Trivia: Bob and George

  • Ascended Fanon: Several examples. The most notable are:
    • The explanation for Mega Man's Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass behavior came about after some fans pointed out an earlier strip that indirectly/inadvertently gave an explanation. Dave Anez liked it and made it canon.
    • Bob's scarf being burned and tattered due to his suit being a scorched Proto Man costume was a minor detail that fans made up. Anez thought it was clever and included it.
  • Image Source for:
  • One of Us: David Anez uses the term "Lampshading" and he linked this site in his commentary during the "Attack of Mynd" arc.
  • Permanent Placeholder: Originally, the adventures of the various Megaman characters were just a placeholder for the author's actual webcomic, but eventually the sprites ended up running for almost 7 years, and the title characters ended up part of the sprite comic.
  • What Could Have Been: Mynd was originally supposed to read the comic in his spare time during his arrival, but this was cut because it made the arc a little longer and killed the pacing.. The "lost" comics can be found here.
    • As anyone who's read at least a year into the comic can tell, Anez's original plan for the comic was to turn it into a hand-drawn superhero/sitcom hybrid revolving around the titular characters. A brief summary of how it would've turned out is extensively shown at the end of the seventh year.
    • During the earlier arcs, David Anez toyed with the idea that Mega Man actually was Obfuscating Stupidity the whole time. As in "I was always smarter than I seemed. I just wanted to screw with my enemies." However, David eventually decided that this idea would severely hurt the main source of comedy (Seeing Mega Man act like an idiot when you know he's not just isn't as funny) and made him a genuine idiot who would only act smart when in fighting mode.