeed him in the distant future that is Warriors' Rage. Also makes a anachronistic appearance in KOF: Maximum Impact 2
Tropes associated with Hanzo:

Yagyu Jubei

Another legendary Samurai (mostly based on Mitsuyoshi), once defeated a young Haohmaru and sent him off to Nicotine for honing his potential. Jubei serves the Tokugawa shogunate, and was Yoshitora's sword instructor. Also a good friend of Hanzo, but by the time of the first game, he's out in retirement for inner enlightement. He helps out in defeating Amakusa, but later on, his soul, alongside with Haohmaru's, Kyoshiro's and Sieger's, is targeted by Mizuki to revive Ambrosia. He is saved by the good Amakusa, and later returns to help defeat Mizuki. Fandom is a bit naughty on him, due to his slightly comical tone of voice, making him somewhat a Butt Monkey in some fan comics. According to his bio, the person he respected the most is Yagyu Munenori, which means although he doesn't appear on screen, SNK certainly averts the usual treatment of Munenori as a bastard.
Tropes associated with Jubei:


Overly obese Texan McNinja. Earthquake used to learn under Galford's sensei Ayame, but quit early due to his greed. He later becomes a bandit, leading his gang to cause mischief here and there. His fart is said to be poisonous. He's always working for the bad guy, but later enters Makai, lured by the treasures there and vanished, never to be heard again.
Tropes associated with Earthquake:
  • Ass Kicks You: Or more like, 'Ass Stomps You'.
  • Acrofatic: Look at this guy, would you ever guess that he's a ninja?
  • Epic Flail: He has a kusarigama as his weapon of choice.
  • Facial Markings: Earthquake has tattoos or face paint in the shape of flames around his eyes.
  • Fartillery: His epic kick grab in the first 2 games.
  • Gonk: It's also his complex: "His face looks like an old woman's".

Shiranui Gen-An

An... uh... goblin-like monster who claims himself 'The King of Demons' and does his best to do evils here and there, while being quite inept at it. Has a hot, very much humanly wife named Azami, and she bore him a lot of kids... LIKE HIM. During the first game, he is killed, but the second game had him resurrected by Mizuki. Eventually, however, under the begging of Azami, Gen-An stops fighting and settles down. Hinted to be the distant ancestor of that Stripperiffic Ninja Mai Shiranui.
Tropes Associated with Gen-An:

Charlotte Christine de Colde

Voiced by: Sakiko Tamagawa (in the movie)
French fencer who came to Japan thanks to the trouble brewing there (starting from Gaoh). During the course of the first game, she became a good friend with Nakoruru. After the first Samurai Shodown, she returns to France and participates in the French Revolution, later coming back to Japan after hearing Amakusa's return, then she meets Haohmaru, whom she eventually falls for, but she was unaware of him having a lover already. She returns in the second game to fight off Mizuki, now with longer hair maybe to impress him, but found out that he's already taken. Facing the bitter truth, Charlotte cut her hair off and returned to France, hoping to be stronger.
Tropes associated with Charlotte:


Hero of the Greenhell tribe in South America, protecting the Tanjil and Palenke Stones, which is responsible of keeping Ambrosia to be brought to the world. He was actually slain by Gaoh in the past, but one tribesman brought his mask to him, which resurrects him. Later, during Amakusa's return, Tam Tam hunts down the Palenke stone and retrieves it, but on the other hand, his sister Cham-Cham lost the other stone, thereby subjecting Tam-Tam to be punished... turning into Cham-Cham's pet chimpanzee Paku-Paku.
Tropes associated with Tam-Tam:

Senryo Kyoshiro

Kabuki actor who thinks Kabuki dancing is Serious Business. The evil presence kept disturbing his performances, so he usually fights to preserve his dancing stage. The second game provides a much bigger threat for him when his fellow performer got possessed and he's forced to kill him, and later he discovers that his soul is required by Mizuki to bring back Ambrosia. After being saved by Amakusa, he joins in defeating Mizuki, and then adopts the priestess Bizuki, whose body were possessed by Mizuki, turning her into his fellow Kabuki dancer.
Tropes associated with Kyoshiro:


Chinese Warlord out to unify China. Despite his seemingly evil idea, he is merely a good guy trying to make best of the situation, and to protect his land, which leads him to fight off the evil forces that ravaged the land. Seems to change his weapon in every installment (uses a huge scimitar in the first game, stone pillar in the second, huge mace in the fifth game). Doesn't seem to know that there is a fourth wall.
Tropes associated to Wan-fu:
  • Ass Kicks You: One of his aerial kicks, one of his standing kicks and one of his grabs.
  • Bad Ass Boast
    "Life is a dream. And it's Morning for you!"
  • BFS: His weapon in the first game was almost a Game Breaker. If he hit you point-blank with his Power Slash (which reached nearly across the screen), it usually inflicted three hits that took off about half a full life meter and usually left you dizzy to boot. Once that happened, the round was over.
  • Cast From HP: Can sacrifice some health to max out his rage.
  • No Fourth Wall: Second game's ending. If you could call it that.
  • Take Over China: "OF COURSE!"
  • Use Your Head: has a move in the second game which involves repeatedly slamming his head into his stone pillar to raise his extra gauge while losing a small amount of health.
  • Weapon of Choice: Notable for averting this; each game saw him using a different weapon.

Amakusa Shiro Tokisada

Based on the Christian rebel with the same name, once he crossed the Despair Event Horizon due to losing and being executed, Amakusa made a pact with Ambrosia on his death. He possessed Hanzo's son Shinzo and returned to the land, spreading chaos. Ultimately, he is defeated and banished back to Makai, leaving Shinzo's body... then his soul is split in half, one is the good Amakusa who wants to truly atone for his sins, the other is the evil Amakusa, still hating the world. The evil one later kidnaps a Barrier Maiden named Hazuki Kazama, placed her inside a seal to sap her out of her life energy, and tried to use her to bring Zankuro Minazuki Back from the Dead and keep him on the leash... until Hazuki's brothers Kazuki and Sogetsu kick his ass and destroy him permanently. The good Amakusa, still using Shinzo's body, tried to make amends, but was later sealed by Mizuki. He breaks free just in time to save Haohmaru, Jubei, Kyoshiro and Sieger from having their souls stolen by Mizuki, but after that he is killed by Mizuki permanently, leaving Shinzo's body for Hanzo to rescue.
Tropes associated with Amakusa:

    Debuting in Samurai Shodown 2 

Kibagami Genjuro

Voiced by: Kong Kuwata
Voiced by: Kong Kuwata
Haohmaru's true rival. An assassin for hire, with very much enjoyment in killing those who are weak. He starts out a decent man, training alongside Haohmaru, but has a hunger for power which got him failing to be the school successor and even got himself expelled from the dojo. He also has a deep-seated hatred for Haohmaru, not just because he's his 'goody-goody' rival, but also because he looked like a man Genjuro killed because said man slept with his mother, which eventually led his mother to attack him and Genjuro killed in self-defense. Said mother also looked like Shiki, and Genjuro has a soft spot on her, since at least he loved his mother. In Samurai Shodown 64-2, he unwittingly played the hero since Haohmaru got Brainwashed and Crazy by Yuga, and he presumably is the one to break him out of control and was about to kill him, until a little kid whose father he killed stabbed him on the back, killing him... Then SNK retconned that AGAIN, since in Edge of Destiny he's alive and kicking.
Tropes associated with Genjuro:


Voiced by: Reiko Chiba

Little sister of Tam-Tam, and a somewhat likes to act like a cat, or playing and getting shocked by electric eels. She accidentally lost the Tanjil stone during a trip to play and in compensation, tried to retrieve it, accompanied by her pet chimpanzee Paku-Paku. In the end of her story, she found out that Paku-Paku is actually Tam-Tam, cursed as a punishment for letting the stone be lost.
Tropes associated with Cham-Cham:

Neinhalt Sieger

Voiced by: Kong Kuwata

Leader of the Prussian Red Lion Knights. He protects his country from Mizuki, and his soul happens to be one of the souls that Mizuki sought to resurrect Ambrosia. He is, however, saved by Amakusa and later contributed in Mizuki's defeat. He returned home victorious and marries Princess Elizabeth, his liege's daughter.
Tropes associated to Sieger:

Kafuin Nicotine

An old priest, formerly the master of both Haohmaru and Genjuro. He expelled Genjuro due to his bloodlust, and keeps in check about Haohmaru, especially when Mizuki starts targetting him. Nicotine later goes to battle to kill Mizuki and protect Haohmaru. He retires from the battle after the second game. Later in the 64 series, he is entrusted with Shiki's daughter Mikoto; and he raised her, helped with Haohmaru and his grandson Gaira.
Tropes associated with Nicotine:

Rashoujin Mizuki

Voiced by: Harumi Ikoma (Samurai Shodown II), Shizuka Ito (in Samurai Shodown 5 Special), Rica Matsumoto (Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushidou Retsuden), Miki Tsuchiya (Nakoruru ~Ano hito kara no okurimono~), Tsumugi Ōsawa (Samurai Shodown VI), Michie Tomizawa (Samurai Shodown II Dengeki drama CD).

A vengeful spirit who made pact with Ambrosia, made famous as one of the first female Big Bad in fighting game history. She was later challenged by the priestess Bizuki, whom she defeats and possessed. She took over Amakusa's effort to revive Ambrosia, and dispatched him when he betrayed her when she tried to extract the souls for the Tanjil stone (Haohmaru's, Kyoshiro's, Jubei's and Sieger's). She is eventually defeated, but left the corruption so bad that Nakoruru had to do a Heroic Sacrifice to set things right again. With Mizuki leaving Bizuki's body, she returned to normal life and was later drafted by Kyoshiro to assist him in his kabuki performances. However, she returns in other games...

Tropes associated with Mizuki:


A mysterious fighter that acts as the judge of the fights in a few of the games. He has 4 other brothers that dress identical to him, making them indistinguishable from each other. He is a powerful fighter, but rarely enters the arena. While he appears in the first game, he reveals himself as a fighter until the second.
Tropes associated with Kuroko:

  • Bonus Boss (In Samurai Shodown 2 you will fight him either randomly or by fulfilling certain conditions)
  • No Name Given (His name is obscured in the Samurai Shodown 2 credits. Recently ist's been revealed that his real name is Sukihiro ["Kuroko" is just an alias])
  • Shout-Out (Mostly to other SNK games, and how! He is the embodiment of this trope)
  • SNK Boss (He is strong and extremely fast. Plus in Samurai Shodown 2, his weapon can't be broken)

    Debuting in Samurai Shodown 3 

Hisame Shizumaru

An amnesiac boy who is deemed as a "demon", only naming himself after his sword. He had a traumatic past as detailed in the fifth game. He usually trains and seeks advice from Haohmaru and eventually after learning about a great 'demon' named Minazuki Zankuro, he travels with Haohmaru and defeats him. Unfortunately he found out that he is also they would call a 'demon', as he found out that he has his bloodlust like Zankuro within. Thankfully, he manages to make peace with it and proceeded to live in peace.
Tropes associated with Shizumaru:


Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame (fifth game), Rie Kugimiya (sixth game)
Nakoruru's adoptive little sister. She is also a priestess of Ainu, and instead fights using an ice spirit named Konru/Konril. At first, Nakoruru forbid her from fighting, but she managed to build up enough resolve to be acknowledged by Nakoruru by the time of the third game. After the second game, when Nakoruru dies... wem goes into a deep sleep, Rimururu officially takes over her main duty as the protector of Nature.
Tropes associated with Rimururu:
  • An Ice Person
  • Cheerful Child
  • Clothing Damage: Often happens when Rimururu is killed.
  • Barrier Maiden -> Distress Ball: PS1 Warriors Rage hands her this one when Oboro captures her so she doesn't interfere to his plans. Nakoruru had to take action and urge the rest of the warriors to rescue her.
  • Drop the Hammer: Her fatality consist in her smashing the opponent in the ground with a small iceberg on a stick.
  • Just a Kid (And she doesn't like being treated like that)
  • Kill the Cutie: Her age and cute looks don't save her in the slightest from the life-and-death brutality of combat.
  • Not Blood Siblings
  • Panty Shot: If Rimururu is killed by a strong slash, her clothes will sometimes fall off her body, exposing her underwear or body parts. In addition, though she doesn't wear a skirt, the leg openings of Rimururu's shorts are large, and true to her tomboyish nature, she tends to spread her legs open very wide apart when she is lying down, allowing her panties to be seen. This is also especially apparent when Rimururu is killed, as her body will be almost always be lying down with her legs spread open as wide as they will go, and she will often convulse as she is dying in similar poses as well.
    • In the Nakoruru AMV, Rimururu's underwear is shown in a swimming scene by the lake; she wears white, bandage-like strips of cloth wrapped around her breasts, and over her genital area.
  • Plucky Girl

Kubikiri Basara

A restless spirit who was killed alongside his lover Kagaribi by the hands of Zankuro. Turns out that she was killed by Basara himself, but in denial, he continued to blame Zankuro, enough to come back to the mortal world to hunt down Zankuro... and swiftly killed again. Then Amakusa revived him, but he proves to be rebellious and attempts to kill him again. Amakusa later lures him into a trap and imprisons him in a stone pillar.
Tropes associated with Basara:

Kafuin Gaira

Nicotine's very huge grandson, and also not that intelligent. After an argument with Nicotine, Gaira ran off from the temple to train, and saw Zankuro's massacre, but too afraid to stop him. To make up for it, he tried to defeat him. However, he's already defeated and Gaira eventually built a shrine for his grave... only to be raided by Amakusa and used for his plans. Later on, after Amakusa and Zankuro are defeated for good, Gaira eventually returns in peace to the temple, after much training.
Tropes associated with Gaira:
  • Taken for Granite: His Fatality turns the enemy into stone. He then proceeds to shatter him/her.

Minazuki Zankuro

Third game's final boss. Trying his hardest to perfect is swordsmanship, he became a brutal manslayer, likened to a demon. He went to slaughter people here and there until he finds one girl named Shiori and couldn't bring himself to kill her (she is actually his daughter). Realizing what kind of man he has become, he calls quits and retires into his hermitage, swearing only to raise his sword to fight Worthy Opponent. Said daughter eventually approached Haohmaru and Shizumaru, informing them about Zankuro, and eventually, Zankuro fought them. Both defeated him, but Zankuro has yet to give up... until a roaring thunder struck him dead. Gaira later found his corpse and built a gravestone for him. Shortly after, Amakusa attempted to bring Zankuro back to life and tried controlling him. Zankuro broke free of the control and tried to continue his battle, but this time he is Killed Off for Real by Sogetsu.
Tropes associated with Zankuro:
  • Anti-Villain (He was once a huge bastard, but as it stands now, he has retired and won't kill people discriminately. Yet he's still the Big Bad)
  • Badass
  • BFS: His katana is absolutely massive, standing about as tall as he is when it's planted in the ground.
  • Blood Knight (A brutal version)
  • Hijacked by Ganon / Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Samurai Shodown 4 (subtitled AMAKUSA'S REVENGE for crying out loud) revolves around a new plan by a re-reawakened Classic Villain, so you would think said classic villain would be the final boss. Nope, after defeating Aku Amakusa, the big stone thing in the background explodes, Aku Amakusa gets sliced in half, and in walks a newly resurrected Zankuro, who in 3—it should be noted—was just a normal human who was killed by lightning! Funnily enough, he's not the final battle of the game either. You gotta beat a character-specific rival after beating him.
  • My God, What Have I Done?
  • Rated M for Manly Definitely!
  • Sealed Evil in a Can (What he becomes after his death in the third game... which Amakusa tried to open)
  • SNK Boss (By Samurai Shodown 4, he had the greatest reach and base strenght of all bosses, as well as great speed)
  • Sword Beam: His fatality in 5 consists of a superpowered slash that fires a green wave of death at his foe, totally obliterating him/her except for the lower parts of their feet.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard (In Samurai Shodown 3, where combos are restricted and doing them from behind is one of the few allowed ways, he can't be comboed from behind, as he will magically block any second hit you might attempt to land on him, leading to some heavy retribution. From that same game, he has a True Final Boss round, where you must knock him down a third time, the cheating part being that even if you have not been knocked out before, you'll lose if he wins the round, and if you win by time out, you also lose the game. Finally in the fourth game, his Desperation Attack is a one hit kill if it catches you in the air)
  • True Final Boss (In Samurai Shodown 3, as mentioned above. Subverted in Samurai Shodown 4, since he is the last boss unlocked, but a special regular match follows)

    Debuting in Samurai Shodown 4  

Kazama Kazuki

A ninja of the Kazama clan, younger brother of Sogetsu, way too much Hot-Blooded. When Amakusa kidnaps his Barrier Maiden sister Hazuki, Kazuki left the clan to become a nukenin, with his brother hot on trail to punish and execute him. They end up fighting alongside each other against Amakusa and Zankuro (Kazuki beats Amakusa) to save Hazuki and for that, Sogetsu lets him off while keeping his death fake. Then... poor Hazuki gets kidnapped AGAIN (girl has NO luck, indeed) by Yuga the Destroyer, prompting Kazuki to save her again, and also tapping on the power of Enja who is trapped in his weapon. He goes berserk for awhile, but completed his mission and subdued Enja, then he can finally live in peace again with Hazuki.
Tropes associated with Kazuki:
  • Anime Hair
  • Difficult but Awesome: His Bust version revolves around a combination of a slide kick to trip his opponent, a hammer punch to slam them against a wall and a rising punch and kick combo to hit them afterwards. The trope comes in play for the last part: unless you time it perfectly, Kazuki will nick his opponent with 2-3 hits, leaving him open as he continues to flail around in midair while the opponent recovers before he even starts descending. However, if timed perfectly, the opponent is caught in a full set of attacks, which Kazuki follows up by taking out his sword and slamming the opponent into the ground, doing up to half their health in a single easily-landed combo.
  • Highly Visible Ninja (He's wearing a frigging RED costume and is on fire... what else do you ask for? He doesn't even quite bother with blending techniques...)
  • Hot-Blooded
  • Knight Templar Big Brother (Hurt Hazuki in any way, and he'll crisp you)
  • Large Ham
  • Playing with Fire
  • Red-Headed Hero
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni (Obviously, he's the Red Oni for Sogetsu's Blue Oni)
  • Sibling Yin-Yang

Kazama Sogetsu

Kazuki's Bishōnen of a big brother, much more aloof and calm. When Hazuki gets kidnapped and Kazuki ran off, Sogetsu was assigned with the mission to kill him for running away from the clan, he complied to the mission but ended up fighting alongside Kazuki to save Hazuki from Amakusa and Zankuro (Sogetsu gets to beat Zankuro). Then he faked killing Kazuki and made a false report to his clan, ensuring that Kazuki and Hazuki would be able to live freely. Inside his weapon is another beast named Suija, which is sealed the same way as Enja is sealed on Kazuki's weapon. Sogetsu is later forced to call it off during the battle against Yuga, but he quickly overcame the possession, and returns to his clan, now recommended as the clan leader.
Tropes associated with Sogetsu:

Hazuki Kazama

The younger sister of Kazuki and Sougetsu, and a member of the Kazama ninjas. She seems to be a kind, sweet person without much fighting abilities; instead, she has great spiritual powers that let her use powerful sealing techniques. Unfortunately, Amakusa realizes the last detail fast and takes a hold of Hazuki for his own purposes, which kicks off the subplot with Kazuki running off to save her and Sougetsu having to stop and kill him. In Zero, she also has to keep the peace between Kazuki and Sougetsu...
Tropes associated with Hazuki:

    Debuting in Samurai Shodown 64 


One of the main heroines in the 64 series. Ever since birth, she was tailored to be Yuga's servant and when she came to age, she became Brainwashed to his servant and hunted down the male counterpart that Yuga needs for a perfect body: Haohmaru. Fortunately, Haohmaru managed to kick Yuga's ass beforehand, thereby freeing her soul and granting her amnesia about her time with Yuga, which she uses to become a fortune teller by the name Kanae. Unfortunately, Yuga soon revives and sends in Asura's Shadow to kidnap her, but they end up falling in love. The original Asura and his shadow defeats Yuga and later Shiki gave birth to her daughter from Shadow Asura: Mikoto. She left her in care with Haohmaru and Nicotine (and presumably Gaira as well), then vanishes, possibly dying eventually.
Tropes associated with Shiki:

Yagyu Hanma


—Tropes associated with Gandara:

Yuga the Destroyer

The Big Bad of the Samurai Shodown 64 games. Yuga is an ancient evil persumablely from the demon world and is now attempting to use Shiki and Haohmaru to create a perfect body for to be a 'God of Destruction' and unite the Demon and Human world. Yuga and its powers are themed around dual energies of yin/yang, and similarly it can employ male and female bodies for itself.

Tropes associated with Yuga the Destroyer:
  • Big Bad
  • Demonic Possession: Becomes Shiki's daughter Mikoto later on and tries to completely possess her.
  • Gender Bender: Yuga switches between both male and female forms throughout the series.
  • Marionette Master: Begins with stealing babies from wombs, giving them supernatural powers and brainwashing them later in their lives to be his mindless servants via puppet show.
  • One-Winged Angel: Well he/she is a SNK Boss

    Debuting in Samurai Shodown 64-2 


A dark entity who battled Yuga over title of Demon World's Strongest, but got defeated and sealed, and he was later cloned, the clone becoming Yuga's servant. Yuga's first defeat weakened the seal, thus the original broke free and set out for revenge. Meanwhile, the clone (Shadow Asura), on the orders of Yuga, kidnapped Shiki and restored her memories as Yuga's servant, but in process, fell in love. The original Asura confronted the shadow, and the two ends up banding together to defeat Yuga for good. As the clone is vanishing due to being empowered with Yuga's magic, the original merged with him, turning into Yuda.
Tropes associated with Asura:

Morozumi Taizan

A demon-sealing warrior armed with a giant spear who seeks to avenge his wife killed by Yuga. When needed the tip of his spear can turn to brush to write kanji symbols using own blood as an ink. Then, meaning of whatever was written becomes reality (like word "Fire" becomes a fiery explosion)

    Debuting in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage (P S1) 

Kuki Seishirou

The new main character to the Distant Finale, is the son of a legendary family and samurai known as Kuki. He was trained alongside his brother Tohma and his father's student Jushiro, but due to his natural talent and his dedication was shown to be nearly peer less at sword fighting. One day his father was found dead and his father's sword, Blade of the Flaming Sun stolen. Suspecting his brother Tohma, he takes his father's Full Moon Blade and joins Jin-Emon Hanafusa's mission to Riten Kyo, where Tohma along with the Razor Trio are known to be attacking the government and terrorizing the inhabitants.

Tropes associated with Kuki Seishirou:

Kuki Tohma

The older son of the legendary Kuki, Tohma, like Seishirou trained extensively throughout his life. Except unlike his fellow sparring partners under his father's teaching, he became more interested in the power that comes with being the strongest. One night, believing it to be a source of great power, he takes the Blade of the Flaming Sun and kills his father. He then began traveling searching for worthy opponents and killing them or whoever crossed him along the way. During his travels he meets up with Mikoto, who travels with him and later the two join up with Oboro, forming the feared Razor Trio of most of Riten Kyo. As the most openly violent of the three, Tohma becomes known as its strongest and most feared warrior, as well as the main target of the Bafuku government.

Tropes associated with Kuki Tohma:

Yoshino Rinka

The proud daughter of the honorable and wealthy Yoshino family. Unexpected jealousy and betrayal among the shogunate, lead to the Yoshino bloodline's economic collapse as well as its members being placed on the shores of Riten Kyo, to slowly fade from history and society. However, Rinka returning from her secluded training to what was left of her family, decides to fight back, joining Jushiro and Saya, in the "Atom Rebels" anti-shogunate group.

Tropes associated with Yoshino Rinka:
  • Action Girl
  • BFS (Not really that big compared to most to be called a BFS but literally much bigger then a 5'1" girl of her size could yeild effectively in combat.)
  • Clear Their Name (Rinka joined the "Atom Rebels" as a means to reestablish her family's honor and free the island.)
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter (Her blueish mouse friend named Tetsunosuke)
  • Tsundere
  • Waif-Fu

Sakaki Jushiro

A young talent government's samurai, he was sent to train under the legendary samurai Kuki, where he trained alongside Seishirou and Tohma. Both were distant towards others, so Jushiro mainly developed the best of friendships with Jin-Emon Hanafusa. Jushiro also met and fell in love with a female samurai named Karen, but both Karen and Jushiro were loyal samurai and Karen decided to put duties before personal happiness as was expected of them. When it was learned Oboro had designs on the princess, Karen offered to be the princess' Body Double in a trap. However, Oboro's power was more then expected and Karen along with the soldiers involved were slaughtered. Jushiro was the first to arrive at the site and when others found him alone, became the prime suspect. Leaving the government, he went into hiding on Riten Kyo. Forming the "Atom Rebels", along with Rinka and Saya, he becomes marked for extermination by his former employers. He later modified his sword with parts of gun he picked up from Oboro's party which killed Karen.

Tropes associated with Sakaki Jushiro:

Hanafusa Jin-Emon

One of the most loyal servants to the Bafuku government and a life long friend of the master swordsman Kuki. He has served as a samurai for many years, living to protect his master. He used to train under Kuki's tutelage and there met with the younger samurai such as the young hopeful Sakaki Jushiro and the two sons of Kuki, quiet Seishiro and fiery Tohma. All who helped him retain his youthful spirit, especially Jushiro who he became best of friends with. Things however have since gone bad, with Jushiro's apparent betrayal of the government and Kuki's death at the hands of his son. Being the most experienced samurai, he is naturally given the dangerous mission of retaking control of Riten Kyo and terminate all the rebellious factions there. Along with Seishiro, he heads forward to complete his mission.

Tropes associated with Hanafusa Jin-Emon:

Kanakura Haito

Haito is a former bodyguard gone rogue and one of the most feared criminals that live in Riten-Kyo. Son of a Japanese woman and a foreigner, he partner up with Yaci Izanagi and have terrorized the local population. Haito has a terrible sickness, the causes him to have seizures, which he controls by drinking a special potion to sooth the pain and provide extreme abilities. Cold blooded and ruthless, he is in love with Saya but upon her rejection of him, he decides there is nothing left to live for and to take all his frustration out on the Razor Trio who feels are unfit to rule.

Tropes associated with Kanakura Haito


Saya born in England, to a family that was working for one of the most important commercial trade corporations between England and Japan. To achieve success they had to make underworld contacts with criminals but due to their refusal to accept conditions by a gang of thieves led by Oboro, an extermination unit was sent to wipe out Saya's family. Saya's family were killed but she was spared and raised by one of the assassins who took her back to Japan. She has been trained in the art of assassination but has lived with hatred toward Oboro's Razor Trio and the Bafuku government who she blames for doing nothing to avoid their murder. She has since joined up with Jushiro's Atom Rebels to dethrone both the Bafuku and the Razor Trio in Riten Kyo.

Tropes associated with Saya:

Izanagi Yaci

Yaci, a former bodyguard, he is one of the most dangerous thugs wandering around the streets of the prison island Riten Kyo, along with his friend Haito Kanakura. He enjoys making his opponents uffer and drains blood from his enemies in order to drink it. Yaci however began to change after meeting his beloved Namino, who due to her he has vowed to one day give up the life of crime, blood drinking and escape the island with. To achieve this goal he decides to move up the ranks among Riten Kyo's elite and become as powerful as the Razor Trio or the Bafuku government.

Garyo the Whirlwind

Garyo aka The Whirlwind, is the stubborn but kind hearted leader of a gang of thieves that roam Riten Kyo. Despite being criminals, Garyo has inspired his followers not to commit terrible crimes and to respect life. Their base was hidden in the caves underneath Razor Trio's castle but after being spotted by guards, they were all captured and imprisoned in the dungeons. After many weeks, Garyo managed to escape but could only get his most loyal partner, Cyobi-suke out as well due to the rest already being executed. He then vows revenge against those that killed his comrades.

Ran Po

Ran Po, a short-tempered but mature for his age orphan whose parents were victims of the violence that reigned over Riten Kyo. He was save due to the kind old man Daruma, who took Ran Po and another lost child, Minto, as his grandchildren. Ran Po and Minto got along very well and being the elder has taken it upon himself to protect Minto. Daruma eventually depressed by the current situation on Riten Kyo, orders his grandchildren to leave the island to find a more peaceful life. The problem with this however is that Minto has become lost and Ran Po must search the island so that the two can leave together.

Tashon Mao







  • Social Darwinist (often repeats sayings like "Strong will live, while weak should die. Obey the law of nature!")

[[Jigen Taishi]]

    Debuting in Samurai Shodown V 

Tokugawa Yoshitora

Voiced by: Hiro Yuki
Heir of the Tokugawa regime... if only this guy isn't very much rebellious and party crazy and would rather hit on women. He is called back to the rulership when his master Gaoh pulls a rebellion and he took him down, helped by Hanzo and Jubei. Finally realizing that With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, Yoshitora took the position of Shogun and almost recruited Haohmaru to serve him. He probably lost, considering Haohmaru is still a wandering Blood Knight afterwards. He is also responsible of arranging the tournament behind the sixth game.
Tropes associated with Yoshitora:

Majikina Mina

A girl blessed with a certain demon-hunting power. She is revered as a Goddess, but ends up being shunned due to their fear for her power, thus she ends up being unable to express emotions and just doesn't like being near people around. Her only companion is a... creature... thing... named Chample, whom she met after her village was leveled after she went home from a certain demon hunting trip. She became determined to take revenge on her village and tries to kill as many demons as she can, but eventually... she found out that it's Chample who did it. She killed it, but after realizing that she just killed her only friend, she is Driven to Suicide.
Tropes associated with Mina:
  • All of the Other Reindeer
  • Ambiguously Brown
  • Bare Your Midriff
  • Clothing Damage: Considering Mina already isn't wearing all that much clothing to damage, this is hardly surprising as the other girls in the game all suffer torn or cut clothes when they are killed. The little Mina is wearing leads to almost, if not all her clothes being shredded when she is killed by strong slashes, causing her to die naked quite frequently.
  • Does Not Like Men: Is very apprehensive and edgy around males.
  • Downer Ending: Read her backstory, t hat's all you need to know.
  • Driven to Suicide
  • Emotionless Girl: Not as extreme as Shiki, but you get the idea.
  • Glass Cannon: Despite her high damage output and extremely annoying screen controlling tactics, she can't take a hit at all. One or two mistakes on her part, which aren't that hard to make, and she'll be killed quickly.
  • Loners Are Freaks
  • Mukokuseki: Blue eyes??
  • Panty Shot: Frequent, considering her wraparound skirt tends to flap around her legs with the backdraft from her shots, and also flaps upward as she is landing from a jump. Arguably, though, the most obvious exposure of Mina's panties is when she is killed, as her panty-clad buttocks crotch are in clear view of the screen as her body falls through the air.
  • Shout-Out: She is likely named after revered Okinawan scholar, Anko Majikina.
  • Stripperiffic

Liu Yunfei

An old warrior who can fly with the power of winds. Once, through lust of power, he made a Deal with the Devil, but ends up berserking him and killing his wife, it takes eight of his students to eventually seal him. Years later, said Devil left him and went to possess Gaoh. He went on to travel again and tries to make amends for his past crimes. Eventually, he forced that devil to possess himself and asked Gaoh to kill him, and he did.
Tropes associated with Yunfei:

Youkai Kusaregedou

A literal Complete Monster. A giant Gaki who was once a kind man... except for his cannibalistic tendencies (caused by the Great Tenmei Famine), which cursed him into the thing he is now. All he cared about is to eat, eat and eat, and he likes eating humans... especially little girls. One day, he happens to smell Rimururu and proceeded to chase her, only to be stopped by his daughter Hakana, who pleaded him to come back to the man he is. Kusaregedou manages to remember her... then proceeds to EAT her. That bastard!
Tropes associated with Kusaregedou:
  • Bald of Evil
  • Child Eater
  • Gonk: According to the producer, he is based about the thought of 'combining Earthquake and Gen-An into one'. He's Gonkier than both of them indeed.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: His becoming a gluttonous youkai in the first place is punishment for cannibalism in his lifetime, though his backstory's great emphasis on his former kindness brings some doubt as to whether it was of his own volition.
    • In place of his biographical information are various disturbingly hilarious quips such as "I want some roashted childly wildies!"
  • Jerkass: Definitely.
  • Karma Houdini: For a cannibal like him, he's just never heard again after all his crimes. Maybe he got away scots free, or whether he died, we don't know who killed him; they just list him as 'Never seen again'.
  • Villainous Glutton
  • Youkai: Do we need to bother?


Voiced by: Harumi Ikoma (Nakoruru ano hito kara no okurimono game), Kyoko Hikami (Nakoruru ano hito kara no okurimono OAV, Samurai Shodown V and Samurai Shodown V Special), Mikako Takahashi (Samurai Shodown VI)

During the early days of Samurai Shodown, the palette swap of Nakoruru is often seen with a naughty/malicious grin, instead of her innocent face. This builds up until she started to get unique enough that when the Slash/Bust system was introduced, she got a wolf named Shikuru instead of Mamahaha. People think this is the Evil Twin of Nakoruru, but eventually, this character is fleshed out further by SNK by being turned into the girl they called Rera. That's her origin story.

Rera is Nakoruru's Superpowered Evil Side of sorta but actually not evil, just a Well-Intentioned Extremist, who was very much sickened with Nakoruru's apparent lack of will to hurt people when she wants to reach her goal. When she tried to find her missing father, Nakoruru's pacifism smacks her on the head when she failed to tame one wild bear and got knocked out. Pissed off at Nakoruru's supposed weakness, Rera took over her body, kills the bear and goes around finding Nakoruru's father along with Shikuru, killing those on the way if necessary. She did something similar in Ano Kara no Okurimono, this time to save Mikato's life. Eventually, she came to understand that sometimes peaceful methods can be a viable option to solve problems, not just fighting, thus she returned Nakoruru's body. As of the future days, Rera never possessed Nakoruru's body again, hinting that she got better and matured, thus there's no need to possess her again.
Tropes associated with Rera:


A demon released from Makai when Amakusa made a deal with Ambrosia. He's just around so he can kill more and more, reflecting his red blood blade. Hearing about Haohmaru, who looks like him, he hunts him down, but later meets his end by Yumeji.

In dream match game, his storyline further updated, explaining him being Amakusa's attempt to create Haohmaru (who is officially stated to be Amakusa's favourite type of warrior), but ended up a failure; Since he was created in Demon World he's essentially just a demon with his body shaped akin to Haohmaru's. In this storyline he hates not only Haohmaru but also Amakusa for creating him.
Tropes associated with Rasetsumaru:


Once, he was Yunfei's pupil who sealed him, but in process, he became a demon himself and got sealed. Along with his brother Suija, he broke free a thousand years later (though separated), which took notice of the Kazama ninja clans, but he quickly decimated them, and possessed one of them. Enja's goal is to seal the spell of that devil who possessed Gaoh, then reunite with Suija, and with the spell, they can possess humans in a quicker method. He almost possessed Kazama Kazuki, but got sealed by Hazuki into his weapon. Later during the Yuga saga, Kazuki willingly lets Enja possess him, and he wreaks much havoc, but unfortunately, Kazuki has gotten better in self control and now manages to cow him out. Enja, probably due to years and years of being with Kazuki, somehow got a Heel-Face Turn and instead congratulates his willpower.
Tropes associated with Enja:


Enja's brother, and unlike his berserker of a brother, Suija is a much more composed person... with an ambition to become a God. Like Enja, he possessed a Kazama ninja and later aims to possess Sogetsu Kazama. However, he ends up being sealed into Sogetsu's weapon by Hazuki. Later, Sogetsu taps on his power to fight Yuga, but due to more experience, Suija couldn't become the dominant one with Sogetsu.
Tropes associated with Suija:

Kurokouchi Yumeji

Child of Ukyo's mentor, with... very much unidentified gender. Apparently based on Oda Nobunaga's Uke Mori Ranmaru, who just looks as equally feminime. Yumeji got expelled from his/her dojo and ends up becoming Gaoh's right hand man/woman. Ukyo later defeats him/her and instead cut his/her hair rather than kill her. He/she later becomes a nun and is responsible on permanently killing Rasetsumaru.
Tropes associated with Yumeji:
  • Ambiguous Gender
  • Heir to the Dojo: for a while.
  • Ill Boy: He was apparently kicked out of the dojo due to some sort of ambiguous illness — though it's heavily implied that the "illness" was being female.
  • Shape Shifter: in his/her debut, his/her special move is by morphing into other fighters
  • The Dragon: To Gaoh
  • Yes-Man: He/she is pretty much this for Gaoh.

Yorozu Sankuro

A lowly thug who's looking for an easy way to make very quick, and BIG bucks. He is a gang leader, consisting of him, Goshichi, Fuyo and Ippachi, all three appear to assist him in attacks, in fact, while he has Genjuro's animations, his moves includes calling those three, eat some sushi, or shoot a revolver once. And BOY is he very annoying to fight against. In Samurai Shodown V, he hired Genjuro to kill Gaoh so he can take over. However, eventually his cover was blown, but Genjuro almost spared him due to his disinterest on slicing up a woman. Ungrateful as he is, Sankuro tried shooting him down, but Genjuro intercepted, and then Sankuro was never seen again. Maybe he died.
Tropes associated with Sankuro:

Kyougoku Hinowanokami Gaoh

Voiced by: Kenji Utsumi (V and V Special), Akio Ohtsuka (VI)

Based on the Demon King Oda Nobunaga himself, Gaoh is a general of Tokugawa who got sickened with how the shogunate goes, and not to mention the heir Yoshitora, whom he mentored, is also an uncaring slacker. To stir up his responsibility, Gaoh led a rebellion, assisted with Yumeji. Along the way, he got possessed by the demon that made a deal with Yunfei. Yunfei later hunts him down and helps him free of the demon's influence and banished it. He is later beaten by Yoshitora and in his death, he finally gets to see Yoshitora maturing up.

In the dream match, there's his version called 'Gaoh, Oppressor of Demon World', which is a continuation of him and Kuraki Sumeragi being defeated and baninshed to Demon World by Yunfei in previous game. There, demons attacking him proved to be no match for Gaoh and he proceeded to defeat at them while using Kuraki Sumeragi's powers at wider extent, eventually transforming into demon itself. He ends up conquering Demon World and ruling it as Demon King, with his next objective being to conquer "the world above"
Tropes associated with Gaoh:

    Debuting in Samurai Shodown Tenkaichi Kenkakyuuden 


He is portrayed as an American soldier who goes to Japan to stop a new menace to his relatively young country. In his ending, he befriends Yoshitora. He is a serious and dedicated individual, always thinking about his job to his country above all else.
Tropes associated with Andrew:


She is a crane who transforms herself into a Japanese maid. She serves her master and appears to think of him/her as the most important aspect of her life. Her master is unknown (rumored to be Andrew), but is likely to be the player him/herself as she often bows and speaks to the player before and after her fights. Creators have confirmed this in an interview, adding that she is specifically talking to the players.

Iroha is an obedient and cheerful maiden. She deeply cares for her master, trying her hardest to stay in her human form whilst in front of him/her. Despite debuting only in a dream match, Iroha then goes on to star in many Meido based spinoff games.
Tropes associated with Iroha:

Matsuribayashi Sugoroku

A large, jolly man who really enjoys festivals and fun.
Tropes associated with Sugoroku:
  • BFG: Wields a huge cannon used for shooting Fireworks!!
  • Big Fun: He's extremely cheery.
  • Fan Disservice: He wears an open jacket, fundoshi and form-fitting sarashi like bandages... and sadly is quite fat.

Karakuri Ochamaru

    Debuting in Samurai Shodown Edge of Destiny 


He is a warrior-in-training who was once saved by Haohmaru when his village was attacked by bandits. He was then taught by Haohmaru in swordplay to become stronger. Like his idol, he travels the land in hopes of improving himself. One day, he was saved by Suzuhime when he swept ashore from his shipwrecked boat. Two months prior the events of the game, Suzuhime runs away from home and he decides to find her. Though he finds it a bother, he agrees as the journey will also help him improve his swordplay and his code of honor.
Tropes associated with Takechiyo:


She is the princess of a foreign country, orphaned when her parents' ship was raided ten years ago. She washed ashore the beaches of Japan and was adopted by a daimyo who resides in Amori. One day, ten years later, she found Takechiyo along the shoreline to her home and nursed him back to health. After hearing that the ship he stowawayed on collided with a ship bearing a particular crest, Suzuhime runs away from home two months before the game begins in order to pursue Golba.
Tropes associated with Suzuhime:


She was raised as an assassin to an unknown organization. She tried to flee from her benefactors but was allowed to live by her pursuers. To ensure her safety and her possible freedom, Angelica is given two missions: to bring Suzuhime and a treasured sword back to them and to find a worthy samurai successor for their leader. She obeys but is reluctant to leave their leader's side.

Kim Hye-Ryen

Hae-Ryen is a Korean warrior who has defeated many evil doers in the name of justice. He travels to Japan as an emissary where he witnesses Angelica killing an assassin. He decides to go after her, sensing the great evil surrounding her. In his ending, he spots her but realizes that she no longer has a killing intent. Convinced that people can change for the better, Hae-Ryen leaves her alone and proceeds on his journey.
Tropes associated with Hae-Ryen:


He is the leader to his band of an honorable viking group who sail the seas looking for adventure and treasure. Many years prior to the game, his wife, Agnes, left on a trip to another country and never returned home. Hearing that a woman resembling her was found somewhere in Japan, he departs with his comrades to look for her. In his ending, he doesn't find her yet hasn't lost hope that she is still out there.


10 years prior to the events of the game, J. was an unfortunate sailor who washed up the shores of Japan. To survive, he learns to wield a blade and lovingly names his sword Elvis. He eventually meets and falls in love with a geisha and tries to buy her freedom without much success. Hearing of a reward for detailing the whereabouts of Suzuhime, he sets out in search of her.


Walter is a knight of the Mondschein Drache Empire and member of the Crimson Lion Knights like Neinhalt Sieger. After hearing that his home maybe soon invaded by a new threat, he leaves his home to investigate.

Sugamata Jinbei

Jinbei was a retired warrior, until one day, he rescued Suzuhime from the sea. He raised her until she met Takechiyo and ran away. Jinbei now searches for her.
  • Badass Grandpa: Is well into his 70s, but is still able to kick ass with the rest of the "youngsters" in the cast.
  • Retired Badass: Until getting forced out of it when he goes to find Suzuhime.

Black Hawk

Black Hawk is a Native American whose father was killed during the Independence War. Seeking revenge, he consults the shaman of his tribe who tells him to head east to fulfill his destiny.


Killian is a skilled torero who met Charlotte after one of his bullfighting events. He becomes intrigued by her when their encounter is interrupted by a hired man after her life. He then decides to follow her, wanting to see for himself why she was assaulted.


Draco is a Western outlaw, a hired gunman and bodyguard who takes his jobs in stride. In the past, he took the lives of many men for a sound sum of gold; one of his victims was Galford's father. He was recently hired by Golba to eliminate any possible threats that come to the foreign ships stationed at Japan.
Tropes associated with Draco:


Voiced by: Norio Wakamoto

Golba was one of the sons of Lesphia's king. He had attempted a coup d'etat after his brother became the chosen to be the rightful heir. After he failed, he was sent into exile and came to America. He joined and became an officer in the American army and eventually became a veteran of the Independence War. His participation in this war made him believe that creation of such powerful nation can become a threat to Europe. Desiring to protect his country and strengthen its military force, he seeks to conquer all of Europe.

Due to the comrades he made during the war, he has personal and influential connections around the world. During this time, he formed an assassin organization of which Angelica is a member. He uses this group to kill his niece's parents during their sea voyage in an attempt to claim Suzu's sword, a symbol of one's right to rule Lesphia. Unable to obtain it, he returns to America to use his military connections to weaken countries around the world and schemes to possibly use Suzu as a bargaining chip against his homeland. Seeking a strong military commander to rule his Lesphia army, he opted to recruit and lure certain strong warriors as well.
Tropes associated with Golba:

    From Nakoruru: Ano Hito kara no Okurimono 


Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi (Nakoruru ano hito kara no okurimono game)

  • Always Someone Better: She loves Nakoruru like an older sister, but she also feels inferior to her.
  • Dojikko: In one of Nako's victory poses in Capcom vs. SNK 2, Manari shows up to congratulate her... and ends up faceplanting.
  • Elegant Classical Musician: Sorta, she's an accomplished singer. Again, it's due to her storyteller role.
  • Nice Hat
  • Love Triangle: She, Nakororu and Yantamu
  • Shrinking Violet
  • The Storyteller: She comes from a whole clan of these, the Sinotca. They're very important in Kamuikotan, since they mantain the told traditions via their songs.
  • 10-Minute Retirement: After she walks into Yantamu confessing to Nakoruru, she's so heartbroken that she wants to stop singing since he's the one who encouraged her to sing in the local festival. However, after learning what her village songs actually mean and losing both Yantamu and Nakoruru, she retakes songwriting and singing, even creating special songs for her lost friends and Mikato.
  • Unlucky Childhood Friend: For Yantamu


Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (Nakoruru ano hito kara no okurimono game)


Voiced by: Yukiko Yanou (Nakoruru ano hito kara no okurimono game)

  • Cute Mute: Although the game has fully voiced dialogue, she rarely speaks and mainly communicates through text. Yukiko Yanou's lines are mostly there for exposition.
  • The Chosen One: She's chosen as Nakoruru's succesor once she gets Brought Down to Normal. She's confirmed as this when Nakoruru dies, and later when with the help of Nakoruru's soul and the Spirit of Nature, she slays Mizuki.
  • Idiot Hair: Though she's more of an inexperienced little girl than an idiot.
  • Magic Music: Sort-of. The music that's sung in the village festivals is a part of a mystical song that only the Priestesses of Kamuikotan can fully hear and perform. With the help of the dying Nakoruru and later Manari, Mikato manages to finish the song, which gives her a massive power-up.
  • Morality Pet: Sorta, to Rera. In fact, Mikato is the one who gave Rera her name.
  • Mysterious Waif - The Empath: She sees things that others in her village can't and possesses some spiritual powers.
  • Player Character: The story of Ano kara no okurimono develops from her POV.



  • Cool Old Guy
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: The well-respected leader of the Kamuikotan groups. He's the one who appoints Mikato as Nakoruru's apprentice, having sensed the girl's powers and wanting her to develop them.