Funny: Majesty

  • The ending of the "Urban Renewal" quest. "Hey, Majesty. You've deprived this town of all crime, amusement, and entertainment. It's a wholesome, safe, and dreadfully dull place to live, if you ask me. Outstanding work."
  • Also the ending of "The Wizard's Curse". "Can we have another go on the catapult? Pleeeeease?
    "Once we pluck the Palace Guards from the surrounding trees and wheel the siege weapons back into storage, everything should be back to normal."
  • The Easter Egg lines are quite amusing.
    Guardhouse: 'Ey, whose turn for the donut run?
    Priestess: This game is to die for!
    Temple to Lunord: Ok, that's four votes for decaf.
    Warriors' Guild: It's all fun and games until someone loses a pixel!
  • Some of the "flee" lines are funny even as your heroes frustrate you with their gutlessness.
    • The dwarves and paladins are clearly trying to save their pride.
    "Dauros has spared you... for now!"
    "If I had my good hammer, you'd be sorry!"
    • The rangers simply say "ooh, tough fight!" and leg it.
    • Fervus' followers have no shame.
    Cultist: Runnn...RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!
    Warrior of Discord: Bawwwwwk-bawk-bawk-bawk!