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Characters: Changeling: The Lost

The Seemings


Those who were transformed into animals by their keepers. This Seeming includes those who are associated with real-life animals such as hounds, lions, and eagles, as well as those associated with fictional or mythical animals such as griffins, mermaids and sphinxes. Beasts gain supernatural composure and animal magnetism from their Seeming, but lose some of their mental ability as they have had trouble regaining their human faculties.

Kiths Include:
  • Broadbacks: Changelings transformed into oxen, elephants, goats, and other stubborn, durable creatures
  • Chimeras: Mix-and-match creatures who, because of their fantastical nature, get along with hobgoblins
  • Cleareyes: Beasts renowned for their senses, such as hawks, bloodhounds, hares, or sharks
  • Coldscales: Lizards, serpents, and other cold-blooded reptilian beasts
  • Coyotes: Clever tricksters inspired by the Coyote myths of the American southwest
  • Hunterhearts: Predators, dangerous herbivores, and other creatures with built-in weaponry of claw, fang, or horn
  • Nixes: River-mermaids with intoxicating voices
  • Riddleseekers: Cunning and wise Changelings inspired by sphynxes, raccoons, or the like
  • Roteaters: Earthworms, vultures, flesh-eating insects, and other carrion-eating beasts
  • Runnerswifts: Rabbits, gazelles, cheetahs, and other reatures of remarkable speed
  • Skitterskulks: Creepy-crawlies or other creatures with jittering reflexes
  • Steepscramblers: Spiders, monkeys, squirrels, and other climbing animals
  • Swimmerskins: Aquatic and water-loving creatures such as fish, otters, whales, and crustaceans
  • Truefriends: Pets, pack animals, or others emphasizing loyalty to others
  • Venombites: Poisonous animals - snakes, spiders, fugu, and scorpions
  • Windwings: Flying or gliding animals. Literal batmen, flying squirrels, birds, and flying insects


Often taken for breaking some obscure or arcane law of the Fae, Darklings were taken to lands of nightmare to become nightmares themselves. Boogeymen, face-changers, gargoyles, succubi, and scholars of lore mankind ought not know make up the ranks of this Seeming. Darklings are witty and adept at lying and hiding, but find their magic less effective during daylight hours, due to their bond to the darkness.

Kiths Include:
  • Antiquarians: Keepers of ancient lore and forgotten knowledge
  • Gravewights: Liches, zombies, voodoo barons, and others with ties to death and the undead
  • Illes: Disgusting trolls who have the ability to project false beauty
  • Leechfingers: Soul-suckers, breath-stealers and blood-drinkers - fae vampires and leanansidhe
  • Lurkers: Master thieves and pickpockets of the Victorian age
  • Lurkgliders: Gargoyles and flying terrors
  • Mirrorskins: Shapeshifters and face-changers
  • Moonborn: Children of the moon with infectious madness
  • Nightsingers: Creepy players of "the music of the night"
  • Palewraiths: Spectres, shadows, and spies who can lurk in any shadow
  • Pishacha: Bizarre madness-inducing creatures who you do not want to french kiss
  • Razorhands: Freddy-style knife-fingered nightmares
  • Skogsra: Animal-controlling forest-dwellers
  • Tunnelgrubs: Things that crawl and squirm below the ground
  • Whisperwisps: Spies and rumor-whisperers


Humans taken and transformed into inanimate 'things' - statues, snowdrifts, pools, streams, puffs of air, dolls, and other, more obscure items and substances. Connected as they are to the "bones of the earth," to the most primal, basic, and often durable of substances, Elementals have the ability to endure stunning amounts of punishment and damage, but they have trouble dealing with and understanding humans. How do you identify with standard-issue mortals when you've spent time as a tree, or a bonfire, or the sky itself?

Kiths Include:
  • Airtouched (air)
  • Apsaras (watery tarts who induce lust)
  • Ask-wee-da-eed (will-o'-the-wisps who bring bad luck)
  • Blightbent (pollution)
  • Di-cang (jeweled Bodhisattvas who ease pain and...uh, break into things)
  • Earthbones (earth and stone)
  • Fireheart (fire)
  • Levinquick (electricity)
  • Manikin (man-made items)
  • Metalflesh (metal)
  • Sandharrowed (sand)
  • Snowskin (cold)
  • Waterborn (water)
  • Woodblood (plants)


The Fairest Of Them All. Mortals taken by the Fae and sculpted into images of beauty (or, at least, of intriguing attractiveness), then kept in torturous ecstasy by their keepers. The Fairest were often used as pleasure slaves or concubines by the Fae. Others were singers and dancers, or cast as statues to be viewed and enjoyed by the Gentry. A rare few (especially of the Draconic kith) were warrior-artists or magical monsters like dragons and chimeras. Due to their preternatural beauty and grace, Fairest wield advanced presence, persuasive skill, and social poise, but their separation from humanity (and, in some ways, from other Lost) tends to hasten their descent into madness.

Kiths Include:
  • Bright Ones (embodiments of light)
  • Dancers (lithe, nearly disturbing avatars of grace)
  • Draconics (glorious beasts like dragons, chimerae, manticores and the like)
  • Flamesirens (the entrancing beauty of fire)
  • Flowering (blossoming beauties whose musk makes them very... persuasive)
  • Gandharva (eloquent androgynes)
  • Larcenists (thieves and dashing highwaymen)
  • Minstrels (musical performers)
  • Muses (those used to inspire others)
  • Playmates ("best friends" of a childish True Fae)
  • Polychromatics (living embodiments of the shifting rainbow)
  • Romancers (idealized lovers who can look like whatever you find most appealing)
  • Shadowsouls (seductive darkness)
  • Succubi (or Incubi) (beautiful seducers)
  • Telluric (stars and the celestial bodies)
  • Treasured (living trophies)
  • Weisse Frau (gentle protectors)


Victims of monstrous brutality, Ogres had to become brutal monsters to survive. Often, but not always, big and imposing, Ogres can be cunning cyclopes, massive giants, nimble and bloodthirsty redcaps, or surly trolls. Their strength and fighting skill have been boosted by their Durances, and they can be terrifying when they wish, but the workings of the Others can leave them gullible and sometimes dull-witted, often with short tempers.

Kiths Include:
  • Bloodbrutes are survivors of Arcadian gladiatorial arenas and wrestling rings.
  • Corpsegrinders were fed on death.
  • Cyclopeans are Ogres with preternaturally accurate senses, though they are often maimed or handicapped in some way.
  • Daitya are giants who rend and tear with supernatural ease.
  • Farwalkers are bestial Ogres of the wilderness.
  • Gargantuans are giants even among Ogres.
  • Gristlegrinders are gifted and cursed with gnashing maws (and often a matching hunger for flesh).
  • Oni are Japanese demons who gain power from the blood of the sinful.
  • Renders can destroy almost anything they touch, a legacy of their time as labourers with no tools save their hands, or as living siege weapons.
  • Stonebones display the toughness of a mountain cliffside.
  • Trolls are manipulative brutes.
  • Water-Dwellers are amphibious Ogres.
  • Witchteeth are Ogres who have proven more receptive to the mystical side of their Faerie nature, embodying the cruel man-eating witch and the magic-wielding giant of old lore.


The Wizened endured endless tortures, then lives of undignified, often pointless drudgery, at the hands of their Keepers. They cleaned the houses, dens, or lairs of their Fae captors, crafted tools and machines, healed (or helped to alter) other Changeling captives, and sometimes served as butlers or cooks in the Fae households. Each Wizened has been 'reduced' in some way - height, weight, size, or sheer physical presence has been shrunk. Some are dwarfish, others unnaturally thin, and still others seem less 'real' than other people. Wizened are clever and nimble, often able to dodge attacks with unbelievable skill, but most are spiteful, shy, or otherwise have trouble dealing with people.

Kiths Include:
  • Artists (obsessive craftsmen)
  • Authors (master polyglots)
  • Brewers (creators of heady and potent potables)
  • Chatelaines (impeccably-mannered valets and diplomats)
  • Chirurgeons (unrivaled doctors and surgeons)
  • Drudges (swift but overlooked workers)
  • Gameplayers (clever masters of trivial pursuits)
  • Gremlins (tinkerers who render equipment useless)
  • Inventors (makers of technological wonders)
  • Miners (telegraphing without the telegraph)
  • Oracles (fortunetellers)
  • Pamarindo (greasy but sustaining epicures)
  • Smiths (forgers of magical tools)
  • Soldiers (battle-scarred swordsmen)
  • Talespinners (Storytellers and Tropemasters)
  • Thussers (mesmerizing musicians)
  • Woodwalkers (survivors of alien wildernesses)

The Courts

Spring Court

Summer Court

Autumn Court

Winter Court

North Court

East Court

South Court

West Court

Day Court

Night Court

Dusk Court

Dawn Court

The Entitlements and Eldritch Orders


  • The Bishopric of Blackbirds is devoted to trying to help changelings maintain their grip on Clarity.
  • The College of Worms is devoted to trying to mastering fate.
  • The Duchy of the Icebound Heart, restricted to members of the Winter Court, is dedicated to protecting the changelings from having their hearts broken and their feelings abused... by crushing the hearts of others.
  • Magistrates of the Wax Mask, officially, are charged with helping the Courts maintain their Contracts and Pledges, as well as assisting with the various festivals, games and other events the Courts throw.
  • Members of the Margravate of the Brim don't trust the Court changelings one bit, but are dedicated to serving as the first (and, in their eyes, last) line of defense against True Fae attack.
  • Changelings join the Sacred Band of the Golden Standard because they want to be legends amongst their own kind.
  • The Spring Court's Satrapy of Pearls is devoted to being able to buy, sell, obtain and trade anything you can imagine.
  • The Scarecrow Ministry of the Autumn Court deliberately instills fear in mortals, often by exploring and abusing urban legends, to try and keep them away from genuine supernatural dangers.
  • The Tolltaker Knighthood are Summer Court changelings who act as brutal agents of justice-for-hire.
  • The Phantom Tong, which sows discord and corruption to weaken the Courts "for their own good"
  • The Bronze Beylik, an order of kingmakers and kingbreakers
  • The Knighthood of the Dragonslayer, who are devoted to rooting out corruption in the Courts.
  • The Bodhisattvas of the Broken Cage, Spring courtiers who encourage new ideas and attempt to break the stagnation of society
  • The Summer Court's Hound Tribunal, who, during the "dog days" of summer, relentlessly hunt down, judge and punish those who dare cross the Summer Monarch
  • The Magi of the Gilded Thorn, members of the Autumn Court who eagerly explore the Hedge in order to root out its secrets.
  • The Knighthood of Utmost Silence, Winter courtiers who, if you need to disappear, are perfectly willing to give you a completely new life (whether you like it or not).
  • The Ancient and Accepted Order of Bridgemasons, Elementals and Ogres of the Autumn Court who are capable of truly astounding feats of construction.
  • The Barony of the Lesser Ones, who are devoted to dealing with the hobgoblins within the Hedge, whether through diplomacy, careful analysis, or (when necessary) violence.
  • The Court of the Solstice, which isn't actually a Court yet but is so desperate to become one that they actually gain Glamour from the emotion of desperation.
  • The Duchy of Truth and Loss, an organization of Winter Court members devoted to hunting down and dealing with fetches (by killing them or selling them to hobs).
  • The Eternal Echoes, living chronicles of history with eidetic memories, which they can literally share with others.
  • The Guild of Goldspinners, supernatural moneylenders who live up to their name.
  • The Guild of the Sacred Journey, Fairest couriers and messengers.
  • The Knights of the Knowledge of the Tongue, gourmet chefs with...exotic tastes.
  • The Legacy of the Black Apple whose totally safe job involves negotiating directly with the True Fae.
  • The Lord Sages of the Unknown Reaches are academics who immerse themselves in the cultures of all the other beasties of the hidden world in which they dwell.
  • The Lost Pantheon, who believe themselves to be gods clothed in flesh and act accordingly.
  • The Order of the Oneirophysics, healers who make house calls in your dreams.

The Eldritch Orders

  • The Charmed Circle seek out true leaders amongst the changelings and gather them into a brotherhood of kings and queens.
  • The Knights of the Widow's Walk are elite spies amongst the changelings.
  • The Parliment of Victors are composed of the greatest, most successful champions of the changelings, much like the Sacred Band of the Golden Standard.
  • The Office of Vizieral Counsel are changeling archmages that forsake political power to become sorcerer-advisors to the freeholds, in order to stave off their growing madness.

The True Fae

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