Awesome Music / Paper Mario

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    Paper Mario 

    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 

    Super Paper Mario 

    Paper Mario: Sticker Star 

    Paper Mario: Color Splash 
  • The title screen theme is pretty nice, giving a pretty good Toy Story vibe.
  • Ruddy Road, the first level of the game, has some pretty amazing music, sounding very happy and upbeat.
  • The music that plays when you win a Roshambo Tournament is an incredibly catchy remix of the ending theme from Super Mario Land.
  • Sunglow Ridge, a very beautiful song that can make any bad day great.
  • The normal battle theme is actually pretty damn sweet, especially during the trombone part. As are the nostalgic 8-bit and space-y Parallel renditions.
  • The World Map theme is an example of Evolving Music similar to that of Yoshi's Island, and it's very enjoyable, especially as it progressively builds into a more complex track.
  • The final dungeon of the game really lives up to the other final dungeons (Bowser's Castle, Palace of Shadow, and Castle Bleck) in terms of sheer awesomeness. It even plays in place of the standard battle music, making the situation far more awesome. It also sounds similar to Buoy Base Galaxy, a song that's awesome in its own right.
  • The theme for Event Battles, A Fearsome Foe is very playful, but still manages to have a serious tone to it.
  • The Koopalings all have some pretty amazing boss themes, especially:
    • Iggy's theme, which manages to convey Iggy's comic relief personality as well as the desert coliseum setting.
    • ROYal Rumble, with its bizarre-but-entirely-effective quacking sound effects and generally intense vibe.
    • Battle with Ludwig, a fitting song, considering how much of a tactician Ludwig is.
    • Lemmy's Grand Finale, which somehow personifies Lemmy completely in one theme song - the violins and especially the accordion give it a perfectly circus-y feel.
    • The best one of all might be Rumble with Wendy, with an unexpectedly AMAZING pirate theme which somehow makes bagpipes sound badass. The fact that the battle is a rhythm battle and Wendy's attacks are in tune with the music make it even better.
  • Juggling Bros., the theme from the circus level, is a jaunty, feel-good ragtime track that plays while you're... beating up enemies. And it works.
  • Paint Star Memories is a beautiful, quiet little piece that plays whenever you reminiscent a memory of how Bowser attacked Prism Island. It reminds people of Super Paper Mario.
  • And how can we forget the wonderful remixes this game offers?
  • Shy Bandit. We think that Nate Bihldorff probably had a lot of fun in this.
  • Both of the Final Boss phases. While the first phase shows the more fast-paced and intense theme of the battle, the second-phase shows how it can be slower-paced, but still epic.
  • Oh, and the amazing credits theme Prisma Splash, too.
  • The Ending theme.