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  • Audience-Alienating Premise: In a series geared towards its Japanese demographic, making a spinoff that attempted to ride the popularity of Western zombie shooters resulted in this. While some have argued that this was done in an attempt to appeal to Western audiences in hopes to draw in new fans to the series, it failed to find a new audience and alienated a good portion of its existing fanbase.
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  • Complete Monster: In this non-canon spinoff, DD is an Arms Dealer using Kamurocho as a testing grounds for a zombie plague dubbed Thanatos. Teaming up with Tetsu Nikaido, their first victim is loyal Omi Alliance hatchet man Hayashi. DD later helps Nikaido kidnap Haruka to lure Nikaido's true target—Kiryu Kazama—to the city. When Nikaido accepts defeat, DD shoots him full of his enhanced Thanatos, turning him into a monster. Responsible for the death of thousands of innocents, DD makes his mark on Japan's criminal underworld.
  • Contested Sequel: An enjoyable game in spite of its flaws? A game that can only be enjoyed by fans of the series? A game that shouldn't be played at all? While few people would ever consider it great, the game's reception is all over the place. The developers themselves seem to at least regard it as a very minor Old Shame since both 0 and Kiwami take potshots at it.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • The monkey boys. They are Fragile Speedsters without the fragile part and they are not only hard to shoot but they also take a lot hits before they finally die.... Again.. They've got a grapple attack the holds you in place for other enemies AND causes damage. They are also the most common of the mutant zombies. The only thing keeping them from being Demonic Spiders is the fact their offensive capabilities are pretty mediocre at best and the fact they're relatively susceptible to kicks.
    • Worse than the Monkey Boys are Aggros. If you're going it solo and you're careful with your aim, they won't attack (and if you have Kazuma's anti-material rifle, you can kill it in one shot if you hit the head). If you're unlucky, or have an AI partner who attacks it on sight, you're in for a world of pain: they are very aggressive and, if they knock you down, can proceed to keep you on the ground unless you can dodge it quickly enough.
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  • Goddamned Boss: The Basan Prototype is a major pain in the ass. The fight is pretty simple early on: whip out the sniper rifle and keep hitting it in its core. Once it summons zombie hoards to bumrush you, though, you'll be praying for the fight to end quickly.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Being able to play as Majima and seeing him sing his own version of "Get to the Top!" was a major draw for the game.
  • Sequelitis: Dead Souls is certainly the Oddball in the Series, and is blamed for nearly killing the series in the west. Many didn't enjoy the shift of the series to a third person shooter and found the controls hard to work with compared to other games with similar gameplay. Although the game also has its share of defenders who enjoyed the gameplay in spite of its flaws, and felt the story was on par with the other games in the franchise, the reception to the game has mostly been negative compared to other games in the series.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: The game was criticized for burrowing elements from other games such as Left 4 Dead and not necessarily improving upon them.

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