Awesome Music / Mario & Luigi

Superstar Saga

Partners in Time

Bowser's Inside Story

Dream Team

Paper Jam
  • Start of the Adventure is praised for its upbeat and catchy medley.
  • In the first few battles before Paper Mario appears, there's an awesome remix of Come On!, from Superstar Saga.
  • The normal battle theme, Mixed-Up Scramble, which replaces "Come On!" after Paper Mario appears, and it's easily one of the best battle themes in the series, if not the best.
  • The minigame themes:
    • Do It Now! is an upbeat, adrenaline-filled piano song.
    • Time's Running Out! is a wonderful, fast-paced action theme for when you're either chasing or running from something.
    • Where's Toad? helps you slow down and think when you're searching for hidden Paper Toads.
    • Destination Unknown. Similar to "Where's Toad?", but both a little tenser and a little more laid back at the same time, which is fitting since this usually plays when you're in enemy-filled areas searching out one particular member and have to travel a little farther than for the Paper Toads.
  • While technically a remix of Partners in Time's song, Prepare Yourself! is often credited as a great remix!
  • The theme for the warm-up before the final boss battle, Double Bowsers! It has a massive contrast with the rest of the soundtrack, feeling a lot like "Forze del Male", giving the vibe that the Bowsers aren't joking this time around.
  • The Final Boss theme (creatively titled Final Battle) is by far one of the most epic themes in the series, feeling like a hybrid of "The Grand Finale" and "Adventure's End", and easily rivaling them in terms of awesomeness. Not only that, but it also sounds very reminiscent of "Darkness of the Unknown" (particularly at the beginning and especially during the second half).
  • Mountaintop Secrets aka Mount Brrr theme sounds really mystical and soothing.
  • Whispered Secrets. Quite a beautiful piece of music that plays when Princess Peach first meets her parallel Paper counterpart as well as when said characters are talking about hair styles and clothes while at Mount Brrr.
  • Don't You Know Who I Am?/Respect Your Elders is the Leitmotif of the Kameks and the Koopalings, which has a jazzy feel reminiscent of Fawful's theme from Bowser's Inside Story.
  • Big Bang, the regular boss theme, mixes perfectly both Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario tunes. Just like Dream Team's boss theme, it starts playful and full of joy, but becomes dark and tense, just like the game's plot.
  • Mysterious Bowser's Castle, which is played during the first visit to Bowser's Castle, sounds much more menacing than the usual Bowser's Castle theme, much like the Neo Bowser Castle themes in Dream Team. Of course, this is to show that Bowser is a much more menacing villain now, nailing the atmosphere perfectly. And while it's replaced with the track below for the second visit (as Neo Bowser Castle), this track is reused for the last Papercraft battle with Papercraft Bowser.
  • Floating Castle of Doom, the final dungeon theme, sounds nothing like a regular Bowser's Castle. Instead of sounding epic and triumphant, it sounds full of despair and agony, perfectly reflecting what will happen if the Bowsers manage to win.
  • Paper Parade! ain't half bad, either.
  • Good-Bye Sadness. For all the game's tear jerking moments, among them our heroes begging the formerly brainwashed Wiggler they just defeated to Please Wake Up, the flashbacks to the Bowser Jrs' budding friendship after their boss battle, and the first part of the Kameks' defeat scene.
  • Bowser's Coming! is this game's respective remix of Bowser's theme from Bowser's Inside Story. It has a chilling atmosphere that serves to demonstrate how menacing Bowser is.

Alternative Title(s): Mario And Luigi Superstar Saga, Mario And Luigi Partners In Time, Mario And Luigi Bowsers Inside Story, Mario And Luigi Dream Team, Mario And Luigi Paper Jam