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Awesome: Mario Kart
  • Dodging Blue Shells with a carefully timed mushroom.
  • Mario Kart 7's Rainbow Road has one part where characters drive on the rings of Saturn, which is pretty awesome.
  • From what we have seen from Mario Kart 8, it is filled with awesomeness.
    • Gliding near planes in Sunshine Airport.
    • Racing up and down waterfalls in Shy Guy Falls.
    • Many courses here have awesome stuff in them: Mario Circuit (driving on both sides of it), Electrodrome (all of it), N64 Rainbow Road, etc.
    • The Super Horn item cancels out BLUE SHELLS.
    • The game allows you to watch the best moments of the race with slow motion!
      • The replay features employ a fixed camera angle, so while the in-game camera always follows the orientation of your kart, the replay will make you realize that you were actually driving along walls or across the ceiling!
  • Meta example but Mario Kart 8 sold 1.2 million copies within the first three days, making it the fastest selling Wii U game (as of June 4, 2014).

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