Tear Jerker / Samurai Shodown

  • If Galford is hit with a fatal blow, his Canine Companion Poppy will let out a mournful howl, even shedding a tear for her slain master.
  • Nakoruru's Heroic Sacrifice and her post-mortem goodbye to Galford, the McNinja who was in love with her in the second game. It's so heartbreaking that it's known to bring tears even from the most hardened gamers
    • It's not much better in her own ending, where we see her grandparents and Rimururu mourning her and her soul also begs them to not grieve. It then goes to happy tears as Rimururu clutches her sister's sword and says "I understand...", meaning this is the moment where she decided to fight on.
    • Ukyo's ending doesn't help matters. Retconned or not, it's still not easy to see Kei mourning him both as a girl and as an old woman.
  • The end of the Nakoruru OVA. Specially when Nakoruru speaks to her mother and asks her if she's crying.
  • Mikoto's ending in Warrior's Rage, when she reunites with her parents, Shiki and Asra... in a vision.
  • Really, Mina's entire existence qualifies. She grew up isolated and feared because of her abilities, she had only one friend, her entire village was razed, and Chample, the only friend she ever had, turned out to be the one responsible for the destruction. After she killed Chample as an act of revenge, it dawned on her that she was truly alone with him gone. Thus, she killed herself soon after. It's little wonder why she's considered the premiere Woobie of Samurai Shodown.