Awesome Music / Wario: Master of Disguise

  • Count Cannoli's battle theme is an amazing heavy metal track that sounds insanely different from anything else found in the Mario universe, and fits his boss battles perfectly.
  • Carpaccio's battle theme is a more fast paced song, which really pumps you up for both his boss battles and races.
  • The standard boss theme. is an absolutely rocking song which fits the battles with Poobah the Pharoh, Ka-Bloom, the Barfatronic Lavachomp and Stuffy the Dolphin really well.
  • Allergia Gardens theme, an epic final level theme that makes you feel like the fate of the world is at stake.
  • The final boss theme. Not your typical 'epic' finale theme with ominous Latin chanting, but a more hopeful track that makes you feel like you really are saving the world from evil.
  • The mini-game music. An absolutely perfect tune for those pesky mini games, and one which almost makes up for how common they are.
  • The Wishstone theme and its beta version are perfect for reflecting on Terrormisu's curse and the horrors it brought the Pharoh's kingdom over the centuries.