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And now the maestro is approaching the podium... He raises his baton, and we hear... DOO DOO DOO, DA-DOO DOO! BOM!

Besides that classic tune that you know you're hearing in your head right now, the most well-known game franchise in the world has some pretty damn good tunes under its belt.

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     Super Mario Bros. Main Theme (World 1-1) 

Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Land

Super Mario World

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Super Mario All-Stars

Super Mario 64

Super Mario Sunshine

New Super Mario Bros. (2006)

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Super Mario 3D Land

New Super Mario Bros. 2

New Super Mario Bros. U

Super Mario 3D World
  • To give you an overall idea, most of the tracks in the game were recorded live, with real instruments, much as Super Mario Galaxy's soundtrack was orchestrated. This should already clue you in on how great they are.
  • The main theme/trailer theme is pretty catchy.
  • The Staff Roll theme, a jazz rendition of the main theme which is nothing short of pure, unfiltered awesome.
  • Both Athletic themes sound great.
  • Sprawling Savannah is really catchy, especially with the pan flute.
  • The Ghost House theme, an eerily beautiful track made even better by the violin.
  • The Beach theme, a track heavily reminiscent of "Make Eggs, Throw Eggs" from Yoshi's Island. It sounds perfectly tropical, to the point you'd almost imagine yourself chilling on a beach.
  • Hands-on Hall, which plays on the Wutai levels, and mixes traditional Japanese and Chinese styles of music.
  • This incredibly catchy song, which plays on the beat blocks levels.
  • Mount Must Dash, a remix of the Mario Circuit theme from Super Mario Kart.
  • This, which plays during some of the lava and castle levels (4-Castle, 5-3, 5-Castle, 7-1, 7-4, and 7-7, among others). You wouldn't usually associate a pan flute and strings with lava levels, but this theme pulls it off splendidly. It also sounds a bit like Crash Bandicoot.
  • There is also the jungle level theme, which has a great beat and atmospheric feel...and also sounds a bit like Crash Bandicoot.
  • The first battles with Bowser are accompanied by this awesome track, made from pure rock music goodness.
  • These three tracks are awesome remixes of already awesome tracks from Super Mario 3D Land.
  • This track which plays on the tank levels is an epic, military-sounding song, and a worthy successor to Super Mario Bros. 3's Airship theme.
  • The World Map theme for World Bowser is an amazingly catchy jazzy beat that matches the Egopolis Big Amusement Park of Doom theme for the world.
  • Hisstrocrat's boss theme, featuring a fantastic Benny Goodman-esque breakdown on sax, bass, piano and drums.
  • Puffprod Peaks, a beautiful, relaxing lullaby heard in starry places reminiscent of Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Battle on the Great Tower, Phases One and Two. An epic pair of boss themes to accompany an epic final boss.
  • The Train Theme.
  • Motley Bossblob's boss theme sounds like your typical bouncy and catchy Mario-series boss battle theme at first... but then it breaks out the electric guitar. Then it becomes pure awesome.
  • Champion Road. Thought the Gusty Garden theme couldn't get any better? Oh, you'd be wrong.

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