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Draco's Rifle and Pistol in Samurai Shodown: Sen/Edge of Destiny are

  • Winchester Model 1873 aka the gun that won the west, It seems to be a later Winchester due to the metallic furnishings rather than brass. Its from 100 years in the future of Samurai Shodown but thats normal for the series.

  • Remington Revolver 1858 or similar pistol from the time such like Colt Frontier Six Shooter a Peacemaker type revolver.

  • These weapons are chambered with the same types of ammo (.44-40 Winchester), it would be usefull for a person on the run to carry only one type of ammunition.

Why we never learn Kusaregedou's fate
  • He's such a monster that nothing we could be shown would do. It's up to our imagination of what was done to him. Our fave character from the game, or another fighting series, or Boss, or Shepard, caught up with him and delivered a fatality that would outsquick Mortal Kombat a hundred fold.

If Samurai Shodown is revived, they may spare Mina or Retcon her death
  • At this point, she has grown into one of the more popular characters, if you discount Nakoruru, that SNK would find a way to bring her back somehow.