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Characters: Majesty
Majesty features, besides the Sovereign and his advisor, 7 deities, 14 heroes, 5 henchmen, over 60 monsters and 10 bosses. These are detailed below, some of them individually and some of them collectively.

The Sovereign

The player character, a noble of Sydrian descent who dwells within the palace, never appearing in the game itself save through a brief shot in the opening cutscene, above his castle.

  • Non-Entity General: Partially subverted. The Sovereign is detailed to be a descendant of the great king Sydrian, and one quest involves taking Sydrian's crowns back from the descendants of Gorsha Blackhoof, the minotaur that took the crown, centuries after Sydrian's death. The Sovereign may have fallen victim to the magical affliction in Quest for the Magic Ring, seeing as it affected his advisor. The Sovereign falls explicitly and deadly ill in the Quest for the Holy Chalice, which must be recovered in 30 days to save the Sovereign from death. Also, the Sovereign's mother aspired to build a great settlement in the marshes of Valmorgen, which the Sovereign fulfills in The Barren Waste, and made a deal with a demon worth 33,000 gold, which the Sovereign pays off with 200% interest in Deal With The Demon.

The Advisor

A No Celebrities Were Harmed medieval version of Sean Connery who assists the Sovereign and briefs him in his quests.

    The Gods 


The eldest of the gods and creator of the world. His sole followers are the barbarians, who live naturalistic and wild lifestyles outside of civilization. About 4000 years ago, Krolm slew the last Dragon King Andraxal-Kerlazor, though his lone son, Vendral, lived on. After this great battle, the wounded Krolm divided part of his essence to create Lunord and Helia. Krolm's followers distrust all other religions, due to being used as disposable mercenaries by the followers of Lunord and Helia in the Six Winters War. He has no official colour.


The son of Krolm, and the god of the moon. The adepts follow and worship him, and he has long feuded with his sister Helia. He also seems to possess some healing powers, judging by the fact the Holy Chalice was of his making. He and Helia, despite their rivalry, came together to sire seven children. The eldest, who would become Grum-Gog, the Lord of Pestilence, rallied trolls and goblins into battle with little success. The second child, Url Shekk, was cast into the netherworld by Helia due to his hatred for light. The third child, Rrongol, was mentally deficient and followed Lunord's every step until the frustrated god cast Rrongol into the mortal world. The final four children were quadruplets, and would become Agrela, Krypta, Dauros and Fervus, the goddesses and gods of life, death, order and chaos, respectively. His official colour is white.


The daughter of Krolm, and the goddess of the sun. The solarii follow and worship her, and she has potent fire magics that can devastate her followers foes. Intriguingly, the mainstay of her militant followers seem to be female. Her official colour is dark yellow.


The goddess of life, who wields potent magics capable of healing, providing stat bonuses and even resurrecting fallen creatures. Her followers are the female healers. Agrela's official colour is blue.


The goddess of death, who, despite her description, does not actively seek to cause death and seeks to treat all of her charges fairly. Her followers are the gothic priestesses, and her official colour is red.


The god of order, whose followers are stalwartly lawful. They are the righteous paladins and the quiet, Stone Wall monks. His official colour is grey.


The god of chaos, whose followers are nature based, and chaotic. He wields significient influence over the creatures of the wilderness, and his official colour is green.



Quick footed followers of Lunord, who brandish staffs and wear light leather armour. They have a tendency to patrol the city and while fragile, can come to the aid of the player on very short notice.

  • Blow You Away
  • Fragile Speedster: While they're actually very strong, they'll flee a fight upon breaking a fingernail.
  • Lightning Bruiser: See above; you'll only get to see them fight to the full extent of their prowess when they're defending their temple or the realm.
  • Simple Staff: Subverted in that it's an actual effective weapon, not a throwaway one you give to the spellcaster that never uses it.


The current and largely only followers of Krolm. They are one of the oldest groups in Ardania, dating back to before the defeat of Andraxal-Kerlazor. They are tough, can dish out absolutely devastating amounts of damage and are quite fast to boot. They gain extra bonuses from the sole Krolm spell, the Rage of Krolm, and have the strongest tendency to charge into and stay in battle of all the heroes in the game. While the barbarians were responsible for setting back magic around 2500 years by killing the first human wizard, Brashnard, they and the wizards have had a bond of brotherhood ever since the great wizard Tholar IV saved their hides during the dark wizard Andravus's minotaur-driven siege of Lormidia. They also share an affinity with rangers, both preferring the wilderness to civilization and both having somewhat of a bond with nature. Due to being used as disposable mercenary troops by the warring city states in the Six Winters War, they distrust all other religious adherents.


The ministers of Fervus, who wear spirit masks and have a deep connection to the creatures of Ardania's wilderness, even having the ability to charm and transform into them, and blend into the natural environment as though they were invisible.


No introduction needed. They are mechanical geniuses and master craftsmen who are slow but heavy hitting and heavily armoured.


Dainty, pointy eared humanoids and archers, who are known for their aversion to the sea, their propensity for gambling, links to the rogues and their hedonistic lifestyles.

  • Atlantis: There are slight clues as to this being their unknown area of origin, due to their aversion to water, ancient nature, mysterious past and arrival on boats from the east. Also, some Fridge Brilliance is invoked when you consider suspicions fell upon them for the unknown sailor who shot Dirgo through the eye.
  • Our Elves Are Different


A race even more diminuitive than dwarves, a weak, nimble and humble folk who have an incredible knack for construction and repair work.


The priestesses of Agrela, who dispense healing to those in need and use their powers to regenerate what most other deities and their followers destroy.


A quiet, stone faced group of stalwart worshippers of Dauros, who possess magicks capable of temporarily turning creatures to living stone and having potent hand to hand skills to boot.

  • Bare-Fisted Monk
  • For Massive Damage: Every once in a while, Monks with the Hands of Steel spell currently cast on them will let out a loud kiai and make a killing strike on the enemy they're fighting. It's one of the best ways to handle high-defense monsters like golems, yeti and wendigos.
  • Ki Attacks: Can learn the Energy Blast spell from the library, though whether they ever will do this is completely up to the AI.
  • The Quiet One: They don't speak any actual words; all their lines of dialogue are variants of "Ooh" or, sometimes, "ohm".
  • The Stoic
  • Stone Wall: Almost literally thanks to their magic. They are really slow, but also really hard to kill.


The more militant and, intriguingly, female followers of Dauros, who wield longswords with incredible skill and precision while wearing heavy plate armour outmatching even that of the warriors.

  • Action Girl: And how. Only barbarians, solarii and warriors of discord can match their fighting prowess in hand-to-hand combat.
  • BFS: The sword they wield may be somewhat thin, but it's about half their height.
  • Chainmail Bikini: Averted.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Also averted.
    • It should be noted that their helmet leaves an opening for the face, which sidesteps the biggest reason why developers use this trope in the first place.
  • Knight in Shining Armor
  • Lady of War
  • Large Ham: At times.
  • Lightning Bruiser: They're as fast as rangers despite being decked out in full plate mail.


The red robed, pale skinned, gothic priestesses of Krypta, who wield magical staffs allowing them to project powerful spells against their enemies.

  • Action Girl: Their magic can be very potent, especially their main spell, which vampirically drains the enemies life and gives it to the priestess.
  • Dark Is Edgy
  • Dem Bones: They can summon skeletons to aid them in combat.
  • Set a Mook to Kill a Mook: Much like the cultists, but with the undead.
  • Squishy Wizard: Subverted. They have low defense and health, but regularly create skeletons to fight for them, which distract monsters from the priestesses themselves. They are also have a life drain spell, which can keep them alive if they manage to survive a hit or two.


Natural explorers and frontiersmen who live for the natural world and are just as skilled at shooting it down from a distance using their powerful bows.

  • Badass Beard
  • Bold Explorer: Their whole reason for being. Their usual priorities are buying healing potions and then plunging into the wild to explore your territory.
  • No Arc in Archery: Their arrows follow a straight line, but they're usually shooting from short range.
  • Ranger: Natch.


Wily, greedy characters with a lot of guile and moxie. They wear light leather armour and wield crossbows, which they often choose to poison for an extra touch.


Mace wielding women warriors capable of potent fire magics and possessing strong resilience and moderate speed.


Sword and shield wielding men who move somewhat slowly but are capable of putting up a good defense and can also dish it out.

  • Boring, but Practical: They don't have any special abilities, but your kingdom can always use some folks who can take on tough monsters like these guys can.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Averted. Like paladins, their faces are visible.
  • Mighty Glacier: They're slow of foot but they can take a lot of punishment, making them less inclined to flee the worse monsters.

Warriors of Discord

Strange leather and iron clad creatures summoned by cultists of Fervus to fight. They appear to be creatures of pure chaos, wielding giant pickaxes to great effect and having a strong thirst for combat.


Hooded and bearded elderly fellows who project magic from their staffs and, while being extremely weak themselves, are capable of magical attacks beyond the ability of even the most powerful temple heroes.

  • Badass Beard
  • Magikarp Power: They start with such a pathetic amount of hit points that a single bite from a giant rat can kill them, but get them to a level where they can actually survive a few hits from the average monster and they'll take out almost anything in a few shots (and actually be able to stay alive while doing so).
  • Playing with Fire: Though their basic spell is Pure Energy, the spells they can learn from libraries are this.
  • Simple Staff
  • Squishy Wizard / Glass Cannon


The various creatures that skulk, walk, slither, run and fly through the realm of Ardania. They originate both from off the map and from their numerous on-map lairs.


Url Shekk

A three headed creature that goes around enslaving the local inhabitants to help satiate his hatred for light.

Black Phantoms

Eldritch creatures of apparently sorcerous origin who guard a magic healing ring.

  • Black Cloak
  • Captain Ersatz: Guess.
  • Dual Boss, Rule of Three: They appear in groups of three.
  • Glass Cannon: Individually, they have relatively low HP totals — around the same amount as a daemonwood tree — though they are immune to magic. However...
  • Those Three Bosses: Ugh. All three can cast Magma Bomb and paralysis. While they aren't too much of a problem in the quest they appear, since they'll only attack heroes that have the MacGuffin, in The Day of Reckoning, they'll massacre everyone indiscriminately. A single one can kill a level 50 warrior, but that's not enough, all three will gang up on your heroes. They're also Nigh Invulnerable to magic (they have the highest resistance stat in the game), which is annoying because wizards are the only normal heroes that have enough magic resistance to stand a chance against them.
    • Demonic Spiders Up to Eleven: They actually manage to become this in The Day of Reckoning, as they continually spawn throughout the quest, sometimes along with another boss. The common response to this happening is an audible groan.


A giant cyclops who lived off the east coast of Ardania before an unknown sailor shot him through his eye, blinding him. He has since gone on a ramapage across Ardania until he finds the sailor responsible.

Rrongol the Hunter

A reptilian creature, deemed by his estranged father, Lunord, to be too dimwitted to be considered among the pantheon. He relentlessly hunts any hero who comes across his path and jealously guards a holy chalice created by his father.

The Liche Queen

A former high priestess of Krypta, whose mind snapped during a ritual attempting to boost Krypta's power, turning her into a lunatic with a desire to destroy all life.

The Witch King

A creature of unknown origin with great sorcerous powers, including control over spiders and potent poisons. He has long been a thorn in the side of the Sydrian line, and seems to bounce back from many deadly conflicts.


The two headed heir of the last dragon king, Andraxl-Kerlazor.

King Rhoden I

The new and rising king of the Ratmen, who organises a massive assault on a northern settlement.

Styx and Stones

Two warriors as linked in death as they were in life.

The Abomination

The term used for the creature that killed the renowned paladin Glohrea Oathtaker. None have seen it and lived to tell the tale. Pyrog the Shadowed died while creating a creature far stronger than even the oculi, which are one of the most powerful and mysterious creatures in Ardania. This may be the creature in question.

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