Tear Jerker / Mariokart

  • Several fans were sad when the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was terminated, resulting in no more online play with DS and Wii.
    • Fans coming to the rescue turned this into a heartwarming moment when dedicated groups of people decided to launch their own homebrew servers to replace the phased out Wi-Fi. Here's one of them.
  • On a happier note, veteran players will tear up when playing N64 Rainbow Road in MK8. Hard to believe it's been eighteen years...
    • Some of us had not even been born by the time the first game had come out.
    • May also apply to Rainbow Road SNES in MK7, hearing old Rainbow Road riffs in newer/returning versions of the track, or even just revisiting other old favorites returning as retro tracks in the later games.
    • Most of the Rainbow Road music can make you shed tears of joy.
  • Losing a race, particularly in Grand Prix. This is especially saddening depending on how your character reacts to losing.