Headscratchers / Mario Kart

  • So where does the Bowser Shell Item come from in Double Dash?
    • Maybe it's a replica.
    • If Bowser and his son are as close to normal koopas as the games like to imply, then their shells are probably removable and they probably have more of them in stock.
  • Why does the allegro theme of MK 7's Rainbow Road theme (at the last sections) starts from Musical Nod of N64's RR theme instead start over from beggining like other courses? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=gQl4TRN9WqU#t=70s (from 1:10, it start from there)
    • Because it's the CLIMAX of the race. If it started over from the beginning, there'd be no time for it to get to the climax of the song. Starting it from the climax is like a variation of Theme Music Power-Up and really juices you up for that final sprint to the finish.
  • How do races involving bombs and missiles make it past Sunshine Airport's security?
    • On a related note, how is it safe to fly those planes with all that lightning? In fact, who thought it was safe to host a go-kart race in a busy airport?
    • In the Marioverse, 9/11 never happened so they never felt they needed the same type of security we do. The lightning probably only effects racers and nothing else (it's clearly not normal lightning, since lightning normally doesn't, y'know...shrink people) so flying planes should be fine. As for who thought it was safe to host a go-kart race in a busy airport...probably the same person who thought it was safe to host a go-kart race in a mall, I guess.
  • Why is it that Mario Kart: Super Circuit has so little Retro racetrack representation compared to other Mario Kart games relative to its age? Almost every course (15 out of 16) from Mario Kart 64 has been used, as is three-quarters (12 out of 16) of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, but only two-fifths (8 out of 20) have been used in Mario Kart: Super Circuit. That being said, the amount from Super Mario Kart is only slightly higher (at 9 out of 10), but its themes and music recur so much that there's limited ability to bring back courses from that game. It's as if Super Circuit is being deliberately withheld from the Retro Cups. (These numbers don't include Battle courses, where there seems to be some sort of attempt at equal representation from past games.)
    • I agree. It's as if Super Circut is The Unfavorite within the Mario Kart canon. Thankfully the next Mario Kart in line, provided it gets made, will most likely feature SC's variation of Rainbow Road for the retro cup finale.
      • The flat terrain of Super Circuit (because of the Mode 7) might have something to do with it. There's only so much you can do with them when recreating them (as opposed to the more three-dimensional 64, DS and Double Dash tracks)
  • Why is it that if you, the player character, score above third place, everyone who participated shows up to the ceremony, but if you manage to score lower, your character is just left to sit out alone?
  • Why is there an outcry against Baby Rosalina in Mario Kart 8, on the basis that her being there as a baby is a Continuity Snarl? The fact that she looks different than she did as a child in her storybook, that's fine, but the Mario Kart games aren't a part of the main series' canon. (What little there is.) They're all members of their own spinoff series.
    • It's the principle of the matter. Besides, define "spin-off" in terms of Mario. Most of the story is Rosalina's Storybook and spin-offs. There's a reason the Mario Wiki doesn't consider anything canon.
    • What I mean is, it's practically its own separate universe. No one questions things like How Link is able to be playable in MK 8 or why Bowser is suddenly on friendly enough terms with everyone to go kart-racing, (or what Rosalina herself is even doing there, when she's supposed to be traveling the cosmos caring for the Lumas, and only visits the Mushroom World every 100 years), because it's not canon. (What little there is.)
      • Also, for at least a minor definition, there's clearly supposed to be at least some canonical relationship between Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Luigi's Mansion, and I've also heard that New Super Mario Bros. Wii has Peach reference the Star Festival at the end, so if that's true, that game may have a place in there, as well. It's the same as the concept of the mainstream Zelda games and a spinoff like Link's Crossbow Training or Hyrule Warriors. And finally, if you're saying that the Mario series doesn't really have an overall continuity, then why would Baby Rosalina be an issue, anyway?