Awesome Music: Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart

Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart: Super Circuit
  • The Rainbow Road music begins the trend of including a Musical Nod to previous games (in this case, Super Mario Kart) before moving to something entirely new.
  • Sky Garden has an appropriately easy-going soundtrack for a garden level.
  • Cheese Land may be an odd concept for a stage, but the sheer energy of the music is infectious.
  • The music track for Ribbon Road is just plain fun.
  • Bowser Castle has suitably dramatic music that wouldn't be out of place as the stage music for Bowser's Castle in the main series.
  • There's a real sense of adventure to the Sunset Wilds stage music.
  • The relaxing tropical sounds of the music for Shy Guy Beach and Cheep-Cheep Island take a lot of the sting out of the frustration the stage hazards can cause.
  • The menu music is so catchy, you may find yourself sitting at the menu for longer than necessary just to listen to it.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Mario Kart DS
  • Mario Kart DS keeps the trend of awesome Rainbow Road music going with yet another piece of music that conveys a real sense of achievement at having made it to this, the last track in the game. (It's also longer than it might first seem; the main tune actually plays twice before wrapping around, but with subtle differences the second time.)
  • The game's remix of GBA Sky Garden gives new life to the ethereal Super Circuit track.
  • GCN Luigi Circuit brings back the lively and just plain fun "main race theme" from Double Dash!!
  • Mario Kart DS has an excellent Versus and Battle theme.
  • Luigi's Mansion has an appropriately spooky theme for a track through the haunted house.
  • The music for Tick Tock Clock opens by imitating a ticking clock; however, the two voices play at slightly different speeds, and get further and further out of sync with each other to segue into an almost urgent music track befitting the often hectic races through the giant clock.
  • Airship Fortress follows the Mario games' long tradition of awesome music for airship levels.
  • Bowser's Castle has an appropriately sinister atmosphere for the obligatory journey through the twists and traps of the title castle.
  • Waluigi Pinball dials up the excitement and energy for a wild journey up and down a pinball table. The music is surprisingly catchy and well made, and it's very chaotic and unpredictable, like Waluigi himself. The icing on the cake: the sound effects on the Waluigi Pinball track (item box roulette, Lakitu displaying the lap number cards, passing another driver or taking the lead, etc.) are rendered in mock 8-bit sound.
    • The Brawl remix is completely awesome. It even takes sounds from the original version.
  • The fiddle-led music for DK Pass is surprisingly easy-going for the chaos that so often occurs on snow courses.
  • GBA Peach Circuit/GBA Luigi Circuit. Dat bass line.
  • The laid-back Delfino Square music was so awesome, it got into Mario Kart Wii without a remix.
  • True to form, the end credits are set to first rate music; beating 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc mode leads to a rather nostalgic, laid-back credits theme, and while beating Mirror mode seems to lead to the same music, it suddenly takes off after about a minute for a suitably triumphant finale.

Mario Kart Wii
  • The Rainbow Road music delivers both the sheer awesome and the sense of finality again, this time complete with a Musical Nod to both the Mario Kart DS Rainbow Road music and the Good Egg Galaxy stage music from Super Mario Galaxy.
  • The first course, Luigi Circuit, is the first of several tracks to use the game's very catchy "main circuit" theme.
  • The "Mario Circuit" theme from Super Mario Kart makes a welcome return for SNES Mario Circuit 3.
  • SNES Battle Course 4 gets an excellent remix for Mario Kart Wii.
  • GBA Bowser Castle 3 has its awesome factor from Super Circuit multiplied courtesy of a truly adrenaline-pumping remix. The Final Lap amplifies it even further.
  • The credits theme caps off the game brilliantly.
  • The generally chaotic drives through Coconut Mall are set to an appropriately boisterous and upbeat music track.
  • DK's Snowboard Cross has a truly majestic track.
  • Koopa Cape has a very energetic and catchy stage theme.
  • The music for Toad's Factory is written in an extremely infectious, brass-heavy jazz style.
  • The fiddle-led Moo Moo Meadows is the perfect music for the game's farm stage.
  • Maple Treeway has a suitably laid-back feel for a race through the treetops.
  • The music for Daisy Circuit is incredibly catchy and fun.
  • As frustrating as weaving through traffic on Moonview Highway often proves, it has some of the best music in the game, complete with a Variable Mix for when you're driving through the city. For added awesome, try listening to both versions combined.
  • There's yet another deliciously sinister-sounding track for Bowser's Castle, complete with Musical Nod to the castle theme from Super Mario Bros. at the very beginning. It has the brutality and maliciousness of the other Bowser themes, but it seems to also display feelings of sadness and anger, representing a not usually seen side of Bowser: the lonely side.
  • Thwomp Desert has just the right balance of mystery and energy for a desert-based battle track.
  • Galaxy Colosseum tilts the scale more toward the mystery side, as befits a space-based battle course.
  • Mushroom Gorge sounds frantic and dynamic, perfect for Mario Kart.

Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 8
  • The whole game could probably go in here. For starters, EVERY track, except DK Jungle, Grumble Volcano, and Music Park, has a live recorded theme. Hell, even the title screen has some of the most awesome and fitting music in the series, and that's not even the beginning.
    • There's a section of a Nintendo Direct where you actually can see parts of the aforementioned title screen, Dolphin Shoals, and Moo Moo Meadows being performed live. It is awesome.
  • Mario Kart Stadium as the first track in the game really shows that you're in for a treat.
  • Toad Harbor's music really captures the feel of a casual drive through a beautiful seaside town, and almost makes you forget the chaos that you and up to eleven other racers are currently in.
  • The Mario Circuit theme, while good in the first Mario Kart 8 trailer, sounds even better orchestrated for the final version, complete with a jazzy saxophone.
  • A rave is probably not what comes to mind when you think Mario Kart music, and yet Electrodrome has everything in a song you'd expect to hear at an electronic music club, and it's amazing too.
  • Mount Wario's BGM probably has more effort put into it than any other track in the game. Much like the course itself, it doesn't repeat until the very end, meaning that almost two minutes of music, which gradually gets more intense and less relaxed as the race gets closer to the end, only plays once during any given race. The repeating bit, by the way, is probably the shortest music loop in the series, clocking in at about 15 seconds.
  • Dolphin Shoals is pure saxophone magic.
  • Thwomp Ruins has a fittingly adventurous track to boot.
  • The music from the waiting room during online races is pretty upbeat.
  • Pretty much tradition now, but Rainbow Road's music is excellent. This time, the Musical Nod comes from DS's version.
  • The music for Shy Guy Falls is so awesome even the Shy Guys in the stage hum to its infectious melody!
  • Wii Moo Moo Meadows is a perfect fit for the course it plays on. It's beautifully relaxing, to the point where you sometimes forget it's supposed to be playing during a race.
  • You'd be forgiven for thinking that GBA Mario Circuit was a new piece, given how catchy it is now.
  • In a similar vein, N64 Yoshi Valley is given a complete rerecording, and it fits the new Yoshi Valley just as well as the original theme fit the original course.
  • DS Tick Tock Clock starts off with seven truly epic ticks, followed by a fun electronic and wooden percussion track.
  • N64 Rainbow Road really does an incredible job of paying tribute to the track it's based on, while still managing to sound new and fresh, just like the course itself.
  • Twisted Mansion. Oh such an awesome — and genuinely eerie — ghost house theme — which is also a remix of Double Dash!!'s version of Bowser's Castle, and the track it's used on looks even better.
  • The music track for Sweet Sweet Canyon is 100% Sweet Dreams Fuel.
  • The new Bowser's Castle theme starts off sounding heavy metal-like, and just gets better from there. It also has Musical Nods to Super Mario 3D World.
  • Cloudtop Cruise is not only very reminiscent of Super Mario Galaxy, but also includes part of the Gusty Garden Galaxy and Sky Station Galaxy themes, and goes from symphony to guitar in the thunderstorm section.
  • DS Wario Stadium, which sounds absolutely glorious.
  • Water Park introduces the underwater mechanics in an aquatic amusement park, and it has a fittingly playful and upbeat tune.
  • The energetic "circuit" theme from Mario Kart 64 is remixed for N64 Royal Raceway, and it's somehow even catchier than before.
  • The credits. A jazzed up medley of Mario Circuit, Electrodrome, and Mount Wario? Yes, please!
  • From just the first DLC pack, we have a handful of great tracks!
    • GCN Yoshi Circuit makes a comeback after DS and it sounds even more vibrant and jazzier this time!
    • Excitebike Arena, a lovely tribute to the classic Excitebike with a medley of the game's music.
    • Dragon Driftway is the first original theme in the pack. Race through ancient China while the guitar is blazing, the bass is slapping, and the traditional Chinese instruments really set the mood in a piece that is highly reminiscent of the Chai Kingdom from Super Mario Land.
    • Mute City gives us an excellent track that blends the typical metal track of the F-Zero circuit with jazz elements in an excellent way. It gets even better when you notice that the coins are replaced with the refuel strips and that the race start theme and race results theme is taken straight from the original SNES version!
    • Wii Wario's Gold Mine returns with an updated anti-gravity section and the music has become much more whimsical and clear-sounding with a blazing banjo.
    • SNES Rainbow Road may be down-to-earth (literally) for its fourth round but the music is out of this world. The bouncy and energetic remix sounds new but still faithful to the original version!
    • Ice Ice Outpost, the second original theme. Compared to the energetic Mount Wario, this is the new, laidback, ice-themed track that we have been waiting for and what a treat it is to hear that sweet-sounding violin!
    • And last but not least, Hyrule Circuit, an absolutely beautiful and groovy medley of several tracks from The Legend of Zelda! Nintendo really knows how to do tributes right when you hear this music while racing through Hyrule Castle, passing through the Master Sword, and collecting Rupees!

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