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Nightmare Fuel: Samurai Shodown
  • The fatalities that can be performed can be truly horrific.
    • Rasetsumaru: Rips the opponent's heart out with his bare hands, then crushes it before their very eyes and begins drinking the flowing blood as they collapse.
    • Kusaregedo: Drags his opponent offscreen and then eats them alive while you hear screaming. Then he comes back onto the screen and vomits up their skull. If his opponent was Mina Majikina, he spits out her bra and panties instead after devouring her.
    • Enja: Incinerates the opponent in a pillar of flame, reducing them to nothing but ashes.
    • Jubei: Splits his opponent vertically and horizontally.
    • Suija: He knocks the loser down, then uses his telekinetic powers to lift them to a point above him. Then you see him close his hand into a fist, and hear a scream. As if it wasn't bad enough, he then leans back as blood rains all over him.
    • Hanzo: Breaks the foe's arms, then their legs, then leaps into the air (shattering their ribcage as they ascend) and piledrives them headfirst into the ground so hard that their skull cracks, killing them due to fractured pieces of bone impaling their brain.
    • Kyoshiro: Slashes the opponent as Kuroko the judge watches, then summons a flame which blows off the opponent's head and right arm.
    • Basara: Drags the loser into a shadow pit, where we hear the victim's screams as Basara viciously mutilates them until only their disembodied head remains, which is tossed out of the portal as it closes.
    • Yunfei: Rips his opponent's soul out, pulls his sword, and slices it in two.
    • Zankuro: Generates a green flame on his sword, swings it, and burns his opponent to nothing. You can still see their face as the opponent is eradicated.
  • Before Samurai Shodown V Special, the female characters were immune to fatalities. However, from and including V Special onward, all the women and girls are now vulnerable to fatalities and can be killed. Their clothes are usually cut off or apart by the blows that kill them, exposing their underwear or body parts, before their bodies collapse or fall in pieces. The girls also frequently urinate as or after they die, adding to the brutality of their deaths. The 3D nature of Samurai Shodown Sen added further to the graphic brutality of the girls being killed. Several characters will also kill the girls in notably cruel ways, remarking that those willing to kill should be expected to be treated the same way regardless of their gender.
    • Jubei, in particular, with his fatal move being a flurry of powerful slashes.
      • If Nakoruru is killed by this fatality, she falls to her knees first, her top falling off and exposing her breasts. A yellow stain appears on the crotch of her pants as her urine flows out of her, and her body eventually keels over and splits into quarters as she collapses, dead.
      • Rimururu will die in a similar way as Nakoruru, except her shorts will be cut off as well, exposing her white panties, which eventually are stained yellow with her urine as she pees before her body falls apart.
    • Kusaregado's fatal attack causes him to devour the girls, and their screams as they are eaten alive are extremely disturbing.
    • Yoshitora's fatality is one of the rare ones in which the opponent's body is still in one piece after he performs it, but owing to the nature of his slashes, the girls' clothes are often cut off as he kills them.
      • Mina's death at Yoshitora's hands is the most pitiful, as her flimsy clothes are completely cut off; her bikini top will fall off first, exposing her breasts. Her skirt will then fall, exposing her panties, which then also fall off, exposing her vulva. Mina's naked body remains standing for a second more before collapsing in a spurt of blood, after which her urine flows out of her, pooling in a yellow puddle under her corpse.
    • Decapitations in Samurai Shodown Sen are of particular note, as the girls' headless bodies will spasm and convulse in death while lying on the ground.
      • When Angelica is beheaded, her hands will drop her weapon, and her body will stagger around for a second or two before falling to her knees, and then down onto her chest with her buttocks still in the air. The cloth covering her rear slides off her buttocks, revealing her white panties stained with her urine, which is still flowing down her thighs.
      • Suzu dies in a particularly undignified manner when she is beheaded; her body will fall flat on her back and lie spread-eagle, spasming strongly and urinating, with each jerk of her body spreading her thighs apart and arcing her back.
  • The characters's reactions are Nightmare Fuel, too (and sometimes, Tear Jerker). Shizumaru (A demon-possessed boy who fights with a Parasol of Pain) means to knock out a foe but the demon inside him splits the foe in two instead (Reducing the poor boy to tears and apologies),
  • Some of the Seppukus are bad as well. Kyoshiro is eaten by his own frog; Basara slashes his own throat, rather graphically; Rimururu freezes herself alive.
  • The old SNK site had an entry on how to make a Gandara, the mid-boss of Samurai Shodown 64. It gives a new meaning to Powered by a Forsaken Child.
  • Kusaregedo is terrifying in concept alone. In life he was so wretched that he returned from the dead as a gaki, or "hungry ghost", driven to cannibalism. In his ending, he devours his own daughter. His main weapon is the bone of his right arm; it's not clear if he merely summoned it out of his arm or if he ate his own arm and gnawed the bone sharp.
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