Drinking Game / Mario Kart

To be played on any course of grand prix, with items. You can't pause to drink.
  • At the end of a race, drink your position. 1st player drinks one drink, 2nd player drinks two, etc. Not recommended for races with more than 4 players!
  • If you use a blue shell, Bullet Bill, Chain Chomp, or lightning bolt, take a drink
  • If you get hit by a blue shell or lightning bolt, take a drink
  • If you fall into a pit, lava, the sea, etc., take a drink.
  • If you hit a fake item box, drink for not paying attention.
  • If you slam on the brakes to avoid the blue shell while in 1st place or are trying to take other people with you in the explosion, take a drink.
    • If you do this with the finish line in sight just as you're about to complete your final lap, chug your drink.
    • If you get hit anyway, take two drinks.
  • Every time you pop a wheelie in Mario Kart Wii, take a drink.
  • Take a shot for every character, mechanic or item from a previous game that you really liked that didn't make it into the one you're currently playing.
  • If your own Bob-Omb explodes on you, take a drink.
  • If you're racing on Baby Park in Mario Kart 8, take a drink every time the music speeds up.

The Mario Kart "Don't Drink and Drive" Game

You guessed it, you can't drink and drive. Start each race with any given amount of beer (somewhere between half a beer and a full beer) with the mission of finishing it before the end of the race. The only rule, you cannot hold the controller and drink at the same time. Each player has his strategy, from chugging all at the beginning or drink it ship by ship and often the game leads to a lot of fun. (Alternate names include "Drunk Driving" and "Kario Mart")