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Characters: Bob and George
This is a list of characters and related tropes in the influential webcomic, Bob and George. Unmarked spoilers ahead.

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Main characters

    Mega Man 

The main character before the introduction of Bob and George. A robot created by Dr. Light to be his lab assistant. While not fighting Robot Masters, he is an idiot, as per his secondary function. When carrying out his primary function to fight Robot Masters, he is cunning and intelligent.

    Proto Man 
Mega Man's older brother and the prototype Robot Master. In contrast to Mega Man's stupidity, Proto Man is more or less this comic's version of Batman.

    The Author 
The Author of the comic. An all-powerful being who directly interacts with the characters on many occasions.

A superhero from the hand-drawn comic world. He has Lightning powers and crippling self-esteem issues. Trapped in the Mega Man universe as part of a ploy to trap Bob there instead. Makes friends with the cast and lives at Dr Light's lab. The entire arc of the comic gives him Character Development, in contrast to the most other characters.

George's younger brother. He was an aspiring supervillian in his home dimension. He initially tries to continue that in the comic, but eventually gets fed up and retires to Acapulco. Until the Author pulls him back in. He doesn't take that very well.

Secondary characters

A robot built by Dr. Wily to defeat Mega Man. He spends most of his time at Dr. Light's lab hanging out with him instead.

    Mega Man X 
Built as Mega Man's replacement, Dr. Light took no chances, wishing to make him the ultimate lab assistant by giving him personality traits that would make him unable to fit in with any other robot. His future self appears as part of several Time Travel arcs.

The ultimate weapon built by Dr Wily, responsible for the Cataclysm that killed the cast of the original games. His future, heroic self appears with X in several Time Travel arcs.

    Dr Light 
The creator of most of the robots and a mean drunk. His lab is the primary setting, inhabited by what he describes as "ungrateful robots" and "freeloaders". And Mike.

Mega Man's sister, a foul-mouthed little spitfire in stark contrast to her depiction in the games.

Originally a Yellow Devil that attempted to kill the cast. After his defeat, Dr. Light rebuilds him with another personality and he participates in several battles in defense of his new friends.

One of Mynd's minions, who can alternate between a Slash Man form and a Purple Devil form.

Mynd's other minion. Mike is human unlike most of the cast.

A robot built by Kalinka, the daughter of Dr. Cossack. Built from such cheap Soviet parts that a single blow from anything kills him.

    Dr. Wily 
Dr. Light's rival and the Big Bad of the Mega Man games.

  • Civillain: By the fourth game, he lost interest in world domination and is trying to get on with his life. Fate, however, always gets him involved somehow.
  • Dangerously Genre Savvy: The reenactment of the first game went Off the Rails towards the end when he realised that with his old resources restored, he could easily Take Over the World, and attmepts to kill the Author.
  • Faking Amnesia: Does this after Bass beats him up at the end of the Mega Man 2 story arc. The only person who knows the truth is X, who decides not to tell anyone for the sake of the timeline.
  • Right Behind Me: In a Running Gag, Dr. Wily has a habit of announcing his plans without noticing anyone within earshot.
    Dr. Wily: God Damn It!! How many times are going to do this stupid joke?!?
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